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“Woo Woo Woo Woo, woo”

Zhang Han and Mengmeng chatted for a while, before Dahei started pouting.

It made a gesture with its palm.

Mengmeng understood.

“You mean you will take us out for battles in the universe”

Mengmeng pursed her lips.

“Dahei, are you sure youre that good Are you as powerful as my Daddy”

“Woo, woo, woo.”

Daheis eyes looked a little disdainful.

“Daddy, Dahei despises you.

It feels that youre not its match.” Mengmeng interpreted with a straight face.

Dahei grunted questioningly.

It looked totally confused, and then hastily shook its head.

“My dear young miss, what I said just now was that even the two of us are no match for Master.

Is this how youre interpreting for me”

“Ha, ha, ha…”

Seeing Daheis embarrassed face, Mengmeng started giggling, her laughter like peals of silver bells.

To make Mengmeng laugh was a meaningful thing for Zhang Han, and also the source of his happiness.

At this moment, the corners of his mouth seemed to curve inadvertently upward into a gentle arc.

“Daddy, what time is it Weve been here for a long time, havent we”

They had been sitting and chatting for about an hour, when Mengmeng suddenly asked.

“Its about four in the afternoon outside,” Zhang Han replied.

“Oh, then lets go out.

Mom must be anxious at home now that we had fun for a whole day.

We wanted to go out to sea today and must get up early tomorrow morning! Once were back, I have to practice Fireball Skill, play in the magic paradise, do my homework, and take my classmates out to do some man-hacking.

There isnt enough time!” Mengmeng said, counting with her fingers.


Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Okay, lets go out now.”

He raised his left hand and a fourth-tier treasure quickly flew to him from beneath the clouds.

Its halo swirling, faint moonlight seemed to be enshrouding them, making them disappear.


When they reappeared in the outside world, Daheis foot stepped on the mountain peak, causing the mountain to collapse.

The entire peak had been flattened.

“Oh, Dahei, youre getting smaller!”

Mengmeng said hurriedly, “Come back into my schoolbag for a nap.”


Dahei scratched its head, shrank its body, and went back into Mengmengs schoolbag.

Then, they turned into a stream of light and streaked into the distance.

Leaving behind thousands of dumbfounded martial artists, forming a ring around them.

“What the f*ck!”

“Whats that”

“Oh my God, I thought it was doomsday!”

“Its so scary!”

They did not know what to say.

One could easily imagine them doubting themselves from now on.

There was another person who was equally baffled.

Chen Changqing, who was sitting on an old tree, looked stunned.

“You asked me to come, and then left me here You two…”

He was waiting for the father and daughter to come out so that they could go back together.

But they did not see him.

As a result, Chen Changqing went after them swiftly and transmitted a secret voice message to Zhang Han.

“Brother Han, Mengmeng, have you two forgotten me”

“Oh no, Uncle Chens catching up with us.

Daddy, run!”

Chen Changqing was speechless.

When he saw them accelerate until they disappeared from his sight, Chen Changqings face darkened.

“Well, well, just you wait.

Dont think that I, Emperor Qing, am at my wits end.

When I go back, I will lodge a complaint to Zi Yi and tell her that you two bastards have been stirring up trouble in the ruins!”

His revenge was indeed effective.

After listening to Chen Changqings exaggerated complaint, Zhang Han and Mengmeng were made to sit down obediently on one side.

Zi Yans face was expressionless, looking a little cold.

After a while, she said in a soft voice,

“The ruins seem pretty interesting.

Lets go together the next time.”

Chen Changqing said, “Goodbye.”

He immediately ran away.

He could not afford to offend this family, not at all!

“Hee, hee, hee.”

After Chen Changqing left, Zhang Han and Mengmeng started chuckling.

Zi Yan rolled her eyes grumpily.

“You only think about the ruins all day long.

Youre becoming crazy, girl.

Cant you be more docile and quieter”

“Im not a crazy girl!”

Mengmeng snorted with a grin.

“Im a little princess! Many in the ruins called me that.

They were scared when they saw Dahei.”

While they were talking, Mengmeng perked up and started chatting with Zi Yan about what she had seen in the ruins.

She told her about the tiger cub and the big tiger, as well as Dahei unleashing its power, trampling a few people to death.

Zi Yan spoke like Zhang Han.

Dahei was very well trained indeed, she praised.

In fact, she was feeling a little helpless inside.

But this was the reality.

Since the girl had started cultivating, she would have to go through all these things.

