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Chapter 93 – Best Assist

“Is that really possible” Zi Yan said hesitantly.

Last time, when Zhang Han said this, she did not say anything because Little Black did indeed look different from the masses.

But to have thirty or so of them in one go, this seemed to be a little too much.

“Why would I lie to you” Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry, and looked at Zi Yan: “I didnt lie to you, if youre really worried, take some dog fur to test it out, okay”

“Humph!” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han, and said: “Youre so good at deceiving people, who knows if your words are true or not.”

With that, Zi Yan ran back to Mengmeng with a brisk pace, and two girls and the dogs started running and jumping around, playing with each other.

Zhang Han accompanied them at the side.

At this moment, his heart felt warm watching them play on the lawn.

“Zhang Han, give me the bag.” After playing for a while, Zi Yan turned her head to look at Zhang Han as she reached out her hand and said.

Zhang Han handed the bag over, and Zi Yan took out a round cushion that had a diameter of two meters from the bag, placed it on the grass, and waved hand towards Mengmeng: “Mengmeng, come sit down and rest for a while.”

“Hmm Hah, Mengmeng is not tired.” Mengmengs face was covered in sweat.

The little princess was busy riding Little Black to battle on the battlefield, she did not even turn her head to look at Zi Yan as she replied him.

“No, Mengmeng, come over here quickly, youre already sweating, Ill help you wipe your sweat first.” Zi Yan said again.

Mengmeng was still very obedient, after hearing that, she patted Little Blacks body and said in a baby voice: “Wu, lets go, Little Black, to join Mama.”

“Awoooo …”

Because Little Black was afraid that Mengmeng would fall off her body, it carefully turned its body and slowly walked toward Zi Yan.

“Puff …” Seeing that, Zi Yan could not help but laugh, she looked at Zhang Han and said: Where did you get such a magical dog “So amazing, it understands human nature.”

“Un humph, Little Black is that… Earth Gold Emperor Dog.

” Mengmeng snorted, she thought for a long time, but still could not find out Little Blacks full name.

Seeing that, Zhang Han laughed, and said: “Didnt I tell you last time, it is an iron-clad Golden Emperor Dog; its name is Little Black.”

“Thats right, thats right.

Its an iron bag, an emperor dog.

Little Black is really amazing.” Mengmeng rode Little Black to the front, Little Black slowly laid her body on the ground.

Mengmeng slid down from the side and happily ran to Zi Yan.

“Mengmeng, sit down and rest for a while.” Zi Yan patted the mat beneath her.

Mengmeng walked over, sat down on her butt, and imitated Zi Yans actions, patting the mat a few times, and said: “PaPa, sit down and rest for a while.”

Seeing that, Zhang Han laughed and shook his head, then sat on the right side of Mengmeng.

“Look at how youre playing, youre already acting like a little crazy girl.” Zi Yan took out a tissue paper and wiped the perspiration off Mengmengs forehead, then took out two hats.

One was Zi Yans usual pink cap, and the other was adorable looking pink cap.

“Come, Mengmeng, put on your hat, this way you wont get sunburned.” Zi Yan then handed the hat over.

“Un humph, no, ma, just put on the hat and Mengmengs hair will be messed up.”

The Little Princess still liked to be smug, so she blinked her clear and large eyes as she said seriously.

She seemed to have forgotten that Zhang Han didnt usually tidy up her hair.

“A ponytail and a hat are not messy.

Look, Mama takes off the hat, its not messy, is it “Be good and put on your hat.” Zi Yan personally demonstrated it, and when Mengmeng saw that Mamas hair was not messed up, she took the hat and put it on.

Not everyone would be able to wear a hat, there were some who couldnt look good wearing it, but for a head of moderate size like Mengmeng and Zi Yan, it could be said that they could handle more than 90% of hats.

“Mama, is it nice for Mengmeng to wear this hat” Mengmeng asked with a face full of anticipation.

“Good, very good.” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“PaPa, is the hat nice” Mengmeng chuckled as she looked at Zhang Han.

“Of course, Mengmeng is the worlds most beautiful little princess, even when she wears a hat.” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Hmm hah, the Mama is super beautiful, the PaPa is also super handsome, and Mengmeng is also super beautiful.”

Mengmeng blinked her large eyes.

Her left hand grabbed onto Zi Yans right palm, while her right hand grabbed onto Zhang Hans left palm.

As if Zi Yan knew what was going to happen in the next moment, her heart inexplicably tightened, but she allowed Mengmeng to hold her hand.

Mengmengs two small hands grew closer and closer.

Gradually, four palms came together, and the moment Zi Yans beautiful palm and Zhang Hans palm came into contact, Zi Yan felt like she was struck by lightning.

Not only was she nervous, even her palm felt a little numb.

“En, PaPa, hold onto Mamas hand!” Seeing that their hands were not holding onto anything, Mengmeng asked anxiously.

Zhang Han laughed softly and grasped Zi Yans white and tender hands in his own.

At this time, Zi Yans body felt a bit numb, it was a kind of nervousness, a kind of unfamiliar feeling, also a kind of complicated feeling.

