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All the people next to Mo Xing looked polite and respectful.

Their eyes revealed traces of cautiousness and solemnity.

Nowadays, who did not refer to him as the Merciless King

He had defeated the strongest force in history.

He even killed those from the Kunlun Immortal World with one punch.

Due to his actions, the Heavenly Knights Sect now had a close relationship with the Dark Warriors in the Ancient Mine and their members could enter the Dragon Scale City as guests anytime they wanted.

It was said that he was also close to a mogul in the Kings Domain.

He had sent many there to cultivate.

And after just three years, he had helped a large number of martial artists to achieve their goals.

This was simply unbelievable.

No one in the martial arts world had ever achieved this during its glorious history of thousands of years.

Mo Xing knew very well that in the current situation, as long as the passage to the Kunlun Immortal World was not open, no one could restrain Zhang Hanyang.

In other words, Zhang Hanyang was invincible in this world.

“Even if he has rivals, it could only be the two masters of the Blood Race in the west who have lived in seclusion and the Pharaoh King in India.

Yet, since those masters have not shown their faces in public for more than 100 years, there is no way to know whether they are still alive.”

Mo Xing secretly shook his head.

This conclusion was drawn when he was conversing with many other sect masters.

In the end, he learned that in this world, there were no more than five people who might be able to fight against Zhang Hanyang.

And it was safe to say that the five people mentioned above were only capable of putting up a fight against him.

As for whether they could defeat him or not, no one had the answer.

Now that more than five years had passed, how powerful had Zhang Hanyang become

Arriving at the main hall, Mo Xing glanced at Zhang Han and felt that he was just an ordinary man.

There was no energy flowing around him and no trace of a martial artists aura could be found on him at all.

His power was unfathomable!

As if feeling eclipsed by Zhang Han, Mo Xing sighed, “Mr.

Zhang is really a role model of our generation, especially for us at the Heaven Peak Stage.

Over the past few decades, we have all given up pursuing martial arts because it is impossible to make a breakthrough.

But now… weve found someone better than us.


Zhang, you have really taught all of us a lesson.”

“Im so flattered.” Zhang Han shook his head.


Zhang, may I ask your purpose for being here this time” Mo Xing could not help enquiring.

Meanwhile, he murmured in his head, “Please dont tell me that its because some sect disciples have accidentally upset you.

If that were the case, the consequence would be beyond imagination.”

“Just to give my daughter a tour.”


Mo Xing immediately breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed.

“Haha, Ive long heard that Mr.

Zhangs wife is as gorgeous as a fairy from the highest Heaven and his daughter is also extremely exquisite.

Today, after meeting the two of them, I know its all true,” Mo Xing complimented him.

The more than a dozen elders of the sect, who were sitting next to him, also echoed his view.

After all, everyone appreciated compliments.

But before they could say anything, Mengmeng muttered, “Mummy and I have not even taken off our hats and sunglasses yet.”

“Uh, this… this…”

Mo Xing choked with embarrassment.

His face even turned red.

“Are you accusing me of using my soul sense to check your looks

“It doesnt matter if I secretly check it out.

But now youve pointed out that I furtively checked the looks of another mans wife and daughter, people would think I have some ulterior motives, wouldnt they Zhang Hanyang is not an easy person to deal with.

If he is annoyed, wouldnt I be making a fool of myself

“If I say I didnt use my soul sense to check, everyone would know its a lie.

“Ow, Im having a headache.”

In the end, Mo Xing finally managed to squeeze out a sentence.

“Well, Ive heard of your beauty before.

Moreover, one can tell just by looking at your temperament.”

“Yes, youre right.

You have an extraordinary temperament.

I can see that.

You know I never lie.


Zhang, your family has a stunning temperament.”

All the elders also echoed what he said, one after another.

“Thats right.

Ive never misjudged anyone in so many years.

Its indeed as our head has said…”

They were downright buttering Zhang Han up in his presence.

The corners of Zhang Hans mouth twitched.

He seemed to smile faintly.

Seeing that, Mo Xings heart eased a little.

“All that matters is that Zhang Hanyang is happy.”

