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“Young man, dont be so arrogant.”

Elder Hu clenched his fists and warned, “The exceedingly hard steel is likely to break.

Its only been a few years since you made your debut.”

What he meant was just that he would not take a step back.

It also made the atmosphere a little depressing and tense.

“Theyre really going to fight!”

Everyones heart pounded faster when they saw that the King of Storms considerably quickened his paces.

Was there going to be a big battle before they even entered the relic

To everyones surprise, An He was emitting no fierce aura at all.

Seeing him stride over, even Elder Hu prepared himself to strike.

Yet, unexpectedly, he walked to the side when he was five meters away from Elder Hu.


“What does this move of his mean”

“You ignored me”

Elder Hus Killing Intent was boiling, and his veins were bulging.

He looked quite exasperated.

“Sir!” An He abruptly called out.

When he was still more than ten meters away from Zhang Han, he already folded his hands and said in a very respectful tone, “I, An He, pay my respect to you.

So honored to meet you here.”


Countless gasps could be heard.

“What is An He doing”

Even Tang Qingshans eyes were filled with astonishment.

He also knew An He.

He was very smart, but he was also a little overweening.

When had he ever bowed his head like this in public

The crowd gradually quieted down.

“Do you know my Daddy” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Um, no, I dont.”

“Then why did you say hi to him” Mengmeng pressed again.

An He looked a little embarrassed, but then he recovered his composure and said with a smile, “In the martial arts world, the strong ones are always respected.

As your father is enormously strong, social protocols dictate me to greet him when I see him.”

The reason why he was being so humble was that he saw Zhang Han was standing in the Taichi team.

To get even for his younger brother, he certainly would say some harsh words to the other party.

However, since this man could fly, he must be in the Divine Realm or a higher realm.

Who knew if he was close to the members of Taichi School If this man got mad, it would also be a problem.

Moreover, those in the Divine Realm were very rare now.

This man must be from either a worldlet or Mount New Moon.

If he was from a worldlet, it would be fine because the many sects there varied in strength.

But if he was from Mount New Moon, he would be the kind of man that An he could not afford to offend.


All of a sudden, the crowd burst into an uproar.

“Even An He has gone to greet him.

This man must be really powerful.”

“Im wondering who on earth he is that can make the King of Storms so deferential.

This is quite unusual.”



The murmurs of discussion in the crowd made Tang Qingshans heart skip a beat.

“Thats right.

“Given An Hes character, the man who can make him this meek is definitely terrifying.”

He thought about his own strength, which was basically on par with Aners.

He then thought about the remark he just said about asking the mans daughter to film with him.

“I didnt seem to have said anything frivolous or disrespect, didnt I”


“Its fine.

That was a perfectly normal conversation.

Besides, Im not a monster.

Im not into little girls.

I was sincerely inviting her to shoot a movie.

“But, what if the other party is a petty and narrow-minded person

“What if he has the strength of the Grand Master Peak or the Divine Realm

“Can I scare him away with the fame of my family

“That wont do…”

Tang Qingshan brooded for two seconds, and various thoughts flashed across his mind.

In the end, he turned around in a hurry, cupped his hands, and said, “Im so mortified that I failed to recognize Mount Tai.


“Who do you call Mount Tai” Zhang Han suddenly darted his eyes at him.


He swallowed.

“He is really a petty man!”

“Im really not here to defy you.

And Im really preparing to make a movie.

Everything I said to you is true.

Although Im a playboy, Im not a monster with a human face.

Your daughter is so young.

How could I have any dirty plans for her”

With an earnest face, Tang Qingshan continued, “Look, I didnt even get angry when your daughter said I was shameless.

I didnt say anything inappropriate, so what are you being mad for My reasons are justified, arent they”

“Are you reasoning with me” Zhang Han asked.

“Yes.” Tang Qingshan nodded.

“But Ive never been reasonable.” Zhang Han chuckled.


Tang Qingshans scalp turned numb.

However, to everyones surprise, Zhang Hans face softened with Mengmengs clear laughter.

Zhang Han would find everything meaningful when he made Mengmeng laugh.

Then, he paid no more attention to Tang Qingshan.


Tang Qingshan cupped one hand in the other across his chest and retreated to the side.

Now that he couldnt afford to offend him, he could keep out of his way.

Standing on this side, An He pondered for a while before he looked at Elder Hu and said with a smile, “Elder Hu, I originally wanted to wait for you to come and let my younger brother spar with Lu Kai.

Now that this hero is here, lets forget about this matter, lest it should ruin his good mood.”


Elder Hu nodded in agreement.

Lu Kai was about to break through to the Qi Strength Stage.

At this pivotal time, he did not want anything unexpected to happen to him.

However, he just gazed at Zhang Han with intense curiosity in his eyes.

“What kind of martial artist is he I couldnt feel a bit of his aura at all.

He must be much more powerful than me.”

“Its about to start.”

All of a sudden, the energy at the entrance of the relic began to surge.

Patriarch Liu led more than 30 people to the entrance.

“The relic has opened.

Lets line up and enter in order.

As for those who dont have invitations, stay away and do not attempt to sneak in.

If you get caught, you will be severely punished!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the people nearby immediately went to line up.

The exciting moment had come!

“Daddy, he asks for an invitation.

But we dont have one,” Mengmeng suddenly held up her head and asked.

“What a good opportunity!”

An Hes eyes lit up.

He had several invitations.

If he gave up two in exchange for the master owing him a small favor, he would definitely make a fortune out of this.

But there was always a gap between ideality and reality.

Before he could speak, Zhang Han held Mengmengs little hand and smiled.

“We can go wherever we want to go.”

After taking a step forward, Zhang Han and Mengmeng suddenly rose to the air three meters above the ground and started to walk in the air.