As for Mengmeng, the best assistant, she happily looked at the two big palms, her small arms wrapped around their arms, and said in a blissful tone: “PaPa and Mama are accompanying Mengmeng, Mengmeng is so happy ….”

As she spoke, Mengmeng put her head on the palm of the two of them.

The little guy had always been looking forward to this scene, PaPa, Mama and Mengmeng, being together would be the happiest thing.

Zi Yans heart trembled.

When she looked at Zhang Han, she realized that Zhang Han was also looking at her.

At this moment, as the two of them looked at each other, the world seemed to have come to a standstill.

She saw a hint of warmth and a hint of expectation and shyness in his eyes.

After they had looked at each other for ten seconds, Zi Yan quickly lowered her head.

Her long eyelashes trembled slightly, revealing that she was not calm at all.

There was something special in Zhang Hans heart as well.

Looking at the blissful Mengmeng, his heart started to soften:

‘Actually… “Its good to continue like this.”

Zhang Han murmured in his heart.

This was the first time such a thought truly occurred to him.

The two of them held hands for around two minutes.

Mengmeng was waving her little arms and humming a song.

Zi Yan lowered her head in silence.

Zhang Han looked at the two of them with a gentle gaze.

Until Zhang Han felt the sweat on his palms and knew if she was hot or nervous, thus he let go of Zi Yans hand.

He smiled and rubbed Mengmengs head, saying: “Mengmeng, Daddy is going to do something, you and Mommy are going to play here.”

“Ugh …” hmm hmph, alright.

Be quick, PaPa.

Mengmeng felt that her best support wouldnt hold hands for long, so she replied as s

he looked at Zhang Han with her big eyes and waved her small palm.

“Alright.” Zhang Han laughed heartily.

After getting up, he first set up a large parasol for them, and then he walked towards the thunder yang tree at the peak of the mountain in large strides.

“Hu …”

After Zhang Han left, Zi Yan took a deep breath, feeling that her heartbeat was still speeding up.

‘Just holding hands is all, Zi Yan, youre so shameless…

‘Whats wrong with me …

‘Why did it feel like lightning to hold hands with him Back then, both he and I…

If not, Mengmeng would not have appeared.

It was just that at that time, the two of them were in a daze and had subconsciously completed everything together.

The feelings they had at that time were still unclear, so she and Zhang Han still had a strange feeling.

As everyone knew, it was unforgettable when a couple held hands, hugged, kissed and … for the first time

It was an unforgettable experience, and the psychological and physical reactions were even more intense.

For example, when the palm touched the body, it would give off a feeling of numbness.

People usually called this infatutation period.

Even though the two of them had Mengmeng, they were not truly lovers.

Some reactions were normal.

And as for Zhang Han, of course there wasnt any reaction.

At this moment, he walked to the bottom of the thunder yang tree, and looked at Zi Yan and Mengmeng who were seated far away in the pet area.

He then looked at his own palm, slightly shook his head.

Somewhat regretfully, Zi Yans white and tender hands were very soft and comfortable.

“Lets get down to business.”

Zhang Han laughed and shook his head.

He then took out the necklace from his pocket.

“In the future …” After Zhang Han glanced at the necklace, he turned to Zi Yan and softly murmured, “I will give you … the best necklace in all the heavens! ”

Zhang Han and Zi Yan both held the mindset of freely developing, whether the two would succeed in the future was still unknown, but in Zhang Hans eyes, it was something that was almost natural for the two of them to succeed.

Unknowingly, Zhang Han had already accepted Zi Yan, and seeing Zi Yans attitude, she also started to accept Zhang Han.

This was more or less what Zi Yan and Zhang Han had in mind.

Zhang Han retracted his gaze, and used some strength in his hand that was holding the necklace, causing the necklaces chain to break and fall onto the ground.

Zhang Hans hand that was holding the heart-shaped stone suddenly opened up and with a bang, he pressed it onto the thunder yang tree.

“Obsidian crystal!”

Zhang Han squinted his eyes.

The spirit energy in his body was constantly gathering in his palms, pulling the energy from the obsidian crystal.


An extremely faint muffled sound was emitted and an invisible ripple surrounded the thunder yang tree.

Then, it was absorbed by the thunder yang tree.

Strands of the obsidian crystals energy flowed to the thunder yang tree.

Five minutes later, the obsidian crystals energy completely disappeared, and the heart-shaped stone let out a crisp sound, transforming into powder that floated along with the light breeze.

And all the energy that came from the obsidian crystal was overflowing with the thunder yang tree.


Abruptly, Zhang Hans gaze concentrated as the spirit energy pulled the crystal energy.

It continuously gathered on the Jade-fire dew and began to refine it.

The Jade-fire dew with impurities intersected with white and green.

Under the invasion of the energy crystal, the green impurities gradually became lighter, lighter, and finally dissipated, leaving behind the milky white Jade-fire dew without impurities.

This Jade-fire dew already belonged to the second-stage spirit treasure!

Refining the Jade-fire dew cost two-thirds of the crystals energy, and the remaining third was temporarily stored in the thunder yang tree.


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