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In Langfans view, it was just fine to kill this guy first.

Just as he was scheming, Wu Ming took two big swigs of wine and then said, “There is no fun using the many to defeat the few.

I—burp—Ill help you restrain the other two of them.”

As he spoke, a long blue sword emerged in his hand.

Without further ado, he started to fight against Wuxi and Yuanbing.

No one had expected that Wu Ming could be so fierce in combat.

By casting all kinds of sword techniques, he suppressed the two with great ease.

He was so skillful that he could have time to take gulps of wine in the middle of the battle.

His drunkenness fascinated many spectators.

This time, Grand Elder of Wind Snow School attained his wish.

He finally got to have a duel with Dong Chen.

Therefore, the two forces were once again engaged in a fight.

But in terms of fighting spirits, the Heavenly Knights Sect was more vigorous.

As to the Wind Snow School, due to the heavy losses, they fought very cautiously and at this time.

Overtaken by misgivings and fear, they kept losing ground to the other party.

It seemed that this battle had become the competition between the several people of the Kun Xu World and the three men on Zhang Hanyangs team.

Whoever won the fight could change the outcome of the whole battle.

Zhang Han started to take steps in the air.

Although he seemed to be walking at a slow pace, in fact, he reached Nan Shisan in just a few strides.

A hundred meters away on the left, Langfan and City Lord Si Nan were already in a fierce fight.

After exchanging just three moves, Langfan felt a little aggrieved.

In normal times, if the fight occurred in the Kunlun Immortal World, he could beat his opponent to death with a single move.

But now, he couldnt even leave a scratch on Si Nans skin.

So, he quickly gave Nan Shisan a look.


“Swoosh, swoosh!”

Nan Shisan activated his Bright Moon Pupils again.

This time, he went all out.

Each of the two beams of light shooting out of his pupils was nearly as thick as the waist of an adult man.

Zhang Han tapped his right hand in the air, casting a layer of protection with pure spiritual force to constantly wear down the power of the Bright Moon Pupils.

But the next second—


Langfan, who was in front of Si Nan a moment ago, curiously appeared behind Zhang Han.

attempting to stab Zhang Han in the back with his dagger.

“I cant break that guys defense, but you, Zhang Hanyang, gotta die!”

Langfan believed that he could be quick enough to stab Zhang Han before he could react.

The secret skill Langfan just performed had earned him a lot of victories.

So, he was confident that it would also work on Zhang Hanyang, who was merely a secular martial artist.

His dagger was not just a sharp weapon.

It had been brewed in the Nine Lives Poison for 30 years.

So, once being touched by the blade of the dagger, even those in the Elixir Realm would die.

Nan Shisan was also aware of this.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and ceased to make any moves.

He was watching the fun, or in other words, waiting to savor the moment of Zhang Hanyangs death.

Undoubtedly, Nan Shisans expectant expression was enough to prove that Langfan was powerful.

The weak couldnt get the sympathy of the strong.


Dong Chens pupils contracted in trepidation.

Zhang Guangyous face altered dramatically.

He never knew that Langfans attack could be so relentless.

How badly would Zhang Han be injured if that dagger really stabbed him

Everyone knew in their hearts that if Zhang Han were to stabbed by such a powerful martial artist, the chances were he would meet his doom.


Zhao Fengs heart seemed to have stopped beating, and a suffocating feeling came to his face.

Mu Xue, Sect Leader Mu, Jiang Yanlan, Sect Leader Jiang, Caprice Mo Sect Leader, Shi Fenghou, Ye Tianlang, and the thousands of people around all fixed their eyes on Zhang Han.

They watched the blade glowing with dim light slowly make its way downward.

Would Zhang Hanyang, who had just returned and almost turned the tide of the battle, was going to die after this strike

Zhang Han was under the nervous gazes of many people.

Time seemed to have slowed down.

It was getting close!

It was closer!

The dagger was now only 10 centimeters away from Zhang Han!

At this moment, Zhang Han slowly turned around, but the dagger was faster than his reaction.

It was too late!

Everyone held their breath.

At this moment, the whole battlefield became absolutely silent.

No one was fighting any more, for all of them were watching the scene in the sky.

Finally, when the short blade arrived, Zhang Han turned around.

