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“Lets go back and have a rest.”

Zhang Guangyou still managed to sound calm.

Even though he was rather edgy, since he was now the leader here, he couldnt show his desperate side to others.

“Hmm, Grandpa, were not going out, are we”

After getting out of the car, Mengmeng ran up to Zhang Guangyou, raised her little head, and posed the question.

“Not today.

Well go out to play when your father comes back.” Zhang Guangyou tapped Mengmengs head with a smile.

“Hmph, why hasnt Daddy come back yet Ive been waiting for him for a long time,” Mengmeng muttered.

Then she followed Zi Yan, who had a complex expression on her face, Zhou Fei, Wang Ya, and Zhang Li back to the castle.

After they left, the others gathered around Zhang Guangyou.

“Lets go to the top of the mountain.

First Elder, run the formation at full capacity,” Zhang Guangyou said.

When they arrived at the back mountain, they stood in a circle.

“Wang Xiaoqi, send more people to the Ancient Mine to look for Han.

Also, tell Uncle Dong to prepare for the battle.”


The simple remark revealed the magnitude of the issue.

Everyone was silent.

Zhao Feng and many members of the security group were sitting cross-legged, running their cultivation methods and adjusting their breathing.

Even Instructor Liu was no longer as playful as he used to be.

His face was now grave.

They were all ready to fight.

Time seemed to have slowed down.

Every second appeared to be much longer.

Gradually, the sky darkened.

It was not until late at night that Jiang Yanlan brought them a piece of good news.

“Uncle Zhang, our boss just sent me a message.

Good news!”

“What is it”

Zhang Guangyou suddenly rose to his feet.

Even the people sitting on the grass nearby snapped their eyes open.

“The intel says that when that man from Xiangjiang came to Mount New Moon, he purposefully asked if this place had anything to do with the Black White Palace.

Boss speculated that that man was afraid of the Black White Palace, so he went to contact the Black White Palace.

Tomorrow, the Black White Palace will send a disciple here,” Jiang Yanlan said at a gallop.

“A disciple of the Black White Palace is going out to visit us”

What a surprise!

That immediately buoyed the spirits of First Elder and the others.

The Black White Palace was a legendary force.

Although these people were very powerful, they might not be able to win against the Black White Palace.

“According to our boss,” Jiang Yanlan hesitated for a moment then continued, “the official wouldnt interfere in the affairs of the martial arts world anyway.

Boss just learned that the reason why these people went out is that they want to choose a large number of talented people to go to the Kunlun Immortal World to cultivate.

They are not dangerous people.

But, unexpectedly, one of them is the backer of the Wind Snow School.

Those people are really powerful…”

She then stopped talking, refraining from telling them that the help from the Black White Palace was specially solicited to help defend the Heavenly Knights Sect, or say, Mount New Moon.

To the government, Zhang Hanyang was still a general.

And Mount New Moon was a place that Xiangjiang could not forfeit for the time being.

In addition to Zhang Hanyang, there were also the Wang family, the Zi family, and the Liang family living in this place.

Maybe they could even drive the Rong family here from Lin Hai City.

That would be conducive to the development of the local economy.

The higher-ups of Xiangjiang had learned about this matter and also discussed it.

Ye Tianlang thought it over and over again and passed this matter on.

In the end, the higher-ups still contacted the Black White Palace.

Although the price was high, it was worth it.

This also solved the urgent situation that Mount New Moon was in.

At least Zhang Guangyou and the others thought so.

Early the next morning…

“Yan, you cant go.”

Rong Jiali said with a worried look, “Even though the Black White Palace will send someone here, we never know what kind of men those people are.

They might be cold-blooded killers.

If you were even a little bit hurt, Zhang Han would go nuts.

Then, who would look after Mengmeng”

“I dont want to go, either.” Zi Yan bit her lower lip and said, “But since they have already called me by name and required my presence, if I didnt go, would they do anything to you and…”

This was indeed a troublesome issue.

