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“I mainly try to practice my skills,” Mengmeng replied with a pouting little mouth, “Do you agree, Mom”

“What if I disagree” Zi Yan smiled.

“Then Ill be angry.”

“What if I agree” Zi Yan said again.

“Then Ill give you a kiss.” Mengmeng immediately made a face to Zi Yan.

“You are naughty and playful.” Zi Yan was amused.

“Come over and kiss me.”

“OK.” Mengmengs eyes lit up and she leaned into Zi Yans arms and kissed her several times.

Unexpectedly, Zi Yan could be naughty.

“Okay, Youve kissed me.

I disagree, so you can be angry now.”

Oh! Mengmengs face darkened, and her eyes were full of disappointment.

Was she kidding

Fortunately, Zi Yan was just teasing Mengmeng.

With that, she squeezed Mengmengs face again.

“You can go, but your father will accompany you.”

“Maam, isnt it the same for me to go” Mu Xue said with a smile, sitting beside her, “it just so happens that I havent visited the relics for a long time.

How about I take Mengmeng to go there”

Before Zi Yan could answer, Mengmeng shook her head and said, “No need, Aunty Xue.

I will take you to play next time.

This time I will go with my dad.”

“Huh” Mu Xue was confused.

Her head was a little dizzy.

“How cruel you are!” Mu Xue snorted softly.

“Tomorrow, Ill take you to the Zhuhai relics mainly for sightseeing, and practicing secret arts is less important.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Because tomorrows relics are not Class-C, but Class-B.

It would be dangerous for those below the Wu Dao Grand Master level.”

“Class- B relics Didnt Grandpa say it was Class-C” Mengmeng was surprised.

“That was a few days ago.

The fluctuation of the relics will change according to the time.

The nearer the date, the more accurate the detection will be,” Mu Xue replied.

“Oh, are all the people going to the Class-B relics strong masters” Mengmeng asked.

“No one will go there recklessly.

Those who go there should be Grand Master or above, or there may be some God Realm martial artists who are idle.”

“Dad, can I beat a Grand Master”

“Huh…” Mu Xue smiled suddenly.

“You want to beat a Grand Master after practicing for a few months Its definitely not enough.

Of course, if you use your treasures, you can crush a few Grand Masters to death.”

“Well, I see.”

Anyway, she was happy as long as she could go to the relics to play.

That night, at twelve oclock, Mengmeng stretched out at the computer desk, turned off the computer, and walked out of her room with bare feet.

She went to Zhang Hans bedroom and pressed her ear against the door, as if she were trying to listen to something.

Was it some indecent voice

Of course not.

She was trying to tell whether her mother was asleep or not, and she heard nothing.

“Dad, Dad”

Mengmengs voice was low.

“Whats up” Zhang Han asked Mengmeng exclusively.

“Is Mom asleep”

“No, shes playing on her mobile phone.

She just found that your singing video was circulated widely on the Internet.

It is very well received.

Daughter, you are going to be popular.”

“You, you, why dont you come out for a while”

Two minutes later, Zhang Han walked out alone.

He rubbed Mengmengs head, and smiled,

“What little secret do you want to tell me”

“Dad, Dahei, Little Hei and Tiny Tot are pretty strong.

Can I take the three of them to the relics tomorrow Will you wait for me outside”

“Why dont you want to play with me I will be very sad.” Zhang Han had some acting skills, and he looked a little depressed.

“No, no.” Mengmeng hurriedly took Zhang Hans arm.

“No, I love you the most.”

“Im not even nervous with you by my side.

I have explored many relics now.

Im not green.

I know how it is now.

I want to go by myself.

Anyway, Dahei will protect me, and there are so many treasures.

Its safe.”

“Um, how about I think about it” Zhang Han laughed helplessly.

“No, promise me now, OK Dad, you are the best, please!”

Zhang Han couldnt say no to such an emotional request from Mengmeng and her mother.

Within five seconds, Zhang Han was defeated.

“Okay, okay, I promised you.

All right”

“Yeah! Then Im going to sleep.” Mengmeng cheered happily, ran back to her bedroom, and smirked on the bed.

This was the first relic she would venture into by herself.

Huh, it was a Class-B relic that only a Grand Master could enter.

The relic would appear between nine oclock and ten oclock.

She was in no hurry.

A flight to Zhuhai took only twenty minutes.

At eight fifty, under the thunder sun tree in Crescent Mountain.

