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Chapter 96 – Little shyness

“Eh …”

When Zhang Han saw Zi Yans rosy red face with her beautiful eyes flickering, he only felt a little tempted in his heart.

“PaPa, what are you looking at”

Mengmeng imitated Zi Yans tone, staring with her big eyes, pouting her small mouth as she spoke, her small appearance was as cute as it could get.

Seeing that, Zhang Han shook his head and chuckled, he looked at Zi Yan and said: “Lets go back first, your clothes are all wet, you must be uncomfortable.”

“Yes.” Zi Yan lightly tapped her forehead.

Not only was she wet and uncomfortable, but the way Zhang Han looked at her also felt uncomfortable!

‘Hmph, this bastard is always bullying me, because I am Mengmengs mother.

Zi Yan secretly snorted in her heart, but she did not reveal all of this on her face.

It was enough to say that she did not treat Zhang Han as an outsider.

Otherwise, forget about such an expression, Zhang Han would not even see Zi Yans smiling face.

After Zi Yan got up, Zhang Han put away the parasol and cushion.

It was only then that Mengmeng remembered her remotely piloted plane.

She spoke a little anxiously: “Aiya, PaPa, the plane crashed.

We are going to save the plane!”

“Alright.” Zhang Han just replied and was about to go get the plane.

However, just as Zhang Han took a step forward, Little Black who was by his side bellowed and ran over.

Its speed was very fast, and its four legs were moving up and down.

It was helpless, it was the little steward of the territory.

When Zhang Han realized that there were two fewer chickens, Little Black felt that it had stirred up some trouble, and now, it wanted to perform even better.

Little Blacks speed was extremely fast.

After running for about ten seconds, it arrived at the edge of the pond.

With a leap, its entire body jumped up more than a meter, and it opened its mouth to bite down on the remote control aircraft that was hung on the holly.


Little Black fell into the pond and then calmly swam up.

It had a fawning expression on its face as it came over with the plane.

Actually, Zi Yans falling into the water was somewhat related to Zhang Han.

Normally, Little Black would look after the matters of the territory, and when Zhang Han called Little Black away, that would happen.

If Little Black were here, it would definitely not have let Zi Yan do anything dangerous.

But if Zi Yan did not fall into the water, Zhang Han would not be able to see her beautiful figure and her embarrassed expression.

“Hmm hah, the Little Black is so powerful.”

Mengmeng took the remote-controlled aircraft, extended her hand and patted Little Blacks head.

Little Black happily circled around Mengmeng a few times.

Seeing this, Zhang Han smiled and shook his head; he saw Little Blacks gaze secretly sizing him up.

Its just stealing two chickens, whats the big deal.

Zhang Han never planned to punish Little Black in the first place.

As a member of the same clan and also a housekeeper of the territory, the treatment of Little Black would naturally not be bad.

After Mengmeng bid farewell to Little Black and the other dogs, she prepared to leave the mountain with Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

Arriving in front of the panda car, Zhang Han thought for a while, then took off his jacket, draped it over Zi Yans body, and said:

“Wear it, dont catch a cold …”

Zi Yans expression paused for a moment, and lightly tapped her forehead.

She sat in the back seat with Mengmeng, and only when Zhang Han was about to get on the car did he remember Pure yang water.

He forgot about it.

“I need to get something.”

Zhang Han said as he turned and walked towards the Mount New Moon.

Zi Yan looked at Zhang Hans back from the carriage and snorted.

He even said not to catch a cold.

In such a hot day, he obviously used his big clothes to cover her body.

If he was afraid of her catching a cold, why did he not give her clothes earlier Why did he have to go down the mountain

Although she thought this in her heart, Zi Yan still felt comfortable.

After all, from this small detail, she could tell that Zhang Han still cared about her, and that it would be a little awkward if she really went back like this.

Zhang Han returned to the thunder yang tree and filled a small milk bucket with Pure Yang Water, then he went down the mountain again and drove back to the restaurant.

Originally, Zhang Han planned to play until around noon before returning.

However, as Zi Yan had fallen into the water, they were back more than an hour early.

It was also because she had fallen into the water that they had to wait so long for lunch.

Returning to the dining hall, Zhang Li was chatting with Zhou Fei.

When they saw that Zhang Han and Zi Yan were drenched from head to toe, they were surprised.

“Oh! Elder Sister Yan, we only came back from the mountain for a short while.

What did you, you and brother-in-law do Are you playing with mandarin-duck game ” Zhou Fei said with anIm shocked expression.

“Stupid girl, are you talking nonsense Let me sew your mouth shut!” Zi Yan glared fiercely at her.

“En hmph, thats not it, its Mama, Mama! She wanted to help Mengmeng fall off the plane, and then, Mama fell off into the water.

PaPa flew over quickly, and saved Mama!” Mengmeng explained what happened as she pouted.

She had seen Zhang Han flying on the water.

Although Mengmeng did not understand how big and tall treading on water meant, but she felt that the PaPa was so cool back then!

Zhang Han laughed as he rubbed Mengmengs head.

