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“Yes, your mother is very tall, even taller than my Mummy.

Shes nearly as tall as my Daddy.” Speaking of Li Muens mother, Mengmeng was also in high spirits.

Li Muens mother was a standard beauty.

She was so tall that she was about 1.8 meters tall in her bare feet.

Zi Yan was 1.75 meters tall, while Zhang Han was 1.83 meters tall.

As for Li Kai, he was only 1.7 meters.

As they talked, they walked through the back door of the teaching building and headed for the playground.

The front door had the same magnificent design as the back door.

The back door led to the playground and there were already many people standing there.

There were more than 1,000 students.

That was definitely not a small number.

“Eh Isnt that our former principal Why is he here again And is he still the principal”

Li Muen looked at the rostrum and was stunned.

“Its really him.”

Mengmeng also glanced at him.

When Mengmeng was at the Saint Kindergarten school, the Dongli Elementary School and the current junior high, he was always the principal.

Mengmeng also knew something about the former principal.

That was because Mengmeng happened to meet him once when Luo Shan and Luo Chengwen invited him to dine at the restaurant at Mount New Moon.

“Class 28, Class 29, no, Mengmeng, Class 8 should be behind us.”

“Oh, then lets go there.”

Mengmeng turned her head and the two little girls started to look for their class.

Class 28, 27…

They were headed in the right direction and soon they went all the way to Class 8.

A rather chubby student was holding the flag of Class 8, which was the case with each class.

The students who liked to be noticed would volunteer to hold up the flag, while the teacher stood in front of them and observed the students in his class.

The lead teacher of Class 8 was a bespectacled male teacher.

He was in his thirties and looked well-groomed.

He was chatting and laughing with a middle-aged teacher from the neighboring class.

“Lets go and queue at the back.”

Mengmeng took a look around and found that her classmates were standing in two rows.

A few of them were chatting casually.

It seemed that most of them were just getting to know each other.

Of course, Mengmeng was a little curious about her new classmates.

Getting to know each other was also a very interesting process.

The arrival of the two female students instantly attracted many peoples attention.

In particular, since Mengmeng and Li Muen were dressed rather fashionably, they turned quite a few heads.

There were more than 20 people in line.

Mengmeng and Li Muen went to the back and started to check out their classmates as well.

“Why is that tall guy here Is he one of our classmates”

When Li Muen saw the four people coming over, she quickly patted Mengmeng on the arm.

Turning around, Mengmeng found that the four students were really asking around in front of Class 8.

Eventually, they headed toward the end of the queue.

Soon, they also noticed Mengmeng and Li Muen.

“Is it her”

Bei Jinnan was delighted.

Although he did not know her yet, he believed that it was fate that had placed him in the same class as that pretty girl.

They would get to know each other sooner or later.

He was a little nervous and curious.

What made him nervous was that since he had only gotten a glimpse of Mengmengs profile, he was not sure if Mengmengs face would not be as pretty.

If so, it would be a buzzkill and he would rather not get to know her and just let that picture stay in his mind.

What he was really eager to find out was definitely Mengmengs actual appearance.

It had to be said that Mengmeng was indeed pretty, for the mere glimpse of her profile had already piqued his curiosity.

His paces involuntarily quickened and the look on his face became a little blank.

Bei Jinnan was a very confident person.

Even when eyeing a pretty girl, he always looked at her openly.

Also, the corners of his mouth often curved readily into a smile.

He was the type of guy that appealed to many girls.


A whiff of jealousy could be detected.

The baby-faced Ning Hui who was standing next to him was upset.

On her way down here, she noticed that several male students were looking at her secretly.

It was simply because she was pretty, right

That finally put her in a good mood.

But then, she saw the female student wearing a cap and noted that Bei Jinnan had sped up to get near her, which prompted her anger.

Finding it too hard to stifle her displeasure, Ning Hui walked up to her.

Ning Huis right foot was aimed at Mengmengs left foot, then she pretended to stumble and was about to fall on Mengmeng.


Ning Hui acted as if she had sprained her ankle.

She bumped into Mengmeng with great force.

Bei Jinnan was stunned.

“Did she sprain her ankle”

The other two male students eyes froze, as though they had witnessed Ning Huis act of knocking the other female student to the ground.

However, to everyones surprise…


Mengmeng gracefully stepped aside as if she was doing a dance step and neatly distanced herself from Ning Hui.


Ning Hui lost her balance and fell straight to the ground.

Her palms and left arm hurt a little, but the most important fact was that her clothes must have been dirtied.

“Huihui” Bei Jinnan reached over and helped her up.

Before she got up, Ning Hui turned her head and saw Mengmengs face from where she was.

She was slightly taken aback.

“She is very pretty.”

“No wonder Brother Nan was stunned.”

However, she became even more jealous and could no longer restrain her anger.

“You tripped me.

Dont you have eyes” Ning Hui yelled crossly.

“You You tripped and fell.

How can you blame me”

Mengmeng chuckled.

She had seen the other partys little trick from the very beginning.

Now, how could that girl have the audacity to frame her

“What did you say Could I fall while walking by myself Its definitely you who tripped me.

However, I did not get a word of apology at all.

How on earth can a person like you get into the key class” Ning Hui stood up angrily and shouted, “Apologize to me, now!”

“Do you have a problem here” Mengmeng pointed to her head and said, “Have you gone nuts because of all the studying Why are you putting the blame on your victim as soon as you arrived You were deliberately trying to hit me.”

“Who was deliberately trying to hit you” Ning Hui became even angrier.

She pointed at Mengmeng and said, “Theres nothing special about you from head to toe.

Did I try to hit you How funny!”

Seeing her insistence at making a false accusation, Mengmeng was a little unhappy.

