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There were nine shows submitted by each class, and only three of them would pass the rehearsal, and two of them would remain to be determined.

With limited resources, the teachers in charge of the rehearsal must arrange them properly so that every class would be able to participate in it.

Some class, such as Class 8, Grade 1, was doing it so well that all five of their shows were selected, but they had given other classes a chance.

At this time, there would be some pending show.

As a result… it had been pending until the beginning of the festival.

It lost its chance.

“Students, lets go to the studio in two minutes.

Those who want to go to the bathroom have to go now.

When you get there, dont walk around or make loud noises.

The show will last for almost two hours.

After the show is over, our vacation will begin.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas in advance.

Its a week-long holiday just before the New Years Eve.

Have fun.

Then come back to school and study hard, and strive for the first place for our class in the final exam.” Bai Yilin eloquently said a few words and won a lot of applause.

He was very popular and his students liked him very much.

After he finished, many students went to the bathroom one after another, returned to the class to gather, and came to the studio on the top floor together.

Many classes were already sitting in it.

They followed the teachers instructions, came to the left central area and sat in two rows.

“Zhang Yumeng, Liu Xiaoxin, what are you doing here There is no place for you here.

Go backstage and make preparations.

Come back after the show.”

When Bai Yilin found that the two of them came over, he was amused.

“Oh, I forgot.” Mengmeng had just sat down.

She quickly stood up again, and walked backstage with her classmate.

In ten minutes, at three oclock, two boys and two girls, the four outstanding junior student hosts went on the stage.

Male voice: Dear leaders and guests.

Female voice: Dear teachers and classmates.

Together: Good afternoon everyone!

After very simple opening remarks, the first male student on the left said enthusiastically, “In this gorgeous day, were ushering in the No.

1 Middle School Christmas Art Festival again.

Open your mind, express your feelings, raise your sails, and show your literary talent.”


He said a lot, and then all the hosts said together, “Please welcome Mr.

Wang on the stage to address the art festival.”

The principal went on stage and said something briefly, and the show officially began.

At this time in the fire exit at the back door.

“Can we just go in like this” Zi Yan whispered, “Are we going to secretly sit in the back row Are there seats for us”

“Lets not sit in the back row.

How about we sit on the top”

Zhang Han said, amused, “Anywhere is fine.”

When they entered the venue, the several people standing at the door just ignored them.

They seemed to have become ghosts who floated to the roof of the shed and sat fifty meters away from the stage.

Juice, snacks, sofa, coffee table…

Zi Yan pursed her lips.

“I thought we would be sitting somewhere secretly.”


Soon the first show started.

It was a poem recitation to music.

The performer was a student in the key class of the second grade.

The music was very melodious, and he looked intoxicated.

After three seconds, he started to recite the poem,

“I once dreamed that I would travel to the end of the world with a sword, but there was too much homework to complete that I was not able to…”

The faces of several teachers darkened.

However, he quickly changed his tone and started to sing praises to school life, which made many students and teachers laugh.

The opening show was very interesting.

The second show was a chorus sung by eleven students.

Soon, there was the third show, the fourth…

At the beginning, everyone was interested, and there was a wonderful sketch when the audience became most excited.

After that, some of the shows became quite boring.

Especially some students, faced with thousands of people, were nervous and made mistakes as soon as they went on the stage.

Finally, most of the shows were over.

“The red and purple flowers have become dust, and the sound of cuckoos welcomes a new summer.”

“I believe many people like summer.”

“The next show is about summer.

Lets welcome Zhang Yumeng from Class 8, Grade 1 to sing the song Last Summer.”

The audience was very quiet and there was only a little noise.

As soon as the host announced this show, Zhou Lei grinned and put his right hand on his mouth to blow a loud whistle.

“Oh!” Many junior students cheered and the audience burst into applause to greet Mengmeng, who was about to perform.

Mengmeng was wearing a hip-hop styled shirt, with her hair tied behind her head and a few braids.

She went on the stage.

The lighting effects were good, and she could see clearly many people in the audience.

Unfortunately, there was no big screen.

Apart from some people in the front rows who could see Mengmengs good looks, those in the back rows couldnt.

But it did not stop some people from taking out their phones to record videos.


Accompaniment began, and Mengmeng moved slightly in accordance with Zi Yans guide, walked a few steps forward, and began to sing,

“What is there to wait for, and what sorrow is there The people in this story are not wonderful.

Summer comes and goes, but the people are no longer there.

It repeats my turbulent patience…”

The song had been released for a while, but it was not very popular.

Zi Yan felt that its melody was good, so she had decided to choose this song.

However, with Mengmengs unique voice, the whole stage seemed to have come alive.

The song was beautiful.

There was a round of thunderous applause.

Even Zhang Han clapped vigorously.

“Thank you all.” Mengmeng smiled mischievously and left the stage happily.

There were thousands of audience when she was singing on stage.

Mengmeng felt such an experience pretty good, but it was not as fun as going to the relics.

“God, Mengmeng sings so beautifully, right”

Xiao Ma, sitting next to Zhou Lei, was impressed.