Then, in what seemed like just a second, they already arrived at the entrance.

The two of them abruptly started to glint like stars.

The sparkles of starlight formed a circle.

The moment the two stepped into the circle, they vanished!

“Patriarch, two people just barged in, didnt they!” someone in the Liu family asked in confusion.

He didnt seem to see it clearly just now.

However, Patriarch Liu had seen everything.

And his face fell.

At the very beginning, some people already successfully forced their way in.

It was basically a slap in the face of Patriarch Liu.


He snorted and said, “He will have to come out from where he enters.

When he comes out, I will dare him to answer whether he violated the rules in my Liu familys territory because he looks down on me.”

“Patriarch Liu, you might need to think this over.

Dont make a mistake that youll regret,” An He said.

“No one present could compete with him in terms of strength.”

“An He, dont you think little of our Liu Familys foundation!” Patriarch Liu responded coldly.

Then, he waved his hand and announced, “Everyone, show me your invitation before you go in.

If anyone disobeys the rule, Ill kill him right on the spot whoever he is.”

It seemed that Patriarch Liu was dead serious about this.

A few people stepped back.

They didnt have invitations.

They just came here to watch.

Therefore, everyone entered the relic in an orderly manner.

In the meantime, Tian Qing was in a trancelike state.

She couldnt help but say, “It turned out that that man has taken his daughter out to have fun.

“He didnt say much through the whole thing, but he already made Tang Qingshan and An He lower their heads.

Thats horrifying.”

Lu Kai scratched his head.

“I figure that man is just here to accompany his daughter on the outing.

He is probably not interested in the treasures in the relic.”

“I feel the same way.”


There were many people discussing it.

It was indeed odd to run into such a powerful master out of the blue.

It just dawned outside.

But when they entered the relic, the sun was shining brightly, clearly showing that it was noon.

The inside of the relic was quite hot and damp.

“Daddy, we are in the relic.

Is every relic a primeval forest”

Looking at the boundless forest that occupied the land on all sides, Mengmeng felt as if she had traveled to a primeval world.

“Not necessarily.”

The two were floating in the air, about dozens of meters away from the forest under their feet.

Zhang Han glanced down and answered, “Ive been to several relics.

Once, it was a world of magma, where there was an endless sea of fire.

In the sea of fire, there was a line of stone steps for people to step on.

In the magma lived the Fire Soul.

That was something one could absorb.

It was a kind of spiritual substance in the form of flames.

At the heart of the sea of fire was a small island.

But it was only what one perceived from above the sea of fire.

Under the magma, there was a real reversed world.

Just like on the different side of Earth, there was a beautiful sea under the World of Flame, and the treasures were also there.

“On another time, I entered a world of thunder, which also looked like a primeval jungle.

There were a lot of ancient buildings in it, and even the remains of ancient sects.

It belongs to the cultivators, and its a rather high-grade relic.

“The world in every relic is completely unknown.

Thus, you must be careful every time you enter one.

As for the primeval forests, most of the relics look like this.

There are mountains, rivers, seas, islands, and continents in the relics.

These ancient relics are actually isolated damaged worlds.

For example, when a worldlet suddenly completely explodes, it will become space fragments attached to the earth.

As time goes by, the fragments become relics.

Because of the treasures nourished by spiritual Qi there, the relics have also formed a system.

Some are formation eyes.

If it were taken away, the energy of the relic would run out, and the relic would push foreign people out.

This is the rule of the ancient relics.

People say that worldlets are S-grade relics.

Thats not true.

Because worldlets are stable spaces, while relics are just fragments of other worlds.

“In relics, there are also some creatures, such as spirit beasts, Yin souls, or spirit substances.

Human beings have not been found in relics, which should also be in accordance with the rules.”

The so-called rules were set by the person who sealed the Saint Warrior Planet.

Otherwise, there would be human beings living in relics, just like those in worldlets.

However, for thousands of years, in the martial arts world, no one had heard of any relic with human beings living in it.

At times, there was some kind of mirrored shadows of mankind, but it was just an illusion, showing the golden age of that world.

“That is to say, every relic is different, and relics are very dangerous.

Relics have been graded from F to A.

Just to be safe, A-grade relics only allow those with the strength in or above the Divine Realm to enter.

Is that so” Mengmeng quickly grasped the gist.

“Yes, youre so smart.”

Zhang Han gently caressed Mengmengs head.

“Of course.

Dont you know Im whose daughter” Mengmeng held her chin up with pride, and her bright eyes curved into a smile, like a pair of crescent moons.

Zhang Han adored this expression of Mengmengs very much.

When his daughter was happy, he would be heartfeltly satisfied.

“Come on, lets go and play.

This is a primeval forest strewn with rivers.

We can go with the tide to get to the end of the river.”

Zhang Han smiled and grabbed Mengmengs little hand.

They started to descend and landed on the ground below the trees.

“How come the trees are so tall”

Mengmeng was a little stunned.

To her great surprise, the trees here were even taller than the Thunder Yang Tree.

The shortest ones were still about 70 or 80 meters high.

Most of them were more than 100 meters high.

The trunk of each tree was very thick.

And the trees were well spaced out, so the land was not packed with trees and it was not as dark as the primeval forest on the outskirts.

The place was relatively bright.

“There are really many rivers.”

Looking down at the land from the midair, Mengmeng already saw five rivers, each of which more than 100 meters wide.

The rives were running very fast, like the water raging through the flood-relief channel.

“Going rafting in this place is much more fun than doing it in the outside world.”

Zhang Han slightly squinted his eyes and laughed.

As long as Mengmeng could see some novel things and have fun here, this journey would have not been made in vain.

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