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“My granddaughter is so awesome,” Zhang Guangyou said with a hearty laugh.

“Well, Ive learned from the best.”

As soon as Mengmeng said this, Zhang Guangyous face relaxed with satisfaction.

“For what its worth, Ive taught you martial arts for several years.

I helped you lay the ground.”

However, it seemed that it was not what Mengmeng meant.

“My fireball skill is amazing.

I can now conjure the fireball the size of a basketball.

Also, Daddy just taught me the Fire Whip, which is also called the Deep Flame Whip.

With a flick of that whip, it can kill a lot of monsters…”

“Arent the martial arts that Grandpa taught you also very useful”

“Forget it.

If Mengmeng doesnt care to say it, I can say it myself.”


However, Mengmeng suddenly became stupefied.

She moved her little lips attempting to say something, but stopped on second thought.

Zhang Guangyous face fell.

“When you went to the relic, did your father say that those martial arts were useless”


Zhang Han coughed.

“No, he didnt,” Mengmeng replied in a sweet voice.

This made Zhang Guangyous face look much better.

He chuckled and said, “Thats good.

I thought he said something.

You know, those martial arts are…”

“No, my father didnt say it this time, but he said it before.” Mengmeng waved her hand.

That made Zhang Guangyou swallow the rest of his remark back.

He stared at Zhang Han with widened, murderous eyes.

“Huh You think youre all grown up and can defy me now”

“What I said was those skills were a little useful,” Zhang Han weakly defended himself.

“Oh, so its practically not of much use, is it” Zhang Guangyou pressed.


The two of them began to squabble, while Mengmeng was watching them with a smile on her face.

She was now really good at setting her father up.

That night, Mengmeng again started her bombardment on the side of the pond.

Soon, she flicked the Fire Whip several times.

However, the formation of the whip was too energy-consuming, so Mengmeng could practice for no more than a few minutes.

“Im going to see granduncle.”

Mengmeng ran to Rong Jiaxins place.

“Grandaunt, Im here.

Im here for treasures.”

“What treasures” Rong Jiaxin was a little surprised, but then she beamed at Mengmeng.

“Daddy said that there were a lot of interesting things in granduncles place.”

“Come with me.”

Without any hesitation, Rong Jiaxin took Mengmeng to Wang Mings lab.

Five minutes later.

Wang Mings face slightly paled.

“Hey, hey, hey, you cant let her take this.

I still need it tomorrow.”

“What use could this darn thing have Dont you have a couple more” Rong Jiaxin handed a small flag to Mengmeng despite Wang Mings protest.

“All right.”

Ten minutes later, Wang Ming pleaded, “Dear lord.

Dont empty out my lab.

Please at least leave one thing or two for me.”


Fifteen minutes later, Mengmeng hopped to Zhang Han carrying two bulging large bags in her hands.

“Dad, why dont I have a ring that can store things”

“You are just a kid, not old enough to wearing a ring,” Zhang Han replied.

“It would be more convenient if I had one.

I cant really carry all these things with me wherever I go.” Mengmeng immediately pouted.

It was a very useful move.


But forget the ring, Ill give you a bracelet.

It contains a space of about a dozen cubic meters.”

Zhang Han deliberated for a moment before putting out a white bracelet, which seemed to be made of leather.

“I need a drop of your blood.”

With a stir of his mind, he extracted a drop of blood from Mengmengs finger and integrated it into the bracelet.

“Since you dont have a soul sense, you need to rely on this kind of medium method to have the bracelet recognize you as its owner.

Now, feel the space in it extensively and use the energy in your body as a link.

Its just like a bridge.

When you feel it, you can put things in the bracelet at will,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Basically, Zhang Han would give Mengmeng whatever she wanted, without exception.

“Oh, okay, Ill focus and try to feel it.”

Mengmeng closed her eyes.

Her long eyelashes were slightly quivering.

Looking at her beautiful face, Zhang Hans expression was brimming with tenderness.

About ten seconds later, Mengmeng suddenly opened her eyes.

“I got it!”

“Did you succeed” Zhang Han asked.

“Uh-huh.” Mengmengs eyes sparkled.

She took out a small flag from her pocket and muttered, “My Cosmos Bracelet, take it!”

