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“Shes my granddaughter.

There is no need to trouble you, Senior Su,” Zhang Guangyou cupped one hand in the other before his chest and answered.

This time, Su Changxiu did not say anything.

He led the disciples of the Dragon Gate to stand on a mountain on the right side.

Since they did not leave right away, they were undoubtedly waiting for the people inside to come out.

Maybe they also wanted to see if Nan Feng and his men would have a fight with the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Seeing this, Ye Tianlang waved at Azure Dragon and went to talk with the people of the Dragon Gate.

He was just doing so to see if they had a temporary residence, and if they needed any help.

Two minutes after the first group of people came out, the second group appeared.

Their clothes were in different colors.

Clearly, they were not wearing uniforms.

But the group of more than 20 were all women.

“Uh-huh, this sect is kind of interesting.”

Many peoples eyes lit up.

They looked the group of women up and down, inwardly admitting that they were all very attractive.

However, there was a hint of seriousness in the eyes of the disciples of the Dragon Gate when they looked at the women.

“The Falling Flowers Sect!”

Su Changxiu focused his attention, then looked at the long-faced woman in white and said with a smile, “Bai Ruoqing, I didnt expect that you would lead the team this time.

Your sect seems to have made too little of this matter.”

“Hahaha, a few years ago, that old guy, Daofu, recruited some youngsters with great promise.

Thus, our Falling Flowers Sect began to consider enrolling some young beauties, too,” Bai Ruoqing said with a faint smile.

After that, she paid no more attention to Su Changxiu and ran to stand on the mountain in the east.

Since there were so many people gathered there, she decided to see what would happen.

After a while, Captain Xuanwu volunteered to socialize and happily hopped over to talk with her.

“Ive heard of the Falling Flowers Sect.

It is not very powerful, just second-tier in the Kunlun Immortal World.

However, each of their members is very strong.

They are highly proficient in the art of illusion.

They can even kill people in their dreams.

They are the kind of people that other forces would never want to mess with.

And the Falling Flowers Sect only recruits women.”

With a grave look on his face, Ye Tianlang began to introduce the Falling Flowers Sect to the people around him.

“The name of the Falling Flowers Sect came from a poem: I very much want to open up to the bright moon, but the bright moon only shines the ditch.

The fallen flowers are willing to follow the flowing water.

Branches cuddle up to mountains trees.

But you know not how much I love you.

The head of the Falling Flowers Sect is certainly a person with stories.”

“How do you know so much” Mu Xue glanced at him.

“Uh, I once read it in the secret book,” Ye Tianlang replied.


While they were talking, on the other side, Captain Xuanwu had been mercilessly driven away.

Bai Ruoqing, the leader of the group of women, glanced around and noticed that there were several women with good cultivation standing in Zhang Guangyous team.

She flew over alone and hovered in the air when she was 20 meters away from the mountain.

“Ive noticed you two both have very outstanding cultivation.

Why dont you join my Falling Flowers Sect”

Her eyes, after scanning the field, were finally fixed on Mu Xue and Jiang Yanlan.

She did not feel the amazing purity of Mengmengs spiritual force because she did not have the unique method that Su Changxiu had.

“Are you trying to poach us”

Mu Xue shook her head repeatedly and said, “No, were taken.”

“You two are already married” Bai Ruoqing frowned.

Then, she said, “But it wont be a problem.

We can let your husbands live in the small town at the foot of the mountain our sect is located.

And well give you some time to see your husbands every month.”

As soon as her words came out, everyone present was a little stunned.

“It seems that these people from the Kunlun Immortal World are going to poach the disciples of other sects, doesnt it”

“Why did they all eye on the people from the Heavenly Knights Sect Are those peoples aptitudes really that brilliant”

“Youve misunderstood.

I mean we already have a master.”

Mu Xue snorted softly and said, “This is no bluffing.

My master is invincible in the world.

Who would throw a watermelon to pick up a sesame seed Besides, Im a very loyal person.”


Bai Ruoqings face turned a little cold.

“Throw the watermelon and pick up the sesame seed

“Youre comparing my Flower Falling Sect to a sesame seed, arent you”


She casually conjured a seal in the air, which looked like a Taichi diagram.

It was a Yin-and-Yang Illusory Sorcery.

However, to her huge astonishment, before she could launch her strike—

“Eight Desolations Seal!”

Chen Changqing cast a seal backhanded.

The round seal seemed to be showing everyone an ancient, bleak world.

It was timeworn and gigantic.


Bai Ruoqings seal was directly shattered.

“Dont bother us again, or… well kill you without exception,” Chen Changqing warned coldly.


His words were like a clap of thunder, exploding in the minds of thousands of people.

“Holy cow! Emperor Qing is so domineering!”

“What did you say”

A glint of anger flashed in Bai Ruoqings eyes.

