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Drifting along the river and looking at the scenery on both sides was quite a unique experience.

At the very least, An Xiaoshan found it quite relaxing.

Mengmeng seemed to be bored lying in the lounge chair all the time, so she stood up and gave a long stretch.

“Daddy, Im more powerful than him, arent I” Mengmeng asked.



After getting a positive answer, Mengmeng suddenly smiled and looked at An Xiaoshan.

“Come on, lets spar a bit.”

“I dare not! I dare not!”

Suddenly, an anxious voice came from a distance.

An He, with a slightly frightened look on his face, was sprinting toward them.

He was traveling on the water surface as if it were a flat road with no impediment.

All the spiders or water snakes hurriedly made way for him.

This was because An He carried the aura of a strong martial artist, which signaled the beasts that they could not provoke him.

Strong as An He was, in the face of the people on the wooden yacht, he was very respectful.

When he first saw the wooden yacht, An He was also stunned.

He had never thought that they could explore the relic like this.

After a moment of hesitation, An He still got on the yacht, cupped his hands, and said, “My brother has little experience of life and has only been in the martial arts world for a short time.

He is definitely no match for your daughter.”

“How do you know now that they havent fought yet” Zhang Han smiled faintly.

“Sir, your daughter must be extraordinary, even though I cant feel her aura or anything,” An He answered, looking embarrassed.

“Never mind, never mind.” Mengmeng ran back to the lounge chair and said, “Well, I dont want to spar with him anymore.

Ill go spar with you in a few years.”

While speaking, Mengmeng took a glance at An He.

“Fine.” An He smiled, not objecting at all.

He reckoned that this little girl who appeared to be only about 12 years old would be quite impressive if she had reached the Peak Strength Stage.

However, she might not be at the Peak Strength Stage yet.

He figured that if An Xiaoshan accidentally hurt her when they sparred, and this master got angry because of this, even he would not be able to bear the consequence.

Although that master was in the God Realm, his children might not necessarily be very powerful.

Could this 12-year-old daughter of his be a Grand Master That was impossible.

Years ago when An He was still a Qi Strength Master, those in the Divine Realm were remote legends to him.

But now, he felt that they were not that unapproachable anymore.

He had been determined that he would be the first batch of people among the new generation of martial artists to ascend to the God Realm.

“By the way, I came from the east.

The terrain there grows higher and higher.

And you can see a river every kilometer.

It seems that the river is going up in the shape of the characterS.

Our destination in this relic should be at the end of that river.

It would save us a lot of time if we walked right across the woods.” An He suggested.


Zhang Han nodded.

At this, An He decided to cut to the chase.

He had already said what he had to say.

And he no longer wanted to stay here because Zhang Hans presence had put him under a lot of pressure.

Therefore, he said, “Sir, then Ill bring my younger brother out to do the training.

We will no longer impose.”

Zhang Han slightly held up his right hand.

It was not until An He saw Zhang Han give him permission to leave that he took An Xiaoshan to jump off the yacht and left by running on the water surface.

“How did you get on their boat” An He finally asked after arriving at a place far away.

“I was chased by a bunch of water snakes just now and almost got caught.

I was scared out of my wits.

It was them who saved me.”

When he heard this answer, An Hes face darkened and he smacked An Xiaoshan on the head.

“Dont you know how to fight back Have you forgotten what I taught you before This is just a D-grade relic.

You have two kinds of defensive treasures with you.

Those water snakes cant even destroy the first kind.

You could have chosen to run if your defensive treasures were damaged.

But how could you…”

“Its just that I dont have much experience.”

An Xiaoshan blushed, feeling kind of mortified.

“Thats enough.

From now on, Ill take you with me and start training.”

On the yacht.

“Mengmeng, do you want to experience the training” Zhang Han asked with a smile.

“How is the training like” Mengmeng looked curious and put down the juice in her hand.