At the same time, she could not help feeling worried about one particular thing.

Now that Mengmeng was at the Qi Strength Level, it would not take her long to become a Wu Dao Grand Master.

But she herself was still unable to cultivate.

Why was that so

Zi Yan used not to care about cultivation.

She would be happy as long as she could stay with her family.

Yet now, she was yearning to cultivate.

“Mummy, Im going out to practice martial arts.

I have to do homework later.

Once Im done for today, I can go out to sea with you tomorrow.”

Mengmeng pouted and kissed Zi Yan, then scampered out happily.

“What a girl.”

Zi Yan was amused, shaking her head.

After the third wheel left, Zi Yan came to Zhang Han and snuggled up to him.

The two of them whispered in each others ear for a while.

Two hours later, after dinner, Mengmeng went to the magic paradise to have some fun, then went back to her room to do her homework.

She had a lot of homework due to the long vacation, so she could not finish it even after two hours.

Li Muen gave her a call and they made an appointment to game.

She logged into the gaming app and connected herself to the team through audio.

There were about a dozen people in each small team.

The moment Ning Hui logged in, she said,

“Mengmeng, youre so hot now! The songs you sang during the online arts and literary festival have gone viral!”

“Yeah, in the beginning, they were just on our schools forum.

Then someone posted them on a video-sharing platform and they were played millions of times.”

“The original songs werent so popular.

Mengmeng, your cover versions made the original singer more popular now.

Youre amazing!”

Mengmeng did not know what to say.

“Oh, Im hot now Gimme a minute.

Im going to check out the videos.

I dont know whether I look good in them, or whether they took high-resolution videos of my face.

If my face is clearly seen there, those fans will recognize me when I go out.

Then Ill have to sign and snap pictures with them!”

Mengmeng was shocked.

She quickly clicked on the web link and found 15 million clicks for those videos.

The number was still increasing rapidly.

At the start of the videos, she still seemed quite far on the stage.

The resolution wasnt very clear, but one could easily see the dance movements and songs.

“It isnt so bad.”

Mengmeng closed the web page.

Her schoolmates were still chatting.

“Mengmeng, will you become a star in the future Youre so pretty and good at singing.

Youll definitely be hot if you join showbiz.”

“I dont want to be a star.” Mengmeng refused bluntly.

“My mother is a big star, and sometimes very busy.

I dont want to be so busy.

I still have lots of things to do and dont have the time!”

“Being a star is great.

You can make lots of money, drive luxury cars and use the best cosmetics.

You can travel while you act.

Thats so much fun,” Ning Hui said.

“Thats not how its like.

Sometimes, you can be very busy too,” Mengmeng retorted.

“Mengmeng, your mummys a big star.

So who is she” someone asked.

“I wont tell you.” Mengmeng snorted.

“Cut the crap.

Come with me to do some man-hacking.

Log in now, everyone!”

They did not know what to say.

Gaming and interacting together was always so much fun.

She did not know how much time had passed.

When she looked up, she gasped, “Oh, its midnight already.”

“Hey, I cant play anymore.

I have to go out to sea with Mummy tomorrow.

Good night, everyone.

Im going to sleep.”

She decisively logged out, turned off her computer, and went to bed.


On the bed, Mengmeng tossed and turned and could not sleep.

“It was only today that I learned how to be chivalrous and upright.

But those things I did with Aunty Xue outside… do they count as chivalrous acts

“Daddys so powerful.

With a wave of his hand, he can halt a sandstorm! Daddy said that we can spend some time in the Kunlun Immortal World the next time.

Then Ill know how powerful he is, hee hee hee!

“Im now a Qi Strength Master, so Im awesome too.

Its just that the ruins were relatively high-level this time, Class B.

So I couldnt kill that many enemies.”


After muttering for a while, Mengmeng fell soundly asleep.

The next morning.

After the family of three finished their breakfast, they were surprised to receive a phone call from Wang Ming, an employee from Zi Yans company.

“What Mengmeng is being sued”

Zi Yan was stunned.

It took her two seconds to recover, before asking, “But can you sue someone over the songs they sang during an arts and literary festival Oh, the view rates too high I get it now…”

“Mummy, why am I being sued” Mengmeng was also stunned after she heard this.

“Because they were uploaded on too many video-sharing platforms, with some even charging money for them.

Thats copyright infringement.

We didnt liaise with the original content creators,” Zi Yan replied.

“Thats easy.

