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“I, I like it too.” Mengmeng proudly grabbed her fathers arm.

Her cute, clingy expression made Zhang Mu laugh without a stop.

“Daddy, well soon arrive at the Kunlun Mountain Range.

Will we go there through that passage in a while Whats it like in that world” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“The environment should be good.

There is no such pollution caused by heavy industry.

The air is fresh and the spiritual Qi is rich.

People can cultivate in any ordinary place there.

Although the progress speed may not be fast, the cultivation will be done in a solid way.

After we go in, Ill cultivate in seclusion for three days.

Youll cultivate beside me, trying to gain some insights of your Cultivation Method or something like that,” Zhang Han said, tenderly rubbing Mengmengs head.


Daddy is cultivating.

Then, Im cultivating, too.”

Zhang Mu, on the other hand, shot Zhang Han an odd look.

“Judging by his tone, could there be some societies with science and technology in the Cultivation World as well”

Zhang Mu intended to ask about that at first, but he suppressed that urge.

Zhang Han had obtained the memory of a mighty figure with the 500 years cultivation.

If this news got out, he was afraid that the whole Kunlun Immortal World would be in an uproar.

Zhang Mu had also heard of some secrets.

It was said that those Yuan Yings in the Kunlun Immortal World had tried countless times to find the way to the higher world.

That higher world should be the Cultivation World.

“Is it the vast cosmos”

Zhang Mu looked up at the sky.

Night had already drawn in.

Stars were twinkling in the sky, looking enigmatic.

The secular world had evolved for hundreds of thousands of years.

But no alien civilization had ever been heard of.

Of course, he did not know that the Saint Warrior Planet, which had been sealed, was hidden in the void.

“Lets enter the Kunlun Immortal World!”

When they came to the passage, dozens of people were there waiting for them, with the captain of the Azure Dragon Detachment in the lead.

Seeing Zhang Hans group coming, the captain cupped his hands and greeted them.

After that, Zhang Mu said something, and the square-faced man took out a gem, which glittered brightly, its brilliance enveloping all the people on the scene.

The group jumped into the brilliance and vanished.

The scene changed and the surroundings became quiet.

One could occasionally hear the sounds of birds, beasts, and insects, as well as the faint music of trickling streams.

At this time, they had landed in a deep forest.

“This place is called the Cross Bone Mountain Range.

Itll take us about half a day to go to the Deep Valley from here.

The passage here was inadvertently discovered by the disciples of the Deep Valley.

So far, only the people of the Deep Valley know about this passage.

It can be regarded as a very safe transporting location,” Zhang Mu explained.

“Is there a lot of passages here, just like the ancient mine plain” Mengmeng inquired with interest.

“Yeah, but the passages in the Kunlun Immortal World are fixed.

And the number of passages is quite large.

After all, this world is very large,” Zhang Mu answered.

“Oh, I see.

Daddy, where are we going next” Mengmeng held Zhang Hans hand and asked.

After coming to a new environment, everything was quite novel to Mengmeng, though this forest was quite similar to the one in the relic.

“The smell hasnt changed a bit.”

Zhang Han inhaled deeply.

He was referring to the familiar smell of the Cultivation World.


A huge amount of his soul sense started to expand in all directions, covering the area within five miles, 10 miles, 30 miles, and 50 miles!

The flowers, trees, and grass were all captured by Zhang Hans soul sense.

Even the dozen spirit beasts in the Elixir Beast in that area didnt manage to escape from his scanning.

“Lets go to the east.”

Zhang Han and Mengmeng took the lead and rose into the air.

After flying for 10 minutes, they landed at a waterfall in the east.

“The scenery here is not bad.

I need to do closed-door training for three days,” Zhang Han said.

Then, he walked to a boulder near the pool at the bottom of the waterfall.

“Mengmeng, Ive brought you some food and snacks.

If youre bored, just enjoy the view.

But dont go anywhere farther.”

Although Zhang Han trusted Mengmeng very much, he still could not help reminding her.

“Well, Daddy, dont worry.

I wont go anywhere,” Mengmeng replied in a clear voice.


Grandpa, you and your fellows can have a rest as well.”

“Youre going to enter the Elixir Realm just like this” Zhang Mu looked a little hesitant.

“Are you sure you can do it”

Zhang Han smiled but didnt answer.

He sat cross-legged on the boulder and slowly closed his eyes.