“Ill put you in the woods, and you can try to travel a kilometer forward.”

“Can I do that”

Mengmengs expression stiffened for a second.

She blinked her eyes, as though she was thinking about whether it was fun or not.

“Give it a try.

My daughter is quite awesome after all.”

Zhang Han smiled and raised his right hand, causing Mengmeng to float to the forest on the left side of the yacht.

“Daddy, its so dark inside the woods.

Im a little scared.”

As she was about to enter the forest, Mengmeng suddenly became a little unnerved.

“You want to come back”

“No, I want to go in and have a try.

Daddy, do watch over me because Im your only daughter.” Mengmeng was a little nervous.

“Haha, dont be nervous.

Run the energy in your legs.

Keep your balance and walk on the water surface step by step.

Youll soon cover a kilometer.”

“Got it.

Put me down.

I want to make it on my own.”

After entering the forest, Mengmeng became very cautious.

She was alerted to all the movements around her.

Fortunately, there was nothing suspicious.

When the floating force Zhang Han released disappeared, Mengmeng started to fall.

She activated the energy and stepped on the water surface.

On her first try, she did not master the control of strength.


She fell directly into the water and did not come to the surface until she pressed down with her feet with all her strength a couple of times.

“Ill fall into the water as soon as my feet stop moving.”


Take your time and master the rhythm…”

With Zhang Hans soft voice guiding her, Mengmeng eventually got the hang of the art and could move forward while keeping balance on the water.

“Keep an eye on the surrounding situation and move forward cautiously.

If you find something in your way, you can use the martial arts that your grandpa taught you.

If you come across something more powerful, just perform the Fireball Skill.”

As long as Zhang Han was there, Mengmeng would be safe.

However, when Zhang Han saw the little girl moving forward so clumsily, he began to feel a little edgy.

“I see, Daddy,” Mengmeng answered.

With her eyes wide open, she carefully observed the surroundings.

If she was not careful for a second, her legs would sink into the water.

Just like that, she had to keep balance while paying attention to the surroundings.

After advancing for 100 meters, Mengmeng kind of got used to it.


Just at this moment, a snake as thick as an arm pounced on Mengmeng from the branch beside her.


Mengmeng was startled.

Her brain kind of went blank.

“What did Daddy tell me to do in this situation”

“I forgot.”

Just when the snake was only three meters away from Mengmeng and Zhang Han was about to take action…


Mengmeng moved! Her right foot kicked hard against the water, and she leaped into the air.

After spinning 360 degrees, she performed the Fireball Skill right away.


With a muffled sound, the snake was directly blown into ashes, and even its blood was burned away.

“Its actually so weak”

Mengmeng suddenly found that the things that looked fierce could be quite fragile.


When he saw this, Zhang Hans lips curved into a smile.

Mengmengs endurance was very good, and her learning ability was also highly acute.

It was very impressive for her to be able to attain such achievement upon her first visit to the relic.

She proceeded 200 meters ahead.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Suddenly, five water snakes appeared beneath Mengmengs feet, which were rapidly swimming around her.

Mengmeng instantly noticed them and swiftly took five steps forward.

The five water snakes leaped out of the water and charged at Mengmeng with crushing force.

“Watch how Im gonna topple mountains and overturn seas!”

As Mengmeng ran her energy, suddenly, a three-meter-high wave surged.

Although what that force could do was far from toppling mountains and overturning seas, it did have an imposing momentum.


Under the impact of the wave, three water snakes fell on their backs.

But the other two still managed to close in on Mengmeng.


Mengmeng spun in the air to gather her strength, putting all her energy in her right foot.

Then, she gave a fierce kick, which made her trousers rustle.


As soon as the arm-thick water snake opened its large, formidable mouth, it was kicked right in the head by Mengmeng and sent flying backward.

The next moment, it fell into the water and drifted to some unknown place.

In the blink of an eye, the other water snake already approached Mengmeng.

