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“Let me do it.”

Zi Yan pursed her red lips, opened the guitar case, and began to play.

It was a very melodious tune, which was relatively soft.

It worked very well.

Mengmeng closed her eyes for five minutes, calmed down, and entered the state.

At this time, Zhang Han waved his hand to control Tiny Tot to come over and let it spurt fire.

Tiny Tot was familiar with the routine.

He let out a cry and began to spurt flames.

Immediately, the surrounding air seemed to become much drier.

10 seconds, 30 seconds, one minute passed, then Mengmengs expression changed.

“Daddy, I can feel it.

There seem to be small red lights.”

“Youre amazing.

It only took you a few minutes to master it.

Next, feel the fire element energy in your body.”

A few minutes later, Mengmeng felt something, but she couldnt tell.

Zhang Han smiled and pressed Mengmengs forehead with his right hand.

“This is a set of elementary cultivation methods.

It can cycle on its own.

You dont have to focus on it.

All you need to do is to master how to use it.”

Zhang Han began to expand the meridians in Mengmengs body, forming a big cycle, and then began the second cycle.

Meanwhile, he was also teaching her how to make use of it.

It seemed that he wanted Mengmeng to use all kinds of abilities in advance.

After absorbing the Thunder Lotus, she would reach the Innateness stage.

Zhang Han planned to give her a complete set of cultivation methods at that time.

“Have you felt the light in your body If your mind follows it and involves the fire element outside, it will save you a lot of energy.

The first secret skill Daddy teaches you is Fireball Skill.

Try it according to the cultivation method.”


Mengmeng responded with a clear voice, and her eyes lit up as she silently felt what Zhang Han had taught her.

“Why cant I”

Mengmeng was confused again.

“Dont focus on the operation of the skill, but use it to control the energy in your body and resonate with the surrounding fire elements…” Zhang Han elaborated.

“Emm, I got it.”

Mengmeng pouted and experienced this feeling more seriously.

Gradually, even if she opened her eyes, she could feel a trace of the fire element.


Eventually, when she tried for the 10th time, a slightly muffled sound came out.

Mengmeng saw a small flame the size of a fingernail gathering in her palm.

She swung out and the fire spread for more than two meters.

“Ah! So little”

Mengmeng was displeased.

“How can it be a fireball with such a small fire”

“Its about your talent.” Zi Yan began to tease her little girl, then she said seriously, “Honey, everyone has different talents.

Look at your father.

He nearly had no opponents before he had cultivated for a few years.

You might be stronger than ordinary people.

Dont be discouraged.

Its not a big deal if you are less talented.

You can make up for the weakness with your hard work.”


Mengmeng was shocked.

“Daddy, is it true”

“Er… you can make up for it with your hard work.” Zhang Han glossed over it.

“Less talented Really I cant accept that…”

Mengmeng was muttering something, but they couldnt hear it clearly.

She muttered for a short while before she began to practice the Fireball Skill.

Seeing this, Zi Yan snickered while Zhang Han was helpless.

In less than half an hour, Mengmeng had begun to master the Fireball Skill.

Although the flame was only as big as a fingernail, it was difficult at the beginning.

Since the flame could be released, its power would gradually increase after practice.

With such aptitude, how could she be less talented

But seeing Mengmeng, who had just doubted her talent, Zhang Han found it quite interesting.

The little girl was also quite persistent.

She had been practicing for a whole day.

At dusk, Chen Changqing and his family came over.

“Oh Mengmeng, can you make a small nail-sized flame now” Chen Changqing said with a smile.

“Its not a small flame.

Its Fireball Skill.

Its super powerful,” Mengmeng snorted.

“Can the little flame ignite Uncle Chens cigarette” Chen Changqing took out a cigarette casually.

“Just watch.”

Mengmeng scrunched her nose, waved her hand, and made a small flame, but it went out before it got close to the cigarette.

“Hahaha, cute.

When your little flame can light the cigarette, Uncle Chen will reward you.” Chen Changqing teased her.

“Come on, Sister Mengmeng.

Im stronger than you and can protect you.” Chen Chuan ran up to Mengmeng.

Mengmengs face darkened.

She rolled her eyes slightly and stroked Chen Chuans head.

“Chen Chuan, have you learned how to do three consecutive kicks”

“Not yet.

Its so hard,” Chen Chuan replied.

“Ah Its been 10 days and you havent learned it yet”

Mengmeng seemed to be shocked.

Then she sighed softly and said, “Chen Chuan, dont be discouraged.

Everyone has different talents.

Look at me.

It took me two days to master it.

Now Ive begun to learn magic arts.

You should be a little stronger than ordinary people.

It doesnt matter.

You should work hard to make up for your shortcomings.

Just practice harder.”


Zi Yans face froze slightly.

“Why do these words sound so familiar”

“I know, Sister Mengmeng.

I will try my best.” Chen Chuan scratched his head.

Chen Changqings face darkened.

He thought to himself, “Oh, my son.

If things go on like this, you will even count the money for Mengmeng if she sells you in the future.”

“Lets go eat.”

Mengmengs big bright eyes curved, and she jumped to the restaurant.

She and Chen Chuan took the lead, followed by the four parents.