“Ive been threatened

“But the seal he just conjured did seem to be an advanced art.”

Seeing the group of people who were eyeing her with hostility, Bai Ruoqing thought that they were challenging her dignity.

But upon a closer look, she found that Lord Nan Shan and his men were also with them.

“The Dark Shadow Clan can come out of the Ancient Mine now”

Bai Ruoqings heart skipped a beat.

“If they are able to come out, itll change the power structure of the whole world.”

She was also a high-level member in the Kunlun Immortal World, so she was well aware of how powerful the Dark Shadow Clan was.

Thinking of this, her eyes could not help but turn cautious.

She looked at Mu Xue and asked, “Who is your master”

“My master is an aboveboard man who never hides his name.

Let me tell you, he is Zhang Hanyang, the Devil Zhang,” Mu Xue replied flatly.

“Zhang Hanyang”

Bai Ruoyuns expression looked a little bemused.

“Well, Id like to see if you can still maintain such a high profile when the people of the Wind Snow Temple come out.”

After that, without looking back, she returned to the mountain where the disciples of her sect were and watched them coldly.

However, some disciples of the Falling Flowers Sect indignantly made retorts.

“Senior Sister Bai has kindly offered to let them join us.

But they really dont know whats good for them.”

“What kind of achievements can secular martial artists make anyway These people havent seen Senior Sister Bais powers, so they dont know how powerful the Kunlun Immortal World is.”

“Are they from the Heavenly Knights Sect Zhang Mus sect Haha, the Deep Valley has almost been destroyed in the war and will soon meet its doom.

What hope do they have then”

“Theyre just frogs in a well whose outlook is rather limited.”


As far as they were concerned, these people in front of them would suffer a lot in a short while.

Just like that, groups of people appeared one after another.

“The Phaseless Sect has sent more than 30 people this time”

“The people of the Flying Swallows Sect have arrived.”

“The Fifth Elder is leading the team of the Mystic Cloud Sect”


In the beginning, sects arrived separately.

They often came in groups of more than a dozen and more than 20, and the largest one had more than 30 people.

Soon, there were more and more people appearing at a time.

Each time, around 70 or 80 people appeared, who were from different sects.

But the people of the Wind Snow Temple still had not shown up.

Gradually, the mountains in the central area were about to be packed.

Nearly a thousand people had gathered here.

This made many martial artists who were watching the fun tremble.

Their hearts also shuddered with astoundment.

Any of those powerful masters, if appeared in public, would create a big commotion.

Now that so many of them had assembled here, it seemed that the martial arts world was about to change big-time!

Usually, when the team of the one sect came out, they would leave immediately other than lingering around.

But this day, all the people who came out had stayed there, for four of the five people who came out from the Kunlun Immortal World several ago had been killed by Zhang Hanyang.

They had also learned from those secular martial artists they had recruited that a very invincible martial artist had appeared in the secular world.

They wondered how invincible he was.

They would know the answer when Nan Feng and his men came out.

“Im wondering who will come out this time.”

Su Changxiu shook his head slightly and said, “Among the 13 generals under Nan Fengs command, who will be sent here this time The strongest among them should be Nan Qi.

But this is not a big deal.

I dont think itll be him.

Perhaps itll be the relatively steady Nan San and Nan Liu.”

“No matter who is coming, these people wont be able to fight against them anyway.”

The disciples around him hurriedly echoed, “Thats right.

Although Nan San is steady and not very strong, he would never make the mistake of underestimating his enemy as Nan Shisan did.

If Nan Shisan had been cautious, how could he have died in the hands of a martial artist in the inferior world”

“No matter how strong a secular martial artist is, he is still below the Elixir Realm.

How could Zhang Hanyang possibly defeat someone in the Elixir Realm in this world Dont forget that the Wind Snow Temple has a precious treasure that can let us have the strength of the early stage of the Elixir Realm in the secular world for 30 seconds.

As long as such a treasure is used in a battle, the opponent, whoever he or she is, will die.”

“Thats true.

People with the strength of the Elixir Realm have way transcended this world.

No one can stop them.”


Almost all the people in the Kunlun Immortal World were not optimistic about the Heavenly Knights Sects odds of winning.

They all had a sense of superiority that they had cultivated in life.

They waited for another five minutes.

The passage was still quiet.

No members of other sects were coming out, either.

By far, almost all the people who should come out were here, and many of them were from the top sects.

“Still not coming”

“The Wind Snow Temple surely know how to put on airs.”

Some people started to wonder if the most heavyweight figure was going to be the last to arrive at the scene.

But no, that was not the case.

Finally, another ten minutes passed.


A muffled sound rang out.

More than a dozen slightly woebegone figures stumbled out.

“Sure enough, its Nan San! But why does he look a little discomposed” Su Changxiu was somewhat confused.