“Fireball Skill!”

She threw a fireball at it with her left hand.

This time, the fireball she conjured up was only the size of a fist, but it directly burned the water snake away.

When the other three water snakes saw this, they knew that Mengmeng was tough and immediately retreated in defeat.

“Very nice.

You even know how to control the size of the fireball now.”

Zhang Han was slightly amazed and praised.

“My daughter is really awesome.”

“Of course I am!”

Mengmeng was gleefully enjoying her moment, totally unaware that a huge spider was quietly approaching her from right over her head.

“Im also a talented girl.”

With a serious look on her face, Mengmeng gazed at Zhang Han, who was not far away.

However, Zhang Han said with a grin, “Look at how proud you are.

You have to be vigilant all the time.

You even…”

At the sight of Zhang Hans expression, Mengmeng immediately knew that something was wrong.

She looked left and right in a hurry, but found nothing unusual.

However, as if she had picked up the faint smell of danger, she jumped forward and landed five meters away from where she was a moment ago.

Then, she turned around and saw with astonishment that the spider was also chasing after her.


“Ill blow you to death!”

Mengmeng got angry and directly cast a football-sized fireball.


The spider was reduced to ashes in no time.

“It turns out that Im already quite powerful!”

Mengmeng suddenly realized that she was not a rookie anymore.

“Did you see it, Daddy Im already quite amazing!”

Mengmeng smiled proudly again.

She took off her sun hat and threw it aside.

Then, she flung her ponytail at Zhang Han and continued to walk on the water.

When she headed forward for more than 800 meters, she encountered more than a dozen water snakes.

After that, there was nothing obstructing her.

“Im tired.”

When the energy Mengmeng had was almost exhausted, Zhang Han gently cast his energy to bring her back to the yacht.

He gave her a medicinal pellet.

After taking it, Mengmeng quickly recovered her strength.

“Youre really amazing to have reached such a level on your first try.”

“Well, dont you see whose daughter I am”

“But, but…”

Seeing Mengmeng pucker her lips, Zhang Han almost could not finish his words.

After deliberating for a while, he said tactfully, “You could have used just 20% of your energy to cover the 1,000 meters.

However, you used 80% of it.

It was kind of a waste of energy.

Of course, Im already very pleased that you didnt panic and lose your bearings as An Xiaoshan did.”

“Daddy, theres something on your face.”

Mengmeng softly snorted and pouted at Zhang Hans left face.

“What is it”

Zhang Han touched the left side of his face in confusion and said, “I felt nothing.”

“There is something.”

“What is it”

Zhang Han stared at Mengmeng suspiciously.

A smile appeared on the little girls face, which was a wicked smile.

“Yes, its my contemptuous gaze!”


Zhang Han was stunned at first, then pretended to be serious.

“Hey, how dare you tease Daddy”

Without waiting for Mengmeng to explain it, Zhang Han snapped his fingers, and Mengmeng felt as if someone was tickling her in the soles of her feet.

“Oh, Im sorry, Im sorry, hahaha…”

The father and daughter had a very happy time.

However, as the river proceeded, the water ran faster and faster, and more and more creatures could be seen.

Gradually, some green grass could be seen at the bottom of the trees on both sides.

On the tip of some grass crouched blue frogs.

They were the highly poisonous blue frogs.

Their appearance seemed to have announced that the father and daughter were going to enter a new area.

“Daddy, there are so many frogs.

I cant deal with all of them even if I use the Fireball Skill,” Mengmeng asked in a low voice.

“You cant use the Fireball Skill to handle them.

Comparatively speaking, the Fireball Skill is more useful in a one-on-one battle, and its range of attack is rather limited.

Therefore, Im going to teach you the second move, the Fire Whip, which is also called the Deep Flame Whip.”

“Deep Fire Whip” Mengmengs eyes lit up as she exclaimed, “Am I finally going to learn a new move”

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