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“Do you mean that there will be a big movement there Its the first time that there is strength suppression in the world of the Light Gate.

I always feel that there is something strange going on inside.”

Lord Nan Shans face grew solemn.

Were Ancient Mines rules going to change as well

“Could this be the big event you mentioned before” Lord Nan Shans eyes suddenly brightened.

“How can a simple Light Gate represent a big event A big event means a strange phenomenon between heaven and earth,” Zhang Han said with a faint smile.

Lord Nan Shan murmured, “Strange phenomena between heaven and earth.”

Actually, he was looking forward eagerly to the strange phenomena between heaven and earth, as the land there was very tempting.

Although it suppressed their strength, the ancient relics were so enchanting.

He still remembered that three years ago, he went to an A-level relic ruin in person and acquired two treasures.

Besides, when the time came, he would no longer be suppressed by others.

He did not need to be dominated by Zhang Hanyang anymore.

Though he appreciated him, it was only in this world that he would treat Zhang Hanyang as an equal.

Once they reached the Kings Domain, Zhang Hanyang might not even be as good as the few powerful Real Kings under him.

That was what Lord Nan Shan thought of Zhang Han.

“After the strange phenomenon in heaven and earth, I can guarantee you will have no worries for the rest of your life if the Dark Shadow Clan comes into being.”

Lord Nan Shan glanced at Zhang Han, saying this in a bland tone.

It seemed to be a kind of reward for their cooperation.

In this regard, Zhang Han gave a scornful smile.

He did not bother to explain.

Lord Nan Shan was looking forward to the strange phenomenon of heaven and earth, but what kind of prominent figure would be able to pull it off The seal of the Saint Warrior Planet was not so simple.

Perhaps Lord Nan Shan might not be able to see that day coming in his lifetime.

They chatted for a while.

Actually, they merely discussed these two things, which were minor matters.

The opening of the access to the Kunlun Immortal World was also what Zhang Guangyou was expecting.

However, Lord Nan Shan estimated that it would take a period of time or even half a year.

As for where he had heard the news, Zhang Han had no interest in it.

Another matter was that Zhang Han figured that there was an 80% chance that a certain royal family of the Bone Demon Clan would be revived due to the world suppression of the Light Gate.

It could also be a treasure, but now there was a small movement, which did not arouse his interest at all.

Although it was not a serious matter, Lord Nan Shan did not like to be disturbed while he had a discussion with anyone.

This was a habit of his.

After talking about these two matters, he noticed that Zhang Han showed no interest in talking about anything else, so he took his leave and planned to go to Europe.

“Daddy, youre not going to Kings Domain”

When Zhang Han came to the magic paradise and told Mengmeng the news, the little girl was overjoyed.

“Thats right.

Theres nothing fun in the Kings Domain.

Itll be so boring and not safe.

Dad, you should just stay at home and rest.

Ill give you some of my pocket money.”

Zi Yan was a bit amused when she heard this.

Could she support him with her pocket money Mengmeng got 1,000 per week, which would be 4,000 per month.

Was that enough to support him

“Haha, thats enough.

Thats settled.

Ill play with you at home.” Zhang Han laughed.

“Okay.” Zi Yans eyes suddenly narrowed.

“Then Ill give you half of the money, starting from next Monday.”


Mengmeng was stunned.

“My daddy doesnt need to spend money at home.

If we need to give him money, Ill be the one to give it to him.

How can it be deducted from my money directly”

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and said, “Well, I think Mengmengs ability to manage money is very good.

Why dont we just forget about it”

“Well talk about it later.” Zi Yan smiled slightly.

No matter how much money she gave Mengmeng, there was no place for her to spend it.

“Sweetheart, did any male classmate pester you recently” Zhang Han asked with some concern.

“No, theyre just ordinary friends.

Oh, Daddy, dont worry.

Im a heroine now.

I dont even like ordinary kids.”

“Youre talking as if you are not a kid.” Zhang Han was amused.

“Im not.

Im already so tall.”

Mengmeng reached out her hand to measure her height.

“Is that so”

A wicked smile suddenly appeared on Zhang Hans face.

Mengmengs eyes widened as if she suddenly sensed something.


With a scream, Mengmengs body rose about a dozen meters into the air and dropped down again.

She fell at the entrance of the underwater channel.

“This girl.” Zi Yan pursed her lips and smiled.

The moment she smiled, she felt an irresistible soft force.


Zi Yan let out a cry of surprise and followed in Mengmengs footsteps.

Then Zhang Han also jumped down.

The family of three were having a great time.

It also became the most eye-catching scene in the magic paradise.

After playing, they were all drenched.

It was very easy for Zhang Han to dry them with a wave of his hand, but Mengmeng and Zi Yan still preferred to take a shower again.

After that, Zhang Han took advantage of the time when the mother and daughter were taking a shower to make afternoon tea.

They sat in the restaurant on the fifth floor and enjoyed their leisure time.

“Mengmeng, youve received a lot of love letters this week, havent you”

Zhang Han took a sip of tea and asked.

“More than a dozen.”

Mengmeng was also a little confused and replied, “They asked me for my WeChat number but I said that I do not have a mobile phone.

Then they asked my classmates to pass me their love letters.

Oh, Ive read several of them at the beginning.

Basically, they are talking about making friends with me or thinking about me every day and night.

And some of them are unbelievable.

They asked me if I wanted to date…”

As she spoke, Mengmeng found that her fathers face suddenly darkened.

Therefore, she stopped talking about that and snorted, “I simply throw away what Ive got now after reading a few of them.”

“Yes, you just need to throw them away.” Zi Yan smiled helplessly.

“Its normal.

Mummy was worried about this too, so I discussed with your father to teach you how to cultivate so that you will not be distracted.”

