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“The top five students, does anyone else want to change seats” Bai Yilin asked again.

“If you dont change it, you have to wait for the next time.

Since the rules are set, you can choose your seat every time if you are among the top five students in the class.”


Bai, I want to change mine.”

The third-placed student in the class raised his hand.

“Where do you want to change it” Bai Yilin asked.

“I want to sit in the third row.”

“Does any student in the third row want to sit in the first row”

Five seconds passed, and no one raised their hands.

Not everyone liked to sit in the first row, where it was close to the blackboard.

If a student in the first row did something naughty, it would be the easiest for the teacher to catch him.

The distance between the teacher and students in the third row was pretty good, so no one wanted to change.

In the end, there was a female student who wanted to sit at the same table with the fourth-placed girl, so she raised her hand.

“After changing seats, move one row horizontally every week.

In this way, its fair to assign the seats according to the grades.

The students in the last row have to work harder.

You made it into the key class, and it shows that you are very smart.

Your grades are not good just because you havent put much effort into learning.

Master the methods, and I believe you can do it.

Well, this self-study class should not be wasted.

Lets talk about the math questions.

The last big question, the error rate in our class is up to fifty percent.

Zhang Yumeng, come to the blackboard to solve this question for everyone,” Bai Yilin said slowly.

In the class, his subject representative was not his favorite student.

Instead his favorite student was Mengmeng, who didnt hold any position in the class.

Mengmeng was very lively and cute.

She was very serious in class.

She had good grades and looked pretty.

She was very much loved by teachers.

As for the division of seats by grades, Bai Yilin had thought about it carefully.

When it came to changing seats, he had thought about moving them together, front and back, left and right, but later a few parents tried to bribe him with various shopping cards, and some even directly transferred money to him, trying to suck up to him.

Some parents wanted to change seats for their children, and it gave him a headache.

As the class teacher, he was not only in charge of students, but also faced someoffensive from many parents.

It was quite normal, but Bai Yilin was financially self-sufficient, so he never accepted these gifts.

Half of the class passed quickly, and the students took a break.

English class would start in ten minutes.

The rate of Mengmeng being called by the teacher to answer questions was relatively high, and she always answered them correctly.

Sometimes the teacher asked some difficult questions, and then she started to make mistakes, which could always make some teachers laugh inexplicably.

The study life was very boring, but those who knew how to make fun in the midst of suffering would make their life more interesting.

Two weeks later.

Two couples, instructors Liu and Ah Hu and their wives returned from their honeymoon.

The restaurant was very lively that night.

Mengmeng ran out first after dinner, playing a whip in the back mountain.

Mu Xue went over secretly.

“Little buddy.” Mu Xue whispered.

“Whats the matter, Aunty Xue” Mengmeng was surprised for a moment.

Then she came up to her and lowered her voice.

“There is a relic on Saturday in Hidden Dragon Island.

How about I take you to play there this time” Mu Xue said.

“A relic!”

Mengmengs eyes lit up.

“No, I will go with Dad.”

“Huh You little girl, dont you want to play with me anymore” Mu Xue snorted.

“No, this is the third relic.

I have to go see it with my dad.

Aunty Xue, you should line up.

My grandfather still wants to take me to see the relic.

I will go with you after I finish it with him,” Mengmeng whispered.

“Oh, okay.

I shouldnt have told you.” Mu Xue snorted angrily.

Mengmeng blinked without saying anything, and ran away.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan had returned to the castle earlier and the mother was washing clothes again.

She was very diligent.

The process was to put the clothes in the washing machine and then take them out to dry.

Just as Mengmeng ran to the gate of the castle, Zhang Han just came out.

“Why are you running so fast” Zhang Han smiled when he saw her.

“Dad, there is a relic on Saturday at Hidden Dragon Island.

Shall we go” Mengmeng took Zhang Hans hand and grinned.

“Im afraid I cant go on Saturday.

Didnt we make an appointment to go out to sea” Zhang Han replied.

“When we finish exploring the relic, we will play with mom on Sunday How about we take her to explore the relics together”

“She wont agree.

Didnt she say that, except for long vacations and winter and summer vacations, you arent allowed go to the relics in other times for fear of delaying your study,” Zhang Han replied hesitantly.

“Zhang Han, you have changed.” Mengmengs small face was full of resentment.

“I havent changed.”

Zhang Han was speechless.

Was she doing it again

“Youve changed.”

“I really havent changed.

Your mother doesnt agree.

There is nothing I can do about it.”

“You agreed to everything I said before, but now you cant.” Mengmeng sighed deeply, “Well, how about I find a boyfriend”

“Ah.” Zhang Hans face darkened, and he hurriedly replied, “It is still negotiable.

Ill talk to your mother.

Drop such a dangerous idea.”

“Yeah, Dad, you are the best.

Im sure you can do it.

Try your best to talk to my mother.

If you are persuasive enough, she will definitely agree.”

Mengmengs face brightened in an instant, and she smiled at Zhang Han.

“I really… I cant do anything about you.”

Zhang Han looked helpless.

He didnt go out.

He just went back to the third floor.

Zhang Han was still very successful in persuading Zi Yan.

She allowed them to go out this time.

This seemed to be a beginning, and it would go out of control.

