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“Grandpa, therere so many martial artists here!”

Many around them were staring in their direction.

Meanwhile, Mengmeng was also observing them.

After observing for a while, she muttered, “Its the first time Ive seen so many martial artists.

How many martial artists are there in Hua nation”

“How many martial artists in Hua nation I havent really counted, but there must be at least 80,000 to 100,000.” Zhang Guangyou was stunned by this question.

He only answered after thinking for two seconds.

“The number of martial artist depends on each period.”

However, Ye Tianlang smiled and answered, “Thats only a rough estimate.

Some of the martial artists in our world keep a very low profile.

Sometimes, you wont even know that hes a martial artist.

However, our National Security Agency has made many such estimates.

For example, about 50 years ago, there were about 200,000 secular warriors.

After some left for the Kunlun Immortal World, there were about 100,000 left with us ten years ago.

Five years ago, a conservative estimate put the number at 80,000 to 90,000.

Now, there are only 50,000.

There will be different number of warriors in each period.”

“Ah So many Are there 10,000 people here” Mengmeng was shocked.

So there were really so many martial artists!

“There are too many Obvious Strength martial practitioners in our world.

The slightly better martial artists have all left for the worldlet to cultivate.

However, we have more secular practitioners than them, mostly the Obvious Strength practitioners whom I have mentioned.

As one advances to the next level, the number of martial artists will decrease significantly.

Tens of thousands may seem a lot, but our country has a population of 1.4 billion.

So there are very few warriors comparatively.” Ye Tianlang seemed quite amused.

“Now there are about nearly 4,000.

Not everyone has come.

Just like in the worldlet, every sect has sent only a fraction of their men to check on the situation,” Zhang Guangyou said.

“Oh, I see.” Mengmeng nodded and looked around with her big eyes.

It was the first time that she had experienced such an occasion.

She felt like she was attending a grand martial arts assembly.

How very interesting.

“When will Han be here” Dong Chen asked.

“At midnight.

He has gone to Jiang City with his wife.

My daughter-in-laws a big star, and has to attend the New Year Eves gala evening,” Rong Jiali said proudly.

She and Zhang Guangyou were very satisfied with Zi Yan as a daughter-in-law.

They were long used to the glamor and looks of a star.

Zhang Guangyou had been in the secular world for so long.

As the head of the Zhang family and a businessman, he had dealt with many actresses in the past.

He knew about the decadence of their circles.

It was difficult for anyone to remain uncorrupted in showbiz, Zi Yan being an exception.

“Its okay to come at midnight.

Ill be a little worried without him protecting us.” Dong Chen curled his lips.

“Why You think a fight will break out” asked Sect Leader Mu.

“Most likely.

The Wind Snow Temple is not a small sect.

If a large number of martial artists show up this time, not only Wind Snow Temple, but even the Third Prince Nan Fengs faction, will not let it go easily.” Dong Chen sighed.

“We have been battling the Wind Snow School for decades.

Nan Feng wont allow the school to be destroyed.”

“Then lets fight.” Sect Leader Mu teased him.

“If you dont feel at ease, you can join the line behind and stay there.”

“Mu, dont be so arrogant!” Dong Chens expression darkened.

“Hahaha, I dont know whether Im arrogant or not, but I know my current strength isnt weaker than anyone elses.” Sect Leader Mu brimmed with confidence.

“Okay, when Han comes, Ill say that youre arrogant and no weaker than him,” Dong Chen replied.

“Ahem, hes an exception.

Besides, if youre that good, why dont you go fight him If you win, I will let you take over the Luo Fu Sword Sect.” Sect Leader Mu snorted.

“You serious” Dong Chens eyes lit up.

“Of course not.” Sect Leader Mus complexion changed.

“Who doesnt know you, Dong Chen, the Highest Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect, and your sheer cunning”

Dong Chen did not know how to answer him.

He was speechless.

What he really wanted to ask was, “How did you know that”

But on this occasion, he did not want to argue anymore.

He sighed with deep emotion in his heart.

He was going to see his big brother again!.

“Its been so many years.”

Dong Chen sighed softly.

In the entire Kunlun Mountain Range, there were still warriors from all over the world turning up in batches after this.

Many were here to watch the fun.

Watching martial artists from the Holy World was not only a little dangerous, it also gave them many opportunities.

What they hoped for was an opportunity to visit and cultivate in the Holy World.

They kept waiting here like this.

After the initial shock.

Mengmeng began to feel a little bored after two hours.

“Its boring to just wait.”

Under the night sky, another aspect of the Kunlun Mountains was being revealed.

The entire mountain range was bathed in chaste moonlight.

“Aunty Xue, shall we go out for a while and play”

Mengmeng left Zhang Guangyous side after a while, going up to Mu Xue and asking.

“Play where Theres nothing to play around here,” Mu Xue replied.

“To find some interesting souls,” Mengmeng said seriously, “I now know a few people in the martial arts world.

I can see that mountain peaks occupied by Light Cliff.

I know Wang Guanzhi.”

“Oh, lets go there then.”

The Luo Fu Sword Sect and Light Cliff were rather close with each other.

After all, they were both major sects in the worldlet.

Hearing that, Mu Xue took off with Mengmeng without saying a word.

Little Hei went with them.

Seeing this, the disciples of Light Cliff were shocked.

“Wang Guanzhi, Im here for some fun.”

As they approached, Mengmeng spoke first before Elder Ping could.

Her words stunned everyone.

Wang Guanzhi also started.

“Why does she want to play with me Im not a toy.”

However, a visit from the eldest Miss of Mount New Moon meant prestige for him.

