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“Well, well.”

Dong Chen sneered.

“Your Wind Snow School has always been…”

Before his words faded, a disdainful voice suddenly rang.

“Why wait for Nan Qi I can do it myself.”

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Many pairs of eyes quickly shifted toward the passage, only to see a figure slowly walking out of the swirling fog.

“Its Nan Wu!”

“Hes here too”

Among Nan Fengs 13 fighters, Nan Qi was the strongest, and Nan Wu was the second strongest.

The others were basically a far cry from the two.

Most importantly, Nan Wu had a spirit treasure called the Sky-trapping Mirror! It was a sixth-tier spirit treasure.

It was said that this mirror was not subject to the rules of suppression and could also be used to its fullest potential in the secular world.

With the Sky-trapping Mirror in his hand, Nan Wu, who was half a step to the Elixir Realm, could easily kill an enemy of the same level, or even put up a fight against someone in the early stage of the Elixir Realm.

If Nan Qi was the Third Princes sharpest weapon, then Nan Wu was the poisonous snake he had kept to carry out his sordid plans.

The former worked for him in the open, while the latter did his biddings in the dark.

The two of them were Nan Fengs right-hand men.

“Its Nan Wu!”

The disciple injured in the left arm cupped one hand before his chest and said in a rueful tone, “Nan Liu was ambushed by the people of the Deep Valley and was killed by Zhang Mu.

After we entered the passage and came down here, Nan San got killed by them! Many of these people here were cultivators half a step to the Elixir Realm…”

He recounted what had happened so far.

Hearing his words, Nan Wus face gradually darkened.

“Theyre indeed courting death,” Nan Wu said in a cold voice.

He stepped into the air and looked down at Dong Chen and the others in front of him.

With a thunderous voice, he remarked, “You think your strength is very powerful Youre half a step to the Elixir Realm.

Indeed, youve reached the upper limit in this world.

But given your current strength, I can kill you with one finger if you go to the Kunlun Immortal World.

You dont understand the disparity at all.

Just like now, I can kill you anytime I want.”


Nan Wus voice was originally very cold and harsh, as though the two parties that had just gotten out of a fierce fight would immediately start another one.

But the loud laughter broke the ominous silence.

“Who is laughing”

Nan Wus cold eyes swiveled to the other party.

Suddenly, he saw the appearance of the one laughing, and his face stiffened for a second.

“The Dark Shadow Clan”

“Youve thought too lightly of the secular martial artists.

With your current strength, you may really get killed here,” Lord Nan Shan said flatly.

“Ive also killed a lot of people of the Dark Shadow Clan.

Theyre strong on the outside, but weak on the inside.” Nan Wus eyes were full of contempt.

He would not let the Dark Shadow Clan have its way here.

But when he heard of Lord Nan Shans identity, his eyes also revealed a trace of consternation.

“Who do you think you are” Si Nan stepped forward and said, “Given your little ability, how dare you be so arrogant in front of our Lord Listen, the man beside me is one of the Giants of the Kings Domain, Lord Nan Shan! Even the bigshots in your Kunlun Immortal World dare not to stand in Lord Nan Shans way.

But how dare you, a humble dog, bark in front of him”

“Woof” Little Hei glanced at Si Nan, feeling the urge to bite him.

“Its okay to do the trash talk.

Why always compare him to me Why dont you compare him to my big brother

“You can say,youre just a humble gorilla.

How dare you bark like that\'”

Little Hei found its barks pleasant to the ear anyway.

However, when Nan Wu learned that the man was one of the Giants of the Kings Domain in the Ancient Mine, he frowned slightly.

He also knew that the strength of the Giants in the Ancient Mine was comparable with that of some Sect Masters and Patriarchs in the Kunlun Immortal World.

They were also old freaks at the peak of the Elixir Realm.

Although his cultivation had been suppressed in this world, strength was not everything.

After all, he still had the Sky-trapping Mirror.

When he encountered an equally strong opponent in terms of cultivation, what else could they compete in The rare treasures they had, of course.

But he did not even need to think to know that as a giant of the Kings Domain, Lord Nan Shan certainly had quite a few good treasures in his possession.

Moreover, the people beside him all had their own heaven-defying treasures.