Get Sun Ming to contact them and send them money directly,” Zhang Han replied casually.

For him, any problem that could be resolved with money was no problem at all.

“Well do that.

Anyway, its just a small matter.” Zi Yan smiled and was not quite bothered by it.

After breakfast, the family of three was ready to go.

“Shall we go out to sea on Black Pearl”

Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han.

After filming The Pirates of the Caribbean, the boats were left in the sea by the cliff.


Zhang Han doted on Mengmeng, as did Zi Yan.

So the family of three went out for a cruise.

Zi Yan was wearing a pink bikini, and her figure seemed even more voluptuous now.

Mengmeng, in a one-piece swimsuit, steered the boat to a nearby island with clear sea water.

They anchored Black Pearl there and began to dive into the sea from the deck.

They jumped down and dived into the sea with a plop.

It felt so liberating!

Having fun would ease some of the pressure from life and work.

Take Zi Yan as an example.

She was still thinking about why she could not cultivate the night before.

But now that she was having fun, she forgot everything.

After diving into the water, Zhang Han let the mother and daughter resurface and swim back to the boat.

Then they dived down again, submerged themselves underwater, and then resurfaced.

It was so enjoyable and relaxing.

They dived for some time before going back up the boat for a rest.

After half an hour, they began to scuba-dive.

They did not go very deep underwater.

It was dark there, and no sunlight could penetrate the depths.

There wasnt anything interesting.

It was enough for them to swim in the shallow waters.

At noon, they reclined lazily on the lounge chairs, drinking iced drinks and enjoying the gentle caress of the sea breeze, feeling relaxed.

Had Mengmeng, the third wheel, not been around, the couple might have been even more passionate.

After all, Zhang Han could not resist Zi Yans allure in a bikini.

But he could not do anything.

That third wheel was still around.

The vacation always passed too quickly.

Before they knew it, it was already December 30th.

New Years Eve!

Most were looking forward to the New Year Eves gala evening, with Zi Yan in the spotlight.

She had to attend the Jiang City TV Gala Night, and Zhang Han had to accompany her.

What about Mengmeng

In the past few days, the little girl had also heard a lot of news.

“The signal from the passageway to the Kunlun Immortal World is getting stronger and stronger.”

“The National Security Agency predicts that it will open at around 11 on New Years Eve.

God knows how many will emerge from the Kunlun Immortal World this time.”

“The nadir of the martial arts world has passed.

This may herald another golden age, even more prosperous than six years ago, with not only gifted exponents, but also the superiors of the Kunlun Immortal World coming.

There will also be a clash between the Holy World and the secular world!”

Secular practitioners were becoming more and more informed about other places and realms, like the Kunlun Immortal World, the worldlet, Mount New Moon, and the Ancient Mine.

These used to be secrets!

But now, the martial artists of the worldlet would often appear.

Some were related to martial arts families, and would inadvertently reveal some “open” secrets in conversations.

Then the news would start to spread from mouth to mouth.

In just a few days, many secular world practitioners had suddenly realized that their universe was really vast.

What kind of realm was the Kunlun Immortal World

Most still did not know.

Only the older generation warriors from the worldlet could give an accurate answer.

“Its an alluring world, full of opportunities and dangers.

Those in there are no longer warriors, but cultivators.

Their strength far exceeds that of our world, just like this worldlet can steamroll any secular warrior.

They simply arent on the same level.”

This news was, without a doubt, a blow to the martial artists of the secular world.

“So we martial artists are mere ants in the eyes of cultivators from the worldlet and the Kunlun Immortal World”

“Those from the Kunlun Immortal World will ravage our martial arts world and no one can defeat them.

If some bloodthirsty psychopaths enter our world, wont we be like fish on the chopping board”

“They… wont just slaughter us like that, will they”

“If theyre that powerful, who can stop them Are we secular world practitioners at the lowest level”

The discussions continued.

Many martial artists became depressed.

They had worked hard for years to become martial artists, and made some great advancements.

In the eyes of the wealthy and powerful, they were honored guests, lavishly welcomed everywhere and at the peak of their lives.

Now, a group of super-powerful cultivators were coming out, who could kill anyone with a glance.

So how different were they now from ordinary people

They had just achieved the acme of their lives.

Would what they had worked so hard for disappear overnight

Needless to say, with the rise in strength of the martial artists, many influential and wealthy people also raised their expectations.

How should they choose between a Grand Master and a Qi Strength Master

This was one of their dilemmas.

