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Chapter 94 – Fish seedling

In the underground lake, there were only three liters of Pure Yang energy left.

Water, under Zhang Hans willpower, the thunder yang tree controlled all of the pure yang water.

The water was sucked into the tree trunk from the tree root and the energy from the crystal was absorbed by the thunder yang tree.

A moment later, in the cave pool, pure yang water flowed out from the strands of thunder yang tree.

One liter, two liters, three liters.

In just five seconds, the amount of Pure Yang water reached three liters, similar to when it had just absorbed.

However, pure Yang water was still flowing through the roots.

Four liters, five liters … ten liters … twenty liters …

It was only when the water reached thirty liters that it stopped completely.

Thirty liters!

The amount of Pure Yang water finally increased a bit.

“I can finally do a little more.”

Zhang Han smiled and shook his head, placing his hand on the thunder yang tree and guiding it to absorb the ten liters of pure yang water, disintegrating it into a wave of energy, and spreading it out along the thunder yang trees roots, nourishing the soil and water in the territory.

At this time, the energy of an obsidian crystal would also come to an end.

Just as Zhang Han retracted his palm, Little Black who was strolling in the pet area suddenly perked its ears and immediately followed with a grin.

“Woof, woof, woof!” Little Black called out twice in the direction of the front mountain, indicating that someone was coming up.

The person who came over at this time was most likely Zhao Feng and the others who had come to send them fish seedlings.

Zhang Hans gaze looked down towards the forest.

Twenty seconds later, Zhao Fengs figure appeared on the lawn of the territory first, following behind him were Zhang Li and Zhou Fei, followed by eight or nine people who came to deliver the fish seedlings one after another.


The chance to act cool had come! Little Black scuttled over with awoosh sound.

“Sigh, what a beautiful place!”

“Damn! Its so beautiful! Its simply a paradise on earth!”

“This is the first time Ive seen such a beautiful place.”

“Phew, the air, the fresh air, it feels great!”

Everyone was sighing with emotion.

This was the first time that people had come, and they were all changing into the appearance of Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden.

“Ya, such a big dog”

When Zhang Li saw Little Black coming, she was shocked and exclaimed in shock.

After Zhou Fei saw this, her face became even more nervous, her body sticking closely to Zi Yan, while the others became even more nervous.

If it were a pet dog with golden fur, they wouldnt be afraid, but seeing such a big and ferocious looking dog, they felt a chill run down their spines.

“Its okay; it doesnt bite!”

Zhao Feng waved his hand and said to everyone.

As he spoke, Little Black also ran up to him.

Just as he finished speaking, Little Black lit up its fangs at Zhao Feng, and gave a low growl, as if its father was going to do something to him.

This scene caused everyones hearts to tighten, and also caused Zhao Fengs expression to freeze.

Just as he said that he was fine, Little Black was just acting arrogantly, and had slapped him in the face!

“It, does it really not bite” Zhang Li asked somewhat nervously.

“This …” Zhao Feng did not know how to answer.

Bite Not bite That also depended on the situation, with Zhang Han here, it could be sure that it would not bite anyone, but at the moment, Zhao Feng did not know either, especially that fellow, who had the expression of wanting to bite him alone!

“Aooo …” Little Black continued to roar, and moved closer to Zhao Feng step by step, looking at the tiger-like sharp teeth in its mouth, it really made peoples hearts shiver.

“Alright, Little Black, come back.” Zhang Han said from far away under the thunder yang tree.

His voice was not loud, and was so loud that Zhao Feng and the rest could not hear him clearly, but Little Blacks hearing was much stronger than before, so it could clearly hear Zhang Hans shouts.

Thus, Little Black growled at Zhao Feng and the rest with its final growl, turned its head and ran towards Zhang Han.

“Phew …”

Seeing this scene, everyone couldnt help but let out a sigh of relief.

“Brother Feng, what kind of dog is this It feels so fierce, just like a tiger! ” one of Zhao Fengs lackeys asked with lingering fear in his heart.

Zhang Li, Zhou Fei and the rest were all looking at Zhao Feng.

Under the gazes of several people, the corners of Zhao Fengs mouth twitched, and in the end, he said weakly: “This dog, even if a tiger comes, it might not be its match.

So among the people that came today, without me leading, you absolutely should not come up without yourself, because if the boss is not here, this dog will bite you to death.


Zhao Feng would never make such a joke.

If he said that this dog could bite a person to death, then it definitely had the strength to do so!

“Is this dog that powerful” Zhang Li asked with some curiosity.

“Of course, even if I wanted to deal with it, I would have to expend some effort.” Zhao Feng laughed bitterly and shook his head.

According to Zhang Han, he was not a match for Little Black with his bare hands, but he was still a man, and would subconsciously take out a weapon no matter what.

Zhao Feng was no exception, if he were given a blade, defeating Little Black would only be a matter of time.