“Mummy, Im so depressed since you mentioned it.

You should have taught me two years ago.

Maybe I can make a fireball which is about my size if I had cultivated earlier,” Mengmeng ate a small cake in one bite and said vaguely.

“Lets get down to business, Mengmeng.”

Zhang Han said seriously, “Daddy will not mind how you play, what your grades are, what you eat and drink, or any other things, except…”

“I know.” Before Zhang Han could finish speaking, Mengmeng interrupted, “Except for dating, you will promise me anything, right My daddy is the best.

Mwah, mwah, mwah.”

Mengmeng pursed her lips and kissed Zhang Han several times in the air.

If her classmates saw such a scene, they would be amazed.

“Its good that you know.”

Zhang Han gazed at Mengmeng with a special smile on his face, which indicated that he was pleased.

Mengmeng had really turned into a teenager now.

She was so smart and sometimes witty.

Zhang Han could barely take his eyes off her.

After sitting for a while, the family of three went to the back mountain again.

Dahei, Little Hei and Tiny Tot came to Mengmeng and sat beside the pond.

Mengmeng practiced the Fireball Skill.

Occasionally, Tiny Tot would spurt out huge flames, which made Mengmeng so angry that she gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.

When she caught Tiny Tot, she would pinch it wildly.

Then Tiny Tot would stay still for a while.

Mengmeng practiced for an hour.

Woosh! Woosh!

Two figures quickly flashed over from the front of the castle.

It was Sect Leader Mu and Mu Xue.

“Haha, Zhang Han, I came uninvited.

I feel so restless.

Im here to ask you to coach me again.”

Sect Leader Mu cupped his hands before he approached them.

In recent years, his strength had improved by leaps and bounds, and he had already taken that step.

Suddenly, he realized that it was not so difficult to break through to Heaven Peak Stage.

After the breakthrough, he also discovered that Zhang Han was really terrifying and unfathomable.

Now, due to the world suppression, his strength improvement was extremely slow, so he came to learn something new from Zhang Han, every once in a while.

“Not at all.”

Zhang Guangyou, who was fishing, suddenly opened his eyes and had a smirk on his face.

He glanced at Mengmeng who was not far away and said loudly, “Theres a saying that a friend comes afar… Mengmeng, you can finish the sentence.”

Zhang Guangyou remembered clearly what she said before—Cane 800 times.

Corpse sunk into the sea.

He was sure that Sect Leader Mu would be stunned when he heard that.

Mengmeng glanced at Zhang Guangyou, then looked at Sect Leader Mu, and chuckled, “Its great to have friends coming from afar.”

“Wh-what” Zhang Guangyou stared at Mengmeng in confusion as if he couldnt believe what he just heard.

“Hahaha, youre so lovely.” Sect Leader Mus laughter made Zhang Guangyou turn gloomy.

“My granddaughter! What a blow to the heart!”

“Youre so sweet.

I didnt treat you well in vain.” Mu Xue could not help laughing and gave Mengmeng a thumbs-up.

She had also heard what Mengmeng said before.

This was undoubtedly showing her respect by treating them differently.

“Of course.” Mengmeng also burst into laughter.

The so-called asking for a lesson was because they needed to display the simplified ability when there was something they could not comprehend in terms of secret skills.

After Zhang Han gave a little guidance, Sect Leader Mu would go to other places to try after gaining some enlightenment.

He did not need to fight like before, which showed that Sect Leader Mus skills had improved a lot.

In the middle of the night, Sect Leader Mu left with satisfaction.

Mu Xue stayed on.

Every few days, she would take Mengmeng out to have fun.

It was quite pleasant for them to be a hero while punishing the evil people.

The pleasant weekend passed just like that.

The next day, Zhang Han drove Mengmeng to school.

There were two groups of people around the school, four in total.

Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran were at the side of the school, while Elder Meng and a brother of the security group were near the main entrance.

This was the daily task of the security group.

It could be said that they knew everything that happened in school.

Mengmeng was very beautiful, and the society was too big with all kinds of people.

Their existence was to ensure that Mengmeng could go to school safely.

If there were any people with malicious intentions, they might end up having their corpses sunk in the sea.

It was lunchtime.

Bei Jinnan and his short-haired little brother, Ah Jie, left the group and went to Mengmengs table.

At first, Li Muen tried to drive them away, but she failed.

Later, they behaved themselves and spoke politely.

Bei Jinnan was quite interesting, so she agreed to let them sit there, mainly because he solved a little problem.

Because there were too many students, sometimes they came late and couldnt sit together.

Ah Jie was fast.

Every time he would occupy the seats after school, even leaving Ning Hui and the other brothers behind.

Soon, he sat down and took the food.

He was not done eating yet.

Four male students were sitting five tables away.

It was evident they were older than them.

They were senior students in the third year of middle school.

One of them had light yellow curly hair, a fair face and big eyes, and a thin figure.

Sitting opposite him was a student with a flattop haircut.

He looked a little fierce.


The boy with light yellow hair pointed in Mengmengs direction with his lips.

“Lets see if you can get it this time.”

“Brother Lei, she said she didnt have a phone.

How can I get it” The student with a flattop haircut pulled a wry face.

“She just doesnt want to give it to us.

Last time, I heard her calling.

Oh, you didnt hear it.

Her voice was so sweet.

It seemed that she was calling her father.

Besides, shes only in her first year.

I… Im a little embarrassed to face her.

My face is a bit scary.

If I make her cry, itll be a sin.

Xiao Chen, you go this time.”

“No, no, no.

I feel numb at the sight of such a beautiful girl.

I cant say anything the second I see her.” Another male student shook his head repeatedly.

“Dont talk nonsense.

Just go.” Zhou Lei pointed at the flat-haired student with his chopsticks.

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