He did not mind letting his family see the scene of him becoming strong.

As time passed by, they would realize more things, and Zhang Han would bring his family members along to cultivate in the future.

There was a lot of truth in this saying that a man could ascend the path of the heavens.

Furthermore, Zhang Hans first step on the surface of the water was not true treading on the water; it was only based on the premise that he could run a certain distance in the water with his current speed.

With Zhang Hans current strength, he could only run for a few hundred meters on the water surface.

To tread on the water surface, he would need to attain Foundation Stage that could emit spirit energy.

“Lets go to change clothes.”

After said that, Zhang Han and Zi Yan headed to the second floor.

At this time, Zhang Li also teased:

“Brother, yesterday you said that you want to sleep on the sofa.

But you said lets change clothes today.

Hehe, it seems like you and sister-in-law have a good relationship.”

Zi Yan, who was walking in front, almost staggered, she did not turn back, her face slightly flushed, and quickly walked towards the second floor.

“Its all your fault!” After entering the bedroom, Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han in a bad mood.

She didnt even realize how charming and moving her tone was.

Zhang Han was baffled.

Why are you blaming me

On the other hand, after Zi Yan said that, she started rummaging through her clothes in the luggage, while Zhang Han took out a new set of casual clothes from his wardrobe, and went to the second bedroom to change clothes.

When Zhang Han walked out, the main bedrooms door was still closed.

Presumably, Zi Yan was still changing her clothes, so Zhang Han directly went downstairs.

In the master bedroom, Zi Yan took off her wet clothes and placed them to the side.

In reality, she was wearing a set of white undergarments, but even so, it revealed her perfect and graceful figure.

‘Which one are you wearing

Looking at the clothes in front of him, Zi Yan didnt know how to choose.

Sometimes, people would always have difficulty choosing their clothes, and many women would go back and forth when they were carefully dressing up, making it easier for men to do so.

Because they dont have enough clothes!

‘Which one

Zi Yan looked at the pretty garment thatZhang Han bought for her with a somewhat hesitant expression:

“He just gave them to me yesterday, and Im already wearing them today.

Dont you think thats a little bad”

“Will he think too much “Would he think I like him”

“Like him “Hmph, how is that possible!”

“I wont wear it!”

Zi Yans gaze once again returned to the trunk, choosing again and again, but she still wasnt able to make a decision.

Hence, her gaze once again couldnt help but drift towards the clothes, stretching her hand out, hesitantly muttering:

“The clothes he choose are pretty, and his eyesight is pretty good.

So why dont I wear it”

“Humph!” Its not because of him! Just wear this! ”

In the end, Zi Yan still wore the clothes, and her lower body matched up with a pair of super shorts.

At this time, everyone downstairs was seated at the dining table.

Zhang Han hugged Mengmeng and interacted with her in his arms.

When Zi Yan walked down from the stairs.

Everyones eyes turned towards Zi Yan in unison! Seeing Zi Yan walking over gracefully, everyones eyes lit up!

If it was said that the Zi Yan of the morning was dressed like a sports wind, then the Zi Yan of now had a cute, yet wild style.

“Woo woo, its so beautiful!” Mengmeng could not help but wave her arm and say.

Hearing her daughters praise, Zi Yans mouth raised up slightly, and walked over to Mengmeng and sat on the left side of her.

“Aiyo, Elder Sister Yan, you really know how to dress up more and more.

Tsk tsk, why didnt I realize this before, could it be …” Zhou Fei wanted to make fun of her.

Before she could finish her words, Zi Yan opened her mouth first:

“Someone is talking nonsense.

Dont even think about drinking that kind of water.”

“Burp!” Zhou Fei braked and stopped herself from speaking.

She burped and stared at Zi Yan, her expression instantly becoming obedient and saying:

“Is there beauty water Ah! Elder Sister Yan, you are the best, Elder Sister Yan, you are so beautiful, I will not speak carelessly anymore, I promise, I swear, I will not speak carelessly anymore.

“Then remember it, hmph.” Zi Yan let out a grunt, looked at Zhang Han, and said: “Give some of the water to Fei Fei.”

“Yes, weve prepared a lot this time.

Everyone can drink a bit more.” Zhang Han nodded, he stood up and walked out.

“Hehehehe, brother-in-law is the best!” Zhou Fei said joyfully: “Thank you, brother-in-law!”

Zi Yan could not help but roll her eyes at these words.

As it turned out, a womans promises were justpromises andoaths.

It was just a simple word.

Very quickly, Zhang Han brought the water bucket back.

At the same time, Zhou Fei had already prepared several cups, and even prepared for Zhao Feng.

Zhang Han took the water and poured it for everyone.

This time, the quantity was enough for everyone to drink.

Zhao Feng was not courteous at all, he was extremely curious about this kind of beautiful water.

After drinking it, Zhang Han, Zi Yan, Zhang Li, and Mengmeng did not have much reaction, but Zhou Fei and Zhao Fengs reaction was extremely intense.

Not even two seconds had passed after drinking it, both of their stomachs continuously rumbled.


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