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“Mu Xue the female demon, Jiang Yanlan the team leader of the Vermilion Bird, and many other people I know are legendary in the eyes of the martial artists in the outside world.

“They often play with me when they have time.

“But if I tell them this, it would scare them again, wouldnt it”

“Thats impressive!” Mengmeng said with a smile, winking at Zhang Han impishly.

What she meant was, “Daddy, you are so impressive!”

In Mount New Moon, Mu Xue, Zhao Feng, and others always told her how powerful her father was.

They either described Zhang Han as invincible or unbeatable.

In short, they claimed that her father was the most powerful person in this world.

But they did not say anything specific.

But when Mengmeng heard it from the people she did not know, she found it quite interesting.

Mengmeng still wanted to know more about what her father had done in the past.

Seeing Zhang Hans smile, Mengmeng knew that she could ask any question she wanted to ask.

Therefore, she said, “Sir, do you know anything about Zhang Hanyang Tell me a story about him.”

She would like to hear a longer story.

“A story”

Lu Kai stroked his hair and said, “Little girl, what were talking about is not just a story.

Theyre real events that happened in the past.

Why havent you heard of it in Xiangjiang”

“I, Im still in school, so I havent heard much about it,” Mengmeng replied.

This made Lu Kai and others a little staggered.

“It seems that she hasnt been in the martial arts world for long.

Is she really from a martial arts family Maybe her family is not top-notch.

Otherwise, how could she not know these things”

“Elder Hu, just tell her one.” Tian Qing smiled and said, “Anyway, these are no big secrets.

I figure that this little girl is likely one of us.

And our knowledge of those things is rather limited.”

Tian Qing liked Mengmengs voice.

Since there was nothing to do now, shed like to have a chat with others.

“Speaking of Zhang Hanyang,” Elder Hu began.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, and there was a look of worship in his eyes.

“Seven years ago, when I was still a Peak Strength Warrior, Zhang Hanyang appeared in the world out of nowhere.

He killed He Qingtian in Xiangjiang without effort.

He became famous after that one battle.

Later, in the relic in Shenzhen, he suppressed Ye Longyuan, the Devil Incarnate, Mu Xue the Female Demon, Shi Fenghou the Little Roc, and other talents from the worldlets and seized the treasures.

Then, with the strength at the Grand Master Peak Stage, he slew Gu Donglai, who had already broken through to the Divine Realm in Lin Hai City.

By far, his name was well-known all over the country.

After that, he went to Shang Jing City to meet Emperor Qing.

But as soon as they met, Emperor Qing called him big brother.

Later, it was said that he and Emperor Qing went to a forbidden area and got lost in it.

It caused a great disturbance in the martial arts world.

“Everyone thought that Zhang Hanyang was dead.

Then, people heard that there were several valuable divine objects on Mount New Moon.

At that time, the gate of the worldlets was not opened yet, and so divine objects were very rare in the secular world.

Adding that there were some old disputes to settle, the Man in the Bamboo Hat joined forces with 300 Grand Masters in the west and crossed the sea to snatch the divine objects.

But how did the thing turn out”

As if doing crosstalk, he waited for the audiences response before continuing.

“Then he appeared” Mengmeng asked in a daze.

She vaguely remembered that her father had been gone for a period.

During that time, her mother had been down with an illness, and even her lips had turned pale…

“It was simply beyond imagination.

At that critical moment, the boat of curse actually turned up and hit Mount New Moon.

Then it turned into dazzling light and disappeared from this world.

After that, a portal opened and a leg stepped out.

It shook many people rigid.

Who was it on earth Of course, it was Zhang Hanyang.

No one knew what method he used or how long the distance he had crossed before he appeared from that shining gate like a devil god.

In the whole world, he was the only one riding on the highest clouds overlooking everything in the world with majestic air.

“Then came the thunderbolts and the storm.

He conjured up numerous devastating thunderbolts.

With only one move, he killed the 300 Grand Masters.

Only the Man in the Bamboo Hat and a few others managed to escape despite their serious injuries.

“After that, Zhang Hanyang went to the worldlets.

