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“Is it the seaside Arent we always going to the seaside”

“Its still different.

Youll know once we travel there.”

“Then well go to the Maldives.

Ive only been there once.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Really With who” Zi Yan suddenly beamed.

“Ahem, my dad.”

Zhang Hans lips quivered.

He coughed slightly and took out his phone to dial Zhao Fengs number.

“Xiaofeng, we plan to travel to the Maldives tomorrow.

Prepare it for us.”

“Yes, Master.”

If they wanted to travel, Zhao Feng could just make a few phone calls to complete all the paperwork.

However, before putting it into action, Zhao Feng still released the news.

“Master is traveling to the Maldives tomorrow.

Does anyone want to join”

Of course, he and Liang Mengqi were going.

Though he hadnt asked Liang Mengqi yet, he knew that she was definitely going with her energetic personality.

Liang Hao: “Lili and I will go too.”

Wang Ya: “Me too.”

Mu Xue: “I go wherever Master goes.”

Ah Hu: “Jiaran will be on summer vacation.

Well go too.”


Therefore, the group of young people was basically all going.

“Qingqing, I want to go too, but my tummy is… Its almost my due date,” said Zhou Fei a little worriedly.

She also liked traveling.

In the past, she would go every time; however, now she found it really inconvenient since she was pregnant.

“Just go.

Well go too.

Didnt the doctor say its also good to go out and relax while youre pregnant”

Chen Changqing smiled.

“It doesnt matter if its going to be the due date or not.

Ill be with you.

My first son will surely be okay.

Ill ask them to bring a doctor with us.

You can deliver the baby anywhere.”

“Will that really work What if we have a bad environment when were on an outing Will it ruin things” Zhou Fei hesitated.

She had that motherly aura.

She hoped that her son would be healthy.

Though she wanted to go out now, she had a lot of time in the future for traveling.

“Itll be fine.

At least, Im now a martial artist in the Earth Realm.

Besides, we have Brother Han with us.

Why would there be any problems”

Chen Changqing chuckled.

“Then well go too.

Ill tell Elder Sister Yan right now.”

Having made up her mind, Zhou Fei also smiled and called Zi Yan.

“Elder Sister Yan, well travel to the Maldives with you too.”

“Your babys due in almost half a month from now.

Can you handle it I thought I would come back for your due date after spending a few days there.”

“Qingqing said it would be fine.

And we also plan to have a doctor with us.”



Having waited for three hours, Zhao Feng started to deal with the paperwork.

It was something.

Zhang Hanyang could kill a Heaven Peak Stage expert with one punch and therefore shocked the entire world.

Many countries had listed Zhang Han as the most dangerous person on earth!

The other countries informed the Hua nation that they would have to be told about Zhang Hanyangs travel plans right away.

Hence, Xiangjiang authorities directly contacted the Maldivess diplomatic personnel.

“I have good news for you.

Zhang Hanyang will travel to the Maldives with a group of people.”

“Pfft… are you sure its good news”

At 8 oclock the next morning…

The traveling group gathered at the companys airport.

“Aunty Feifei, your tummy is so big.

Is my little brother hiding in there”

Mengmeng would always curiously stare at Zhou Feis stomach.


Hes right in my tummy, and hell be born in a few days.” Zhou Fei gently touched her belly.


Then Ill have a little brother to play with,” Mengmeng chuckled and said, finding it extremely novel.

“Lets board.”

They boarded one by one, and the flight took about six and a half hours.

The first stop was Baima manor on a seven-star island.

The islands in the Maldives were graded from four to seven stars; a seven-star island was the most luxurious.

Of course, it was just how the Hua nation graded them to let people differentiate their destinations.

“So hot.”

The moment they disembarked, they felt a rush of heat air coming toward them.

Though Xiangjiang was also like this, Mengmeng spent most of her time in the classroom or Mount New Moon where it wasnt really hot.

Outdoors here, she felt moister and hotter.

“Welcome, Mr.

and Ms.


Welcome, everyone.”

A group of people came to receive them.

There were more than 20 people.

There were official representatives, but most of them were martial artists.

A Heaven Peak Stage expert was in the lead.

“Dear Mr.

Zhang, hello.

Im Ah Man from the Radiant Sect.

Were stationed here, and our Holy King heard that Mr.

Zhang was coming, so he especially asked me to invite you to a chat with him on the island.

I wonder if you have time for that.”


Last time, Zhang Han refused.

This time, Holy King especially came to Zhang Han.

Then, Zhang Han would meet him; it wouldnt take long anyway.

They had left at 8 oclock, and the flight lasted for six and a half hours.

When they arrived here, it was only a little past 11 because of the time difference.

At noon, Ah Man arranged their lunch in a very high-end restaurant.

After lunch, they started to play.

During the three days…

They appreciated the views on islands, and the water by the seaside was very clear.

Though Mengmeng had tried water sports like canoeing, sailing on a catamaran, windsurfing, skateboarding, etc., she still had fun.

It was particularly fun to take a yacht to see the dolphins.

Nevertheless, Zi Yan didnt consider them to be very fun.

She had even already gone to the bottom of the ocean with Zhang Han many times.

When Mengmeng grew up, she would go there often as well.

The seawater here was clear and the views were mesmerizing.

On the fourth day, Holy King John arrived.

