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“Er… the relations in the top management of the First Middle School is quite complicated.

Im afraid that I…”

It was true that the Luo family was the most powerful family in Xiangjiang.

But even they couldnt interfere too much with the government affairs.

Of those running the First Middle School, some had profound backgrounds.

If it were Luo Shan who wanted to work there, the other colleagues would probably not reject him.

But in his case, the others might not let him have his way so easily.

“So, you cant go there to be Principal of the First Middle School at once.

Instead, you should start with Vice Principal and make full use of your ability.

As long as Im here, that top position will also be yours in less than three years.”

“Ill do my best!”

The principal felt that this was another great challenge.

But it dearly excited him.

Truthfully, if it was just for the sake of maintaining the relationship with Zhang Han, this whole thing was not necessary.

Over the years, Luo Shan had already had a stable friendship with Zhang Han.

So, the main purpose of this was that Luo Shan hoped to send the principal to a public school as a transition.

This way, the principal would gain a higher status.

Since Luo Shan didnt have many trusted subordinates, hed like to see one make it to the higher-up.

Also, this move could pave a way for his sons future.

While they sighed with emotion on the upstairs, a large group of children was having fun on the playground.

At noon, the school sent two school buses to take the kids for lunch.

They were accompanied by more than a dozen security guards led by Lu Xiong.

Mu Xue was also secretly protecting them.

Therefore, there should be nothing to worry about.

The class went to the childrens park to play in the afternoon.

Then, they went back to school at half-past four.

Standing at the side of the school gate, Lu Guo looked a little blue.

In a slightly trembling voice, she said, “We part ways today.

I dont know when we will meet again in the future.

As your teacher, I feel very lucky to be able to accompany you for six years.

I love you, and I hope that every student here will be a cut above the rest in the future.”

She didnt want to cry in front of her students, so she fought to hold back her tears.

“Teacher Lu, I cant bear to part with you.”

“Teacher Lu…”

Many students came to her, some of whom were already dashing away their tears.

As for Mengmeng, tears were also welling up in her eyes.

Parting always made people sad.

A strong bond had been created during the six years they spent together.

Seeing that many students started to cry, Lu Guos hands trembled slightly and her eyes rapidly blinked.

Yet, a smile climbed onto her lips.

“There, there, Hu Fang, An Xiaonan, Mengmeng, Muen… Dont cry.

Youve grown up and are going to junior high.

This is something you should feel happy about.

Besides, your grades are so good.

As your teacher, Im very proud of you.

Also, we can still meet after you graduate.

As long as you want, Im willing to have meals with you every once in a while.”

Lu Guo smiled.

Her words seemed to be more of consolation to herself.

Because she knew very well that there would be very few chances for them to be together again in the future.

At least, it would be very difficult for all the 56 students to gather together.

The elementary school was an important stage in ones life, for it was the enlightenment period for everything.

The students in elementary school had developed strong friendships.

Although they might lose contact with one another years later, they would always be able to recall the indelible memories about those good old days.

“Teacher Lu, if you and Uncle Meng become a couple, we will get to meet each other all the time.”

Mengmeng blurted out these words.


Lu Guo was stunned for a moment, and then she shot a threatening look at Lu Xiong.

It must be him who taught Mengmeng to say something like that.

She didnt know how to respond to that, so she just smiled at Mengmeng.

“Boys and girls, you should also study hard in the future…”

Lu Guo told all the students her expectations for them again.

Gradually, the atmosphere lightened up.

The students bade goodbye to one another.

Ma Fei came to Mengmeng.

At this moment, the shy boy suddenly summoned up his courage and said, “Class monitor Mengmeng, I, I… I will never forget you.”

Did he just confess that he liked Mengmeng

There was no doubt that many boy students in the class had a crush on Mengmeng.

Those boys in the sixth grade about 11 or 12 years old did not really know about romantic love or crush.

They just knew they had some girls they liked.

“Well, I wont forget you either,” Mengmeng replied.

The class monitor didnt think too much about it.

She treated all her classmates equally.

Only Li Muen and a few others were particularly close to her.

These years, she also occasionally hung out with Wang Yihan.

Wang Jiawen was a kid stocked with ideas, but the friendship between the two was pure.

“Class monitor, you cant forget me either,” another little boy ran to her and said.

“Well, I wont.” Mengmeng waved her hand briskly.

“Class monitor Mengmeng, I like you.

I like you very much.

Do you like me”

“Lyu Xiaotao, youd wish.” Mengmeng snorted and ignored him.

“So you dont like me” Lyu Xiaotao asked again because he hadnt heard the answer he wanted.

“Eh How did you find out about this secret”

Mengmeng put on a suspicious expression.


It was the sound of his heart breaking.

“Ouch, Im crossed in love.”

Lyu Xiaotao was a little taken aback.

The class monitor was very good with words.

All the students knew that.

Sometimes, her words could make others speechless.

“Well, your parents will be here soon.

Boys and girls, we really have to say goodbye now.

Ive also prepared some gifts for you, which will be delivered to your places later.

The summer vacation is coming.

This time, there is no homework.

Have a good rest and go out to play.

If you ever miss me, you can come to visit me at any time.”

Lu Guo said a few more words.

Then, the students reluctantly said goodbye, got in their parents cars, and took off.

Some parents arrived early, while some were late.

Mengmeng simply headed for the school gate the moment the class was dismissed.

She did not need to think about it because she knew that her father must be the parent who arrived here first.

As the students walked out of the school gate this time, it meant that their elementary school days had completely come to an end.

They had all become adolescents, with junior high awaiting them.

When the time for them to go to college came, they would be real adults.

