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After chatting with Li Muen for a while, Mengmeng hung up the phone and became excited again.

“Daddy, where are we going tomorrow”

“Lets go visit the worldlets tomorrow,” Zhang Han answered after musing for a moment.

“To Grandpas place”

Although Mengmeng knew about the worldlets, she only had a rough idea about the concept.

During the days in the Heavenly Knights Sect, she had mainly stayed in Zhang Guangyous Mountain-side Manor and had not seen anything much special.

“There are five worldlets in our Hua nation.”

Zhang Han explained to Mengmeng, “The world we now live in can be called the main world.

There are also some subsidiary spaces, which are similar to the Xanadu you read in The Peach Colony, only that these spaces might be unstable.

However, the worldlets are the kind that is stable.

It may be very large or very small.

In our Hua nation, there are a total of five worldlets.

In the northeast, there sits the Mystical Martial World your Grandpa Gai lives in.

The one in the northwest is called the Seven Harmony World.

The one in the southeast is the Saint Serene World.

The one in the southwest is the Witch Hidden World.

Also, in the center locates the Kun Xu World, which is a place weve been to and where the Heavenly Knights Sect your grandfather lives in is.

Now, the Heavenly Knights Sect is the most powerful force in the martial arts world as well as the worldlets.

Your grandfather is the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

The father of your grandfather, that is your great-grandfather, is the master of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

People in the Heavenly Knights Sect call me Young Lord.

In the future, they may call you Junior Young Lord or perhaps Young Princess”

“Can they just call me… Your Majesty” Mengmeng murmured.

Zhang Hans face darkened with embarrassment.

“Father, dont be angry,” Mengmeng said coquettishly.

“All right, all right.

Dont say nonsense.”

Zhang Han covered his forehead with one hand and said helplessly, “Have you memorized everything I just told you”


There are five worldlets in Hua nation.

Grandpas Heavenly Knights Sect is in the Kun Xu World.

Grandpa Gais place is the Mystical Martial World in the northeast.

Besides, there are the Saint Serene World, a-and… the Witch Hidden World and the Seven Harmony World, right” Mengmeng answered while thinking.

“We are relatively close to the Saint Serene World in the southeast.

Tomorrow, lets first go on a walking tour there.

And the second stop will be the Witch Hidden World in the southwest.

The third stop will be the Seven Harmony World.

The fourth stop will be the Mystical Martial Arts.

And last, well visit the Kun Xu World.”

“Sounds great!”

When Mengmeng heard that she would go visit so many places tomorrow, her eyes curved into crescent moons.

“Go to bed now.

Your father and I are going to rest, too.”

Zi Yan turned over lazily in the bed.

“Mummy, why are you driving me away again”

Mengmeng pouted, saying, “You always say that Im closer to Daddy.

It is so for a reason.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

I wont drive you out anymore.

How about you sleep in my arms tonight”

Zi Yan laughed and patted on the pillow next to her, encouraging Mengmeng to sleep next to her.

“No, Im still gonna play games with Xiaohui and others later.”

Mengmeng shook her head and lay down next to Zi Yan.

“Mummy, Ive been wondering why you have stayed so young and beautiful.

It turns out that it all thanks to Daddy.”


Zi Yans beautiful eyes suddenly swiveled.

Then, to bluff Mengmeng, Zi Yan continued, “I was just telling your Daddy that our Mengmeng is 11 years old now, and she is so adorable.

I hope she will always be like this.

Its said that when a girl changes a lot when growing up.

But I dont want Mengmeng to change.

It would be best that she could stay as a little girl.

This way, we wouldnt be mistaken for sisters anymore when we go out in the future.”


Mengmeng was startled.

She quickly jumped out of bed and hurried to the mirror.

“You want me to always look like But it seems to be okay.

No, no.

I dont even know how I look like when I grow up.

But now I…”

After muttering for a while, Mengmeng looked quite torn.

Then, after taking a look at Zi Yan, who was trying to hold back her laughter, Mengmeng suddenly realized that her mother was making fun of her!