On Saturday, they went to Hidden Dragon Island.

Zhang Han and Mengmeng entered the C-class relic and they had a great time.

There was a world of icebergs, climbing, skating, fighting…

Zi Yan thought that the relic trip would be over after they left.

However, after two weeks, Zhang Guangyou showed up at the door with Mengmeng.

“My son, daughter-in-law, you have been very busy recently, and finally you have time to rest.

Why dont you two take this weekend off and just spend some time together Mengmeng has grown up.

Dont worry.

I will take her out this weekend.”

“Dad, we are not busy.” Zi Yans face was stiff.

“Hey! You have been working for so many days.

Of course youve been very busy.” Zhang Guangyou retorted.


“Listen to me, you and Han go out to have fun and try to give me a grandson.” Zhang Guangyou used a different trick.

His words made Zi Yans face flushed, and she couldnt say anything against it.

She felt very helpless and could only stare at Mengmeng secretly.

But Mengmeng not only didnt panic, but also made a face at Zi Yan.

When Mengmeng came back that night, she was greeted by Zi Yan with a whip in her hand…

After she went to the relic with Zhang Guangyou again, Mengmeng couldnt help complaining after she came back home.

“Grandpa is not good at all.

I dont like him anymore.”

“Whats wrong” Zhang Han was surprised.

“Every time something comes up, Grandpa will make a rush to do it and wont allow me do it,” Mengmeng pouted and said unhappily, “the trip to the relic this time feels like riding a sightseeing cable car.

Its not fun at all.”

“It seems your grandpa is not doing a great job.” Zhang Han squinted slightly.

“Next time, dont go with him.”

“Well, next time I will go to play with Aunty Xue.”

“Your Aunty Xue That girl is not reliable.”

How could Zhang Han not know that Mu Xue had told Mengmeng about the relic But he didnt care, and the quality time he had spent with his wife Zi Yan was quite interesting.

A week later, Mu Xue brought news of the relics again.

They were all low-class relics.

In the vast land of Hua nation, the frequency of low-class relics showing up was about the same as usual, which was two or three times a month.

In this way, Mengmengs relic adventure began.

She played twice with Mu Xue, twice with Zhang Han, and twice with Zhang Guangyou.

Only then did Mengmeng realize that it seemed that she didnt feel any excitement with the three of them.

Zi Yan turned a blind eye to it

Mengmeng came first in both the second monthly test and the third monthly test.

Her score was as good as usual.

She could have some fun if she wanted to.

What she didnt know was that, in order to explore the relics, Mengmeng was always very serious in studying at school.

After lunch, she returned to the class to read textbooks.

Her hard work set a good example for other students in the class.

The entire Cloud Shadow Club knew that their president was very good at learning, and they learned from her.

One day, the first class in the afternoon was the class teachers class.

Bai Yilin came to the classroom five minutes early.

When the class started, the students came back one after another.

He smiled and said, “Next Saturday is Christmas, and we will have a week of holidays.

The good news is that at three oclock in the afternoon on Friday, we will hold the Christmas Art Festival of the Junior High School in the studio on the sixth floor.

Every class will put on a performance.

Singing, dancing, cross talk, two-man comic show, magic, sketches, poetry recitations, etc.

are all good.

We have more than three programs in our class.

Rehearsal is required.

It is not considered a formal program unless its rehearsed.

I hope everyone will participate in actively.

Ill give you 20 minutes, and we will discuss who is going to put on a show.”


The students were in high mood in an instant.

A few students were eager to have a try, and they even looked a little nervous.

There were also many students who showed no inclination to participate in it.

They didnt care about such a show, and didnt want to take part in it.

They believed that they were not talented enough to give it a try.

They had no choice.

“Mengmeng, would you like to perform” Li Muen, who was sitting next to Mengmeng in the front row, turned his head and asked.


Before Mengmeng said anything, Bai Yilin looked at her and smiled, “Yumeng, as one of the prettiest girls in our class, you have to put on a show.

Put your performance skills aside, shall we see if you can be selected first, ok

“Well” Mengmeng was surprised or a moment.

After pondering for a second, she pursed her lips, “Mr.

Bai, why dont you have confidence in me I can sing and dance.

I can also perform martial arts and magic shows.


Bai, which one do you want me to perform”

Bai Yilin was surprised.

He was a little confused.

Was she so versatile

She was the best student in the class, and she was good at singing, dancing, martial arts and magic, too Really

“I do not believe you.”

Ning Hui was the first one to retort.

“I will believe you if you perform one.”

After spending so much time together, Ning Hui had also participated in the Cloud Shadow Club.

He had been getting along well with Mengmeng and Li Muen.

The minor disputes when enrolling in school had long been forgotten.

They were all children who had not grown up, and there was not much bad blood between them.


“Come on!”

The students were encouraging her.

“Why not” Bai Yilin smiled and applauded.

Encouraged, everyone applauded.

“Then I will sing a short passage.”

Mengmeng did not have stage fright at all.

She warmed up for two seconds, and sang a cappella.

It was the song that her father had written for her mother.

“I embrace love, and wake up from a dream…”

It was a supreme delight for the ears.

After a short passage was finished, the whole class was quiet, because they couldnt imagine that a cappella would be so beautiful.


There was a warm applause from the whole class.

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