Zhan San had clearly specified that those above the Grand Master Realm and Zi Yan should go to the Kunlun Mountain Range.

He had to have an ulterior motive.

Zhao Feng and the others also echoed, “Maam, you should stay here.

At worse, we would just have to fight with them.

The disciple of the Black White Palace would help us then.”

“Thats right.” Mu Xue snorted and said, “Dont worry, Maam.

When Master comes back, hell beat them all to death.”

Mu Xues words made First Elder and others sigh softly.

They wondered why this girl had so much faith in her master.

Zhang Han was, of course, very incredible.

But he had just made it to the Heaven Realm, whereas those people had already had the best combat capability in the whole world.

Maybe Zhang Han could fight with one of them.

But the five people were coming together!

“Lets go.”

At last, Zhang Guangyou did not allow Zi Yan to go with them.

After the group of dozens of people went out of Mount New Moon, Zhan San led more than 10 people to meet them.

“Where is Zhang Hanyang” he demanded with a frown.

“Hes out.”

“What” Zhan Sans face darkened.

“Zhang Guangyou, you really dont know what situation youre in, do you Now, youre just a fish on a cutting board!”

“Are you trying to threaten us by flaunting your powerful connections” Zhang Guangyou said in a low voice.

“Even if I am, so what” Zhan San sneered.

“We are all martial artists.

So you must understand that its normal to have a backer.

Dont you know how your Heavenly Knights Sect turned the tables If it werent for Zhang Hanyang, the Heavenly Knights Sect would have been wiped out by now, wouldnt it At first, we were all worried that one day Zhang Hanyang would break the formation and come to get us with his men.

But later, our Grand Elder led a group of masters to seize the opportunities in the Ancient Mine.

Tomorrow, they will come out.

Haha, even if Lord Nan doesnt come, you are definitely no match for us.”

His words made the faces of Zhang Guangyou, First Elder, and others pale slightly.

“That guy has made a breakthrough”

“Thats really bad news.”

“Its made things even worse!”

“Cut the crap.

Tell Zhang Hanyang and the others to come out quickly!” Zhan San said coldly.

“What if I say no” Zhang Guangyous face looked even more stern.

Those who were close to him knew that this was a sign that he was about to make a strike.

The nerves of First Elder, Third Elder, Wang Zhanpeng, and the others were suddenly on edge.

In an instant, a touch of coldness rose in the area.

Everyone knew that a battle could break out at any moment.

“Are you sure you want to fight here”

Zhan San frowned and said, “Lord Nan is still in Xiangjiang.

Do you dare to do this”

While speaking, Zhan San raised his right hand.

It was as if a great battle was about to take place as soon as he lowered that hand.

Zhan San had nothing to fear because he had Nan Shisan backing him up.

Even ordinary people sometimes had to consider the connections of opponents before initiating a fight.

If the other party had a strong backer, one would probably not want to let it get violent.

But if one let his feelings get the better of him, things would perhaps turn out differently.

From Zhan Sans point of view, Zhang Guangyou was now obviously carried away by his feelings.

Just as the atmosphere was becoming suffocating, a sweet and calm voice came from the side of the gate of Mount New Moon.

“My husband is really not here.”

“Oh” Surprise flashed across Zhan Sans eyes.

“Then where is he”

“The Ancient Mine,” Zhang Guangyou said through gritted teeth.

“He has gone to the Ancient Mine”

Zhan San furrowed his brows slightly, waved his hand, and eventually cast a look at Zi Yan, saying, “Itll do with your presence.”

As he spoke, the way he looked at Zi Yan was a little weird.

Zi Yan was indeed good-looking.

But no matter how beautiful Zhan San found a woman, if she was not a martial artist, he only saw her as a beautiful skeleton.

With a cold laugh, Zhan San took the lead and headed into the distance.

This sealed air space sort of annoyed him.