Mengmeng was wearing sportswear and a peaked cap, with a black schoolbag on her back.

“Dahei! Little Hei! Tiny Tot!” She called.

“Oh, oh, oh!”


“Oh, oh.”

The three black brothers ran over quickly.

Little Hei was still the fastest, Dahei second, and Tiny Tot was the slowest.

“Today Im taking you out for an adventure.

Dahei, you can become smaller and sleep in my bag, and then come out when I call you.”

Mengmeng took off the schoolbag and opened the cover.

“Oh, oh, oh.”

Dahei pointed to the small schoolbag as if he was asking, “Are you asking to go in there I dont think its a good idea.”

“Hurry up, hurry up.” Mengmeng urged him.

“Oh, why dont you get smaller first When I call you, you can get as big as you want.”

“Oh.” Dahei curled its lips and reluctantly agreed.


His figure kept getting smaller until he was the height of Mengmengs calf, which was amusing.

“Dahei, you are so cute.” Mengmeng squatted down and laughed.

Two seconds later, she found an indisputable fact.

“She couldnt hold him!”

In the end, Dahei had to run his own power to lift his body, and was placed in the schoolbag by Mengmeng.

“Oh, oh.”

Tiny Tot joined them.

It was easy for him to change his size.

He became as little as a frog, and slid into the schoolbag to join his eldest brother.

As for Little Hei, his body shape couldnt be changed, and he stood beside Mengmeng.

“Lets go.”

Mengmeng looked up at Zi Yan and said, “Mom, Dad and I are going on an expedition.

Wait for us at home.”

“See you.” Zi Yan pursed her lips and smiled.


Zhang Han led the team and flew to Zhuhai quickly.

“Dad, Aunty Xue said that there would be a lot of Grand Masters this time and maybe some masters in the God Realms.

Please be careful.

Dont be fooled by those bad guys.” Mengmeng muttered.

“OK.” Zhang Han nodded.

“When you go out, you must be vigilant about anyone and anything.

You cant believe what others say.

Even if you form a team temporarily, you must be wary of others.

The rule applies to the relics, the Tiny World and the Cultivation World.

Its the same everywhere.

Mengmeng, you are kind-hearted.

In fact, it can be a little troublesome sometimes, but this is also an experience.

Stay true to yourself and do what you want to do without leaving any regrets.”

“Well, I know, Dad.” Mengmeng nodded decently.

“Hey, my daughter is growing up.” Zhang Han sighed suddenly, feeling a little emotional.

When they first met, Zhang Han had bathed, dressed and kissed Mengmeng.

At that time, she was a little kid.

Now she was eleven, and she was about to be twelve years old soon.

She would hug him and snuggle up in Zhang Hans arms.

But there was no such thing as dressing his little girl anymore.

She was a big girl now, and he wasnt supposed to be too close to her as a father.

He could not help marveling at how quickly the time had passed.

“Im not a kid now.

Ive grown up, Dad.

Dont worry.

In the future I will protect you, take you through the stars and seas, go to many places, and take you and Mom to tour the world,” Mengmeng said seriously.

Zhang Han smiled.

“Okay, Im looking forward to it.”

“I will definitely be able to protect you in the future.” Mengmeng raised her head proudly, and her eyes were determined.

Not only did she rely on Zhang Han and Zi Yan, she also felt possessive and protective of them.

“I know.” Zhang Hans face was soft.

“My daughter will definitely be a great person in the future.”

“Dad, why are there so many people this time Are the Class-B relics precious” Mengmeng asked.

“Not really.

But the frequency of its appearance is a little low.”

Zhang Han smiled faintly.

“Mu Xue said that there are many people, so there is only one possibility.

These people are basically small world sects, and some appear in secular retreats because the Kunlun Immortal World passage is about to open.

Unlike the last time, you can enter and exit this time.

Some people want to go in, while others will come out.

They need to check the situation as soon as possible.

After all, the practitioners who came out of there are hard to resist for people in the Wu Dao World.”

“The people there are so strong” Mengmeng did not really know about his specific strength, and she sounded puzzled.

“Above the Grand Master, there are God Realm, Earth Realm and Heaven Realm.

Then Heaven Peak Stage is very powerful.

There is a half-step Elixir Realm above it.

Are the people who come out of there are more powerful than those in the half-step Elixir Realm”

“Half-step Elixir Realm is just a fuzzy realm between Innateness and Elixir Realm.