Therefore, facing them, Nan Wu was truly lacking in confidence.

“Thats to say, the Heavenly Knights Sect is now part of Lord Nan Shans force, isnt it” Nan Wu asked.

If so, he would have to go back and ask for reinforcement.

But this time, Lord Nan Shan ignored him.

He did not even bother to take a look at him.

Si Nan answered lightly, “The Heavenly Knights Sect has nothing to do with us.

We are Zhang Hanyangs partners.”

“Zhang Hanyang”

A cold smile appeared at the corner of Nan Wus mouth.

“Come and meet your doom.”

While speaking, his extremely chilling eyes swept across Zhang Guangyou and the others.

“Haha, my master hasnt come yet, but you are already in a hurry to reincarnate.

Let me see you off!”

Mu Xue gave a bitter laugh, poised to rush over and take him down.

However, before she moved, Sect Leader Mu dashed forward first.

“Well, let me see how strong you are.”

“Do you wanna die”

Nan Wus eyes turned icy-cold.

With a shudder of his body, the Sky-trapping Mirror appeared over his head.

When it shone on Sect Leader Mu, who was halfway through launching a strike with his sword, he was disturbed by some unknown energy.

For a moment, he felt that his body was a little limp as if some monster was devouring his energy.

Even his sword moved a little slower, and he felt slightly light-headed.

“This mirror can affect ones mind!”

Sect Leader Mus heart thumped.

He cast a Mind-clearing Talisman and sped up his strike.

Luo Fus Seven Hacks!

Seven jets of sword light pierced through heaven and earth and whistled over toward Nan Wu.

All of a sudden, the color of heaven and earth changed.

It was as if there were only seven jets of cyan sword light in the whole world, which had existed for a long time and would still dazzle the world eternally!

Such an attack caused Nan Wus eyes to narrow slightly.

“You do have some tricks up your sleeve, but its far from enough!”

A bow abrupted materialized in Nan Wus hand.

Seeing this, the faces of many people around paled slightly.

“The Dark Music Bow!”

“Isnt that one of Nan Fengs weapons I never knew that hes even given his Dark Music Bow to Nan Wu.”

“It seems that the Third Prince of the Wind Snow Temple is determined to destroy the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“After all, when the news of that incident spread to the Kunlun Immortal World, they all felt deeply humiliated.

The Wind Snow School that Nan Feng founded in person got wiped out by the local forces.

If it was only his subordinates who joined that battle and lost, it would not be a big deal.

But as a prince, he went out to the battlefield in person and suffered such a huge loss.

He completely lost his face that time.

Thats perhaps the reason why hes become angry out of embarrassment.”


In that one instant, many people recognized the bow and recalled its origin.

The entire bow was crystal-white, and did not it did not come with any arrows.

However, it could fire powerful energy arrows.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Nan Wu abruptly pulled the bowstring, and three arrow-shaped energy waves shot out.


At the moment when the arrows darted out, a thunderous sound was heard from each of the arrows.

The sound was deafening.

But when Sect Leader Mu heard it, he felt that his brain was in a muddle and he slipped into a trance for a second.

When he regained consciousness, the three arrows had arrived and blocked his way of retreat.


Sect Leader Mus heart skipped a beat.

He hurriedly whipped out his defensive treasure, and a layer of pale blue light enveloped him.

“It wont help.”

Nan Wu stretched out his hand and placed the Dark Music Bow horizontally.

Wisps of crystal-white light emerged, absorbing all the Sword Qi Sect Leader Mu had conjured.

Seeing Sect Leader Mus defense, Nan Wu sneered and yelled, “Explode!”



The sharp arrow in the middle suddenly exploded.

The energy that erupted from it was daunting, which then wrapped Sect Leader Mus defense in.

To everyones surprise, the seemingly strong defensive cover cracked instantly in the face of this explosion.


The pupils of Dong Chen, who was at the rear, contracted in shock.

Mu Xues expression changed slightly.

She grabbed her sword and swiftly fired a streak of sword light.

However, distant water could not quench present thirst.


Nan Wus lips curved into a sneer the moment Sect Leader Mus defensive cover was broken,

He made a Taoist gesture with his left hand to control the other two arrows.

