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“Han, I cant really tell them what you said just like that, can I”

Fifth Elder smiled wryly.

“Theyve promised us many resources, like 500 kilograms of Holy Spirit Water.”

“Just tell then I dont have time.

We can let them wait for some time until Mengmeng goes back to school,” said Zhang Han.

With Si Nans character, he probably hadnt told all the resources they prepared.

If Zhang Han made them wait for a few days, resources must be added.

Zhang Han didnt want those extra resources; he just wanted to spend time with Mengmeng.


Ill tell Lord of Dragon Scale City that you need to look after the child.”

Fifth Elder answered and informed Dong Chen of the news.

At that time, Dong Chen was still watching the new disciples cultivation at Heavenly Knights Sect.

Receiving the news, he went to Ancient Mine to meet Si Nan near the Dragon Scale City gate as soon as possible.

“You said he doesnt have time”

Si Nan was instantly infuriated, thinking, “He doesnt have time even when Lord Liu wants to go out How is there such a thing He doesnt have time even if we give him so many resources”


Young Lord has to take care of his child,” Dong Chen answered smilingly, “in Young Lords eyes, taking care of his child is more important.

And Young Lord really doesnt lack resources.

A few days ago, he had a chat with Holy King John from North America who also has a lot of resources there.”

Dong Chen was just bluffing, trying to get more resources.

He carefully observed Si Nans expression.

Sure enough.

He frowned.

“Taking care of his child What kind of excuse is this Tell him Ill give him 20% more of the resources!”


Ill go back to inform him right away.”

Dong Chen quickly left.

Exiting Ancient Mine, he strolled on Ancient Mine Plain appreciating the views and then went down to find Si Nan.

“Well, I tried so hard to persuade Young Lord.”

Dong Chen wiped the sweat he managed to force out on the forehead.

“Young Lord offered two choices.

First, hell pick you up in half a month, but he asked for 40% extra of the resources.

Second, hell pick you up in a month with an additional 30% of the resources.

Third, you can wait for a year or two for him to pick you up.

In that case, you can just give 20% more of the resources and thats something I can decide on my own.”

“What did you say”

Si Nans eyes slightly widened.

He looked a little angry.


Wont Zhang Hanyang spare any benefits for me”

“Youre just too ruthless!

“At least Ive fought for you on the battlefield and also killed two men.

You just totally ignore that.

“Well, well.


“Youre evil.

“I finally get to know your true colors.

“Just great!”

“Tell him!”

Si Nan sounded cold.

“Pick us up in half a month!”


A nice surprise, a completely nice surprise.

Dong Chen didnt hide his smile and cupped his hands toward Si Nan extremely courteously.

Hahaha, 40% more of the resources!

Zhang Han knew nothing about his being a scapegoat at all.

“Tell him


“At least Ill wait until I see the resources.

At that time, Dong Chen must be running here with glee.

I cant drive him away even if I want to.”

It turned out that things werent what Dong Chen had imagined them to be.

After just a week, he suddenly slapped his forehead.

“Zhang Han has to be the one to bring them in.

I havent told him about it yet.

If I dont prepare in advance, and if Zhang Han refuses to come, wont Si Nan explode with rage”

Therefore, the fellow prepared himself and went to Mount New Moon.

“Han, youve cultivated well recently.

I can feel that your strength has progressed a lot again.

Too much to define!” said Dong Chen with a beam.

Zhang Han looked kind of hesitant.

“But I havent cultivated recently.

Im just hanging out with Mengmeng.”


“He doesnt pull any punches at all”

Dong Chen appeared awkward as he waved his hand to say, “Never mind.

Ill tell you.

I asked for 40% more of the resources.

You can just pick up Lord of Dragon Scale City and his men on the day when Mengmeng starts school.

But remember, I asked for 40% more resources.

You have to give all of them…”

“Oh, I dont seem to have time on that day.”

Zhang Han smilingly answered.

Dong Chen immediately corrected himself.

“Well, you have to think about it.

Ill give your Heavenly Knights Sect 30…”

“Ill see at that time.”

“20%! Will you go or not! 20% at most! Heavenly Knights Sect is your sect.”

“Well… okay, Ill make the time.”

In the end, Zhang Han reluctantly agreed.

Dong Chen scratched his head in the end.

“I remember that before I came, Ive decided to have all the 40% to myself.

How did it become 20%

“Ah, Ive miscalculated.

That foxy guy is just too cunning.

“How many resources will 20% be”

Dong Chen became somewhat expectant.

There were still a few days left.

He decided to stay at Mount New Moon because he didnt have any other business anyway.

After sitting in the pavilion under Thunder Yang Tree and chatting with Zhang Han for a while, Dong Chen asked for 10 top-grade crystals to go to cultivate.

That was right.

He asked for them from Zhang Han.

Since he was at Mount New Moon, instead of scrounging off the rich guy, would he pay on his own

Zhang Han sat there, drinking tea and watching Mengmeng play in the pet area.

Mengmeng had really become dexterous at that moment.

Dahei squatted and the little kid dashed forward.

She stepped on Daheis leg and could then climb onto Daheis shoulder.

When Dahei threw her up in the air, it was 10 meters above the ground, much higher than before.

It looked like the little girl really like a thrilling feeling.


Zi Yan ran from behind and heaved a long sigh.

“Changqing and Feifei had a fight just now.”

“What for” Zhang Han felt strange.

