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In the entire relic, there appeared to be thousands of rivers.

In fact, there was only one river, winding upward and downward from somewhere, running in a circle.

There was no doubt that this was a simple relic, unlike the ones that Zhang Han had explored.

However, it was very difficult to reach the center of this relic.

Of course, it was not at all a challenge for people like An He the King of Storms, and Tang Qingshan of the Tang family.

Even so, they did not break the rules.

After all, the treasures in a D-grade relic like this one were not so attractive to them.

Their priority was to help their juniors hone their skills.

They would not take action unless their juniors were in real danger.

Therefore, the speed of their advance was relatively slow.

“Brother, I cant do this anymore! Ill get killed!”

In the depths of the Cannibal Fishs territory, An Xiaoshan was fighting against the Cannibal Fish while retreating.

The defense of these fish was very strong.

Even though An Xiaoshan was holding a sharp sword, he found it rather difficult to kill them.

After fighting for half an hour, he only killed three fish.

His main task was to escape.

Beside him, Elder Hu and more than a dozen people had gathered here.

Lu Kai and those Qi Strength Masters were killing the Cannibal Fish.

“The relic is very close to a C-grade one.”

Elder Hu sighed and said, “Its a good place for honing skills.”

“Elder, why is there such a large shoal of Cannibal Fish” Tian Qing inquired, who was panting after running over to take a break.

“I dont know either.

Its normal to see all kinds of incredible things in relics.” Elder Hu shook his head.

“Theres a lake ahead.

That island in the center is the destination, isnt it”

“I suppose so.”

“Then when are we going there”

“Theres no rush.” Elder Hu sighed before saying, “Weve also obtained 16 kinds of spiritual herbs, so our harvest is not bad.

As for the treasures on the island in the center of the lake, whether we can get them is up to fate.

We leaders will just sit back and watch.

You and other juniors can try to seize the treasures.

It is also the rule that An He and Tang Qingshan have agreed on.”

“But that more powerful one hasnt come yet,” Tian Qing said.

She reckoned that Zhang Han was not the kind of person who would play by rules.

Besides, given his impressive strength, he was perhaps a master in the Divine Realm.

“He is coming!”

Elder Hus eyes widened slightly.

He looked at the lower side of the river and saw a yacht sailing toward them at a fast speed.

On the deck of the yacht, a man and a girl were sitting in lounge chairs, drinking juice.

They were leisurely enjoying the view as though they were on a yacht sailing to the sea to have fun.

But this place was a relic!

Tang Qingshan, An He, Lu Kai, and the more than 100 people within a radius of hundreds of meters all turned their heads to look at them.

Seeing this scene, they were all dumbstruck.

“They do know how to have fun!”

“How come the Cannibal Fish dont attack them”

Many people were puzzled.

In the black river, the path of the yacht was particularly clear.

The shoals of Cannibal Fish all steered their way away from the yacht when it was still far away from them.

It was as if they were the prey, and the yacht was the Cannibal Fish instead.

“This is really an eye-opener.”

“No wonder the King of Storms was so polite and respectful to him.

He turns out to be really a powerful figure.”

“What level is he at on earth”


The crowd was in a heated discussion.

Under many peoples gazes, the yacht approached Elder Hu and his men.

“Sister Qing, come up and have a rest.”

From far away, Mengmeng invited Tian Qing to come to the yacht.

Qing Tian was a little hesitant, wondering if she could go or not.

After all, Mengmengs parent had not said anything.

Mengmeng was just a kid.

Even though she had invited her over, if her parent did not say so, it would still be inappropriate to board the yacht.

However, what she did not know that when Zi Yan was not present, Mengmeng was basically the one who called all the shots.

In the end, taking Elder Hus hint, Tian Qing got on the boat.

“Daddy, is there any more juice” Mengmeng asked.

Zhang Han never denied Mengmeng anything.

At once, Zhang Han took out a glass of watermelon juice.