“Welcome, welcome.”

Wang Guanzhi smiled.

“Your Royal Highness, you dont need to come here in person.

Just one word from you, and Ill go over to your side.”

“Its boring for me to stay there.

I want some fresh air.”

Mengmeng murmured.

After chatting for a while, they went to other places.

There were still interesting places in this mountain range, such as a waterfall—enough for them to enjoy a few moments of fun.

This went on until 11.


A very dull sound rang out of the fog.

Mu Xues expression changed.

“We must go back now.

The passageway may be open.”


Pulling Mengmeng, Mu Xue flew back quickly and stood amidst the crowd.

Little Hei, as usual, was guarding by Mengmengs side and did not leave her at all.

It would not respond even if someone called it.

Dong, dong, dong!

Another two sounds were heard.

The thick fog suddenly surged like boiling water.

Dong, dong, dong!

The dull sounds lasted in this way for five minutes.


Accompanied by a sound as loud as a thunderclap, all the previous fluctuations stopped.

However, the surrounding fog began to shrink rapidly.

In the end, it was but a horizontal mist cluster above a pool, like what was found at the entrance of the ruins.

Crystalline light rays materialized above the fog cluster, like they were being refined.

Finally, the rays enveloped the entire passageway.

Three seconds later…


A large number of people quickly appeared.

There were more than 50 of them, all dressed in teal robes.

There was a flood-dragon motif on their robe sleeves.

“F*ck, my strength has really been suppressed.

I feel so weak now! Feels awful.”

“There are so many people around”

“They must have noticed the passageway and came in advance to wait for us.”

They soon became silent.

The few dozen stared at the several thousand martial artists surrounding them.

Similarly, these several thousand martial artists also stared back at them.

This was especially true for the weaker martial artists on the outer ring.

Their eyes were wide open, and they were even panting heavily.

“Are these the experts from the Kunlun Immortal World”

“They look so impressive!”

But the scene was very quiet, and also a little awkward.

Ten seconds later, an old man with flowing locks from the teal-robed team levitated 30 meters into the air, as he surveyed the mountains.

“You people must be martial artists of the secular world and the worldlet.

Were a sect from the Kunlun Immortal World, Dragon Gate.

Were one of the top sects of our world.

Im Su Changxiu from Dragon Gate Battle Hall.

We will next explore the ruins of your secular world.

Well also visit your cities to look for those destined to be our disciples, and enter the Ancient Mine.

I hope that you people can cooperate with us.

Of course, you can also send some talented martial artists to take our test.

They can become our Dragon Sect disciples if they passed it.”

After that, he cupped his fists, politely saluting the thousands of martial artists before him.

Seeing this scene, the warriors on the outer ring breathed a sigh of relief, and even felt a little excited.

It was their chance to strike back!

“Im Ye Tianlang from the National Security Agency.

Im in charge of this secular martial arts world.

Welcome, members of Dragon Gate.

You can contact us if you encounter any trouble here.” Ye Tianlang also went forward to speak.


Su Changxiu nodded.

Looking at his expression, he seemed to know about the National Security Agency.

He gazed around and finally fixed his eyes on Zhang Guangyou and his team.

Then he looked at Ye Tianlang and asked, “Is there anyone here from the Heavenly Knights Sect”

Ye Tianlangs expression changed, but he did not answer him.

He did not know if this man was an enemy or a friend.

“Im Zhang Guangyou from the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Im Zhang Mus son.” Zhang Guangyou stepped forward.

“Just as I expected.”

Su Changxiu shook his head slightly.

“A few years ago, some very talented people from your side entered the Kunlun Immortal World.

Some of them are now pillars of our world and renowned in many different regions.

We have also heard a few things.

The last time, the five from our world were slain by your people.

There was also a battle between the Heavenly Knights Sect and the Wind Snow School founded by Nan Feng.

Now the valley where Zhang Mu was staying has turned into a whirlpool.

Nan Feng is also given the responsibility to oversee this team from the Holy World.

You people had better be prepared.

Is Zhang Hanyang here”

“No,” Zhang Guangyou replied.

Su Changxiu pondered for two seconds and then said slowly, “If youre willing to join our sect, Dragon Gate can ensure your safety.

After all, the Deep Valley is too small.”

“We will consider it.” Dong Chen nodded.

He did not intend to say more.

But Zhang Guangyou could not help but ask, “Elder Su, did my father come down this time”

“I dont know.” Su Changxiu shook his head.

“There are four regions in the Kunlun Immortal World, and four passageways in total.

Were not from the same region as those from Deep Valley.”

“I get it, thank you.” Zhang Guangyou sighed in his heart.

Their short conversation made him realize that the situation in Deep Valley wasnt too good.

Su Changxiu did not intend to say more.

He was about to take his inner disciples to a peak on the mountainside, like they were here to watch the fun.

But after taking a few steps, his eyes stopped.


Looking directly at Mengmeng, he seemed to have sensed something.

“What a pure spiritual aura force.

Such aptitude…”

He raised his eyebrows slightly and became interested.

“Who is this little girl She has good aptitude.

Are you interested in becoming my disciple”


Mengmeng was stunned and glanced left and right a few times.

Little girl Was he talking to her

He seemed to be!

“Are you as powerful as my Daddy”

Mengmeng immediately asked.


Many disciples of Dragon Gate were slightly surprised.

Some were amused, others envious, and still others disdainful and mocking.

What kind of a joke was this Elder Su was making her his disciple.

It was a great opportunity! How could she even compare this eminent elder to a secular warrior

If she werent a mere child, it would have been considered an insult!

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