“Humph! Im going back to my room!”

Wagging her head, Mengmeng went off to play computer games with her friends.

Zi Yan had set a few rules for Mengmeng about playing computer games.

She would not let Mengmeng compromise her sleeping hours for it.

Although the Little Princess was kind of cunning now, she still listened to her mother.

As required, she usually ceased playing computer games and went to bed at about 11 oclock.

Zhang Han took off his coat, held Zi Yan in his arms, and chatting with her in a low voice in bed.

These days, the two of them were still deeply attached to each other.

Although they were not as passionate as they were at the beginning of the relationship, they still spent a lot of time together as if they were on honeymoon.

They now knew each other much better.

With a glance at Zhang Han, Zi Yan knew what was on his mind.

With a look at Zi Yan, Zhang Han knew whether things had turned urgent or not.

It just turned out like this.

After all, they had moved forward to cross the river by feeling the stones.

Now, they were sufficiently experienced.

During those years, Zhang Han had also been kicked out of bed and forced to sleep on the sofa several times…

At seven oclock the next day, the family of three got up and washed up.

After breakfast, they checked out and went on the trip.

They first came to the Saint Serene World in the southwest.

After walking around for a long time, they didnt see many interesting spots but one place.

“Mengmeng, this is the place where the Wind Snow School used to be.

The Wind Snow School was very powerful, which had branches across the five worldlet.” Zi Yan pointed to the front and said, “That was the main sect of the Wind Snow School.

The branches are in the other four worldlets.

Do you remember that time your father went out and we went to your grandfathers place Then, a war broke out between the Wind Snow School and the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Originally, the Heavenly Knights Sect was bound to lose.

But later, your father returned and turned the tide.

He destroyed the Wind Snow School…”

Zi Yan began to tell Zhang Hans legend.


Having heard the story, Mengmengs face glowed with admiration.

Suddenly, she remembered something, so she grabbed Zhang Hans hand and asked, “So, are the King of Dwarves, the Dark King of Elves, the Giant Dragons, and all the other stories youve told me real”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Thats a piece of real history recorded in an ancient book in the Cultivation World Ive come across.”

“Is there really dwarves in the world And dragons and elves” Mengmengs eyes lit up with excitement.

“Yes, its just that they are in the vast universe.

Havent I told you that there is a Cultivation World in the vast universe, and Earth is just a very small planet” Zhang Han caressed Mengmengs head and said, “When there is a chance in the future, Ill take you to the Cultivation World to see dwarves, elves, giant dragons, and snowmen.

Ill catch one for you and let it live on a patch of land.

Then, there would be snow all year round in a part of Mount New Moon.”


Mengmeng was surprised.

“Daddy, I dont want to play games anymore after hearing what you said.

I want to see those creatures right now.”

“Now is not the time.

The problem is that I havent found a way out yet.” Zhang Han shook his head.

“Dont get too excited now.” Zi Yan curled her lips and smiled.

“Mengmeng, dont you want to go to high school and college Dont you want to know what it is like to have a job What your father said is only gonna happen in the remote future.

So, get the matter off your mind now.”

“Oh, okay.”

Seeing this, Zhang Han added, “Theres nothing to see around here.

Lets go to the Witch Hidden World.”

After flying for more than three hours, they arrived at the entrance of the Witch Hidden World.

Seeing the three of them descending from the sky, the guards stationed at the entrance of the Witch Hidden World cupped their hands before their chest and allowed them to enter without asking any questions.

The Witch Hidden World was the second largest among the five worldlets.

There were dozens of sects in this worldlet.

Mengmeng saw small sects with only more than 50 members.

She also saw large sects with thousands of members.

Of all the sects, the Lihun Sect had the largest number of members, which had reached 1500.

If it hadnt been for the fact that Daofu had taken too many members of the worldlets with him last time, there would have been more than 3,000 people in the Witch Hidden World.