“Lets go up.” Zhao Feng took the lead and walked towards the top of the mountain.

The others followed closely behind, and couldnt help but exclaim:

This grass is so soft, look at backwards, after you step on it you stand up again; its so magical, and that tree in front, why is it so big, so tall, ah, like a big mushroom, no, its like the world tree in a magic game, so cool …

As Grandma Liu entered the large garden; naturally, she had to let out a sigh of relief everywhere.

As for Zhang Li and Zhou Fei, the two girls, their gazes also drifted towards the sea of flowers.

“Ahhhh, Zhang Li, Zhang Li, look over there! F * ck, is that for real”

“Hmm Wow! What beautiful flowers! Quickly go and take a look! ”

The two of them quickly ran over.

They were much wilder than Zi Yan, and their shouts would occasionally come from there:

“Damn, its a real flower!”

“So beautiful.

Oh my god, this is simply the most perfect thing Ive ever seen.”


The two of them shook their heads and exclaimed in admiration, looking at Little Red Heart, and even Zhang Han and the others did not notice that they were already walking towards the back of the mountain.

Arriving at the back of the mountain, Zhao Feng saw the mother and daughter sitting in the pet area, and was startled.

He squinted his eyes, because he was too far away to see Zi Yans appearance, but he could see that the lady was an absolute beauty.

Therefore, Zhao Feng could not help but be curious in his heart.

He looked at Zhang Han and asked: “Boss, the one sitting over there is … our landlady”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

“It looks a bit familiar.” Zhao Feng asked doubtfully.

Zhang Han shook his head and did not say anything else.

Seeing that, Zhao Feng suppressed his curiosity and did not ask further.

When the group of people arrived at the pond, the surroundings of the pond was separated by hollies.

Every few meters, there would be a few hollies that were around half a meter tall, like a doorstep.

The professional who was called by Zhao Feng lifted his leg and wanted to walk over, intending to get some water from the pond to try.

He had also heard from Zhao Feng that this water could breed salted water fish and freshwater fish at the same time, so he naturally did not believe it.

Just as his leg was about to step over, Zhang Han opened his mouth:

“Wait, the water is more than four meters deep.”

This pond was like a swimming pool to Zhang Han; he did not want the beach or the lake to become deeper and deeper.


The professional was slightly surprised, but he quickly retracted his leg.

After thinking for a while, he called the person beside him and pulled his right hand.

At the same time, his left hand held an empty water bottle and filled the pond with an empty bottle of water.

He looked at the sun for a few seconds, then asked his men to get a microscope and put some water on his glasses.

He then poured some water into his palm, licked it a few times, and personally tasted the quality of the water.


The mans eyes widened slightly as he looked at the water in the bottle with surprise.

He hesitated for a moment before putting the bottle in his mouth and gulping down the water.

He wanted to taste it again, but he couldnt stop after the first sip.

“Gurgle gurgle gurgle…”

Even the people around him looked at him blankly.

What are you doing

How did he get drunk just like that

Under the gaze of the crowd, the professional finished drinking all the water in the bottle in one gulp.

“Ah …” He shook his head as he thought about it, “Awesome!” It had been a long time since he drank such delicious water! “This is great! Come on, Hold me.

Ill have another bottle.”

At this point, he completely forgot about his work and tasks, only to take a few sips of water here.

With the help of his companions, he took another bottle and gulped it down.

“Hahaha, this is great!” Its really delicious, much better than the deep well water in my hometown.

This water is too awesome! ”

He gave the crowd a feeling as if he had drunk some kind of hundred-year-old wine.

“Its really delicious Let me have a taste too.

” His companion asked curiously.

“Then wait a moment.

I can still drink half a bottle!” “Come, hold me.” Professionals also want to drink half a bottle.

Little did he know, that at this time, Zhao Feng already had an awkward expression on his face.

He felt as if a few black lines were floating on his forehead, and when he saw that the professional he found was drinking water, he couldnt help but remind him:

“Cough cough, … can you start working ”

Zhao Feng opened his mouth, and the professional with glasses moved; he looked at Zhao Feng and retracted his body, then looked at Zhang Han with an embarrassed expression: “Sorry, boss, the water here is too delicious, I couldnt hold it back ….”

“It doesnt matter.

If you want to drink it, then drink it.” Zhang Han casually waved his hand.

“Hehe, alright, thank you, boss.” The professional laughed and refilled another bottle of water.

He drank half of the bottle and felt his stomach swell.

Then he gave the bottle to his companions.

After they tasted the water, they all rushed to eat until they were full.

The professional walked in front of Zhang Han and changed his tone to a serious working tone, and said:

“This is great, but I dont think its possible to raise saltwater fish.

So I decided on my own, and all I got were freshwater fish seedlings because the water in the boss pond is just over an acre wide, they could not raised.”


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