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The atmosphere in the venue was very lively.

The emcee really knew his stuff.

But he still felt quite tense to speak in front of so many powerful people.

Yet, to transfer tension into motivation was also a kind of ability.

After the ceremony, the dishes were served.

That instantly made many peoples eyes widen in shock.

“Hey What kind of dish is this Ive never seen this before.

It smells so good.

I cant believe something could smell so good, could it”

“Ive had enough of feasts, but Im really surprised to see that todays dishes are so fancy.”

These were what many people were thinking.

Yet, since all the people present were quite famous and powerful, most of them merely kept their thoughts to themselves and didnt say them out loud.

But there were some who didnt care about saving face.

Patriarch Ma looked at the dishes just served and found that he did not know any of them.

Then, he looked at Luo Chengwen in confusion and inquired, ”

“Patriarch Luo, you have always been close to Mr.

Zhang, so you must know what these dishes are.

Could you introduce some to me Ive never seen any of these before.”

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

The rest of the people at the table also turned their heads toward Patriarch Luo, eager to hear his answer.

Luo Chengwens face turned serious.

He seemed to be confident to answer the question.

But in fact, he was looking at these dishes out of the corner of his eye.

“I dont know these dishes either!”

But he didnt want to admit that to the others.

After thinking for a while, he came up with an idea as he thought of something.

With a smile, he said, “If it werent for my friendship with Mr.

Zhang, I wouldnt have even heard of any of these dishes.

You should all take your time and taste each of these.

The ingredients of these dishes are extremely precious.

Its no exaggeration to say that the value of any of the animals that provided the meat here is beyond measure.”

“Theyre so expensive” A few peoples expressions altered slightly.

The people sitting at this table were from the same niche of society.

They believed they had tasted all kinds of delicacies in the world.

However, none of them had ever heard of the dishes on the table.

Just the smell of the dishes could make their mouth water.

“Patriarch Luo, can you usually have these dishes in the restaurant on Mount New Moon” someone asked.

“Occasionally.” Luo Chengwen smiled.

He did not reveal the details.

The ingredients of Mount New Moon were the best in the world.

Even the fruit cultivated there had the flavor that could get people hooked on.

Sadly, he could only go there at dinner time.

As a result, his breakfast and lunch had become somewhat tasteless.

But there was nothing he could do.

He was a very busy man.

And he did not have the face to have every meal there.

“Its a pity that the membership cards of that restaurant are unavailable now.” Patriarch Ma sighed and said, “If someone has one, Im willing to pay 100 million yuan for it.”

“Hahaha, then you will be disappointed.” Luo Chengwen shook his head slightly and said, “Last time, a prince in Dubai offered 300 million yuan for one membership card, but no one was willing to sell him one.

The existing membership cards of the restaurant on the mountain are already the last ones.”

“All right.”


As the guests on the scene chatted, dishes were served one after another speedily.

The dishes were not the kind of that was cooked in a big pot and then divided into small portions.

Wang Long, the chef, and his large cook team were busily preparing the food in the back kitchen.

The dishes were served one by one.

Soon, the tables were loaded.

At a glance, there were about 17 or 18 dishes on each table.

The two pairs of newlyweds began to propose toasts as the guests began to eat.

However, Zhou He and the other three boys were a little stunned.

The four of them could never finish so many dishes.

Therefore, they didnt even dare to seize their chopsticks.

Shortly, a group of more than 20 people walked over and sat at the three tables next to them.

They all threw dubious looks at the four.

“Who are they” a member of the security group asked nonchalantly.

“No idea.”

“You are…” Xu Yong asked in confusion.

These tables were taken by the members of the security group.

But why were there other guests at the table

“I… Im Zhou He of the Zhou family.”

“Im Wu Zhaokong.”

The two of them got up and answered him.

“Why are you sitting here” Xu Yong was a little bewildered.

He didnt know Zhou He or Wu Zhaokong, but he had heard of the Zhou family and Wu Shanxing.

“Our, er, my brother, Bei Jinnan, is Zhang Yumengs classmate.

We just met her and she brought us here.”

“Oh, so youre Eldest Ladys classmate.”