“Changqing said when little Chen Chuan is two or three years old, hell personally teach him cultivation.

Feifei doesnt want that.

Shes like me.

She wants to teach little Chen Chuan cultivation when he grows a little bit older.

But Changqing doesnt agree, so they had a fight.”

“Who won at last” Zhang Han smiled as he asked.

“You dont need me to tell you that.

Changqing is pretty responsible though.

After the fight, he saw Feifei really got angry, so he immediately apologized.

You cant compare with him when it comes to that.

Keep going, young lad.” Zi Yan sat beside Zhang Han and pretentiously patted Zhang Hans shoulder.

“Changqing doesnt have much experience, so its normal that he gets mad easily.”

Zhang Han couldnt help smiling.

“So whats their final decision”

Actually, Zhang Han had guessed it.

However, it was how a chat went.

Moreover, he also enjoyed Zi Yans chattering and gossiping by his side.

“Theres no decision.

Changqing tried to cheer Feifei up and didnt talk about it at all.

Obviously hell try to persuade Feifei later.

I dont know why hes in such a hurry to make little Chen Chuan cultivate.

I think its just fine to let him be carefree like Mengmeng.

Cultivation is good, but its also dangerous,” Zi Yan said.

“I think hes planning something.

He wants Chen Chuan to cultivate early so that he doesnt fall too much behind Mengmeng.


Zhang Han pursed his lips.

“Hes eyeing my daughter.

I might have to find him to practice some secret skills tonight.”

“Look at you.

You look like youre guarding against a bad guy.”

Zi Yan couldnt help rolling her eyes.

In her eyes, it was normal for people to marry each other.

However, Zhang Han was extremely cautious about Mengmengs romantic relationships.

“Daddy, Mummy.”

There was some sweat on Mengmengs head; some of her hair was even stuck on it.

“Sit down and get some rest.

You look like a mad girl,” Zi Yan said, feeling it funny.

She made Mengmeng sit by her side and poured her a glass of juice.

“Im not.”

Mengmeng refuted it and picked the juice up with both hands to drink.


Zi Yan slightly raised her slender eyebrow.

“Mengmeng, tell me.

Will you help Mummy when I have a fight with your dad”

“Hmm No.”

“No Why” Zi Yan was dazed.

“Daddy and I cant defeat you even together,” Mengmeng answered, looking innocent.

In the little kids eyes, she had to seek permission from Mummy when she wanted ice cream, when she wanted snacks, when she wanted to watch cartoons, and when she wanted to go out to play.

Daddy… didnt say anything at all.

“You little brat.

You two are just the same!”

Zi Yan couldnt help rolling her eyes.

“She talks like Im being unreasonable.

Actually, I listen to everything my hubby says.”

“Mengmeng, you just see the surface of things.

Dont let your dad deceive you.”

“What does that have to with me”

The corner of Zhang Hans mouth quivered and then he smilingly shook his head.

Happy time always flew.

Without anyone knowing it, the summer vacation had come to an end.

As for that vacation homework, she had finished them in early August.

Moreover, Mengmeng would occasionally read two-grade textbooks.

On September 1, the school opened.

Mengmeng had gotten used to attending an elementary school.

She had a few good friends among her classmates; they would gather to hang out on weekends from time to time.

“Han, lets go.

We should go there now.

Itll be noon when we arrive.”

Dong Chen earnestly waited for Zhang Han.

The moment Zhang Han returned to the mountain, he said, “If they leave impatiently, how many resources will we lose”

“Lets go,” Zhang Han said helplessly.

“Without doubt, theyll still go out to see even if they wait for two more days.

Uncle Dong is really obsessed with money.”

In fact, Zhang Han planned to return after a short visit.

He would still need to pick up Mengmeng from school.

The two didnt waste time and directly headed for Kun Xu World.

They came to Ancient Mine Plain, entered Ancient Mine, and went straight to the front of Dragon Scale City.

“Secular martial artists!”

“They should dare to walk to the Dragon Scale City gate”

“Whats going on”

A group of a dozen people was discussing in surprise.

They were just more than a hundred meters away, which was simply a provocation.

Why hadnt Lord of Dragon Scale City made a move

Even guards above the city walls ignored them.

It was strange.

“What a fuss.”

“You dont know Our Lord of Dragon Scale City now has a friend who is an Outer Domain martial artist.

What is power He even has connections in Outer Domain.

What do you know”

“Careful! Lord Liu is in the city.

If your gossiping is heard, you might lose your lives.”

An Earth Realm guard berated.

They all shut their mouths and stopped talking.

“Thats Lord Liu, Si Nans boss.

Hes powerful even in Kings Domain.

Who dares to offend him”

As soon as those words came out—

“Swoosh, swoosh!”

Two figures flew out from Dragon Scale City like lightning.

They were Si Nan and Lord Liu.

Zhang Han eyed Lord Liu.

He was shorter than Si Nan and much leaner.

He had sharp features, among which the pair of vicious eyes was the most eye-catching.

It was like the pair of eyes had ruined his originally somewhat gentle face.

“Zhang Hanyang”

Lord Liu opened his mouth, using standard Hua language.


“Ill trouble you with it this time.”

Lord Liu signaled to Si Nan.


Si Nan took out a cloth bag, a treasure that could temporarily store things.

“These are half of the rewards.

When we come back, Ill give the other half.”

Si Nan sounded a little cold and didnt act very courteously toward Zhang Han.

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