The more than 1000 people also gazed at them with the same bewildered look.

“Everyone who came out before appeared to be awe-inspiring.

How come you looked so dejected and shamed when you got out”

“Wow, youve all come here!”

Nan San was clad in cyan clothes.

He had long hair and a thin face.

At this time, there was a trace of anger in his eyes.

“Very good.

Are the people of the Heavenly Knights Sect here”

“Is something big gonna happen”

Knowing the hostility between Nan Feng and Zhang Mu, the members of the sects all watched the scene in front of them with great interest.

No matter how they looked at it, they felt that Nan San was a little angry from embarrassment.

“What You wanna fight”

Zhao Feng furrowed his brows and said coldly, “We are right here.”


“Uncle Feng also has a little domineering side!”

This time, Mengmeng finally saw Chen Changqings and Zhao Fengs different sides.

“Good, very good.”

Nan Sans eyes turned scarlet as if they were burnt by flames of anger.

He gritted his teeth and bowled, “Kill them!”


In that instant, it was as if the air had become cold.

Waves of desolate killing intent pervaded the place.

The martial artists in the outer area were frightened by this.

At the same time, the faces of some martial artists from the sects in the worldlets paled drastically.

They did not expect that those people would start to fight the moment they came out of the passage.

“They dont even want to exchange some words first, do they”


At this precise moment, the leading elder of the Phaseless Sect in the Kunlun Immortal World opened his mouth and said, “Youve just come out of the Kunlun Immortal World and your strength is still suppressed.

You need some time to regain your power.

Dont forget what happened a couple of years ago.

None of us wants to see you fail because of the smallest mistake.”

The Phaseless Sect and the Wind Snow Temple were relatively close.

Thus, he could not help reminding them at this critical time.

That kind of strength suppression would at first make them quite uncomfortable, which would affect the performance of their strength.

It was not until now that he recovered his full strength.

However, Nan San and the dozen people of the Wind Snow Temple had let their fury win over their ration.

The steadier and more collected a person was, the more irrational he would be when he lost his temper.

“Fail because of the smallest mistake Hahaha, you think these trash in the inferior world can cause me to fail” Nan San laughed wildly.

“Zhang Mu, how impressing! He and the people in Deep Valley just tried to intercept us.

Nan Liu was killed.

Good thing is, Ive come down here first to kill all the people of the Heavenly Knights Sect!”

“What Nan Liu died” The elder of the Phaseless Sect was shocked.

“Isnt Nan Qi leading the team”

“Hes coming in from another entrance!” One of the team members answered and then quickly took a deep breath.

Just at this moment, Nan San moved.

He was as fast as lightning!

Two machetes appeared in his hands.

There was no doubt that these were the top fifth-stage spirit treasures.

Holding the machetes, Nan San aggressively charged over.

Seeing that a fight was about to occur, several forces on the top of the mountains around Zhang Guangyou and his men all retreated for their own safety.

“Then let me have a round with you,” Dong Chen said, his eyes turning cold.

“How dare he stir up trouble before he is even able to control his strength”

“Let me kill him!”

All of a sudden, a soft sneer was heard.

The black-clad Mu Xue leaped into the air from Mengmengs side and quickly went to fight Nan San.

She was holding the Demon Dancing Sword, which she then thrust forward.

It was a very simple move.

Nan Sans machetes hacked horizontally, and two waves of air swept toward Mu Xue.

However, to his horror, before the woman in front of him got close to him, he already sensed that his life was on the line.

He instantly shifted to the side.

The next moment, he saw a jet of cold light plummeting from where he had just been toward the mountains below.


The explosion was extremely violent.

But Nan San just sneered and said, “Dont make a fool of yourself with such a cheap trick.”

“You call this a cheap trick”

Mu Xue tilted her head to one side and said very impishly, “But this is a killing move that my master taught me.

You cant even see the power it contains.

Youre so lame.”

As soon as she finished speaking—


Nan San gasped with fear.

He vaguely felt that he had been pinned down by some kind of mysterious energy.

“What is it”


As he gaped at Mu Xue, he saw that the sword in this womans hand suddenly disappeared.

“Oh, it did not disappear.

It is here.”

Nan San slowly lowered his head and saw a long sword sticking out of his chest, which had penetrated his back.

Feeling that his body was falling into pieces, Nan Sans eyes were full of dismay, disbelief, and regret.

“I should have listened to the elders advice.”

Nan San slowly raised his head and glanced at Mu Xue.


His whole body suddenly burst into flames, which then turned into ashes and drifted away with the wind.


A dead silence had taken over the place!

Even the sound of a needle falling could be heard.

At this moment, Mu Xue looked at the rest of the people of the Wind Snow Temple and said lightly—

“Its New Years Eve.

Id like to kill some Kunlun people and offer them as sacrifices to the lord!”

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