His expression was still calm.

But the tip of the dagger was only an inch away from his chest.

In the face of this stab, Zhang Han stretched his left hand forward as if he wanted to grab the opponents dagger.

Meanwhile, he clenched his right fist.


Just as the corners of Langfans mouth curled into a smile—


The blade landed on Zhang Hans chest.

In that instant, the sound of metal colliding could be heard throughout the world, as though two sharp blades just clashed.


Langfans smile froze.

“Thats impossible!”

He narrowed his eyes in astonishment.

It was very clear that the dagger that had helped him made his name didnt even pierce the opponents skin.

Could anyone believe that

How was this possible

The defense that Si Nan with dragon scales had was only a precious treasure.

But Zhang Hanyang, the man in front of him, had blocked his dagger simply with his skin

How come

Langfan suddenly felt a little lost.

The expressions of Nan Shisan, Yuanbing, and Wuxi seemed overwhelmed.

Many people present could see that they looked a little frightened.

“If you had stronger cultivation, you might have really harmed me.”

After making that remark with a perfectly calm tone, Zhang Han lifted his left hand and suddenly grasped the other partys dagger.

“Pity that youre not even in the Elixir Realm yet.”

“Crack! Crack! Crack!”

As soon as Zhang Han clenched his left hand, the crushing sound came from the opponents dagger.

“You, you!”

Langfans face paled drastically as he yelled, “Youre a Body Cultivator who has reached grand completion”

He was scandalized.

The Body Cultivation was quite resource-consuming.

Although there were some pursuing the Body Cultivation in the Kunlun Immortal World, their Body Cultivation Methods were not high-end or comprehensive.

However, Zhang Hanyang was able to fend off his killing move just with his body.

He also smashed his dagger single-handed! Imagine that!

“Are you shocked”

Zhang Han suddenly beamed.


In an instant, Langfan felt that he was in a life-and-death crisis and made to back away at full speed.

But Zhang Hans right fist had already landed.

“Heavenly Devil Punch.”

Zhang Han had reached Level Two of the Body Cultivation.

Now he had the Heavenly Demon Flesh as well as the Heavenly Demon Skin, his defense was evidently unassailable.

Now he had mastered the Heavenly Devil Punch.

When Zhang Han learned that he had acquired the supernatural power, he felt a little surreal.

The Heavenly Devil Punch was the supernatural power best used in close combat.

The closer he was to the enemies, the stronger the power would be.

No one could ever force the mighty figure who invented the Athanasia Demon Gong into close combat.

All they could do was to stay away from his strikes.

It had been some time since Zhang Han completely mastered the Heavenly Devil Punch by integrating his understanding of cultivation into this art.

This was the first time hed used it in combat.

Langfan didnt even have the time to think.

Just as he wanted to cast a spell to dodge the attack, to his horror, he found that the black light emitted from Zhang Hans right fist had sealed his magic power.

One punch could destroy all maneuvers!

“Help me!”

Langfan, drawing on his battling experience, roared in alarm.

He circulated his spirit energy through his skin, wanting to defend himself head-on.

As long as he could block his opponents attack, it wouldnt matter even if he was seriously injured because he still had teammates.

Nan Shisan was also started, and cast his Bright Moon Pupils again.

But it was too late.


As Zhang Hans fist fell, the color of heaven and earth drained.

It was as if the world went dark at this moment.


Zhang Hans fist fell on Langfans chest.

In this instant, Zhang Hans eyes were shining with black light, and his body was wrapped in a black mist.

It was like the appearance of a Devil King.

Langfan, the opponent in front of him, was a powerful master of the Kunlun Immortal World.

His whole body was covered with a layer of faint black light, which then fell apart, turned into a wisp of smoke, and slowly dissipated.

Langfan was dead!

This scene frightened many people.

“Z-Zhang Hanyang, is a devil, a devil!”

Caprice Mo Sect Leader nearly went nuts.

“Last time, he was not yet able to kill those at the Heaven Peak Stage.

But now, he could… How could this be He is a devil! Run! Run for your lives! Run! Now!”

Now he could even kill the people of the Kunlun Immortal World, who else could stop him

Caprice Mo Sect Leader was so scared that his face turned pale.