“Sister Qing, here you are.

This is a specialty of our Mount New Moon,” Mengmeng said casually.

“Oh, oh.”

Tian Qing smiled, took the glass of juice, and took a sip.

“Hold on!”

“What did she just say”

“Mount, Mount New Moon”


Before she had time to taste the sweetness of the juice, she spat it all out in shock.

“Wh-Wh-Wh-What did you just say Where did you come from” Tian Qings eyes almost popped out of their sockets, and her voice was trembling.

“Oh my God!”

“Mount New Moon!”

“That is the forbidden area of martial arts nowadays.

Any of the people living there is super powerful.”


After Tian Qing recovered from the shock, she was still in a daze.

Mengmeng was also kind of in a daze.

“Did I just mention Mount New Moon”

Seeing this, Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“My daughter is so cute.”

Although she was not as childish as she used to be when she was four or five years old, her quaint style and cute expressions also held Zhang Han fascinated.

It was Zhang Hans pride and satisfaction to let her grow up carefree.

“Excuse me for not recognizing you.”

Tian Qing quickly put down the juice glass and cupped her hands to Zhang Han with reverence.

“I hereby pay my respects to you, Senior.”

“No need to be so courteous.” Zhang Han raised his right hand slightly.

His behavior made Tian Qing more convinced that the two were from Mount New Moon.

“What a terrifying background they have!”


“Sister Qing, why do you seem to be a little afraid of Mount New Moon” Mengmeng was a little confused.

“Am I afraid of them”

“Of course, I am.”

“But how should I answer this question I cant really say that since all the martial artists of Mount New Moon are very powerful, I cant afford to offend them, can I”

“No, I certainly cant say that.”

Tian Qing was a little torn.

After thinking for a couple of seconds, she said, “I do not fear Mount New Moon.

Instead, I respect them.”

“Oh, Sister Qing, drink the juice.

It tastes very good.”


Tian Qing picked up the juice and took a sip.

The refreshing coolness and sweetness were the supreme enjoyment for her taste buds.

“Its really delicious.”

“Of course it is.

Sister Qing, take a seat here and tell me why you think Mount New Moon is powerful.”

Mengmeng liked to learn about these things.

She was raised in Mount New Moon, so she didnt find it any special.

But in the eyes of others, Mount New Moon was like a holy land.

Every time its name was mentioned, the people who heard it were daunted.

“Because Zhang Hanyang, Emperor Qing, and many other powerful people live on Mount New Moon.

It is said that any martial artist from Mount New Moon is above the Grand Master Stage.

They have risen to power in the golden age of the martial arts world several years ago, and they are the mightiest force in todays world.” Tian Qing told Mengmeng some information she knew.

“Ive heard of it.

Is there anything else” Mengmeng probed.

“I dont know anything else.” Tian Qing awkwardly cast a look at Zhang Han.

The events that she knew were just hearsay.

With a member of Mount New Moon right here, she did not dare to say more.

Because if the story she knew was wrong, she would be embarrassed by her ignorance.

Therefore, after deliberating for a moment, she decided to stop speaking.

There was nothing she could talk about with them.

Mengmeng then looked at Zhang Han.

“Daddy, theres a lake in front of us.

Is it our destination”

“Yes, that island is the heart of the relic.”

“Then lets go there.”


The journey started moving again.

Under the curious gazes of many people, the yacht cut through the wind and waves on its way toward the island.

But as soon as they entered the lake—

Huge waves that were five or six meters high began to rise from somewhere more than 50 meters ahead of them.

At a glance, there were more than a dozen of such waves.

“There seems to be something in the water!” Tian Qing suddenly saw something.

“Whats that” Mengmengs big sparkling eyes didnt even blink as she intently stared at the water.

“Do you want to have a look at it”

Zhang Han smiled, and his eyes were shining with a green light.


An invisible ripple spread forward.


It appeared that several submarines were coming to the surface.

Only that the objects were not submarines at all.