The carnage of war arrived.

The Heavenly Knights Sect thrived, while the Wind Snow School met its downfall, leaving a legend that passed on till this day.

Zhang Hanyang became so mighty that no one who went against him could survive.

That was how he got his nickname, Merciless Zhang.”

After Elder Hu told the story in one breath, he felt that his blood was boiling and exhaled a long breath.

Zhang Han found it funny but didnt say anything.

Those things were quite normal to him.

“Is he that powerful”

Mengmeng was a little confused.

After thinking for a while, she said, “Sir, did you see it with your own eyes”

Elder Hu was taken aback.

After deliberating for two seconds, he answered, “Thats what I heard.

At that time, I was only at the Peak Strength Stage.

How could I be qualified to watch that kind of battle If I was not careful, just the remaining energy fluctuations that escaped the battlefield would incapacitate me.”

“Oh, I see.”

Mengmeng enjoyed the story very much.

After he was done, she edged her way toward Zhang Han, grabbed his hand, and asked with a grin, “Daddy, how do you feel after hearing the story”

“Its… quite interesting.” Zhang Han smiled.

He knew what Mengmeng really asked about was how he felt when other people kept talking about his heroic deeds in his presence.

“Since a large number of martial artists in the martial arts world disappeared a few years ago, the martial arts world has become quiet.

Those mighty figures seldom appeared.

Or its just that we ordinary people cant often see them.” Elder Hu shook his head.

“You may have already seen one or two,” Mengmeng muttered.


Elder Hu smiled and said nothing.

As they chatted, they arrived at their destination, a manor of the Liu family.

There were many people coming and going.

At the side door of the backyard of the manor, there were two rows of people guarding the door, asking the many visitors to show the invitation cards.

After entering the place, the members of the various forces all lowered their voices.

From time to time, they gossiped a bit.

“That group must be the force of the Taichi School.

They are finally here.

The King of Storms has been waiting inside for a long time.

He wants to question Lu Kai.

If he cant give a satisfying explanation, the King of Storms may challenge him to a battle given his disposition.”

“Hes brought many of his men here.

Maybe they can settle the dispute over a talk.

After all, its a row of the younger generation.

Theres no need to make a big fuss.”


Elder Hu also heard these words, but he chose to remain silent.

After entering the manor, they found that the backyard was quite spacious.

There was a forest on the edge, and the entrance was right there.

On the way to the entrance, Elder Hu glanced at Zhang Han.

“I can only take you into the manor.

The number of visitors is limited.

When we enter the relic, they may check the number of visitors.

When that time comes, I cant help you anymore.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly, looking serene.

“I dont think you should continue to go with us.” Elder Hu added, “If An He gets mad and makes a scene, at least you two wont be implicated.”

“Dont mind us,” Zhang Han replied.

“That man cant even fly.

What are you afraid of him for” Mengmeng snorted.


“Thats hurtful.

“We cant fly either!”

Elder Hu desperately wanted to say, “Little girl, do you have any misunderstanding about flying”

But given that they had a pleasant chat along the way, Elder Hu decided to take it as another childs babble and let it slide.

After they walked into the woods, he saw a place shrouded by a faint mist.

They walked for three minutes and came to a round patch of land.

Five meters above the ground, there was a ring of thin mist with a diameter of 13 or 14 meters.

The energy was gathering there.

There were a lot of people standing in this place, about 300 of them.

Many wee Qi Strength Masters.

There was a stone platform on the left, where sat a short-haired man.

Like the moon surrounded by stars, he was flanked by more than 20 people.

“That man is Tang familys Tang Qingshan.”

Tian Qings face hardened as she said in a low voice, “He is the top talent of the younger generation in Shang Jing.

At the age of 27, he broke through to the Wu Dao Grand Master Stage.

He is also one of the first people to reach that stage in Hua nation.

He is particularly mighty.”

“The Tang family is a new noble in Shang Jing City.

Because of the rise of Tang Qingshan, the Tang family seems to grow with even stronger momentum.”

“I heard that Tang Qingshan has a fairly good character.

Its just that he is kind of a philanderer and likes to date beautiful women.