The members of the security group gave a kind smile to them and said, “Welcome.

Eat as much as you like.

No need to stand on ceremony.”

None of them had been put on sentry duty at Mengmengs school.

Because according to the work schedule regarding guarding Mengmeng, It was always those who were not busy that were put on duty.

“El-Eldest Lady.”

Zhou Hes expression slightly froze in place.

“Oh my, who is she on earth

“Seems that her status is much more distinguished than I imagined.

This is a little too daunting.”

“Brother, Im hungry.”

Bei Jinnan glanced at him.

Without his older brothers permission, he would not have the nerve to touch food either.

“Dig in.”

The four people grabbed their chopsticks one after another.

However, they couldnt stop eating after they had the first bite.

“What kind of meat is this Its so delicious!”

“I thought this flower was just for decoration.

But it turned out to taste so fresh and sweet.

This is incredibly appetizing.”


When they had enjoyed the food for 10 minutes, Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran came over.

“Brothers, Im here to propose a toast,” Ah Hu said with a smile.

“No one would like to drink when you propose a toast.

Sister-in-law Hu shall be the one to do it!”

Someone started to kick up a fuss.

“Come on, all of you.”

Hoping to gloss this over, Ah Hu picked up the wine from the hands of the waiter behind him.

He proposed a toast to the guests at every table.

However, Zhou He became a little hesitant when he saw this.

“Letting Master Hu propose a toast to me Are you kidding me If I let him do it, my parents would flay me alive when I get home!

“Im not even qualified to propose a toast to him!

“But why are they coming this way What should I do Pour the wine for them Or just sit back and watch”

His brain went blank.

He looked at Wu Zhaokong and found that he was also at a loss.

When Ah Hu came over, the two of them quickly stood up, with anxiety and apprehension written all over their faces.

“That boy is…”

“I know.

He is Eldest Ladys classmate.” Ah Hu beamed.


“Even Master Hu has to call Zhang Yumeng Eldest Lady

“Holy cow!”

Zhou He and Wu Zhaokong looked at each other again, both dumbfounded.

They had no idea what to do.

Many people at the rear were also looking in their direction, especially the parents of the two boys.

They were all on tenterhooks.

They wanted to go in and sit by the boys.

But if that upset Master Hu…

At this thought, their scalps went numb.

“Welcome to our wedding.

Help yourself to the food and drinks.

Lets clink glasses,” Ah Hu said with a smile.

“Huh Ah! Sure, sure, sure.”

The two came to their senses and quickly filled their own glasses with beer.


Age did not matter when exchanging toasts with Master Hu.

They also poured beer for Bei Jinnan and Zhou Lei at the same time.

“These kids can skip the part involving alcohol.

Maybe Eldest Lady will come to play with them later.”

Liu Jiaran covered her mouth and chuckled.

“All right.”

Zhou He hurriedly raised his glass.

“Master Hu, I wish you… have a happy wedding and a harmonious union lasting a hundred years.”

He almost called Master Hus wife Sister-in-law Hu.

“Gurgle, gurgle.”

He drained his glass all in one gulp.

Seeing the two drinking a toast to the newlyweds, their parents sitting at the rear were both astounded and overjoyed.

Ah Hu nodded to the two before he proceeded to the other tables.

A short while later, Jiang Yanlan and Instructor Liu also came toward them.

Who would dare to cold-shoulder Leading Cadre Lius family members

Just like what had happened just now, they went straight to their table.

Without waiting for anyone to introduce the boys, Instructor Liu said he knew them and even called out to Bei Jinnan and Zhou Lei.

He also praised that they were good students and kindly kept Eldest Lady company.

Hearing that, beads of cold sweat broke in across Zhou Hes and Wu Zhaokongs forehead.

After the newlyweds left, the boys continued to indulge themselves in dining.

Anyway, with Eldest Lady backing them up, it would be a waste if they didnt enjoy the meal.

“Why havent you finished eating yet”

A while later, Mengmeng darted out from the compartment with Chen Chuan.


Ive finished.”

Wu Zhaokong and Zhou He quickly put down their chopsticks.