Under his command, the arrows, which were originally 10 meters long, suddenly split into dozens of small arrows that were half a meter long, then suddenly charged toward Sect Leader Mu.

Without any time to think, Sect Leader Mu cast a formation flag.

With the help of his own energy, he raised the second defense.


Strong energy fluctuations spread in all directions.

A figure flew backward.

It was, of course, Sect Leader Mu.

Small drips of blood were spraying from his body, and his breath was very weak.

Apparently, he had been seriously injured.

Mu Xue hurriedly went to catch him.

“Dad, how are you”

“Im fine.”

Sect Leader Mu gritted his teeth, took out two medicinal pellets, and quickly swallowed them.

He was no longer able to fight.

After taking just two strikes, Sect Leader Mu was defeated.

This was also a blow to the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Sect Leader Mu was one of the strongest people on their side.

But even he could not withstand Nan Wus attacks.

Then, who else could

“Ah! Grandpa Mu has been injured!” Mengmeng cried out nervously,

Mengmeng was frightened.

Her little face turned pale.

“Grandpa, go and help Grandpa Mu.”

“He just took the medicinal pellets.

Hell be fine after he rests for a while,” Zhang Guangyou assured Mengmeng.

But his eyes were quite stern.

The recovery period was definitely not just one or two days.

But that was not the tricky part.

The most troubling thing was how to deal with the current situation.

Nan Wus strength was much stronger than theirs.

It was not only because of his own cultivation but also because of the two treasures in his hands.

“Im gonna kill you!”

Mu Xue was outraged.

She made to rush over with her sword, but Sect Leader Mu pulled her back in time.

“No one can defeat him in a one-on-one fight.

Wait for your master to come.”

His voice was weak, but his hand dragging Mu Xue to the back was strong.

No one moved anymore.

The whole place fell into silence.

The onlookers watching the fight at the back could not believe what they had just seen.

The powerful Heavenly Knights Sect just fought fiercely against the Kunlun people and drew a tie with them.

However, to their surprise, a cultivator who just arrived turned the tide in an instant.

How strong was Nan Wu What kind of treasures were his longbow and the mirror

“Heavenly Knights Sect, your Head is backed by the Deep Valley.”

Nan Wu marched forward and said, “Normally speaking, since he has a backer in the Kunlun Immortal World, no one would dare to mess with him.

Yet, unfortunately, youve offended the Third Prince.

The Deep Valley will be taken down, and so will the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Now, I, Nan Wu, will make the Heavenly Knights Sect my first target.

Is there anybody who dares to fight me If not, Im gonna start my kill.”

He was challenging them, daring them to fight him.

It was kind of a psychological way to reduce the opponents morale.

“Let me have a try.”

Under the gazes of tens of thousands of people, the Third Elder rushed forward.

However, in less than 10 seconds, the Sky-trapping Mirror suddenly cast out a column of scarlet light, and the Third Elder flew backward in defeat.

“Anybody else”

Nan Feng looked at the crowd in front of him, and his voice was thunderous.

Such an attitude alarmed many of the martial artists watching the fight.

“What a strong momentum!”

“It seems that the Heavenly Knights Sect will finally come to an end.

The one thing they shouldnt have done is offend the people of the Kunlun Immortal World.

After all, theyre from the Holy World!”


Obviously, most people were not optimistic about the situation of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Even many members of the sects in the Kunlun Immortal World had put on a faint smile.

Since this was a matter concerning the face of the Kunlun Immortal World, many of them would not allow the Heavenly Knights Sect to win.

They had also considered taking action if things came to a critical moment,

“Anybody else”

Nan Wu suddenly shouted.

Chen Changqing, Zhang Guangyou, Dong Chen, Sect Leader Jiang, and others looked at one another and made up their minds!

“Lets go together!”

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.”

The figures quickly dashed forward one after another.

“Do you want to win by weight of numbers”

Nan Sans subordinates, along with those from the Phaseless Sect who had also taken action earlier, charged over altogether.


Roars and screams shook heaven and earth.

While no one was looking, Rong Jiali took Mengmeng, the 70-meter-tall Dahei, Little Hei, and a few other members to retreat to hundreds of meters away.

Their strength was slightly weaker, so they could not influence the result of the battle.

But they had to stay safe.

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