They were giant crocodiles!

Giant crocodiles from ancient times

That was right.

Each crocodile was more than 10 meters long.

There were more than 20 of them.

They were all floating in the air 10 meters above the water surface, staring at one another with awkwardness.


Mengmeng marveled, “The crocodiles are so big.”

Hundreds of meters behind them, the crowd was even more frightened.

“There are crocodiles in the lake.

Judging from their aura, they are Qi Strength Masters.

Its too dangerous for people at the Peak Strength Stage.

Seems that its not easy to make it to the center of a D-grade relic at all!”


Thankfully, someone is exploring the way ahead of us.

Otherwise, if we go in rashly, Im afraid that many will become the crocodiles meal.”

“Eh Why are these crocodiles floating in the air Could it be that theyre just bluffing and are actually not powerful at all”

“Whats going on”

“Thats right.

Whats happening”

That was also what the crocodiles were thinking.

“D*mn it, I was swimming in the water, ready to hunt.

But how come I suddenly floated up and couldnt move at all”

“Someone must be setting us up.”

“The target is too tough.

Bros, retreat!”

The largest crocodile wagged its tail and motioned for its brothers to escape as soon as possible.

Dead silence gradually took over the field.

No one spoke.

Many people were wondering what these crocodiles were doing and why they just stared at them with hostility but did not move.

Only Tang Qingshan, An He, Elder Hu, and a few others seemed to have guessed something and looked at Zhang Han with suspicious and astonished eyes.

“These crocodiles are so big and fierce.”

Mengmeng was a little scared at first.

She could tell from their sharp teeth that they were extremely formidable.

However, seeing that they all obediently stayed in the air letting others observe them, Mengmengs fear soon subsided.

After Mengmeng took several close looks at them, Zhang Han dispersed his power that was controlling the crocodiles.

“Flop! Flop!”

These crocodiles dropped into the water, generating great waves.


In an instant, they all fled out of sight.

What about the dignity of beasts That was all nonsense.

To survive was more important than anything else.

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han chuckled and then steered the yacht to quickly head for the island in the center of the lake.

When they came near the island, they found that it was not big.

It had a radius of hundreds of meters, and the slope was not very steep.

In the center of the island, there was a piece of bamboo.

It was blue, as dazzling as a flame.

It was about 16 meters long.

It was called the blue serene bamboo.

Zhan Han remembered that it seemed to be the third time that he came across this kind of treasure.

“Not bad.”

Zhang Han already had no interest in these things.

Under normal circumstances, the blue serene bamboo would be conducive to the Thunder Yang Tree.

But now, since there were the Thunder Yang Flower, the Thunder Yang Grass, and the Thunder Yang Crystal in his territory, he no longer needed these extra supplements.


As soon as the blue serene bamboo was taken, the entire world seemed to shudder.

There was a loud booming sound.

Then, a burst of unstoppable energy drove everyone out.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

The crowd appeared in the manor of the Liu family again.

However, compared with the number of people who had entered the relic, the number of those who exited the relic was reduced by more than 20.

Needless to say, those missing ones would rest in the relic forever and eventually become nourishment for the trees.

“There seems to be someone who didnt follow the rules set by our Liu family.”

When the crowd was still silent, a sneer rang out.

“My family has set the rules about the invitations.

This relic has appeared in my familys manor.

My decision about this visit has also been approved by everyone.

However, some people just didnt follow the rules.

Do they think that the Liu family is a pushover”


“Who is he talking about Isnt it the man on the yacht”

“He strolled casually in the relic as if doing sightseeing.

To be able to do that, how powerful could he be”

“Patriarch Liu, although you are quite mighty, you are only a senior Grand Master at most.

Can you compete with the martial artists of Mount New Moon”

Tian Qing was inwardly stunned.

Everyone present was quiet, and the atmosphere seemed a little weird.

“Is there anything that I dont know”

Patriarch Liu was slightly taken aback.

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