“No wonder Zhang Hanyang can break the Heaven-earth Formation.

His attainment in formations is really amazing.

“He has risen too fast, so he must be eliminated.”

Deep in thought, Zhan San walked out of the flight-forbidden area.

Then, he and his men rose into the air and quickly headed north.

But a few of the people still stayed on Mount New Moon, such as Liang Hao, Ah Hu, some martial artists of the Wang family, and dozens of members of the security group.

Zhan San didnt mind.

As long as the important people were in place, it didnt matter whether the other minions went with him or not.

“Why hasnt my brother-in-law come back yet Im so worried,” Zhou Fei, who was now showing, asked anxiously.

It was not far from her due day.

Yet, something like this just happened, which put her on edge.

“Worrying wont help.

Whether it is a blessing or a curse, itll come when it comes.

I believe that my brother will come back soon.

He must have a solution.

I hope he can come back safely,” Zhang Li whispered.

Well, what was Zhang Han doing now

He was in Lingxi City.

To his surprise, Si Nan could also disguise himself with a magic mask.

His aura had also changed.

At this moment, he and Zhang Han were patrolling the areas around the Lingxi Palace.

In truth, they were setting up a murderous formation.

It would be rather difficult to kill Lingxi in one go.

Therefore, Zhang Han had prepared a relatively high-end murderous formation called the Soul Extermination.

“We gotta hurry up.”

Zhang Han subconsciously glanced at his wrist.

Although he didnt wear a watch when he went down here, he knew that three days had passed.

“Sure, we have to make full use of our time.

We have two more days tops.”

Si Nan asked in a low voice, “Do you think this formation can work”

“Yes, I do.”

At 11 oclock, Zhang Guangyou and others came to the east of the Kunlun Mountain Range.

When he arrived, he saw that more than 1,000 martial artists had already gathered there.

Most of them were Wu Dao Grand Masters, and a few were in the God Realm or even the Earth Realm.

Each province had 30 or 40 candidates.

On average, each city had one or two candidates.

However, if not counting those of the National Security Agency and the members from the sects, the rest was only a small group.

There was a hubbub of voices.

Each of those people looked a little uneasy.

After all, what they would soon meet were the masters from the Kunlun Immortal World.

If they were offended in any way, they might eliminate all the people present.

But the good thing was that Ye Tianlang, a member of the National Security Agency, was here, which made everyone feel a bit relieved.

When they saw Zhang Guangyou and his men, many people were stunned.

“Eh Zhang Guangyou from the Heavenly Knights Sect and Zhan San of the Wind Snow School Why did they come here together”

“Could it be that they have reconciled No, from their expressions, it seems that the people of the Wind Snow School have escorted those of the Heavenly Knights Sect here.”

“Immortal King Chen is also here.

That beautiful woman is Zhang Hanyangs wife, isnt she Now that shes turned up, wheres Zhang Hanyang”

“Im afraid something bad is gonna happen today.”

Many people could tell that there had to be something going on that caused the forces of the Wind Snow School to show up along with those of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Ye Tianlang also saw them.

He sighed softly and shook his head slightly, but didnt say anything.

Other than Jiang Yanlan, Mu Xue was also in the group.

These two also had powerful backgrounds.

They respectively represented the Water Cloud Sect and the Luo Fu Sword Sect.

Ye Tianlang hoped that the people from the Kunlun Immortal World would not do anything improper.

Ye Tianlang felt quite helpless because he had no idea what would happen.

While everyone was in hot discussion…

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Five figures rapidly flew toward them from the east.

They brought with them imperious auras.

“Are these all the people weve got”

Daofu, the leader, took a look at the crowd and frowned.


The gates of the worldlets have opened not long ago.

Many people have gone to the worldlets to cultivate as the disciples of the sects there.

The existence of the worldlets has actually saved us a lot of trouble,” Ye Tianlang cupped his hands and remarked.

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