With a rustle, the little flag directly turned into a beam of light and zoomed into Mengmengs bracelet.

“Show yourself, the banner of magic!”

With another rustle—

A small flag reappeared.


Watching her doing this, Zhang Han couldnt help laughing, while Zi Yan shook her head with a smile.

After playing like this for half an hour, Mengmeng finally put away all the treasures.

“Put them out first.

Ill tell you the use of every treasure, and then Ill give you some more treasures.

Your bracelet contains a space of more than a dozen cubic meters.

I should at least fill half of the space for you,” Zhang Han said, beaming.


Mengmeng nodded obediently and quickly took out those treasures.

“This blue formation flag is a Magical Formation.

It can be used to set up an illusory formation to confuse the enemy.

Those below the Grand Master Stage cant get out of it within an hour.

Even a Grand Master will be trapped for at least five minutes.”

While speaking, Zhang Han picked up a red formation flag, and a dark brilliance flashed across his pupils.

“The red flag is a murderous formation in the form of a storm.

When it is activated, it will produce a big storm that can sweep across the area within 100 meters.

No one below the Grand Master Stage can resist it.”

Zi Yan had a resigned look on her face.

She knew that the formation flags Mengmeng got from Wang Ming were all ordinary formation flags.

The flags Zhang Han said were those he refined right on the spot.

He had really taken the greatest possible care of Mengmeng.


Zi Yan put on a serious face and said solemnly, “You gotta bear these things in mind.

If you accidentally release the power of those treasures, you might injure the people around you.

For instance, if you fumble with those treasures at school, the consequences will be unimaginable, understand”

“I know.

I wont take these things out at school.

I still gotta focus on studying,” Mengmeng answered, her face looking earnest.

The little girl was very bright.

Once she decided to memorize things, she could do it without Zhang Han repeating the points many times.

“Its not that grave at all.” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “When you want to use any of the treasures, the first step you need to do is to activate it, and the second step is to confirm whether its power is released or not.

You can do it in the way you like.

It wont go wrong.

Of course, dont play with those things at school, just in case.

Your Mummy is right.”

“Okay.” Mengmeng nodded meekly.

“This shell is a defensive treasure.”

Zhang Han integrated a formation into the treasure again.

“Its just like the lines you saw on An Xiaoshans skin.

The power of this defensive treasure can last for a day.

When it takes a blow and its energy dissipates, you will feel it.

“And this white formation flag…”

Zhang Han continued to introduce the treasures one by one.

It took him about half an hour to tell Mengmeng the uses of the treasures she had obtained from Wang Ming.

“Dont give me more treasures for now.

Daddy, Im feeling dizzy.”

Mengmeng shook her head in a quite adorable manner, indicating that she could not memorize more information today if Zhang Han gave her more treasures

“Then lets do it tomorrow.”

“Well, Im going to show my whip skills for Mummy!”

Then, she took out a three-meter-long whip and began to wield it on the side.

Since the Fire Whip she conjured could not last for a long time, she had to practice using an ordinary whip for the time being.

It was undeniable that Mengmengs aptitude was very good.

After half an hour of practice, she could already brandish the whip quite lively and vigorously.

The daily cultivation was also quite enjoyable.

By October 7th, Mengmeng had already grasped the basics of the whip-using method.

Zhang Han then took her to the relic in Xichuan Province.

After the second training, the little girl was more proficient in the Fireball Skill and the Deep Flame Whip.

That night, they came back at 12 oclock.

“Oh, no!”

Mengmeng was alarmed.

“Whats wrong” Zhang Han was also shocked.

“What is she thinking now”

“I forgot to do my homework.”

“How horrible that is!”

Mengmeng raced back to her bedroom and began to work on her homework.

It was not until she got it done one hour later that she loosened up, lay in bed, and whistled.

It had only been two months since she started cultivation.

At first, she didnt know anything about cultivation.

But now, she already learned about the martial arts world, the worldlets, the Ancient Mine, the Kings Domain, the Kunlun Immortal World, the three forbidden areas of the living, the terrible Northernmost Sea, the Boundless Sea that would cause people to lose their way, the ancient relics, and the spiritual beasts.

The outline of the whole world was gradually taking shape in Mengmengs mind.

She had moved from learning martial arts to learning the Fireball Skill.