Even though Mengmeng was a little wily and had muttered her thoughts out loud, seeing the embarrassment of these people, she chuckled and stopped pursuing the topic.

She then watched her father and the head of the sect chatting casually and admired him mightily.

“Daddy is so awesome!”

An hour later, Mo Xing prepared a sumptuous feast for them.

After chatting for a while, he felt that Zhang Han was quite courteous toward him.

After considering it for a while, he eventually asked, “When Yan Chen, a disciple of our sect, competed for the Divine List, we all thought that he would very likely win.

However, in the end, he was defeated by Chen Shenwang in two moves.

We heard that Chen Shenwang had taken lessons from you, Mr.


The secret skills that Yan Chen displayed then were also the best secret skills of our Lihun Sect.

So, I have had a question in my mind all this time.

Is Mr.

Zhang aware of some methods that can offset our secret skills Of course, I posed this question just out of curiosity.

If Mr.

Zhang does not feel like answering, lets just pretend that I never asked the question.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

All the elders on the scene pricked up their ears.

“I surely can answer that.

To be honest, theres nothing the sects in the worldlets know that I cant undo,” Zhang Han responded calmly.

Mo Xing and the others instantly looked stupefied.

At last, the shock dissolved into sighs filled with emotion.

Upon hearing the blatant truth, they felt more assured.

If their sect was the only one whose secret skills had been cracked, they would feel really bad.

But if all sects secret skills were the same in Zhang Hanyangs eyes, it was then fine.

After chatting for a while, Zhang Han said goodbye and turned to leave.

Mo Xing saw him off warmly.

He was in a good mood after having Zhang Hanyang as his guest today.

At least, they now knew each other.

Although their friendship was just budding, Mo Xing felt that it was already a great honor to be on speaking terms with Zhang Hanyang.

“Daddy, they seem to be quite afraid of you, dont they” Mengmeng asked after leaving the Witch Hidden World.

“Of course theyre afraid.” Zi Yan smiled and said, “Because none of them is a match for your father and your father is the kind of person who doesnt care to abide by the ethics of the martial arts world.”

“Ah Daddy is unethical” Mengmeng pretended to be surprised.

“Why havent I noticed that”

“In terms of other peoples views…”

Before Zhang Han could finish his words, Mengmeng chimed in, “We can just ignore them.”

“So when I go outside, I never care too much about what other people think.

All that matters are the people I care about.”

“Then, Daddy, they should be more afraid of Mummy, shouldnt they” Mengmeng suddenly asked in confusion.

“Why” Zhang Han seemed to have guessed something and could not help laughing.

“Because we are no match for Mummy at all.”

Zi Yan could not help pinching Mengmengs face gently as she said, “You little brat.

Youre always saying something like that.

Its as if I have been bullying you all the time.”

“Look, I get pinched every time I tell the truth.”


They chatted and laughed along the way.

It was already dark when they came to the Seven Harmony World in the northwest.

So, they checked into a hotel.

Mengmeng went online and played a game with her classmates.

It was an online game called Demonic Dragon.

There were many rich and powerful characters in the game.

She and her classmates were rookies who had just come out of the Novice Village.

They spent a lot of effort to fulfill tasks every day.

Playing online games with her classmates was also one of Mengmengs favorite past time.

Every day, after playing online games for a little more than two hours, Mengmeng would go to bed on time and fiddle with her mobile phone for a short while before going to sleep.

The next day, they went to the Seven Harmony World and had lunch in the Luo Fu Sword Sect.

On the third day, they headed to the Mystical Martial World in the northeast.

After having a tour, they went to visit the Shuiyun Sect.

There were people welcoming them everywhere.

Mengmeng also got to see Sect Leader Mu and Sect Leader Jiang and was treated to a lot of delicious food.

Then, they traveled to the Kun Xu World without stopping.

“This is the Heavenly Knights Sect.

The place we used to live in is on the right side of the south of the mountain.”

Looking down from the sky, they saw the layout of the entire Heavenly Knights Sect.

“So the place we live in is actually very small, isnt it It turns out that the Heavenly Knights Sect is so big.”

It was not until this moment that Mengmeng realized that the land area of Heavenly Knights Sect was very large, which made the manor they used to live in look like a sesame seed on a big pancake.

