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After Mengmeng got up, Zhang Han also got up and began to make breakfast.

After Mengmeng practiced for over half an hour, Zhang Han opened the window of the restaurant and said on the third floor, “Time for breakfast, Mengmeng.”

“Coming.” Mengmeng jumped out of the chair in the pavilion and ran to Chen Chuan.

She patted him on the shoulder and said, “Chen Chuan, watch me fly.”

After that, Mengmeng spread out her hands.

Seeing this, Zhang Han grinned.

While using his spiritual force, he controlled Mengmeng to fly over from the lawn.


Chen Chuan was astounded and ran back to his villa in a hurry.

As soon as he entered the gate, he shouted, “Dad, Dad, Sister Mengmeng can fly.

When will you teach me to fly I want to fly too…”

It must be fun to fly.

Mengmeng felt as if she was surrounded by a gentle energy.

She felt so comfortable that she almost fell asleep.

“I dont know when Ill be able to fly.”

On the balcony, Mengmeng held Zhang Hans hand and said in a sweet voice, “Father, can you let me learn flying faster”

“No, you have to cultivate on your own.” Zhang Han was amused and replied, “There is a saying that goes,Learning is like sailing against the current; If you dont advance, you will retreat. The same goes for cultivation.

As long as you cultivate carefully, you will soon be able to fly into the sky by yourself.”

Mengmeng giggled.

“Then Ill take you to fly at that time.”

“Wont you bring Mom with you” Zi Yan, who was sitting in the dining room, held a bowl of rice and said with a smile.

“Of course.

After all, Mommy is the boss of the family.

I have to listen to you,” Mengmeng muttered.

Zi Yan rolled her eyes.

“Dont say that to others when you go out.

You make it sound as if your mommy is very domineering.

I just control you eating snacks.” Zi Yan snorted.

“Oh, how could I say it to someone else”

Mengmeng washed her hands and sat on the chair to have breakfast.

After joking with Zi Yan as usual, Mengmeng went out to practice the Fireball Skill after breakfast.

As usual, Zhang Han put away the tableware, then went with Zi Yan to accompany Mengmeng.

The flame, which was like a small fingernail, gradually became the size of a thumb, and then the size of a fist.




A football-sized fireball was formed in Mengmengs palm.

It flew more than 20 meters forward and hit the pond.


She didnt expect that the small fireball would have such a strong impact that it would raise waves more than 20 meters high.

The water in the pond was pushed down several meters deep.

Dozens of fish were shaken to death.

“Fireball Skill!”

Mengmeng smiled sweetly and looked at Zhang Han and Zi Yan beside her.

“How is it Am I amazing”

“Youre this.”

Zhang Han gave her a thumbs-up and said, “Youve made such great achievements in such a short time.

You deserve to be my daughter.

Youre amazing.”

“It took more than a month.

Mengmeng, dont forget to register in First Middle School tomorrow,” Zi Yan reminded her with a smile.

“Its only been 40 days.

Such a small flame has become so big.” Mengmeng was very proud.

Mu Xue, who was dressed in black, came straight over and said, “Mengmeng, lets go.

Aunty Xue will take you out to play.”

“Daddy, can we go out to play” Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han.

“Go ahead.”

Mu Xue took Mengmeng out to play, while Zhang Han and Zi Yan looked at each other and smiled.

During this month, Mu Xue had taken Mengmeng out to do good deeds every once in a while, which was also a different experience.

Zhang Han followed them twice.

When he saw that the two of them were going to make trouble for some bad guys, he rested assured and left them alone.

Mu Xue was also restless.

She taught Mengmeng some tricks, such as taking things from a distance, hitting people with one blow by spreading the energy like a faint cloud, and some other small moves.

Mengmeng learned them merrily and had a great time as well, as if she had opened up a new world in cultivation and felt that the things around her had changed.

Especially when Mengmeng heard that Lu Xiong was also a master, she asked Mu Xue to take her there to learn from each other.

As a result, when Lu Xiong saw Mengmeng throw a fist-sized fireball, he was startled.

Although the fireball was small, it contained pure energy, which made him a little amazed.

It could be imagined that when this move reached a certain degree, it would be a powerful secret skill, which might even be stronger than the top-secret skills that many sects had seen.

It seemed that she had just learned a little of it.

Lu Xiong was well aware of Zhang Hans incredible power.

What he had taught Mengmeng was certainly not an ordinary move.

Compared with Jiang Yanlan, she… Instructor Liu had won the heart of Sect Leader Jiang two years ago.

Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran were sure to hold their wedding long ago.

But Ah Hu had been waiting for Instructor Liu for a year.

They planned to hold the wedding on October 1st together.

Good things come in pairs.

Therefore, recently, Jiang Yanlan and Instructor Liu had been traveling in Hua nation.

As for Mengmeng, she was more willing to play with Mu Xue.

Except for Zhang Hans family, Mu Xue wouldnt treat anyone nicely.

She was good at both cultivation and small talk.

She could have a good time with Mengmeng.

“Aunty Xue, that man robbed people.

How are we going to deal with him”

At this time, Mengmeng and Mu Xue were standing on the roof of a six-story building.

Looking at the street below, it seemed that there was a tattooed man who was drunk.

Riding on a motorcycle, he grabbed a womans bag by the roadside and drove away quickly.

