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Chapter 892 A Battle Incomparable in the Era

“Elder Chen, why are you here to add to the trouble” Zhang Guangyou said bitterly, “This is really no joking matter.

Everyone knows that there is basically no chance of winning.

That Nan Shisan is too strong.

Whats more, that Grand Elder of the Wind Snow School has also made a breakthrough.”

“Changqing, Feifei will be due soon.

You gotta leave.

Also, take Zi Yan and Mengmeng with you.

This is a task for you,” Zhang Guangyou said.


Chen Changqing patted his forehead with chagrin and said, “It wont work.

Nan Shisan has placed a certain curse on all of us.

I sensed it when I turned on 60 percent of my bloodline power just as he displayed the ring.

It must be a magic treasure.

So, running away is no longer an option.

We can only advance and retreat together, and maybe face death together.”


Zhang Guangyou was alarmed.

First Elders face paled.

He hurriedly activated a formation, but he didnt notice anything fishy at all.

Then, he kept trying with different formations.

It was not until he cast the tenth formation, the Heaven-Earth Formation of Mount New Moon, all over his body, that he abruptly found a wisp of pale cyan mist floating around his body.

“This…” Zhang Guangyous face took on a ghastly expression.

“Lets leave things to chance,” Chen Changqing said with a resolute look on his face.

“Gasp… Phew…”

Zhang Guangyou took a deep breath and said slowly, “Members of the security group, listen up.

Go home tonight.

Mu Xue, Jiang Yanlan, you go back to your sects in the worldlets.

Elder Ji, Tiannan, you can go back as well.”

“Brother Zhang,” Lei Tiannan said with a smile, “I havent been hot-blooded in my whole life.

Can you let me feel hot-blooded this time”

Ji Wushuang sighed softly.

“Well, I yearn for more advanced martial arts, but martial artists are not afraid of death.

This time, I will stay.

If I can help the Heavenly Knights Sect survive this, just take it as a test for me to join the sect.”

“You guys…”

Looking at the people who had prepared themselves for the worst, Zhang Guangyou felt heavy-hearted and grief-stricken.

Yet, hot blood began to surge in his veins.

“Alas, dont be so down as if youre all gonna die.

Has Wu Ming gone to find Master When Master comes back, those people will all die.

So, why be afraid of them” Mu Xue snorted and said disapprovingly, “Even the Snow Wind Hall cant withstand Masters one punch, let alone that Nan Shisan.”

Her words made the faces of several people present slightly stiffen.

“Could it be that this girl, Mu Xue, is actually a whack job

“How could she say that

“She seems to believe that her master is invincible in the entire universe, doesnt she

“Thats correct.”

Just as the atmosphere lightened up a bit, more than a dozen people arrived.

“Sect Leader Mu is here!”

Everyone looked in the direction of the front mountain and saw Sect Leader Mu march toward them in the lead.

Zhang Guangyou stood up and greeted him.

“Dont need to be so courteous.”

Sect Leader Mu smiled and then looked at Mu Xue, saying, “The Wind Snow School is coming aggressively.

Although Mu Xue is Zhang Hanyangs registered disciple, I cant let her fall into the crisis.

Im sorry, Young Master Zhang.”

“Understand.” Zhang Guangyou nodded.


Sect Leader Mu gave Zhang Guangyou an apologetic look and then turned to look at Mu Xue.

“Come on, go back with me.”

“No, I wont.”

Mu Xue suddenly grew intensely interested in the beautiful nails she just manicured.

“What did you say” Sect Leader Mu knitted his brows and said in a commanding tone, “Now is not the time for you to be willful.

Go back with me.

Dont make me drag you back.”

“Gee, I said I wouldnt go back with you.

I stick to my words.

Whats there to be afraid of When my master comes back, there will be no problem,” Mu Xue answered with a hint of irritation.

“Go back!”

Sect Leader Mus face began to darken.

“No, I wont.”

“Ill tell you one last time.

Go back!” Sect Leader Mu clenched his fists.

“If you want to go back, go by yourself.

I wont go with you.

I am still a nominal disciple now.

