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Just when they were about to leave, Zhang Guangyou laughed and made a phone call.

“Hello My dear, tell the restaurant to prepare some good food and wine.

Weve had a great victory.

Lets drink to our hearts content tonight.

My father is back, too.


No matter whether a man was successful or not, no matter how awesome he was, he would always be a son before his father.

Although Zhang Guangyou was already a grandfather himself, at this moment, he was so excited that he was dancing with joy like a child.

For so many years, he had been worried about what would happen if his father died in the Kunlun Immortal World.

But now, he could finally put his mind at ease.

Along the way, the men Zhang Mu had brought here could not help giving endless compliments.

“Brother Mu, youve found yourself a successor!”

“Zhang Hanyang, Zhang Han, youre so strong! I admire you!”

In the face of these praises, Zhang Han just smiled and nodded.

He did not look proud at all.

He did not think he had done anything special.

And what he said was true.

The Kunlun Immortal World was not even as large as a corner of the Cultivation World.

Compared with the Cultivation World, it was no more than a speck of dust.

Thus, even if he turned the Kunlun Immortal World upside down, it was nothing to be proud of.

But now, his focus was different.

What Zhang Han wanted to do most was to be with Mengmeng and Zi Yan and watch Mengmeng grow up.

He had not experienced these seemingly normal things in his life.

“Daddy, y-you are bravo!”

Hearing these praises, Mengmeng gave Zhang Han a thumbs-up.

That made Zhang Han simmer with laughter.

The little girl was dead serious when she complimented him.

The look on her face could not be cuter.

“However, Han, although you have such strength, you still have to heed one thing.

You have seen the Nirvana Fruit that Nan Qi ate before.

Nan Feng has a whole Nirvana Tree.

Its a natural sixth-tier spirit treasure.

It is said that that kind of treasure can allow one to recover ones original strength for some time in the secular world.

Although this world has the rules of strength suppression, there are some loopholes anyway.”

Zhang Mu abruptly sighed.

“Nan Feng is a very powerful opponent.

Not only in terms of strength, but also in terms of intelligence.”

“I knew that the moment I saw the Nirvana Fruit.” Zhang Hans eyes paused for a moment, and then he said, “Xiaofeng, contact the Holy King of the Radiant Sect and ask him to deliver this message to the Patriarch of the Ross Clan.

I order the Patriarch of the Ross Clan to send me three drops of blood essence within one day.

If he doesnt come, I will go and take his life.”


Zhao Fengs expression tensed, and those who followed Zhang Mul here were also staggered.

As a result, when the Patriarch of the Ross Clan learned the news that night, he was incensed.

“D*mn, Zhang Hanyang, do you really think youre the most powerful person in the world

“F*ck you! Believe it or not, Ill suck all your blood, peel off your skin, and refine your soul in foul blood for 100 years!

“Who do you think you are! How dare you threaten me”

“Bang, wham, thump, boom…”

The Patriarch of the Ross Clan furiously smashed half of the castle.

After venting his anger for two whole hours, under the frightened gazes of many clansmen, the Patriarch of the Ross Clan looked up at the sky and let out a cry with dolefulness.

“There are six Patriarchs in the world, but you just have to come to me! You cant keep shearing just one sheep in the herd!


The next day, a disciple of the Patriarch of the Ross Clan obediently delivered three drops of blood essence over.

He also brought Zhang Han a message.

“Our Patriarch asked me to tell the honorable Mr.

Zhang that there is a stronger vampire clan in Australia called Patriarch Mu Han, and there is an even more powerful one in Mei Province called Patriarch Auer in…”

“So there are so many Patriarchs”

Zhang Han showed a dazed look.

The disciple of the Ross Clan went back and told the patriarch that Zhang Hanyang did not know that there were other Patriarchs.

“Bang, whack, boom…”

Another half of the castle was torn down.

How mad he was!

“Why didnt you tell me earlier” he thought bitterly.

Of course, this was just a small interlude.

At that time at night, technically, New Years Eve had passed.

It was not until one oclock in the morning one the first day of the New Year that they all returned to Mount New Moon.

Usually, they would have gone to bed at this time of the day.

But this night, the whole Mount New Moon was brightly lit and full of peoples voices.