She tipped her cap to the side, revealing her cheeks.


What a big surprise!

Bei Jinnan, who had intended to try to mediate, immediately shut his mouth.

Mengmeng gazed at Ning Hui seriously and remarked, “You really look like that Erdan from Ma Liangs family when youre mad.”

“Who is Erdan” Li Muen asked very cooperatively.

In an instant, even several other students nearby were curious about Erdans identity.

So did Ning Hui.

Under everyones gaze, Mengmeng nonchalantly spat out two words.

“A Huskie.”

“Are you calling me names” Ning Huis eyes widened.

“No, no, no, Im not.”

Mengmeng smirked and sighed softly.

“Look at you.

You have a melon seed-shaped face, but you got it upside down.

How can I bring myself to put you down anymore”

“Forget it.

Ill be the bigger person here.

Lets just stay quietly in the line.”

Seeing that the other party was so angry that her face had turned red and she could not say anything, Mengmeng shook her head seriously and adjusted her cap.

“A melon seed-shaped face”

“But its upside down”

“What does that mean”

The students around thought for a moment and suddenly cottoned on.

“Isnt that just an awl-shaped face”

Then, when they looked at Ning Hui again, her baby face suddenly seemed quite different.


Li Muen snorted and said, “Dont be so domineering.

Let me tell you, Mengmeng is trained in martial arts.”

“You, you guys!” Ning Hui was too vexed to speak coherently.

“Stop arguing.”

Bei Jinnan tried to defuse the frosty atmosphere.

“Its no big deal.

Dont make a fuss.

Were all in one class now.

And its our first day.

We should be friendly toward one another.”

After coaxing Ning Hui for a moment, Bei Jinnan turned to look at Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, Im sorry.

She is my little sister.

She didnt mean to offend you.”

It was evident that Bei Jinnan knew how to handle this kind of situation.

The environment one grew up in shaped ones character to some extent.

Although Bei Jinnan was only 12 years old, he was more mature than his peers.

Originally, he wanted to say more, but this little gorgeous miss seemed to have a sharp tongue.

So, he did not do so because he did not want to be embarrassed by whatever countercharge Mengmeng might have reserved for him.

Therefore, Bei Jinnan just made a short apology and did not say much more.

Then, he just quietly gazed at Mengmeng and Li Muen.

Mengmeng glanced at him and said nothing.

She and Li Muen quickly turned around and started chatting softly.

Ning Hui was a little unwilling to give up, but the short-haired student next to her began to engage her in a conversation, as though telling her to let go of this matter.

Besides, Ning Hui also felt that she was no match for Mengmeng, so she just stayed at the rear, sulking.


It is a beautiful name.

May I know your full name My name is Bei Jinnan.

Nice to meet you.” Bei Jinnan walked to Mengmengs side, gazing at her and Li Muen, with a smile on his face.

“My name is Li Muen.”

Li Muen gave him face on this one.

She thought the boy was quite handsome and his previous attempt to try to make peace also indicated that he was an excellent person.

“Im Zhang Yumeng,” Mengmeng also replied.

“Glad to meet you two.”

The smile on Bei Jinnans face became even more cordial.

He raised his right hand slightly, wanting to shake hands with Mengmeng.

Yet, he was still a little bashful and so quickly withdrew it.

For some reason, he felt a little stressed as he stood in front of Mengmeng.

“Brother Nan, dont talk to them.

They are so unreasonable.

All they know is how to make a scene!” Ning Hui protested, feeling both exasperated and wronged.

“Go back now.

Otherwise, youll start to bite people in a while.”

Li Muen waved at them, pulled Mengmeng to the side to chat in a low voice, leaving Bei Jinnan behind with an awkward look on his face.

“Huihui, you…”

Bei Jinnan gave her a weird look.

This attitude was heart-wrenching.

“Shes too much of a bully!”

Tears streamed down Ning Huis cheeks.

She raced to the front of the line to look for the bespectacled lead teacher.

“Ah, shes gone to report you to the teacher,” Li Muen said after a moment of shock.

“Why do I feel that this situation is so familiar”

“Well, this has turned into the competition of whos got the more bad*ss dad again, hasnt it” Mengmeng sneered and felt a little helpless.

“I can never win that competition.

Mengmeng, you have to get your dad here.” Li Muen shook her head repeatedly.

“Im probably going to get another reward.”

Behind them, Bei Jinnan and the others were a little confused upon hearing their words.

“She didnt panic at all when she heard that the teacher might call her parents to the office.

And she might get a reward for it She is still laughing happily.

Oh my god, whats going on”

Sure enough.

Two minutes later, Ning Hui came over again.

She then said arrogantly, “The teacher asked you to go see him.”

“Lets go.”

Mengmeng and Li Muen walked to the front of the lines.

“Did you have a fight just now”

The male teacher smiled slightly and said, “Today is the first day of school.

You know little about one another, so its normal for you to have a little dispute.

What are your names Lets start with you.”

“My name is Ning Hui.”

“Good morning, teacher.

My name is Li Muen.”

“My name is Zhang Yumeng.”

After hearing their self-introduction, the male teacher thought for a few moments and recalled their names and the grades they had gained.

Since they were able to get into the key class, they must be capable students.

They were either straight-A students or had strong family backgrounds.

On paper, the key class of the First Middle School was established to foster some top students.

Yet, sometimes, it had to accept the children from some powerful families.

Those children were either rich or noble.

The male teacher was aware that most of their parents were the kind he could not afford to provoke.

Therefore, he just had to play down the issue and perhaps reduce it to a minor issue.

So, the male teacher smiled and said kindly, “I know all of you.

Your grades are all great.

Zhang Yumeng and Li Muen, I just heard from Ning Hui that you two called her names.

Is that true”

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