If I leave right after this thing, I wont even get to be nominal anymore.

If I stay here, I will soon become an official disciple,” Mu Xue said stubbornly.

“Mu Xue, just go back.” Seeing this, Zhang Guangyou persuaded, “As long as the Heavenly Knights Sect survives this, you will still be Zhang Hans disciple.

I will talk to him and remove the wordnominal from your title, all right”

His words made Sect Leader Mu look less tense.

However, his daughter, Mu Xue, was pigheaded to a certain extent.

She insisted, “That wont do.

I want Master to voluntarily accept me as an official disciple.”


Sect Leader Mu was furious.

He grabbed Mu Xue with his right hand and held her firmly.

“Do you think I really cant deal with you Huh Do you have to force me to get violent Mu Xue, let me tell you, its not the time to be willful.

if you continue to babble like that, dont blame me for exercising the domestic discipline!”

“Ah! Loosen your grip.

I really dont want to go back.

Whats the big deal…”

Mu Xue was still struggling.

Before she could finish her words, her voice could not be heard.

“Young Master Zhang, well take our leave.”

Sect Leader Mu cupped one hand in the other before his chest.

“Sect Leader Mu, go ahead.” Zhang Guangyou smiled.

He didnt mind the departure of these people, and even actively asked them to leave.

Because even if Han came back, the outcome of this battle might not be good.

However, to everyones astonishment, after Mu Xue and his father took ten steps away from the crowd, Mu Xues palm suddenly started to bleed.


Sect Leader Mu was incensed.

His power grew even stronger.

Mu Xue could hardly breathe under the pressure and couldnt move at all.

Nevertheless, her meridians could still function, and more and more blood started to burst out of her body.

Seeing this, Sect Leader Mu felt both distressed and angry.

“Youd rather die than go back with me

“Youd rather die than go back with me

“Youre totally unruly! Unruly!”

All of a sudden, Mu Xue, trapped by his restrictive formation, burst into tears, which then mixed with the blood flowing out of her body.

Sect Leader Mus face suddenly turned pale, and he slammed his right hand hard on the ground.


With a dull thud, Mu Xue fell to the ground.

She immediately stopped crying.

“Well, youre now full-fledged.

Good for you.”

Sect Leader Mus hands were trembling.

He pointed at Mu Xue and declared, “I never have a daughter like you!

“Lets go!

“Whether you die or not, it has nothing to do with me!

“Hurry up and go.

Ill kill whoever stays here!”

Sect Leader Mu was furious.

He looked at the elders who were standing still next to him and cursed to lash out his anger.

In the end, the men Sect Leader Mu had brought here sighed one after another and left with him.

At this, Zhang Guangyou and the others were a little befuddled.

Why was Mu Xue being so headstrong

“What good would this do”

Zhang Guangyou came forward, helped Mu Xue up, and said, “Dont be willful.

Go and chase your father.

Even if you leave, Han wont blame you.

Go ahead.

Be a good girl.”

Mu Xue was even younger than Zhang Li.

So, In Zhang Guangyous eyes, she was just an immature girl.

Now, seeing that she was so self-willed, he could only smile bitterly.

“Boo-hoo, Im not leaving.

Its just a small challenge.

Whats there to be afraid of Im still going to be an official disciple of Master.

Boo-hoo… Once I become an official disciple, Master will teach my father more moves.

Why cant he understand” Mu Xue answered in a choked voice as she wiped away her tears.

When one man thrived, his family and friend would also benefit from his success.

Ever since Mu Xue learned about the tip of Zhang Hans power, to become his disciple had been Mu Xues goal.

Only in this way could she take her father and many people from the Luo Fu Sword Sect to the cosmos where the real martial arts world was.

In face of the current situation, she was more eager to stay.

However, Zhang Guangyou abruptly found what she said quite amusing.

Everyone said that Mu Xue was a demon.

But after getting to know her, he found that she was actually quite adorable.

“Go back before tomorrow morning.

Dont keep your father worrying.

Go and rest for a while.” Zhang Guangyou sighed and didnt say anything more.

Jiang Yanlan cast a few glances at the others.