Without hesitating, he fled.

But Zhang Han had kept an eye on them.

“You want to escape from me”


Zhang Hans figure flashed.

His speed was so fast that Shi Fenghou was kind of terrified.

He seemed to be moving as fast as him at full speed.

It was incredible.

Before Caprice Mo Sect Leader could react, he saw Zhang Han land in front of him and throw him a punch.


The defense Caprice Mo Sect Leader had cast broke as if it were a piece of paper.

And he was minced by that punch.

“Time to end this battle.”

Zhang Han looked at the people around him.

There were the heads of the Ten Tiger Sect, the Limitless Sect, and the other five sects.

They were now targeted by Zhang Han.

Every time Zhang Han leaped up and packed a punch, one of the heads was killed.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

The thousands of people around were flabbergasted.

With admiration overflowing from her eyes, Mu Xue said, “Told you, my master is the Devil King! Look! Hes in rage.

All of you are gonna die! Blood will converge into a river, and bodies will pile up to the height of a mountain.”

The scene that she had caught a glimpse of at that time surfaced in her head.

There were so many bodies on the ground.

Even the thousands of people present were all killed, their bodies would only make up less than one percent of the corpses she had seen.

“Devil King!

“Zhang Han is the Devil King thorough and thorough!”

Sect Leader Mus face was stiff.

He didnt know what to do.

“This guy is so fierce.

Good grief! No wonder my daughter wants to remove thenominal from her title and become the official disciple of this man.

Oh my! Even I want to be his disciple.”

Zhang Guangyous eyes lit up.

There was even a faint trace of tears in his eyes.

“My son has really become something.

Hes awesome.

Hes really amazing…”

Dong Chen, Third Elder, First Elder, Ji Wushuang, Lei Tiannan, Jiang Yanlan, Zhao Feng, and others were all standing where they were, intently watching Zhang Hans slaughter with their heads thrown back.

“How strong!

“He can subdue all the people on the scene.

No one here can rival him.”

As for those people from the Wind Snow School, they were scared out of their wits.

After seeing Zhang Hans invincible power, how could they have the nerves to continue the fight

Disheartened and terrified, they were all eager to run away.

Finally, someone took the lead and fled.

Then, there were the second, the third… the 100th…

The crowd could no longer be kept in check.


Seeing this, Dong Chen called out.

The members of the Heavenly Knights Sect immediately chased after them.

It happened all too quickly.

It had been just a dozen seconds before Zhang Han crushed Langfan.

Nan Shisans face was a little pasty.

“How dare you… Guys, lets work together to kill him!”

Nan Shisan also found it inconceivable.

But in this situation, he could either try to kill Zhang Han or escape.

“How can we work together”

Wuxi and Yuanbing were still entangled with Wu Ming, unable to give Nan Shisan any help.

On the other hand, Si Nan, City Lord of the Dragon Scale City, looked left and right.

At last, he ran to stand behind Nan Shisan in case he took flight.

Nan Shisans face darkened when he saw this.

Just when he was about to say something, Zhang Han had flown over quickly.

“Youre not good enough to kill me!” Nan Shisan said coldly, once again casting his Bright Moon Pupils.

However, Zhang Han ignored his attack and rapidly approached him.

This time, Nan Shisan was on his guard.

He dashed back to prevent Zhang from getting too close.

However, Zhang Han had more than one kind of supernatural power.

He stretched out his left hand.

The Air-shattering Hand!

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

The surrounding space started shaking.

Nan Shisan was forced to slow down.

This feeling was sickening.

He slowly looked back at Zhang Han.

What came to his face next was the demonic punch!

“Zhang, Han, Yang!” Nan Shisan leaned back and bellowed.

A ring appeared above his right hand, which soon encircled his body.


He blocked the punch.

But Zhang Hans next punch was coming.

“Wham, wham, wham, wham, wham…”

After he gave five punches in a row, a chip appeared on the ring with a crack.

After taking the sixth punch, the ring shattered.

Without a pause, Zhang Hans seventh punch landed on the target.

“No! No! Zhang Hanyang! No, I am…”

Nan Shisans frightened roar was brought to an abrupt end.

By far, Langfan and Nan Shisan had both died!

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