Mengmeng cheered up when she saw this.

“Do you want me to throw a fireball to blow him up”

“Your fireball cant do that.

It can blow him to death.” Mu Xue held her chin and pondered.

“Is it too powerful Then we dont need to use the fireball,” Mengmeng muttered in a low voice.

“Oh, I got it.”

Mu Xue thought for two seconds and grinned.

“Aunty Xue knows a little move.

Its called Ghost Hitting Wall.

Its a small move that can affect people and make a scene.


While speaking, Mu Xue slightly flicked the finger of her right hand.

Some energy swirled around the man riding the bike.

He was driving faster and faster, and the woman who was chasing him looked even more anxious.

After 10 seconds, the man seemed to be in a panic and didnt know what to do.

He saw a big door on the right and directly turned into it.

Mu Xues energy dissipated.

When that person raised his head, he was stunned.

It was the police station.


Mengmeng burst into laughter.

“Its fun.

Aunty Xue, how do you do that I want to learn it.” Mengmeng became interested again.

Mu Xue smiled.

“Ill teach you now.”

The reason why she wanted to ponder about it for a while was that she was thinking about what kind of small moves could be used to deal with the person below, which would also allow her to teach Mengmeng how to do it.

Ghost Hitting Wall, such a small move, might be easily learned by Mengmeng.

“Its very simple.

You should use energy to affect his perception.

For example, the two paths are both black.

If there is a sudden light in front of him, he will unintentionally rush to the place where the light is.

I will teach you how to use it…”

Mu Xue pressed the finger of her right hand on Mengmengs forehead and taught her how to use the skill.

“Your father only taught you the Fireball Skill.

Aunty Xue has taught you so much in the past few days, so you might as well take me as your master.

Let me tell you, little girl, Aunty Xue is called Demon by others.

From now on, you will be Little Demon.

This is a title.

What do you think” Mu Xue asked with great interest.

“Then what is my father” Mengmeng asked.

“Your dad is Big Devil, the most powerful one in the world.

The things he taught are too profound.

Look at your Fireball Skill, you cant learn it in a few days.

If you cultivate with Aunty Xue, I will teach you a lot of interesting things.”

Mu Xue attempted to convince her in a sneaky way.

Although she wouldnt be formally acknowledged as a master, it was good enough to be a little master.

“Aunty Xue, youve changed a lot.”

Mengmeng pouted and said, “You can teach me when you are my fathers disciple.

If I become your disciple, youll still teach me.

Isnt it the same Do you want to fool me Hmph, Im not a kid anymore.

Aunty Xue, youd better go and find Chen Chuan.”

“Huh You naughty girl! Why am I trying to fool you” Mu Xue retorted, “I just want to be treated like a master.”

“Im going to school tomorrow, so I dont have time.” Mengmeng also began to gloss it over.

“It sounds familiar.

Your father always says that.” Mu Xue thought for a while and suddenly realized that her master, Zhang Han, always said that.

For others, he constantly claimed that he didnt have time.

But he always had time to sit there and enjoy the scenery with Mengmeng and Zi Yan.

“Lets go.

Try it.

Lets see if you can learn fast or not.”

Mu Xue took Mengmengs little hand and wandered around New Moon Bay.

It could be said that they were playing tricks.

In just half a day, Mengmeng had mastered the move—Ghost Hitting the Wall.

When she returned to Mount New Moon, she continued to practice Fireball Skill.

Not long after that, Tiny Tot ran over and opened his mouth, spitting out a large number of flames.

“Oh my.”

Mengmeng ran straight over and pinched and tugged at Tiny Tot.

It was clearly infuriating Mengmeng.

At eight oclock the next day, Mengmeng wore a white jacket with letters on it, black tight pants, and white sneakers.

Without any clouds in the sky, the sun was shining.

She wore a cap.

“Today, we will start middle school, Mengmeng.

Although we have to cultivate regularly, dont forget to study.

If your grades…”

The family of three got into the panda car, and Zi Yan and Mengmeng were in the back seat.

Before Zi Yan finished reminding her, Mengmeng had replied, “I know, Mommy.

I will listen carefully in class.

I will definitely do it.

If I do well in the exam, I will be rewarded.

I cant leave out my studies in place of cultivation and playing video games.”

“You know everything.” Zi Yan smiled and gently stroked Mengmengs head.

After all, the little girl had grown up.

“Of course, Im not a kid anymore.” Mengmeng shook her legs.

Her expression and tone made Zhang Han burst out laughing.

Only little kids would say that.

“This time, the parents cant go in, so we can only leave you at the school gate.

You have 40 classes in the first year of junior high school.

You and Li Muen are assigned to Class 8.

Class 18, Class 28, and Class 38 are all key classes.

There are more than 40 people in each class and over 1,000 in Grade 1.

Well wait for Li Muen at the school gate.

You two can go in together,” Zi Yan said.

The reminder was very detailed.

Of course, Zi Yan was very concerned about Mengmeng.

Usually, she was more at ease when she was in Mount New Moon or when she went out to play with Mu Xue.

But Mengmeng was alone, so she was a little worried.

“I know.

Weve been to First Middle School.

We wont get lost.” Mengmeng swayed her legs and laid in Zi Yans arms.

“Youve grown up, and youre so beautiful.

How can I not be worried” Zi Yan smiled.

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