“Lets go in and have a look.”

“Every sect has a Heaven-earth Formation as protection.

So one must rely on a medium to enter the sect.

For example, this kind of token is the most common medium.

The one Im holding is one of the highest-ranked tokens of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

It can mobilize the energy of the Heaven-earth Formation.

The formation here is called the Yin-Yang Double-dragon Formation.

The two giant dragons surrounding the Heavenly Knights Sect are easy to perceive.


Zhang Han demonstrated it to Mengmeng.

The energy of the Heaven-earth Formation began to be released.

A fog began to spread and continuously morphed into different shapes in front of them.

“For instance, an illusory formation can cause people to get lost in it.”

With a tweak of his mind, the scenery in front of them suddenly changed.

The place no longer looked like the Heavenly Knights Sect, but seemed to have become a vast sea.

Then, it changed again.

This time, they appeared to be standing in a gloomy forest.

Everything looked so real as if they were really in a forest.

The scenes kept changing, which Mengmeng found extremely novel.

“The Heavenly Passage.”

Zhang Han smiled.

In the desert the illusory formation had conjured up, a bright gate suddenly appeared in front of them, which seemed to be connected to another world.

When they got closer, they suddenly found that what was behind the gate was not actually the Heavenly Knights Sect, or was it

When the three crossed the gate, Dong Chen and several other elders were already there, waiting for them.

“Haha, when I sensed that the Heaven-earth Formation was altering, I knew that you were showing Mengmeng around,” Dong Chen said with a smile.

“She needs to see the world anyway,” Zhang Han responded.

“Lets go.

Little princess of Zhang Hans family, Ill show you around the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

Dong Chen led the way.

“This area is where the outer-ring disciples live.

At present, there are about 600 disciples there.”

In the Heavenly Knights Sect, dozens of members left for the Kun Xu World last time.

They were all inner-door disciples.

At that time, almost all the outer-ring disciples of the world had left.

Now, the 600 people were outer-ring disciples the Heavenly Knights Sect had newly recruited, most of whom were Qi Strength Masters.

The number of the inner-door disciples was still a little more than 3000.

With such a scale, the Heavenly Knights Sect was still the strongest force in the worldlets.

“This is the Heaven Lake.

In the old days, your father always came here to cultivate.

The resources he consumed were beyond measure,” Dong Chen said to Mengmeng with mixed feelings.

“This is the herb garden.

Have you seen whats in it There are 10 kinds of sixth-grade treasures and countless fifth-grade treasures.

I have worked really hard to obtain them.” Dong Chen looked at the herb garden with pride.

“Those are the resources I had to beg really hard for from your father.”

Of course, Dong Chen would never say it out loud.

“This is the main hall.

Mengmeng, your great-grandfather used to live here.

Now that youve seen the south of the mountain, lets go visit the north.

There is a peak called the Command Beast Peak.

Dahei and Little Hei ate a lot of spirit beasts on the Command Beast Peak on your last two visits.”

“Ah They can eat so much” Mengmeng asked in surprise.

“Two beasts a day.

Theyre making me lose money every day.”

Speaking of this, there was a hint of resentment in Dong Chens tone.

Back then, he had even been the scapegoat for the two pets many times.

At this time, Zhang Han thought for a while, then looked at an elder and remarked, “Tell Mount New Moon to send Dahei and the other pets here.

Well go to the Ancient Mine tomorrow.”


The newly-enthroned elder nodded respectfully and left.

Zhang Han planned to show Mengmeng the power of Dahei and Little Hei.

As for Tiny Tot

That creature was still quite slow and did not have much power.

This day, Dong Chen took Zhang Han and his family for a walk around the Heavenly Knights Sect.

He had also ordered the sect disciples to have an impromptu martial arts competition.

“Everyone, our Young Lord, Zhang Hanyang, is here.

He is a tycoon and has tons of resources in his pockets.

In todays impromptu martial arts competition, whoever puts up a spectacular fight will probably be rewarded with some decent resources by Young Lord.

Besides, I promise that today, Ill reward the winner with a fifth-grade spiritual herb.”

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