Instead of going to the very modern restaurant, they put many tables under the Thunder Yang Tree and served a hearty meal.

People attended the celebration, as though it was a banquet.

After arriving at Mount New Moon, Zhang Mu was a little surprised.

“If Im not mistaken, there is an advanced Heaven-earth Formation surrounding this place, right”

“Brother, this Heaven-earth Formation is not just advanced but one of a kind!” The First Elder ran over and laughed happily before Zhang Han.

Reunions were always wonderful.

Drinking wine was a must-do on this occasion.

And everyone could drink to their hearts content.

It was time to get hammered.

“Jiu, take out all our treasured liquor and let everyone have a taste.

This is the Delicate Aroma Wine specially made in the Deep Valley.

Everyone, please have some.”

Zhang Mu enthusiastically entertained others.

They enjoyed fine dishes while drinking fine wine to celebrate.

After three rounds of drinking, Zhang Mu inadvertently glanced at the Thunder Yang Tree.


When he first went up the mountain, he had also seen this tree.

He was also somewhat stunned after noticing how precious this place was.

But now, on a closer look, he found that this tree was extraordinary!

“Its a Thunder Yang Tree”

Zhang Mu was taken aback and subconsciously rubbed his stubble.

“Hahaha, dad!” Zhang Guangyou called out.

The Delicate Aroma Wine had finally made him feel intoxicated again, and he was a little giddy.

Hearing Zhang Mus exclaimed, he involuntarily gave several wild laughs.

When Zhang Mu and some of his men from the Kunlun Immortal World looked over at him, he said with a cackle, “My son is powerful! I bet you dont know that there is not only the Thunder Yang Tree, but also the Thunder Yang Flower, the Thunder Yang Grass, and even a Top-grade Crystal Palace we got from the Ancient Mine.

What about crystal stones Those dont matter.

My son has countless crystal stones.

When he gets the Thunder Yang Sand, this place will become the greatest treasure land in history.

Han, show your grandfather your herb field!”


Now that Zhang Guangyou wanted to show off, Zhang Han naturally had to let him have his wish.

Hearing his words, he dispersed the magic formation around the Thunder Yang Tree, and the outline of the herb field was immediately revealed.

Within several hundred meters, the land was covered with dense spiritual herbs.

The fragrance of spiritual herbs continued to waft through the air.

“Holy cow! Brother Mu, its sixth-tier! There is a sixth-tier spiritual herb over there!” a man beside Zhang Mu exclaimed.

In the Kunlun Immortal World, six-tier spiritual herbs were relatively rare.

But in the Ancient Mine, six-tier spiritual weapons were rather scarce.

“Theres more than one!”

The dozens of sixth-tier spiritual herbs boggled their mind.

Just like sixth-tier spiritual weapons, not everyone in the Kunlun Immortal World has a spiritual herb of this level.

Such herbs were quite precious, for these things needed to be refined with a lot of gems, metals, and other expensive materials.

“There are a total of 38 herbs now.

Over the past few years, weve consumed more than 30 sixth-tier treasures,” Zhang Guangyou said while shaking his head.

“And divine objects and fifth-tier treasures are just cheap goods here…”

Even Zhang Mu was a little startled by Zhang Guangyous ostentatious boasting.

His remark sounded quite exaggerated, but the view before them proved that it was all true.

After a long while of stunned silence, Zhang Mu sighed.

“With so many spiritual herbs here, the Sixth Elder must be over the moon.

He likes refining elixirs most.

But why didnt I see him with you guys this time”

“The Sixth Elder…” Dong Chen hedged, showing a strange expression on his face.


Zhang Mus heart skipped a beat.

“Could it be that the Sixth Elder had died

“Yeah, that must be it.

After all, how could there be no casualties in a battle with a force like the Wind Snow School”

Just as Zhang Mus mood drooped, Dong Chen put on a solemn look and said,

“The Sixth Elder suffered a blow in confidence last time.

When he heard that Han got some sixth-stage treasures, he ran over in a hurry.

Later, he competed with Han in refining elixirs and suffered a hefty defeat.

He got so frustrated that he went back and shut him in his room studying the elixir-refining art.