Other than the Heavenly Knights Sect, which had lost the least number of members, some sects had gone with Daofu together, while some had half of their members left with him.

As for the Lihun Sect, it has lost more than 1000 members.

This was proof of Daofus capability.

Every time he went to a worldlet, he had to call all the leaders of the major sects to have a meeting.

Zhang Han knew a little bit about the meeting.

Also, Daofu knew how to appeal to other people.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to persuade more than 10,000 martial artists into going with him.

“Daddy, what are they doing”

Mengmeng pointed to the edge of the forest at the rear of the Witch Hidden World, where roars of many spirit beasts could be heard.

“There should be a hunting task.

There are spirit beasts in every worldlet.

Dahei and Little Hei are also spirit beasts.

Some spirit beasts can be really powerful.

But compared with the Ancient Mine, there are too few of them here.

The Ancient Mine is a place where the Dark Shadow Clan and the fierce beasts gather.

There are countless fierce beasts.

When we finish our tour of the Kun Xu World, Daddy will take you to have a look there,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“So, theyre hunting.

W-will the spirit beasts be wiped out”


Spirit beasts are also reproducing.

Besides, there is an incredibly powerful creature in the worldlet as well.

If those people wantonly slaughter the beasts, it will come out and intervene.”

“I see.

But Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot wont encounter such a task, right No, I cant let them run around outside anymore.” Mengmeng was a little worried.

“They three” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“Of those in the secular world and the worldlets, no one can touch them.

Besides, though Dahei and the others appear to be harmless, these three guys have eaten more than 100 spirit beasts.

Even you have had some.

Your grandfather and Uncle Dong have been to the Ancient Mine several times and brought back many fierce beasts from there.

Some of them were quite palatable.

I remember that you said the meat was delicious a few times.”

“Ive also had some”

Mengmeng was a little taken aback.

As they spoke, they came to the sky over the periphery of the forest and watched groups of martial artists battling with spirit beasts.

On the ground were more than 10 spirit beasts, including pangolins that were three-meter-long and tigers that were two-meter-tall.

“There are so many people battling against one beast.

Isnt this winning by numbers” Mengmeng asked in confusion.

“Thats why this is called the trial mission.”

Zhang Han elaborated, “The cultivation of spirit beasts is simpler than that of human beings.

The beasts can absorb various kinds of energy better.

Those with talents can grow stronger on their own.

Those without can also improve their aptitude by absorbing the energy with certain properties.

Compared with men, the beasts are born with stronger wildness, attack power, or defense power.

The strength of these people is relatively weaker than that of those spirit beasts.

Thus, they can perfect their recent cultivation by fighting against them.”

“I see.”

Mengmengs big bright eyes blinked.

Then, she looked intently at the battle going on below.

Sometimes, she grew tense as the battle went fiercer.

Zhang Han didnt say anything.

He just stayed beside Mengmeng with a smile.

This time, he had brought Mengmeng out just to see what the real martial arts world and the worldlets were.

If every place was quiet like a pool of stagnant water, this trip would be meaningless.

Now, she finally met some people on the trial mission.

This could really be an eye-opener for her.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Suddenly, five figures zoomed over from the Lihun Sect and landed beside Zhang Han.

Although the invisibility light cover was functioning, Zhang Han hadnt deliberately concealed his presence and had been discovered by the head of the Lihun Sect.

“Mo Xing pays his respects to Mr.


Seeing that it was Zhang Han, the head of the Lihun Sect put on a serious look.

He cupped his hands before his chest and said very warmly and politely, “Mr.

Zhang, its my honor to have you here.

Why dont you come to the sect Ive prepared a feast for you.”

“Thank you.”

Had he not been with Mengmeng and Zi Yan, Zhang Han wouldnt agree to come in.

But since he wanted Mengmeng to see more, he figured it would be nice to accept the invitation.

Therefore, Zhang Han thanked Mo Xing sincerely, causing Mo Xing to repeatedly wave his hand and say that he did not need to be so courteous.

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