The first phase of the Athanasia Demon Gong was the refining of ones skin, muscles, tendons, bones, and blood.

Now, after more than five years hard work and throwing in a ton of resources, Zhang Han had finally completed the first phase.

To provide for his cultivation, Lord Nan Shan nearly went bankrupt.

This Giant in the Kings Domain had to personally go out and loot resources.

He even colluded with other forces to launch several big battles and plundered a lot of resources, so that his treasury was full again.

After this phase was completed, Zhang Han needed to condense the Immortal Body.

The Immortal Body could have its own attributes.

But there were not many records on the stone tablet about the Cultivation Method he would gain after this.

The first great figure to obtain the Immortal Body had condensed the Immortal Body of Untainted Land, which brought him heaven-defying strength and exclusive supernatural powers that could absorb the local essence of the various regions of the Untainted Land.

Later, he bettered his Immortal Body and made it the Immortal Body of Gold.

Through his insights, he gained the Immortal Body of Human Mountain, the Immortal Body of Earth Mountain, and the Immortal Body of Celestial Mountain.

But after that, what more he had achieved was not recorded.

It was unknown whether he eventually died or went to the higher world.

The second one had gone very far down this path as well.

After he gained the Immortal Body, he condensed it into the Immortal Body of Blazing Fire.

He then absorbed all the unique fire in the world to improve his strength.

Then, he had the Immortal Body of Scorching Fire, which then turned into the Immortal Body of Blue Fire.

After that, there was no record to refer to.

The third mighty figures record read: “He found this very hard.

The path of seeking a body of its own attributes led him nowhere.

Why not build a body of no attribute He gained the Immortal Body of No Attribute I, the Immortal Body of No Attribute II, and the Immortal Body of No Attribute III.

Then, he insisted on having a body with attributes.

He torn down the old ones and then found the body that suited him most.

That is called Body Refining.

The Great Way is always the simplest.”

“What kind of path will I take after I condense the Immortal Body”

Zhang Han began to think.

There were too many thoughts in his mind, which consequentially led him to a dead end.

He found some of the ideas unsatisfying.

Others were okay.

Still, there seemed to be something missing.

He pondered in silence like that.

Five hours later—

A flash of enlightenment hit him.

“The Great Way is always the simplest The Body Refining

“This is indeed a way I can take.

Why dont I use the simplest method Why do I have to focus on pursuing the Immortal Body with properties If I just skip this stage and condense the Immortal Body, I can totally proceed to the third phase of the Athanasia Demon Gong!

“So thats how it is.

Those mighty figures had all taken different paths, but they were just experimenting.

“I can start to build the Immortal Body.

Im going to condensing the Immortal Body of the Five Elements and divide it into Yin and Yang.

Ill let Yin and Yang collide, smash the old body, and then regrow it.

Then, Ill have my own Immortal Body.”

Just as the idea struck Zhang Han…

The Athanasia Demon Gong in his body was running at a full speed.

Vaguely, Zhang Han felt as if he was in the void, and a very light and ethereal voice fluttered into his ear.

“The Way!”

This alien phenomenon made Zhang Han shudder as if he were struck by lightning.

He had seen a strange vision produced by his Cultivation Method!

According to legend, when ones Cultivation Method reached a certain level, strange scenes would appear at each phase to guide ones path forward.

But that required great luck.

It was a kind of reflection of how ones Cultivation Method had integrated with ones body.

Soon, the strange vision disappeared, and Zhang Han controlled the Space Ring with his mind.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Numerous top-grade crystal stones, along with countless resources, began to rotate around Zhang Han within a radius of 50 meters.


Mengmeng was staggered.

While she was in a daze, Zhang Mu came over and brought her to the rear.

The group of people was surprised.

“How could he need so many resources to take that half a step to reach the Elixir Realm This is impossible!”

“Sixth-tier treasures are already more than a dozen.

Come on, any one of them is enough to help you make the breakthrough.

This is too extravagant.”

“What kind of formation is this Why cant I understand it at all”


It was not until this moment that Mengmeng realized that her father was about to make a breakthrough.

Hence, everyone watched Zhang Han with rapt attention.

The treasures were refined one by one, turning into pure energy and pouring into Zhang Hans body.


When all the treasures were absorbed, a clear crack suddenly sounded.


The reflection of a huge golden boulder abruptly appeared before Zhang Han out of thin air.

It was only three meters high, but it gave people the impression that the boulder was extremely colossal.