At first, she could just produce the fireball the size of the nail cap of a little finger.

Gradually, it grew to the size of the nail cap of a thumb, a fist, a football, and a basketball.

Now, she had even grasped the Deep Flame Whip and obtained a mountain of treasures.

She felt that her life was dream-like.

The process of learning was also called growth.

On the early morning of the next day, Mengmeng went back to school life again.

Both Zhang Han and Zi Yan came to send Mengmeng to school.

When they arrived at the campus, the little girl carried her schoolbag on her back and returned to her classroom.

The students were chatting lively.

A few naughty boys were running around with excitement.

Bei Jinnan was relatively quiet and was sitting in his seat.

When he saw Mengmeng, his eyes brightened up.

“When the teacher comes in a moment, our transcripts will be handed to us.

Then, well be assigned new seats according to our grades.

Mengmeng, youll probably be in the first row.

If nothing goes wrong, I should be in the third row,” Bei Jinnan said.


Mengmeng put down her schoolbag and abruptly heaved with a sigh.

Then, with a torn expression, she said, “Mummy wants me to get good grades in the exam, but I dont like to sit in the first row.

Its too close to the blackboard.”

“Which row do you like” Bei Jinnan asked.

“Maybe the third or the fifth rows,” Mengmeng replied.

“Oh, I see.”

After they chatted for a while, the class bell rang.

Bai Yilin came in with the transcripts.

“Boys and girls, you did a pretty good job in this monthly exam.

Your overall grades have ranked second in all the key classes.

Today, we are going to assign you new seats according to the result of the exam.”

Before he could finish his words, Bei Jinnan raised his hand and stood up.

“Teacher, can we choose the seats we like according to the ranking of our grades”

“Choose the seats you like” Bai Yilin said with a faint smile.

In that case, the students would definitely choose to sit with their close friends.

Then, they would do more small talks in class, which would not be of any help to their studies.

“That I cant allow.

There are rules in this class.

We have to assign the seats according to the rules.

However, Bei Jinnans suggestion is also very good.”

While speaking, Bai Yilin motioned for him to sit down.

But Bei Jinnan did not.

Instead, he continued, “Sir, if a student keeps staying in the first row, his or her vision will be greatly affected.”

What a great excuse!

Bai Yilin thought for a moment and said, “First, lets assign the seats according to the ranking like always.

However, Ill give the top five students a special privilege.

They can choose to sit in their favorite row.

As for which specific seat they will take, we can deal with it later.

Next, Ill say the names one by one on the list.

Those whose names I mention should come to the first row with their schoolbags and everything.”

“The one who has come first in the first monthly exam in Class 8 of the first-year students is Zhang Yumeng.”


Mengmeng was slightly stunned.

She never thought that she would get the first place.

She walked to the first row with her schoolbag.

A student sitting in the first row moved aside and stood next to the teacher.

After hearing Mengmeng became the first in this exam, there was a murmur of discussion in the classroom, and many were also kind of surprised.

“Mengmeng likes playing.

Recently, she has also founded the Cloud Shadow Club.

Weve never seen her study hard.

But why did she suddenly get the first place”

The student who was most unwilling to accept this result was the bespectacled boy that Bei Jinnan had taught a lesson to.

“Why did she still come first in the exam though shes spent most of her time playing I study until 11 oclock every day.

But how come Im still not the top student”

“The one who has taken the second place is Lu Xiaohui.”

“Oh, it turns out that Ive come in second.”

He went to sit next to Mengmeng and didnt say anything.

Mengmeng remained silent as well.

She did not like this dull boy.

“No matter what others do, I dont need to care about those I dont like.

Daddy has taught me that.”

“The one who has come in third is…”

It took 20 minutes to arranges the seats for all the students.

“The top five students can pick the row they want to sit in, provided that someone in that row is willing to switch seats with them.

Any of you want to switch seats”


As it turned out, Mengmeng was the only one who raised her hand.

Bai Yilin smiled helplessly.

“Which row do you want to go to”

“Well… the fifth row.”

“Is there anyone in the fifth row who wants to take the seat of the top student Student Gu, youre the first one to raise your hand, so its yours.”

Three students had held up their hands, but only the one who reacted fastest got the place.

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