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Zhang Mu turned around and cast a seal on the exit.

They were now at the Deep Valleys Main Mount on the east side of the river, right behind the main hall.

Walking for more than 10 minutes, they finally reached the main hall and saw that more than 50 people had gathered there, looking troubled.

“Zhang Mu.”

“Youre back!”

“Hill Master!”

“Elder Mu.”


These people brightened up and quickly ran toward him.

“Whats going on” Zhang Mu asked.

“Things are very bad.

The number of the other party keeps increasing.

Our Heaven-earth Formation only has one last ounce of energy left.

But theyve merely surrounded it other than attacking it.

They must also be waiting for the frosty crystal stone vein to take shape.”

“Todays energy fluctuations there are already quite sensational.

I reckon that the frosty crystal stones will be ripened tomorrow.”

“Why hasnt Valley Master come back yet”

“There will be a life-and-death battle tomorrow, and we may not be able to withstand the attack.”

“Urgent news!”

Suddenly, someone rushed in from the door.

“Elder Mu is back”

His eyes lit up, and then he said in a booming voice, “I just got the news.

They are going to take action in the early morning tomorrow! We still have half a day to prepare for it.

Elder Mu, its great that youre back.

I have another piece of news.

Nan Feng has sent Gao Chuan into the secular world with the Nirvana Tree to kill you.

Phew, thank god youre already back.”

It seemed that he was really relieved to see Zhang Mu here.

But Zhang Mu cried out in alarm, “What Gao Chuan He went to the secular world This is bad!”

He hurriedly turned to look at Zhang Han and said, “Gao Chuan is carrying the Nirvana Tree, so he will definitely be able to exert the strength of the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage in the next few days.”

“Its no big deal.

He cant break my defense.” Zhang Han did not turn a hair.

His face was still calm.

He had already seen it coming.

Those at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage could not break his formation.

Even if someone at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage came, the formation could resist it for a day.

That was the last fence of defense.

If the energy fluctuations showed that the intruder was at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, the alarm would be triggered.

Although the Kunlun Immortal World was separated from the secular world, Zhang Hans means were smart enough to overcome that barrier.

With the three drops of blood given by the Patriarch of the Ross Clan, he was sure he could pick up the alarm signal.

Once that happened, Zhang Han would put everything aside and go straight back.

He was not worried at all, just like that time he let Mengmeng go to the Kunlun Mountain Range to watch the fun.

Because Mengmeng carried the Space Portal with her.

In plain words, before the attack could hit Mengmeng, the defensive treasure would be activated and Zhang Han would arrive in no time.

“What should we do then”

Zhang Mus brows were tightly knitted as he said, “They are going to attack in the early morning.

Given the state of the Heaven-earth Formation, we may not be able to fend them off.”

After contemplating for five seconds, he said decisively, “Lets go! Set off immediately! We shall temporarily leave the Kunlun Immortal World and go to the secular world first.”

“Elder Mu, our Valley Master hasnt come back yet!” a disciple objected.

“He is trapped near the Northernmost Sea.

If he comes back, he is likely to be ambushed… If were all gone then, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

“But if we stay and defend this place even though we have no chance to win, will it work We cant really stay put just to guard this place.

If Valley Master came back and saw our corpses all over the place, wouldnt he be even more heartbroken We should leave for the time being.

As long as were alive, the Deep Valley still exists.”

“Thats right.

We have to escape.”


It could be seen that a large number of people wanted to escape.

Because the enemy was too strong, and they didnt even have any odds to put up a fight.

“But what about the frosty crystal stones Were destined to lose those treasures”

“Theyve pushed us too hard!”

“Now, theyre the knife and were the meat on the chopping board.

Were not gonna deny that.

Since they have made up their minds to attack, then let them.

As long as there is life, there is hope.

Thus, I agree with Elder Mus suggestion.”

“Me, too.”


In an instant, the people in the hall reached an agreement.

“Tell the disciples of our sect to assemble here in three hours.”

After Zhang Mu gave that order, all the disciples went off.

The Deep Valley was in the shape of a long strip that covered a wide area.