He has dated campus belles, top prostitutes, young models, CEOs, and many different women.

He is a famous playboy in Shang Jing City.

Everyone knows that he is lustful.

Still, countless women are dying to climb into his bed because…” Tian Qing suddenly broke off.

Looking at Tang Qingshan, who was walking towards her, she raised her eyebrows.

“Does he want to pursue me as well now that hes seen me”

“Its because those are all rumors.

Im the kind of man who wanders among flowers without letting a leaf touching me.”

Tang Qingshan chuckled and strolled over.

It was not until this moment that everyone found that the people of the Taichi First School had arrived.

As Tang Qingshan headed for them, many people looked at him with interest.

“Im sorry.

I just heard it from someone else.

I shouldnt have talked about you behind your back.”

Tian Qing didnt want to get into trouble, so she cupped her hands and apologized to him.

A Grand Master could not bear to be insulted.

Although she was telling the truth, now that the other part had come to her first, she could not let her or her sect look bad.

“A celebrity without any scandal is no celebrity at all.”

Tang Qingshan didnt mind her words.

He smiled kindly and walked past Tian Qing before stopping two meters away in front of Mengmeng.

“This little girl is so beautiful.”


Zhang Han slightly raised his eyebrows.

He considered whether to send him to the air with a slap right now.

“Its such cliché.

Everybody tells me that.” Mengmeng looked up without blushing.


Her words made Tang Qingshan speechless and frustrated.

“Your beauty cant be described with words of praise.

For example, people usually describe me with words like handsome, elegant, statuesque, dignified, cultivated, and man of remarkable presence.

These are indeed not very creative, but good words are numbered…”

“Who said that There are still a ton of words of praise,” Mengmeng retorted.

“What else do you have Why dont you describe me with a sentence” Tang Qingshan was intrigued.

He looked at Mengmeng with a beam, completely ignoring Zhang Han.

“This beautiful little girl should be very cute.

I finally found someone to kill time with.”

Yet, he seemed to have chosen the wrong target.

Under everyones gaze, Mengmeng thought for two seconds and finally gave her evaluation.

“At the side of the ancient road outside the long pavilion, the fresh grass to the sky.”


The corner of Zhang Hans mouth trembled.

He already could not fight back the urge to laugh.

The others were stupefied.

What did this evaluation mean


The field fell into silence.

But a few seconds later—

The people were all terrified when they thought about it carefully.

The last line of the original poem was that the fresh green stretches out to the sky.

But the little girl deliberately cut off the “stretches out”.

(In Chinese, the phrase “cut off thestretches out\'” sounds like “have no sense of shame”)

What the f*ck!

Tang Qingshans face already darkened with embarrassment.

“Good poem!”

Someone called out out of the blue.

Tang Qingshans face darkened even more.

“Little girl, your evaluation is a little heart-rending.

But it doesnt matter.

I forgive you.

The little gorgeous is also a gorgeous.

Youre worthy of my forgiveness.

I took the job of directing movies a while ago just for fun.

I think youre very pretty, and youre the right person for a role in the script.

Do you have time to film How about I make you a child star”

Speaking of this, Tang Qingshans face returned to normal as he put out a business card.

But before he had handed it over yet—

“Lu Kai!”

An He, the King of Storm marched from the front, followed by around seven people.

One of them was about 15 or 16 years old.

As soon as he saw Lu Kai, he shouted, “I didnt beat you last time.

Lets fight again now!”

A good show was about to be staged!

The hundreds of people around were all excited.

Even Tang Qingshan stopped talking.

He turned around, intending to watch the show.

An He and his man marched over in an aggressive manner.

He and Elder Hu were already challenging each other with the look in their eyes.

But when he came closer, he suddenly saw something out of the corner of his eye.


He took a closer look.

“F*ck!” An He blurted out.

“Who are you cursing”

Elder Hus eyes widened in rage.

“Do you really think Im afraid of you”

No one had expected that the two groups of people would be so openly aggressive and say the F-word the moment they met.

It could be imagined that—

Blood would splash all over the ground in a moment, wouldnt it

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