While focusing on cultivation the whole day, Mengmeng seemed to have forgotten the time.

Except for having a simple lunch, she spent the rest of the time practicing the Fireball Skill.

It was a full day, and she felt that she had made some progress.

In the beginning, the size of the fireball was like a small nail.

It was not enough, but now it was even a little bigger than a small nail.

With this speed, Mengmeng was confident that she would be able to strike a basketball-sized fireball soon.

After dinner, Mengmeng was invited by her friends, so she sat in front of the computer.

“Mengmeng, why havent you played games for two days Our level is higher than yours.”


“Hmph, who said that Im a full-level player now.”

Mengmengs own account was far left behind by her friends, so she didnt want to play it anymore.

She said, “Come to the outside of the main city and pick up the treasures.”

“What The main city What kind of treasure can we pick up there”

“Wait! Do you mean… Dont tell me youre Princess Mengmeng”

“Ah! Its really you!”


Eight of her good friends were so surprised that they couldnt return to their senses for a long time.

“Go and pick up the equipment!”

They were still very fast.

However, when those who were AFK saw that a few low-level players had successfully picked up the equipment, their hearts skipped a beat.

“What the f*ck! Can we pick it up”

They ran over like a swarm of bees.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Saber radiance flashed and human heads rolled.

“Why do you slash me but not them”

Shortly afterward, everyone discovered that there were people who were about Level 30 recklessly picking up equipment there.

That was all money!

There were still people who were tempted.

Some people even changed their accounts to low-level accounts at about Level 30 and ran over, but they did not succeed.

At last, there was someone being smart.

Mengmeng had a classmates game name called Playing Mud.

After a while, a person named Playing Mu sneaked over and snatched a piece of equipment.


Mengmeng was a little surprised when she saw this.

“How come there are two of you, Xiaoguang Someone has sneaked in.

Which one are you”

“Ah Im the closest to you.

Who is that Oh no, hes going to flee.”

In the blink of an eye, the people who sneaked in quickly picked up more than a dozen pieces of equipment and were about to run away.


With a flash of the saber light, the high-level players on the periphery directly chopped him to death.

The equipment fell to the ground, and everyone rushed over to snatch it.

Then they ran away quickly.

Mengmeng and a few of her friends were dumbfounded.

Could they also play like this

Fortunately, most of the equipment had been picked up.

“Lets go.

Ill take you to kill people.”

Mengmeng snorted and led her friends to do some tasks.

No matter how difficult the task was, Mengmeng basically slashed it with one strike.

Usually, she could do one task a day, but now it took her 20 minutes to complete one task, so she was very fast.

She didnt stop until 12 oclock.

Mengmeng felt comfortable and went to bed to play with her mobile phone.

“Ding, ding, ding…”

It was a video call request from Li Muen.


Mengmengs eyes lit up.

Then she threw the phone to the other side of the bed.

“Come here!”

She imitated Zhang Han and raised her right hand slightly…

There was no movement at all.


When the video call request rang for the fifth time, Mengmeng rolled over and picked up her phone to answer the call.

“Mengmeng, Im going to have remedial classes tomorrow.

Do you want to go Its Dr.

Hu from First Middle School.

My mother said that he was excellent.

I need to learn math, physics, and chemistry.

Do you want to go with me” Li Muen said.

“Ah I… I cant.

I have something to do.

Im busy.” Mengmeng shook her head slightly.

“Its only been a few days off.

Why are you going to remedial class so soon”

“I have to study in advance.

My exam score is average, and I may not be admitted into the key class in school.

Mengmeng, you must be in the key class.

My dad has been busy looking for connections these days.

Maybe we will be assigned to the same class.”

“Really” Mengmeng suddenly laughed.

“Thats great.

Ill be your big sister.

We can do good deeds and help the weak together.

Im really powerful.”

“Ah, okay, Sister Mengmeng.”


The two little girls chatted for more than 10 minutes.

It was getting late, so they hung up the video call and went to sleep.

Mengmeng was lying on the bed, blinking her eyes.

No one knew what she was thinking.

After a while, she quickly closed her eyes.

Her right hand swung out.

A flame about the size of a fingernail flew out more than two meters.

She kept doing this.

After more than 10 minutes, she performed it for the last time and fell into a deep sleep.

Early the next morning, Mengmeng got out of bed, washed up, put on her exercise suit, and went downstairs.

At first glance, she found that Chen Chuan was doing a martial-arts squat.

“Chen Chuan, take this!”

Mengmeng walked up to him quietly and suddenly called out.


Chen Chuan turned around in a hurry.

A small flame left Mengmengs hand.

It went straight to the corner of his clothes.

But when it got closer, he found that the flame went out before it could reach him.


Chen Chuan was stunned.

Looking at his intact clothes, he was lost in thought.

Two seconds later, he said, “Sister Mengmeng, why are your flames so small My clothes are not damaged at all.”

“Ive shown some mercy.

Otherwise, if I hurt you, Uncle Chen will be unhappy.” Mengmeng looked serious.

“Oh, I see.” Chen Chuan nodded and said innocently, “Sister Mengmeng is so nice.

You showed mercy to me.”

“Of course.”

Mengmeng murmured and ran to the pavilion, constantly making small flames.

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