The disciples were scattered in different regions, so it would take some time to summon all the disciples and prepare for the big escape.

However, there was a hint of worry in Zhang Mus eyes.

The news about the frosty crystal stone vein was spread out by none other than some disciples of the Deep Valley.

He knew there were many moles in the Deep Valley who had colluded with others sects just like commercial spies.

As for this escape, Zhang Mu had a feeling that it would not be as simple as it seemed.

But since things had gone so far, it was useless to continue to argue.

This was the only way out.

No matter what, he had to give it a try.

“Ill show you the frosty crystal stone vein.”


A total of more than a dozen people, led by Zhang Mu, headed to the west side of the river.

In the center of the valley stood a mountain peak, on which everything had been covered with ice, be it trees or the ground.

“Its so beautiful!”

Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and stared at it for quite a while.

This kind of scenery was very rare.

“Its said that ordinary crystal stone veins can be destroyed before they are formed.

But this frosty crystal stone vein is shrouded by a certain kind of natural energy, which prevents it from being damaged.

This vein is about to take shape.

Pity that only those people can benefit from it,” Zhang Mu said with a sigh.

“At present, although the Deep Valley still has a lot of treasures, its impossible to strengthen the Heaven-earth Formation.

If the people outside want to attack, the Heaven-earth Formation will collapse in less than four hours,” Zhang Han stared at the frozen mountain and remarked.

“Yes, so we have to run away,” Zhang Mu replied.

“But theres actually another solution.”

“What solution” Zhang Mus eyes were full of surprise.

“How could there be any other way to deal with this situation”

“We can throw dust in their eyes.”

Through the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique, Zhang Han said to Zhang Mu, “Grandpa, please go fetch the treasures necessary to set up formations and drive away the disciples near the frost crystal stone vein in person.”


Zhang Mu pondered for two seconds.

Then, he leaped into the air and left alone, heading for the Treasure Vault to take a lot of treasures.

About half an hour later, he returned to the mountain where the frosty crystal stone vein was located and ordered the others to gather in the hall on the east side of the river.

Thus, Zhang Mu, Zhang Han, and Mengmeng were the only ones left there.

“Lets get rolling.”

Zhang Han took a Space Ring from Zhang Mu, which contained a lot of formation stones and various gems.

That was enough for him to set up the formations.

Zhang Mu was very curious about Zhang Hans formation skills, so he stood aside and watched intently in silence.

“Swish, swish, swish…”

Countless formation stones and all kinds of formation treasures rose into the air.

Hundreds of beams of light instantly covered the frozen mountain.



In an instant, the aura of the ice-bound mountain peak disappeared.

Then, Zhang Han summoned the earth and stones on the other mountain peak and used them to coat the ice-bound mountain peak.

The whole mountain peak was abruptly dozens of meters higher than before.


Zhang Han took out pieces of low-grade crystal stones from his own Space Ring, which were more than 80,000 in total.

Those crystal stones formed a snowflake-shaped mark.

Then, the aura of the crystal stones suddenly changed, and a snowflake pattern also appeared in the center of each crystal stone.

“This…” Zhang Mus pupils narrowed.

He never knew that the aura and form of low-grade crystal stones could be altered.

This sort of method was really astonishing.

It was no exaggeration to say that the crystal stones he was looking at now were exactly the same as the frosty crystal stones.

It was just that he wondered if the opponents would notice any fishy when they started to absorb the energy in those stones.

As if he had read Zhang Mus mind, Zhang Han said, “Ive given those crystal stones the simulated aura of the frosty crystal stones, but those crystal stones are essentially the same.

Anyway, the disguising aura can last for a couple of days.

If they havent absorbed the frosty crystal stones before, they probably wouldnt find out about the truth.

Seven days later, when those crystal stones return to normal, they will find that the frosty crystal stones they get are fake.

After that, itll depend on our luck whether we can get the frosty crystal stones.”

Then, Zhang Han covered the peak with more foreign stones and earth again and raised its height by dozens of meters.

He set up formations in every corner of the peak and the whole mountain became frozen again.

This was the best idea that Zhang Han could think of.

He felt that the success rate would be around 80%.