John Dwayne was with him, looking at Zhang Han a little strangely.

He really hadnt expected Zhang Hanyang to grow to such a stage in such a short time span.

Holy King John and Zhang Han talked over tea.

Zi Yan sat nearby with Mengmeng, while Mu Xue fetched some fruits for Mengmeng.

“Mengmeng, have some fruits.

Though theyre not as good as those on the mountain, theyre okay.”

“Thank you, Sister Xue.”

“Call me aunty.”

Mu Xue pursed her lips.

“Im more than a dozen years older than you.

You should just call me aunty.”

“Mm, thank you, Aunty Xue.”

Mengmeng had a good impression of Mu Xue because Mu Xue talked casually and Mengmeng could always hear something interesting from her.

For example, the last time Sect Leader Jiang came over, Jiang Yanlan and Mengmeng started their jibber-jabber.

“Mengmeng, have you learned the sentenceIt is such a delight to have friends coming from afar”


Mengmeng didnt follow.

Jiang Yanlan then said again, “It is such a delight to have…”

Mu Xue finished the sentence.

“Feng jin che hu.”

After asking further, she then realized that it meant that the situation was bad and one should hit the road.

Mengmeng was quite interested in those, so sometimes she liked to be with Mu Xue.

However, when Daddy and Mummy were present, Mu Xue would mind her phrasing and not say those words.

“What are they talking about” Zi Yan asked a little curiously.

“I cant hear a thing.

That old guy is pretty cautious.”

Mu Xue darted a look at Holy King John.

It was said that the Holy King had always been powerful and also an old guy who had lived for hundreds of years.

After about a half-hour of chatting, Holy King John rose with a beam and said goodbye to leave.

During the following days, they played happily again.

It was like when Zhang Han arrived at some island, the rich young masters on it would disappear.

There was no other way.

They couldnt afford to offend Zhang Han.

The island was so small, and if something undesired happened, they couldnt take it.

Therefore, wherever Zhang Han went, the restriction came.

When he went out or did something else, many people would secretly follow him.

They were not guarding against Zhang Han; instead, they were worried that some senseless people would provoke Zhang Han.

From Holy King John, Zhang Han also learned the news on their side.

It was basically the same.

Bone Demons also existed in the worldlets, Ancient Mine, Kings Domain, and Kunlun Immortal World, which they called the Holy World.

After a half month, Zhou Feis due date was approaching, so they flew back to Xiangjiang, ending this trip.

Finally, on July 25…


Good news came from the delivery room: Zhou Fei had given birth to a baby.

It was a fat boy that weighed 3.5 kg.

After a few days, when seeing that the kid was so wrinkled all over his body, Mengmeng was scared.

“Mummy, was I like this before” Mengmeng asked in a low voice.

“Yes, you were.”

Zi Yan smiled to answer her.

“All babies are like this when theyre born.

Theyll be fine after some time.

Now, he looks fat and cute.”

Zhou Fei recovered very quickly.

After becoming a mom, she even looked at the baby with eyes full of motherly affection.

“What should I name him”

Zhou Fei thought about it.

“Qingqing, Elder Sister Yan, brother-in-law, what do you think I should name him”

“Chen Chuan.

A plain to let horses run loose on.

I hope his future road is smooth like the land that horses run on,” answered Chen Changqing.

“Chen Chuan How did you come up with it so fast” Zhou Fei hesitated a little.

“Its different from all the ones that weve talked about.”


Hearing that, the Warlord of the Chan Clan couldnt stop laughing.


Chen Chuan.

A plain to let horses run loose on.

Thats great.

My grandson, Chen Chuan!”

Chen Changqing had a son, so many seniors of the Chen family were also there at that time.

They would come every day, trying to bring Zhou Fei back to the Chen family to recover for the next month.

However… no matter how luxurious the Chen familys house was, it couldnt compare with Mount New Moon.

A month later, Zhou Fei and Chen Changqing brought the child back to the mountain, and Mengmeng would come often.

Zi Yan would always help too.

She knew how hard it was to raise a kid.

When he made a fuss, parents couldnt even sleep well.

Once, Mengmeng stood beside Zi Yan and pointed at the kids loins.

“Mummy, it seems different.”

“Er, well… because hes a boy.

Like your Daddy said, boys and girls are different because they have different genders…”

Zi Yan patiently explained to her.

As for Zhang Han, he was on the phone at that moment.

It was a call from Fifth Elder.

Si Nan had people contact here, saying that Lord Liu wanted to visit the secular world.

They would offer Zhang Han resources, and of course, Zhang Han needed to ensure their safety.

They said something like that, but actually, they only meant that they were worried that Zhang Han might hurt them.

Lord Liu was in the Elixir Realm in the Kings Domain, but it wasnt necessarily so in the secular world.

They had also learned from Si Nan that their ability would be suppressed in the worldlets, the secular world, or whatever.

However, Zhang Hanyang could slay those kinds of people.

They had to use caution.

Lord Liu had finally made up his mind after a few days of hesitation.

He decided to spend a lot of money to see the real world.

If it worked, he would also inform his royal brother, one of the 13 magnates.

Who wouldnt want to take a look at the real world

However, after hearing that, Zhang Han simply answered, “I dont have time for that.”

At that time, he wasnt in short of resources, and he had to play with Mengmeng every day since she was on vacation.

How could he have time for others

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