“Captain Jiang.”

Instructor Liu suddenly called her by her title, which was rare for him.

Then Instructor Liu took the lead to head for his villa.

Jiang Yanlan followed him and went up to the second floor of the villa.

On the open-air balcony, Instructor Liu took out two cans of beer.

His face was no longer as frivolous as it used to be.

He took a sip of beer and said, “You dont have to say anything.

I wont leave no matter what.

I have talked with my father.

He will take some people there tomorrow morning.

This is a gamble.

Zhang Hanyang is a man who can always make miracles happen.

I believe in him.

So, if I win the gamble, Ill make a meteoric rise.”

“Uh You seem to have a point.

Then, I wont stand on ceremony either.

Lanlan, if I, Liu Qi, am still alive after the battle, I will marry you.”

“What did you say”


The night fell.

When Mengmeng was sleeping, the people on Mount New Moon began to take action one after another.

When they brought Mengmeng to the Heavenly Knights Sect in the middle of the night, they put her in the same residence.

Mengmeng had no idea that she had been moved to a different bedroom during sleep.

It could be said that this was a fight to win or die.

To make the preparations for the battle, no one of the Heavenly Knights Sect slept that night.

When it was almost dawn, the more than 3,000 martial artists of the Heavenly Knights Sect all came to the front of the mountain gate.

At this time, countless martial artists could be seen near the Heavenly Knights Sect.

The secular martial artists only made up a small portion.

Upon a quick glimpse, one could see that there were tens of thousands of people gathered there.

Many people from the other worldlets had also come here.

Almost everyone believed that the Wind Snow School would undoubtedly win the battle.

With Nan Shisan teaming up with the Grand Elder who had made a breakthrough, who else could fight the two masters

The sky was a little dark, and a layer of dark clouds was spreading.

The wind was biting, as though the air was filled with lifelessness.

The members of the Heavenly Knights Sect did not cowardly hole up in their stronghold.

Since Nan Shisan had disregarded the rule about the sealed air space of Mount New Moon, he must have had great attainments in undoing formations.

In addition, according to the disciples of the Wind Snow School, Nan Shisan had a powerful treasure that could break the Heaven-earth Formation.

Therefore, Zhang Guangyou dispelled the idea of using the Heaven-earth Formation to play for time.

Suddenly, Zhang Guangyou saw a large mass of people flying toward the sect from the distance.

Zhang Guangyou shouted in a deep voice, “Facing this battle, the Heavenly Knights Sect is fearless!”

It was time for fight!

It was just that the opposite party seemed to have merely sent about 2,000 people here.

Did they really think that with the presence of Nan Shisan and Grand Elder, they could take so light of the Heavenly Knights Sect



Dong Chen bellowed.

Gradually, thousands of their disciples roared in unison.

This was the morale before the battle.

But just as the morale was boosted, Zhang Guangyou was stunned at the sight of those who came over.

“Sect Leader Mu”

Wasnt the person leading the force Sect Leader Mu

He actually led more than 2,000 people here

“I only have this one daughter.”

From the remote, Sect Leader Mus slightly downcast voice came.

“How can I sit back and watch her risk her life in this battle”

All of a sudden, Mu Xue turned slightly red around the eyes.


Zhang Guangyou felt he was having a headache.

He sighed and said, “Thank you for coming to cheer us up, Sect Leader Mu.

But todays battle is too dangerous.

You dont have to risk your life for the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Why dont you take Mu Xue away now”


If I could, I would have taken her with me yesterday.”

Sect Leader Mu scowled at Zhang Guangyou and then said flatly, “Well, I happen to want to know what ability Nan Shisan has to be so arrogant.”

With the arrival of this large group, the number of fighters of the Heavenly Knight Sect soared.

Adding Sect Leader Jiang, who had brought his men over beforehand, there were now nearly 6,000 martial artists in total.

Seeing this, the onlookers were a little astounded.

“The number of people the Wind Snow School will send here is perhaps about the same.

This is gonna be a fierce battle participated by around 10,000 martial artists.

You can hardly see one in 100 years.”

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