The other was the impending crisis.

If they really encountered a psychopathic cultivator from the Holy World, many warriors would be mercilessly decimated.

Everyone was in a state of panic.

In the end, an insider came out and gave them an answer.

“Whats there to worry about Its not like we dont have the power to fight them in our secular world.”

“Is our secular world so powerful too” Many martial artists were shocked.

“Of course.

Like Mount New Moon in Xiangjiang, a restricted area to your new generation of martial artists.

Its the territory of Merciless Zhang.

You may not have heard of him, but it doesnt matter.

Ill fill you out with the details.” At this moment when everyone was panicking, a few well-informed men would start telling them stories they did not know.

They looked somewhat proud.

Since I know more than you, I must be stronger! Whenever they mentioned Mount New Moon, they would all without exception take on a yearning, awe-stricken expression.

“Five or six years ago, there were many talents in our martial arts world, like Emperor Qing, Mu Xue the female demon, Ye Longyuan the Devil Incarnate, Shi Fenghou the Little Roc, Su Beimu of Light Cliff, Yan Chen of the Lihun Sect, and Ding Jiuming of the Luo Fu Sword Sect.

These eminent figures were all very powerful.

They vied to be on the Divine List.

Given their aptitude, they must have reached Heaven Realm by now.

However, the most absurdly gifted was Merciless Zhang, whose Taoist name was Zhang Hanyang.

He was known as the Invincible Grand Master, defeating and slaying countless people for two years.

He was almost invincible in this world.

But he pretended to be weak.

The Kunlun Immortal World is certainly powerful, isnt it Yet he managed to kill five of their cultivators with one punch each.

In the end, only a humble, deferential old man was allowed to survive…”

Many indicated that they did quite understand.

It sounded like a cock-and-bull story.

But everyone knew that the disciples of Mount New Moon could fight those cultivators from the Kunlun Immortal World.

This was enough for them.

At four in the afternoon.

“Daddy, set your mind at ease and go with Mummy.

Im now at the Qi Strength Level and quite awesome.

You dont have to worry about me.

Mummys the one who needs your protection.”

Under the Thunder Yang Tree, Mengmeng sat between Zhang Han and Zi Yan, speaking seriously.

“Ill be a good girl and wait for the two of you at home.”

“Okay.” Zhang Hans face became solemn.

“I heard that a group of people may be coming out of the Kunlun Mountains.

Daddys worried about you, so I put up a restriction formation on Mount New Moon.

They cant break in.”


Mengmeng was a little surprised.

So she could not go out… was that all

“Then can we go out and play Aunty Xue and I have arranged an outing to do chivalrous deeds!” Mengmeng asked.

“Of course you cant.

Didnt you say you would be waiting for us at home Then wait until tomorrow morning.

Your mother and I will be back by then, and you can go out and play,” Zhang Han replied.

He looked at a dazed Mengmeng.

Zi Yan could not help curling her lips, almost bursting into laughter.

“Hmph!” Mengmeng snorted unhappily.

“I dont like you anymore!”

Zhang Han finally burst out laughing.

Looking at Mu Xue and Zhao Feng sitting opposite them, he pondered for a while and then shook his head.

“Do you want to go to the Kunlun Mountains to watch the fun”

“Well, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Chen and many others are going, so I want to go too.” Mengmeng pouted, muttering.

“Mummy must attend the gala show, and Daddy must accompany her.

How about I visit the mountains with Grandpa”

“Your father and I didnt say you cant, did we”

After Zi Yan suddenly said, after restraining herself for so long.


Mengmeng was totally flabbergasted.

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

She looked a little hysterical.

“Daddy, bad Daddy! You were kidding me!”


Zhang Han nodded unexpectedly.

Zi Yan could not help laughing.

Zhao Feng and Mu Xue also laughed, finding Mengmeng very cute.

“Zhang Han, youve changed.”

Mengmeng said with resentment, her face darkening.

“I havent.”

Zhang Han replied hastily, “Didnt I agree to let you go You can go there with Grandpa first.

Maybe you can wait until your Great-Grandpa comes out.

Daddy will go there once your Mummys show is over.

It wont take long.”

“Then why didnt you say that earlier” Mengmeng wiggled her nose at Zhang Han.

“Oh Does this girl knows whos in charge” Zi Yan curled her lips.

“Well, I dont think you should go to the Kunlun Mountains.

Come with us to Jiang City.”

“Im not going there.