“I cant believe it.

She is beautiful and sweet, and has an amazing voice.

Well done, girl! Lei, you have a good taste.

She can sing and dance, and she studies well.

What a versatile and perfect girl!”

“She is perfect and flawless,” Zhou Lei stared at the stage blankly and muttered, “Unfortunately, she is not what I can expect.”

“What Not what you can expect Why do you say that” Xiao Ma was stunned suddenly.

“Oh, no, nothing.” Zhou Lei came to his sense and chuckled at him drily without explaining it.

He remembered what his parents and elder brother had said to him.

“Yumeng comes from a great background, and even the children of top families like the Luo family didnt dare to approach her.

If you really like her, we wont stand in your way.

But you can only like her in your heart.

If you can make her like you too, then good for you.

But you cant harass her…”

That was what they meant.

He could like her, but he couldnt pursue her, and he could make her pursue him.

But was it possible

Zhou Lei felt that it would be very hard.

But at least he should try.

Bei Jinnan was in a similar situation, and he felt the same at this time.

However, Mengmengs parents were watching the show above.

If they said anything inappropriate, they would probably be punished.

“Lei, I just recorded a video, and she is so good.

Shall I post it on the school forum” Xiao Ma said tentatively, “Why dont we show those guys in high school how great the beautiful girl in our junior high school is at singing”

“Its up to you.”

So Xiao Ma smirked and uploaded the video to the school forum.

At first, there were very few comments and clicks, but in the evening, it started to grow exponentially.

At 5:20 p.m., the art festival turned out a complete success and the holiday began.

“Mom, Dad, did you go to the show” Mengmeng got into the car and asked with a grin

“I experienced what it felt like when Mom was on the stage.

It was a bit exciting.

I was nervous at first.

It was funny.”

“Of course, we went to the show.

Your performance was very good.

It was beyond my expectation.

It was amazing.” Zi Yan praised.

“If its fun, why dont you become a star and have some fun I will sponsor you, help you release albums and make movies for you.

You will win the best awards in the world.” Zhang Han laughed.

“Become a star” Mengmengs big sparkling eyes didnt blink.

After some thought, she shook her head and replied, “No, we already have a big star in our family.

Just one is enough.

I still want to be a heroine.”

“Then be a heroine, the best heroine.” Zhang Han echoed.

Zi Yan smiled helplessly.

They were indeed doting parents.

They went back to Crescent Mountain.

After having dinner and playing for a while, the family of three and Zhang Guangyou showed up in the back mountain.

Mengmengs big eyes were intent.

She observed for a minute, and then sneaked to the villa under the castle in the front mountain,

“Uncle Feng, are you there Uncle Feng”

“Hello, Mengmeng.

Why are you looking for him” Liang Mengqi walked to the first floor wearing an apron and looked at Mengmeng with a smile.

“Your Uncle Feng hasnt come back yet.

Whats the matter”


Then Ill go out to play.”

Mengmeng turned around and ran away.

Two minutes later, she arrived at Mu Xues villa, opened the door on the first floor, and whispered, “Aunty Xue, are you there Aunty Xue”

“You kept your voice low.

Do you want to do bad things again”

There came a voice from behind.

“Ah!” Mengmeng was surprised and turned around quickly.

After seeing Mu Xue, she took Mu Xues arm.

“Aunty Xue, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it Why are you so mysterious” Mu Xue looked at Mengmeng suspiciously.

“You couldnt find someone to send you to the relics secretly, and now you are coming to me I can tell you, dont even think about it.

You little girl, dont get me in trouble.

On this mountain, no ant can escape your fathers control, let alone us.

He is very powerful, and we are too weak.

We are no match for him.”

“Well” Mengmeng was stunned.

She didnt even know what to say.

How could she have guessed it so accurately

“Well, how cute and silly you are.” Mu Xue couldnt help laughing.

“Im not.

You are cute and silly! Humph, I dont like you anymore.” Mengmeng pursed her lips and snorted heavily.

She immediately let go of Mu Xues arm, turned and left.

“All right, we need your fathers permission.

Lets go find him.” Mu Xue was amused.

She quickly took two steps forward quickly, took Mengmengs hand and ran to the back mountain.

“No, what if my mother doesnt agree” Mengmeng shook her head.

“No, Im not going.

I think Id better go to my Dad secretly at night.”

“It doesnt matter.

Your mother is reasonable.

As long as your father agrees, she wont refuse,” Mu Xue said casually.

“It doesnt seem so,” Mengmeng muttered and then pondered again.

Forget it, she would just go and ask.

“Dad!” When they got close, Mengmeng let go of Mu Xues hand, ran to Zhang Han quickly, and sat on his lap.

She was leaning against his chest very intimately.

“Want to go out to play tomorrow” Zhang Han smiled.

He certainly knew what had happened.

“Aunty Xue wants to go on an adventure with me.”

“Go to the relics again” Zi Yan stretched out her slender arm and squeezed Mengmengs face.

“Are you all addicted to going to the relics now”

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