If the other party saw through the disguise at once, Zhang Han would have no way to stop them.

But if they didnt, he would have to go back to the Deep Valley to take away the frosty crystal stones.

However, if the other party occupied the Deep Valley, they would definitely give this place to a certain force as the stronghold.

When that time came, Zhang Han and the others would have to go on the offensive instead.

“This is really an eye-opener,” Zhang Mu said in amazement.

“Your formation skills… are very incredible.”

“Daddy is the best!” Mengmengs face was lit with pride.

“Yes, your father is awesome.”

Zhang Mu smiled and said, “Lets go.

We gotta go there and make some preparation before we set off.”

When they returned to the main hall on the east side of the river, more than a thousand people had gathered there.

Basically, all the disciples of the Deep Valley had arrived.

“Elder Mu, you should have discussed this with me first.”

An old man in white said slowly, “Going to the Mortal World not only means our strength will be suppressed but also means that our disciples cant continue to make breakthroughs.

That would ultimately cut off our last way out.

I think we shouldnt go to the secular world.

We can still retreat to the South Domain or the West Domain.

Those people only want the crystal stones, so they wont chase us all the way there.”

As soon as he said that, many people echoed, “Thats right.

We planned to break out of the encirclement after getting some frosty crystal stones.

Although Nan Fengs force is strong, his Wind Snow Temple is only powerful in the East Domain.

They cant extend their power to farther places.”

“Besides, Nan Feng only has a grudge against Elder Mu.

Now, if the whole sect is going to suffer because of their problems…” a female disciple said acridly.

“Shut up!” Someone quickly pulled her back.

“So what if I point it out Im just telling the fact.” That woman seemed to have decided to let go of her caution and continued, “We cant make any breakthrough in the inferior world.

Then, what hope will we have Moreover, our Valley Master hasnt returned, yet Elder Mu directly made the decision by himself.

He didnt pay Elder Ma any respect.”

“This… this really isnt appropriate.

At the very least, Elder Ma is the First Elder of the Deep Valley.

During Valley Masters absence, we should discuss with him first before we make any decision.”

There were even some reproachful voices.

Zhang Mus length of service in the Deep Valley was the shortest time among that of all the elders.

The old man in white who had just spoken was Ma Wu, the First Elder of the Deep Valley.

There were more than a thousand disciples present, and quite a few of them wanted to stay and take the frosty crystal stone before they barged out of the encirclement and left.

But as soon as Zhang Mu came back, he ordered everyone to escape, which also made them develop a rebellious mind.

Hearing these discussions and dissents, Zhang Mus face was still unperturbed.

“Everyone has the longing for wealth.

The other party is also here for the frosty crystal stones.

You want to take the frosty crystal stones and then break out of the siege Thats preposterous,” Zhang Mu replied slowly.

“As for going to the secular world, its my idea to take the disciples of the Deep Valley with me there.

Then, when Valley Master comes back, the Deep Valley will still exist.

But if you want to go to the South Domain or the West Domain, help yourself.

If you want to stay and fight for the frosty crystal stones, I wont stop you, either.

Now, Im gonna ask, who wants to leave with me Ill give you 10 minutes to think about it.

Ten minutes later, Ill take my leave.”

“Elder Mu, if a large group of people exits through the underground river, the enemies are likely to notice this.

Then, the escape route for those who have stayed in the sect will be blocked.

Have you ever considered this issue” Elder Ma asked with a frown.

“The passage in the underground river has been discovered.

When I came back, I caught a disciple of the Green Flame Sect there,” Zhang Mu replied calmly.


Elder Ma was alarmed.

He hurriedly asked, “Does Li Qingyan, the head of the Green Flame Sect, know about this The Green Flame Sect is not in alliance with the dozen of forces outside!”

“I have no idea.”

Zhang Mu shook his head slightly and said, “That disciple of the Green Flame Sect didnt disclose anything to us, so we have to be on guard against Li Qingyan as well.

Do you still want to stay Have you thought about the consequences if Li Qingyan comes in with his team”


As soon as his words were out, a lot of people on the scene gasped with horror.

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