He hasnt come out for a long time.

And this time, we let him lead a team to stay and guard the sect.”

“What He is no match for Han in refining elixirs” Zhang Mu asked.

His pupils stopped moving for a moment.

“He is a far cry,” Dong Chen said tersely.

“How can a person know so much about formations, elixirs, and martial arts” Zhang Mu looked at Zhang Han in disbelief.

“Youre surprised, arent you”

Zhang Guangyou laughed and added, “There are more things youll find surprising in the future.”

“All right.”

Zhang Mu shook his head slightly and said, “When I left that year, Zhang Han and Zhang Li were still little kids.

They were even younger than Mengmeng.

But now, I even have a great-granddaughter.

My kids have both started a family.

Han is a very good man.

In the future, while cultivating, he should also take good care of his family.”

“Dont worry, grandpa.

He treats Mengmeng and me very well,” Zi Yan replied with a smile.

“If he doesnt, dont hesitate to tell me,” Zhang Mu said.

“Ive noticed all of you are centered on him.

How old is he He is only in his early 30s, but he is already like this.

I hope your constant support and praise wouldnt make him cocky.”

“But, Great-Grandpa, you cant beat my father anyway, can you” Mengmeng snorted.

“If you pick on Daddy, I wont like you anymore.”

“Er… I wont bully your father.” Zhang Mu didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He touched his stubble again and sighed with emotion.

“Time is really harsh.

It changes people fundamentally.”

The passage of time was indeed harsh.

“It also makes people fat,” Mengmeng added with a smirk.

Zhang Mu let out a cry of shock.

“Im not fat, do I” Zhang Mus mouth quivered.

He could tell that his great-granddaughter seemed to be a little naughty.

“I didnt say it was Great-Grandpa.

I was talking about Uncle Hu.

It hasnt been long since he got married.

But hes gained a lot of weight,” Mengmeng muttered.


Ah Hu almost spat out a mouthful of good wine.

“Why have I been attacked even though I didnt do or say anything”

“Mengmeng is always so straightforward.” Liu Jiaran giggled.


Zhang Mu also grinned.

“Dad, what have you been through in the Kunlun Immortal World in the past few years” Zhang Guangyou probed.

“Over the past few years…”

Zhang Mu took a big gulp of wine before telling his stories.

“The Kunlun Immortal World is very big.

There are four domains in that world, namely the East, the South, the West, and the North Domain.

The four domains form a ring of continents.

In the center is the Northernmost Sea, and on the outside is the Boundless Sea.

The name of that sea is the same as the sea in the Ancient Mine.

Some people suspect that the sea is connected with the Ancient Mine, but no one has verified that theory.

It has always been an unraveled mystery.

When I first entered that world, I landed in the East Domain.

Its where the Wind Snow Temple is located.

Thus, the dispute between Nan Feng and I was brought from the secular world to the Kunlun Immortal World.

But I didnt expect that he was very close to the peak of the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

Later, I fled all the way to the South Domain.

Any two of the domains are more than tens of thousands of miles away from each other.

That world is really vast.

“But the Spiritual Qi and resources are quite rich.

I broke through to the Elixir Realm two months later.

It took me five years to break through to the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.

Later, I befriended the fellows in the Deep Valley and got on well with them, so I joined the Deep Valley.

Ten years later, I reached the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

Although I was still no match for Nan Feng, I saw some hope.


The people who followed Zhang Mu here from the Kunlun Immortal World looked a little conflicted.

They wanted to say something but stopped on second thought.

Since Zhang Mu did not bring it up, they decided not to say anything in the end.

“Lets drink first.

Well, the master of the Deep Valley goes by the nameDeep Flame.

He entered the Kunlun Mountains decades earlier than me.

Step by step, he reached the peak of the Elixir Realm and founded the Deep Valley.

Now, the Deep Valley is a force in the second echelon in the Kunlun Immortal World.

The place where the Deep Valley sits has a naturally-formed formation.

Assisted by the Heaven-earth Formation, it has also become a treasure land.”

Speaking of this, Zhang Mu broke off.

He always liked to report only what was good while concealing what was unpleasant.

On this particular day, he surely hated to bring up that depressing topic.

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