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Zhang Guangyou was not the kind of parents that spoiled children, but he couldnt stand Mengmengs lovely appearance.

At that time, he took the money from his pocket with a smile and told Zi Yan not to scold Mengmeng.

He didnt take too much, only two hundred yuan.

He knew that Mengmengs monthly pocket money was one thousand yuan, and two or three hundred yuan was fine.

If he gave too much money, they would be confiscated.

“Hahaha, Grandpa is so nice.

Mwah, mwah, mwah.”

Mengmeng giggled and ran away.

“Dad, you always spoil her so much.”

Zi Yan pursed her red lips.

Though she seemed to be complaining, she was happy in her heart.

“Who else would I spoil Its my granddaughter.

Han, recently I heard from Wu Ming that the passage to the Kunlun Immortal World seems to be open soon.

When the time comes, shall we pick up your grandfather”

Zhang Guangyou was thinking about this while fishing.

In the Kunlun Immortal World, they would not be the top forces.

Should they send someone to contact them or wait for them to go there He was also hesitating.

“Theres still some time left.

Theres no rush.”

Zhang Han nodded and said, “The disciples of Daofu and Heavenly Knights Sect from the last time would inform Grandpa.

Maybe when the passage is open, he will come down as soon as possible.”

“Thats possible.

I hope so.”

Zhang Guangyou smiled.

As for Zhang Mu, Zhang Hans memory was that of Elder Mu from next door.

He didnt think that the amiable old man was his grandfather.

“All right, go and play with the little girl.

Ill be here fishing.

After all, Ive paid the fine.”

Zhang Guangyou waved his hand casually.

Hearing that, Zhang Han took Zi Yans hand and walked to the pet area.

“Dahei, take this!”

At that time, Mengmeng ran to Dahei, jumped over one meter high, spun her body, and made a round kick.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Dahei didnt panic at all.

It was just a small part of their daily life.

His belly shrank back, and he waited for Mengmengs foot to kick him, then he straightened out.


Mengmeng was sent flying.

Dahei was very fast.

It stretched out its claws and gently grabbed Mengmeng, throwing her up five or six meters high.

Mengmeng turned over and landed accurately on Daheis shoulder.

“Ha ha ha.”

The little girl smiled and said, “Dad, how is it Am I awesome”


I expected no less from my girl!” Zhang Han didnt save his praise.

“Of course you should.”

Mengmeng smiled, and her big bright eyes curved into crescent moons.

“How about today”

Zhang Han suddenly looked at Zi Yan and said something that confused Mengmeng.

“Its up to you.”

Zi Yan moved her lips and finally nodded.


When Zhang Han was about to say something.

“Sister Mengmeng! Im back.”

On Mount New Moon, Chen Chuan followed Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei.

As soon as he saw Mengmeng, he ran towards her.

Now Chen Chuan was in the middle class of Saint Kindergarten.

The little fellow was naughty.

In the class, everyone called him the little overlord.

He took his classmates to play naughty everywhere.

Once he skipped class and went to the playground to play games.

As a result, he was beaten by Chen Changqing when he came home.

The little overlord in the class was just a good kid in front of Mengmeng.

He could neither fight nor argue with her.

The most important thing was that Sister Mengmeng also liked to play and she played well.

So he was willing to be Mengmengs follower.

Although Mengmeng always scolded him, she still liked him very much for having such a little brother.

“Come up on your own,” Mengmeng sat on Daheis left shoulder and spoke.

“Im coming.”

Looking naive, Chen Chuan stretched out two hands to grab Daheis fur and kept climbing up.


Dahei curled its lips and stood straight without saying anything.

“If he wants to climb, then be my guest.”

In the end, Chen Chuan sat on Daheis right shoulder.

Carrying the two little guys, Dahei ran in the pet area.

Nowadays, there were a lot of dogs in the pet area.

The first batch of dogs had been adopted, and the babies were placed in the pet area.

Those pets, forced by the Powerful Hei Trio, acted as well-behaved lackeys.

At that time, Dahei was running ahead, and they were chasing behind, especially Little Hei, who was leisurely strolling.


Tiny Tot also used a lot of effort to climb onto Daheis shoulder and got close to Mengmeng.

Looking at Mengmengs little face, it was lost in thought again.

“Why are you always in a daze, Tiny Tot”

Mengmeng pinched Tiny Tots cheek and pulled it.

Only then did Tiny Tot come to its senses.

“Koo-chee, Koo-chee.”

It barked happily.

Mengmeng held Tiny Tot who was in a penguin shape in her arms.

It was furry and felt very comfortable.

She patted Tiny Tots belly and rode on Dahei in the pet area happily.

Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei approached them.

Zhou Fei held Zi Yans arm and whispered to her.

Chen Changqing stood beside Zhang Han and said with a smile, “Brother Han, are you going to teach Mengmeng to cultivate soon”

Now, Chen Changqing had settled down in Mount New Moon permanently, leaving the Chens hanging, but they couldnt do anything about it.

It was impossible for them to build such a treasured place like Mount New Moon.

They only came here every once in a while, especially the Warlord of Chan Clan, who was very close with his grandson.

“Well, I was about to talk about it if you didnt come.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Isnt that perfect Ive been thinking about asking my son to cultivate for a long time.

Together” Chen Changqings eyes lit up.