“Lets go out to play.” Chen Chuan glanced at Zhou Lei and Bei Jinnan.

He completely ignored the other older boys.

They were already too old to play with him.

“Lets go.”

Mengmeng took the lead and swaggered to the gate of the venue.

“Lets go there…”

Zhou He and Wu Zhaokong had the same idea in their heads.

They both wanted to scurry to their parents and report the whole incident.

Before he could finish his words, their parents already came to them.

In the lounge, the people had divided into three groups.

The first was Mengmeng and her friends.

The second was Patriarch Zhou and his league.

The third was Wu Shanxing and his men.

“Dad, Zhang Yumeng is Beibeis classmate.

Everyone here calls her Eldest Lady, including Master Hu,” Wu Zhaokong informed.

“I might know something about her.” With a grave face, Wu Shanxing slowly said, “People close to Master Hu call him Ah Hu.

In the past, he was with Zhao Feng and made his name known as a member of an underground organization on the south island.

Later, he met a distinguished man and formed a group.

This group had kind of been acknowledged by the government.

In just a few years, Master Hu made his way to the upper class.

It seems that his group has something to do with the martial arts world.

And his boss… is very mysterious.

I just heard from Mr.

Ma that that man is a legend in the martial arts world.

The Mengmeng Group is also his.

So is the Zi Yue Entertainment Company, which was named after his wife, Zi Yan, thats Zhang Yumengs mother.

Chairman Liu Qingfeng, Patriarch Luo Chengwen, the Chu family, and the Zi family and the Liang family that later rose to power, have all been depending on him.

His power is well-founded on the south island.

And no one in Xiangjiang can compete with him.

He is a real bad*ss.

Unfortunately, I didnt know anything about him five years ago when I was still in the underground organization of the Longcheng District.

Lately, things have just picked up and Ive started to make my way to the upper class, I have to be careful about everything.”

“It turns out that her mother is Zi Yan.

No wonder she is so pretty,” Wu Zhaokong thought to himself.

“By the way, you said that Beibei is having a crush on a classmate of his.

Could it be, could it be her” Wu Sisi abruptly asked.


Wu Zhaokongs expression gradually froze.

He didnt even need to look at his brother to know that it was her.

“Er…” Wu Shanxing stuttered, startled.

“Has Beibei done anything out of the line”

“No, no, no.

He always toes the line.

Hes just pursuing Zhang Yumeng.”

“You brat!”

Wu Shanxings face twisted by anger.

“She isnt someone we can associate with.

We should make Beibei drop out of that school and go to another one.”

“You dont need to take things that far.”

Wu Sisi raised her eyebrows slightly and said, “Brother, look over there.

Theyre having a good time.

I dont think its a bad thing.

Just now, Zhang Yumeng took them into the venue for the feast, didnt she”

“It may not be a bad thing now, but it doesnt mean it wont become one in the future.

What if…”

“Beibei is a good boy.

I figure we can simply give him some cautions.” Wu Zhaokong mused for two seconds and suggested.

After a moment of hesitation, Wu Shanxings face looked much better.

Finally, he issued several bans.

“You cant continue to pursue her unless she is also into you.”

“You cant make her unhappy, or…”

The bans came into effect just like that.

Zhou He and his parents were also having this discussion.

They also considered the factors and said basically the same words.

It was really a combination of opportunity and crisis.

They felt that they had picked a road that few had traveled.

After talking about this, they sat here and watched the fun.

After all, their junior members were still playing with Mengmeng over there.

After the feast was over, the guests departed in succession.

“Mengmeng, lets go.”

Zhang Han, Zi Yan, Mu Xue, Zhang Li, Liang Hao, and the others walked out of the compartment and waved to Mengmeng.

“Okay,” Mengmeng responded

Then, she turned to Zhou Lei and Bei Jinnan and said, “I gotta go home.”

“All right.”

“How about we all go home and play that online game together”

The two boys posed the question at the same time.

“No, I have something important to do,” Mengmeng said seriously.

“To help the weak and uphold justice”

“Thats right.”

To their surprise, Mengmeng smiled when she heard that phrase.

One could imagine how interesting it was for her to help the weak and uphold justice.

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