Your shows so boring, hehe.” Mengmeng giggled.

“Daddy, the responsibility of protecting Mummy falls on you now.

Grandpa, Aunty Xue and I will all be waiting for you at the Kunlun Mountains.”


Zhang Han nodded and said, “Mummy and Daddy must leave now.

Dont be naughty at the Kunlun Mountains.

You should aim mainly to broaden your horizons.

Xiaofeng, keep an eye on her and dont let her make trouble with this little demoness beside her.”

Mu Xue was speechless.

“Master, Ive never given you trouble!” Mu Xue looked aggrieved.

“Ive always listened to you, okay”

“Im giving you a look.

You can interpret it anyway you like.”

Zhang Han then glanced at Mu Xue indifferently.

What he meant with his eyes was, “Haha, Im not such a fool to believe you.”

In the past few years, the little girl had been with Mu Xue, and become sharp tongued.

Sometimes, she would make Zhang Han sweat on the forehead, finding it impossible to refute her.


Seeing Mu Xues expression, Zi Yan started chuckling too.

When Mu Xue first came to Mount New Moon, Zi Yan was somewhat disturbed by her presence.

After all, this girl was another beauty with a hot figure.

She would wear a loose black robe showing off her curvaceous body.

With the passage of time, Zi Yan could feel Mu Xue in total awe of Zhang Han.

Like Zhao Feng, Zhang Han gradually grew familiar with Mu Xue.

Only then did he realize she was also very childish, not at all like the demoness outsiders called her.

“Well, you dont have to remind me.

Everyone will take care of my daughter since shes there to watch the fun.

Sect Leader Mu, Uncle Dong, and Sect Leader Jiang will also be there.

With them around, you dont have to worry.” Zi Yan gave a slight smile.

She also knew the strength of the martial arts world.

Now on Mount New Moon, Zhang Han was in the first echelon.

Dong Chen, Sect Leader Mu, Sect Leader Jiang, and the Third Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect were in the second echelon, and Mu Xue, Jiang Yanlan, and Chen Changqing were in the third.

They were all stronger than those at Heaven Peak Stage.

When those from the Kunlun Mountains came out, they would be suppressed by the world, and their strength would be closer to the Elixir Stage.

They did not choose to confront so many masters.

Even if they couldnt defeat them, they could run.

If they couldnt run, her little girl still had that space portal from Zhang Han.

It had gone through eight reinforcements.

The distance between Jiang City and Kunlun was not a problem at all.

That was why Zi Yan felt at ease.

“All right.”

Zhang Han stood up and touched Mengmengs head.

“Were leaving.”

“Um… Daddy and Mummy, Ill be waiting for you at Kunlun.

Come as soon as you can.” Mengmeng reminded them.

“Ill come once the shows over.

We may be there before the passage opens.”

Zi Yan smiled, got up, and flew off to her company after levitating with Zhang Han.

Zhou Fei was waiting for them there.

They took the plane together to Jiang City.

Including the time they took in preparation, they left a little earlier than Mengmeng and her company.

An hour after they left.

Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali walked out of the villa silently and came to the Thunder Yang Tree.

Zhang Guangyou smiled at Mengmeng and then said loudly, “Assemble at the mountain peak!”


His voice was like thunder, reverberating around the entire Mount New Moon.

Almost everyone could hear him clearly.


The Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong, Wang Zhanpeng, the First Elder, and the Third Elder all rushed there.

“Grandpa, are we setting off But its still early,” Mengmeng asked, staring at the time on her cell phone.

“We must leave now.

The passage may open earlier than expected.

Grandpa cant take it anymore.” Zhang Guangyou sighed.

“Your Great-Grandpa may be out.

If he doesnt come out, your father and I may have to go in and search a few days later.”

“Great-Grandpa” Mengmeng murmured.

“Yes, hes Grandpas father,” Zhang Guangyou said gently.

“Your Great-Grandpa is such a nice man, he used to beat me when I was a boy.”

“Huh Grandpa, are you saying that its a good thing that you were beaten” Mengmeng started.

Until now, she had never once been beaten by her parents.

“Corporal punishment makes filial sons.

Im a man and was quite naughty as a boy, so I was rightly beaten.” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “Your Great-Grandpa didnt have a good temper then, and might even be a bit petty.

But later, his temper became much better and he stopped being petty.

He became a lot more restrained.

Grandpa believes that if he sees you, he will definitely like you very much.”

Zhang Guangyou was so anxious that he could not sit still.

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