Compared with it, human beings were just as small as a speck of dust.

“Wh-Whats this”

Zhang Mus eyes widened.

He had seen no other people summon such a thing when making a breakthrough!


There was another muffled thud.

With a clatter, the reflection of a tree materialized on Zhang Hans front left.

It was still only three meters high, but it looked like a towering tree.


Then, the reflection of a huge wave turned up at his left rear.

Like the previous two, it was also three meters high.


At the right rear, the reflection of a ball of flame popped up, displaying a world in a sea of flames.


On the right front, the reflection of a desolate ancient land emerged.

It was profound, calm, and imposing.

As for Zhang Han, he was sitting in the middle of all the reflections.

At this time, his breathing was erratic.

His body was sometimes substantial and sometimes illusory, as though he was somewhere between this world and another world.

He seemed to have risen above the ordinary and enter a higher realm.


Just as Zhang Mu and the others watched him open-mouthed.

The five kinds of bizarre visions began to swirl around Zhang Han.

As these visions circled around him, the speed was also picking up.

In the end, the visions went into a blur.

All of a sudden—

The sun rose.

Two seconds later, the bright moon shone in the sky, too.

The sun collided with the bright moon.


Blinding light radiated.

Behind the brilliance, a trace of the shadow of a great demon was partly visible.

The entire Cross Bone Mountain Range suddenly fell into a dead silence.

All the spirit beasts in the Elixir Realm were kneeling on the ground, shivering.

From their looks, one could tell that they were not just awestruck as if worshipping a god.

Instead, they were seized by deep horror.

Although Zhang Mu and his fellows were not affected by the change, they were still struck dumb by this inconceivable scene.

The fiends vision only existed for two seconds before it slowly dissipated.

What they didnt know was that when the great demon took shape, Zhang Hans thoughts became violent in an instant.

If he opened his eyes, people would see that his eyes had turned blood-colored.

Then, Zhang Hans aura rapidly grew more intense.

That meant the barrier that kept him from the Elixir Realm had been quietly crushed.

In his 10-inch dantian, the Elixir had taken shape.

It grew from one inch to two inches… to five inches, and finally to eight inches!

In just two breaths, his Elixir became eight-inch wide, and the changes were still going on.


After the Elixir became eight-inch wide, his energy suddenly sky-rocketed and it expanded to 10-inch wide!

At the same time, the Athanasia Demon Gong was running vigorously, reconstructing all kinds of meridians, making them completely integrated with his body.

The energy stored separately in his skin, muscles, tendons, bones, and blood quietly merged together, causing Zhang Hans physical constitution to improve like mad.

The surroundings slowly returned to normal.

Zhang Han continued to sit cross-legged for two hours, absorbed in comprehending the Way.

“My Immortal Body has been formed, but why havent I gained any new supernatural power”

Zhang Han was puzzled.

He could feel that as he made progress in cultivation, his comprehension of the Heavenly Demons Five Styles, which were five supernatural powers, had deepened significantly, but he didnt gain any new supernatural power.

He had thought that he would obtain the Heavenly Demons sixth style.

“No, its the Star Map and Thunder Sea!”

While he was making the breakthrough, Zhang Han began to comprehend the Star Map and Thunder Sea.

Just like that, half a day passed.

“Thats what it is.”

He suddenly thought of something and put his right hand forward.

The Star Map and Thunder Sea appeared.

But Thunder Sea was integrated with the power of the Heavenly Demons first style, the Air-shattering Hand.

Then, it continued to change and merged with more and more Ghost Soldiers.

“Oh, I see.

My new supernatural power is actually to merge the previous powers together!”

When Zhang Han launched two kinds of supernatural powers before, the strikes came out separately.

But now, Zhang Han could merge two kinds of power together, so he could launch one strike with the mixed powers, which would be several times more powerful than before.

This also meant that Zhang Han could integrate the Heavenly Demons Five Styles into the Star Map and Thunder Sea respectively.

In this way, in one go, he could launch at most 11 supernatural powers!

He had possessed 11 supernatural powers at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage! That was quite rare even in the Cultivation World.


Zhang Han slowly opened his eyes.

At this moment, his eyes were as bright as diamonds.

“Dad, youre finally awake.

Ive waited for you for so long that I start to get worried.

But why, why were you hitting the waterfall just now” Mengmeng ran to him in a hurry and asked.

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