You will gradually understand this in the future.

The practitioners from Kunlun Immortal World are more powerful than those from Wu Dao World,” Zhang Han said.

“Are they more powerful than you, Dad” Mengmeng asked again, “Aunty Xue always says that you are the most powerful person in the world.

But I have never seen you make a move.

No, I saw you nailing it with just a small gesture and a look.

Its not as exciting as the King of Storms battle.”

The corner of Zhang Hans mouth trembled slightly.

“Today the relics are open.

How about I kill a few samurai from Heaven Peak Stage And show it to you” Zhang Han said casually.


We dont have enemies, so we cant bully people.” Mengmeng shook her head hurriedly.

“I was taking about some fierce beasts.” Zhang Han smiled.


After a while, they arrived at a big mountain.

There were many people around.

There were many martial artists, including Peak Strength Warriors and Qi Strength Masters.

They all came to witness it.

There were hundreds of Wu Dao Grand Masters who were going to enter it.

There were even several experts in the God Realm in the inconspicuous places among the crowd.

When it came to relic resources, it was impossible to attract Mu Xue and Zhao Feng with anything less than Class-A.

Due to their cooperation with Lord Nan Shan, there was always no shortage of resources.

However, others werent so lucky.

The secular martial artists and the martial artists of the small world had to compete for resources.

Therefore, many sects had sent people over for the emergence of the Class- B relics, led by disciples of God Realm.

It just so happened that they would need to investigate the situation of Kunlun Immortal World a few days later.

At the entrance of the relics, there was a cloud-shaped mist covering an area of tens of square meters.

The entire mountain was surrounded by mist and thus looked quite mysterious.

There were a total of five mountains connected, and many people were standing on the two peaks next to the top of the relics.

Those who wanted to enter it were near the entrance, and most of people on other mountains were just the audience.

There were even a few people that Mengmeng knew in the crowd.

An He, the King of Storms.

Tang Qingshan of Shangjing Tang House.

Elder Hu, who she had met last time, was standing with a few people she hadnt seen before.

There were even a few people from the Crescent Mountain, a new generation of martial artists, Wang family, Zi family, Liang family, etc.

The security team didnt even show up.

Mengmeng didnt intend to go over to say hello to them at all.

She even asked Zhang Han to take her to the hill with a small number of people on the east side.

If she went over, those people would follow her.

“Dad, you promised me.

I will explore the relics myself,” Mengmeng said.

“OK,” Zhang Han answered casually.

By yourself

How could it be possible

Seeing Zhang Hans calm face, Mengmeng was suspicious.

She didnt believe it.

Zhang Han saw the little girls expression.

“Oh, she is suspicious.”

“Well.” Zhang Han coughed lightly and changed the subject.

“Do you remember the functions of those treasures Your own strength is not enough.

You must rely on treasures to explore the Class-B relics.”

“Of course I remember.” Mengmeng fumbled around and took out a small ribbon on the edge of her belt.

“Open this ribbon first, and there is a protective layer.

Its basic.

Then open the white three-inch formation flag to defend against some soul attacks.

Open the white five-inch imprinted formation flag to float me.

Use this orb, and it is the second layer of defense, and then I can set off,” Mengmeng said in an orderly manner.

“Thats right, remember everything, or I can trust you to go to the relics alone.” Zhang Han lightly patted Mengmengs head, and a ray of sparkling light drifted down Mengmengs hair into the headband.

“Little Hei is right by my side.

If someone wants to deal with me, I will ask Dahei to come out.

When I encounter something terrible, I will wake up Tiny Tot.” Mengmeng muttered.

“Thats it.” Zhang Han smiled.

Was there anything that Dahei couldnt handle

This big guy had considerable strength now, and even Sect Leader Mu had suffered a loss with him.

“The relics are about to open.”

Zhang Han looked forward, and the cloud at the entrance had already been surging slightly, which indicated that it would open within a few minutes.

At the other end.

The King of Storms An Hes place.

“Xiao He.” An eagle-eyed middle-aged man beside him had a cold face and a calm tone as he said, “When the martial artists of our small world do not come out, you still have a little reputation in the secular world.

You are a famous person in the new generation of martial artists, but the general situation has left too little time for your generation.

Now the Wu Dao world looks like a stagnant pool, but you are about to raise the wind and waves.