“Chen Chuan is your like your son, after all.

Maybe he will be…”

Feeling the threatening look in Zhang Hans eyes, Chen Changqing didnt say the word “son-in-law”.

Instead, he smiled awkwardly.

“You should at least give him a good cultivation method, right”

“The cultivation method is not in urgent need.

You can teach him yourself first.

Ill observe and make a choice when he reaches the Qi Refining Stage,” Zhang Han replied.


“Lets talk about it tomorrow.

Im going to build a magical amusement park for my daughter tonight.”

“Is that so Why dont we build together”



The two childrens fathers were whispering aside and discussing the details.

Zhang Han was thoughtful.

Chen Changqing also gave a few good ideas.

The two of them were ready to show their skills.

After playing for a while, the sky gradually darkened.

“Were going to eat.”

They spent most of their dinner in the mountain restaurant.

Chen Changqings family, Zhang Hans family, plus Zhang Guangyou, Zi Qiang, and Zhang Li were all on a big table, which was quite lively.

After dinner, they went back to the castle.

The family of three watched the latest-released 3D movie.

At about 9:30 p.m., they went back to their rooms to rest.

Mengmeng sat in her bedroom, playing Honor of Kings with her friends in front of her computer.

“Ah, why are you dead again Youre so stupid.”

“Help me!”


Mengmeng was always very happy to play games with friends.

At half past eleven, Zi Yan brought her a cup of milk tea.

Mengmeng knew that it was time to go to bed, so she went to bed after the game was over.

After Mengmeng fell asleep at 12 oclock.

Zhang Han got up stealthily.

“I also want to have a look.”

“Lets go.”

The two of them quickly put on their clothes and jumped off the balcony.

“Why did you come down so late Weve been waiting for more than an hour.”

Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei sat under the Thunder Yang Tree, facing the moon and drinking wine.

They were drinking a little red wine, which was very romantic.

“I have to wait for Mengmeng to fall asleep.

Otherwise, it will spoil the surprise.”

Zhang Han smiled, and the four of them took the lead to the west side of the back mountain, where there was a large open space.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Dong Chen, Third Elder, Zhang Guangyou, and the others also arrived quickly.

“Lets go together” Zhang Guangyou said excitedly.

He also knew a little bit about it.

“Well, Ill get the outline and what I want first.

See if you can come up with more later,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

He got to work immediately.

In an instant, his eyes lit up.

Hua la la la!

The whole Thunder Yang Tree began to tremble.

The energy of the crystal stone mine below continued to flow into the Top-grade Crystal Palace, then passing treasures to Thunder Yang Tree.

It was the same with the herb field.

All kinds of energy gathered on the Thunder Yang Flower, the Thunder Yang Grass, and the Thunder Yang Crystal, and finally passed on to the Thunder Yang Tree, connecting to Zhang Hans consciousness.

A new round of transformation had begun.

Dong dong!

As dull sounds spread out, the large area suddenly changed its appearance.

It seemed that the soil was all rolling to the east.

After a long time, a big pit appeared, along with a small mountain more than 30 meters high.

It was a cliff, with a steep hillside on its back.

That side was a vertical cliff.

Whoosh, whoosh.

Surges of water flowed out of the pit in the mountain.

Within more than 20 seconds, a lake was formed.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

One top-grade crystal after another appeared, together with the formation flag prepared by Zhang Han.

With ten kinds of sixth-tier spirit treasures as the eye of the formation, they formed dozens of magic formations and constantly fell on the lake.

Drip drop.

It was like the sound of a drop of water.

Water columns with a diameter of two meters rose into the sky and turned into various shapes.

Some were big circles, and some were small circles.

Among the water columns, some were hollow and some were full of water.

“A roller coaster”

Zhou Fei was slightly stunned.

She knew this thing, and just judging from its shape and size, it must be very exciting.

She was eager to try it.

However, the change had just begun.

“Its simple.

Its a simulation of a roller coaster.”

Zhang Han smiled and waved his right hand.

Several whirlpools appeared on the surface of the lake, like channels.

“This is an underwater passage.

It should be more beautiful after we raise some fish around it.”

The action continued.

“This is an air stage.

This area has floating forces that allow people to float in the air.

“This isfrogs crossing a river.”

On the left side of the lake, ten meters above the lake, there were wooden boards floating.

It was like rows of seats, moving at an irregular speed.

It was close to the cliff, and there was a stone platform at the entrance with steps to go up, and at the end of it was the entrance of an underwater passage.

“Lets have some sightseeing boats floating in the air, surrounding Mount New Moon.

We can sit on them, enjoy the scenery and have some tea.

Its quite elegant.”

Zhang Guangyou reminded him with a smile.


With a thought, Zhang Han controlled nine trees to form nine boats.

Starting from the cliff next to the island lake, the boats floated there quietly.

If someone got on them, they would move around Mount New Moon.

“Two more slides.

Just make it with water,” said Chen Changqing.

“Wait, how about some diving platforms” Zi Yan echoed.

Everyones interest was aroused and they kept giving suggestions.

Gradually, the large piece of lake became a complete magical paradise.

“Its time to name it.”

Zhang Han smiled and raised his arm.

Above the entrance of the lake, trees, flowers, grass, and green leaves kept gathering, forming a rainbow-like gate.

There were several big words on it.

Mengmengs Magic Paradise!

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