“How was today” Zi Yan asked with a smile after Mengmeng got in the car.

“We had a good time.”

Mengmengs voice was very crisp and pleasant to the ear.

Kids voices changed as they grew.

But Mengmengs voice had always been so melodious, which was delightful to hear.

She had really inherited Zi Yans excellent genes.

“There are a few students in the class who dont like one another.

But they had a longer talk than anyone else today.

Gee, boys can be fickler than girls.” Mengmeng curled her lips.

Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

“Dear lord, you should stop worrying about others.

By the way, did you stay within your budget today”

“Of course.

We only spent a little more than 15,000 yuan.

Muen was the one in charge of money.

She will transfer the balance to us when she gets home.”

After saying that, Mengmeng looked at Zi Yan with some vigilance.

“Mummy, are you planning to confiscate my pocket money”

“What are you talking about” Zi Yan couldnt help rolling her eyes at her.

“Is your mother such an unreasonable person”

“Yes, you are.

You always take advantage of me and Daddy.

Daddy, do you think Mummy is a bad guy”


“Is she setting me up”

Zhang Han coughed softly, put on a serious look, and focused on driving, as though he didnt hear Mengmengs words.

“You little jerk.

Is it because I havent spanked you for a long time” Zi Yan raised her palm.

“You can try.”

Mengmeng immediately stuck out her little butt, but withdrew it in less than a second.

Then, she leaned against the back of the back seat and giggled.

“Youve really gone unruly.

I gotta give you a good discipline…”

“Oh, dont tickle me.


The mother and daughter roared with laughter in the back seats.

When the two walked on streets, they were often taken as sisters.

Zi Yan still looked very young, while Mengmeng was also very attractive.

She was now a big girl nearly five feet tall.

“Dad, I dont like you anymore.

You never back me up.”

After she was done giggling, Mengmeng made a face at Zhang Han.

“Its pointless to step up for you” With an innocent look on his face, Zhang Han said, “The thing is, as youve said, we would still be no match for your mother even if we team up.”

“Well, it seems so.

Daddy, you are so smart.”

“Sort of.”

However, it didnt sound like a compliment at all.

Zhang Han scratched his chin.

“This girl is starting to have her own ideas now.

Even I am clueless about what she is thinking about.”

“Mengmeng, you are going to the First Middle School.

Who among your classmates has been admitted by that school” Zi Yan inquired.

The results had just come out a couple of days ago.

Zi Yan had not asked about it yet.

“Muen, Xiao Qi, and about seven other classmates have been admitted.

At least thats what Ive heard so far,” Mengmeng replied.

“That sounds pretty reasonable.

Mengmeng, I suppose youll be assigned to one of the advanced classes.

But since the ordinary classes are planning to recruit more students, some more of your friends may go to that school as well,” Zi Yan muttered.

The First Middle School was the best middle school in the region.

Therefore, many parents would do everything they could to send their children to that school.

It was rather difficult to get into that school through the official entrance examination.

However, the school was expanding enrollment, which meant that some students could buy their way in.

In order to let their children get a better education, many parents were willing to pay the price.

However, how well they could learn was totally up to the students themselves.

If they were not the academic material, it would be useless no matter how great the school they were enrolled in.

“But no matter what, when you are in school, you have got to focus on studying.

If your grades are satisfying, I and your Daddy will be very happy.

And we will also reward you,” Zi Yan said.

This was a warning for Mengmeng.

She was trying to tell her that even though she was starting to learn cultivation, she should not give up on her studies.

If that was the case, Zi Yan would immediately terminate her cultivation.

But to tell the truth, Zi Yan was not too concerned.

Mengmeng had been given a lot of time to play in the past six years.

Usually, she only did her studying in class.

When she came home after class, she was only required to spend a little time reviewing her lessons.

And that was all the study she needed to do to get good grades.

Had she spent every hour of her free time on schoolwork, Zi Yan would not be surprised even if Mengmeng took first place in the entrance examination in Xiangjiang.

After all, her daughter was very bright.

“Mummy, just put your heart back in your chest.

I havent found school any bit challenging.” Mengmeng shook her head.

“You seem quite confident.” Zi Yan smiled.

Her daughter had grown from a delicate little girl to a cheerful and out-going young lady.

Zi Yan had been aware of her changes the whole time.

It was just that sometimes Mengmeng would also give people a headache.

Sure enough—

When they were back at Mount New Moon, Mengmeng eagerly ran to the back mountain to play.

Suddenly, she looked back.

“Eh Grandpa, what are you doing” Mengmeng asked in bafflement.

“Im fishing,” Zhang Guangyou answered with a smile.

“Then why arent you using a fishhook”

Mengmeng pointed at the fishing rod.

There was only a fishing line draping from the rod, which even touched the bottom of the pool, but there was no hook tied to the line.

“This cant be fishing.

Grandpa must be kidding.”

“Mengmeng, have you heard this saying before”

“What saying”

“When Jiang Ziya went fishing… and whats the rest of the sentence”

Zhang Guangyou touched his stubble and waited for Mengmeng to complete his words.

Mengmeng walked over quickly, reached out her right hand, and answered straightforwardly—

“Youre fined 200 yuan!”

Zhang Guangyou, “Huh”

“Pay the fine now!”

Mengmeng, like a miser, was trying to exploit her grandfather.

Behind her, Zi Yan couldnt help but feel a little embarrassed.


There was a hint of helplessness in Zi Yans disapproving tone.

What made her helpless was…

“Hey, Yan, dont tell off my granddaughter.

She just did what she should do.

How could I not be fined fishing here Isnt it so, Mengmeng”

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