When you go out and do things in the future, dont call yourself the King of Storms anymore.

You dont deserve to be called “king”.

Watch out for trouble.”

“Yes, Uncle Lyu,” An He answered honestly.

However, he felt very depressed, and there was a rising anger in his heart.

He didnt dare to be disrespectful of Uncle Lyu, who was someone that his family had finally gotten in with.

If he offended Uncle Lyu, it would be a blow to the whole family.

Uncle Lyus full name was Lyu Zhengxian, and he was a small protector of Witch Hidden World, and one of the few God Realms experts present.

There was a high probability that there would be divine objects in the Class-B relics.

They were trying to get some of it.

But An He also knew that in the face of the small world, it would be inappropriate for him to be called the King of Storms.

Besides, Kunlun Immortal World would open soon.

With Lyu Zhengxians arrival, he was told something that he hadnt known.

It turned out that the world was so huge that he hadnt visited many places.

It was just…was he really unworthy of it

The thought of being “unworthy” was a little frustrating for An He.

He was unwilling and angry.

The young generation of martial artists always had distinctive personalities.

They were ambitious and brave, so was An He.

“Among these Grand Masters here, you are not even average.” Lyu Zhengxian glanced at him faintly.

“Patriarch An hopes that I will take you this time, but I wont do that.

Take your own martial arts path by yourself.

You are lucky that I can give you some advice.

When you enter the relics, youd better explore the periphery at your level.”

“Yes.” An He was furious.

He knew very well what it had cost his family to ask the man to take him to explore the Class-B relics.

He was here not only for some treasures, but also for the experience of exploring the central area of Class-B relics.

But when he got here, the man changed his mind and asked him to hang around in the periphery

But whats the point of being angry

What a powerful person said was always right.

He could only obey.

“Haha.” It seemed that Lyu Zhengxian noticed that An He was upset, and he laughed sarcastically and ignored him.

“One day, I will break through God Realm, trample you under my feet, and ask you if I am worthy of the title of the King of Storms!”

An He gritted his teeth secretly.

Even though he was irritated, he still had a sense of reason and knew that he couldnt lose his temper.

What was more, the presence of such a large number of Wu Dao Grand Masters put a lot of pressure on him.

When it came to the realm of Grand Master, no one was easy to deal with.

Being angry and not being able to lose it was a very normal thing for ordinary martial artists.

The Wu Dao road was always bumpy.

There was always an exception.

She was now chatting with Zhang Han with a smile on the top of the mountain on the north side.

She had been always on a roll.

The Wu Dao road was supposed to be a difficult road to travel, but she was lucky enough to have someone who could ignore the rules of the world behind her.

Among the new generation of Wu Dao Grand Masters, such as Tang Qingshan and Miao Fei from the Miao family, they were just as stressed as An He.

At first, their circle was very small.

Anyone who broke through the Wu Dao Grand Master realm could cause a great sensation.

But now, Wu Dao Grand Masters were everywhere, and they became completely worthless.

Even many martial artists were stunned to find that there were so many Wu Dao Grand Masters in this world.

“Tang Qingshan, you are now my outer disciple of Light Cliff.”

Standing next to Tang Qingshan, a man in black who was about 30 years old smiled.

“Ive told you the news.

In a few years, you will grow up to God Realm.

Unfortunately, the Kunlun Immortal World channel will open.

You can try the relics first and meet the sect after exploring it.

I will lead the team to go to the ancient mine, mainly for visiting.

When the Kunlun Immortal World opens, the sect will ask you to come and see the world.”

“Thank you, Senior Jiang.” Tang Qingshan hurriedly thanked him.

“Youre welcome.

Our Light Cliff is a transcendent force in the small world.” Senior Jiang folded his arms and said, “When you go to the sect, you will know the great power of our sect.

Divine List and Senior Brother Su Beimu once made it to the top three several times.

It was a pity that it was the golden age of Wu Dao at that time when all kinds of talents emerged endlessly.

Do you know who won the position of Immortal King”

“I dont know.” Tang Qingshan shook his head.

“It was a talent from the secular world.” Senior Jiang sighed.

“His name is Emperor Qing.

He used to run the world, but there was a more powerful person, Zhang Hanyang.

He was invincible.

He ignored the rules and despised the world, as if he were the subduing king from the nine heavens.”

“What was Zhang Hanyang like Was he a martial artist of the older generation” Qingshan asked.

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