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The scenes caused the disciples of the Green Flame Sect at the back to fall into an uproar.

“It is said that Zhang Hanyang is invincible in the inferior world.

I didnt expect that after he came to the Kunlun Mountains, he would still be able to fight a powerful Chief.

Does he already have the strength of the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage”

“Even if it is not the Peak-Stage, he has the strength of the Late-Stage.

Zhang Hanyang is so terrible.”

“I suspect that he is at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, otherwise how could he be so unbelievable It is rumored that he debuted more than six years ago, but the general rumors are false.”

“He looks very strong, but he is definitely no match for our Chief.

He is so young.

If he were really at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage, he would have been well-known in the world instead of being only famous in the inferior world.

His strength should be at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, close to the Peak-Stage.

But even so, he is already very powerful, so this time we must kill him!”


All the discussions were solemn.

Zhang Hanyangs strength was beyond their expectations.

One second, two seconds… After ten seconds, the Deep Valley disciples had already escaped for some distance.

Zhang Han frowned slightly.

The spiritual force in his body was being consumed so quickly that it had reduced to 60%.

Mengmeng was by his side, stunned.

She didnt dare to speak at all for fear of disturbing Zhang Han.

She just held Zhang Hans hand, and Zhang Han could feel her sweaty palm.

Zhang Han suddenly withdrew the Star Map Thunder Sea and retreated violently.

“Want to escape I dont think you can.” Li Qingyan turned into a light and chased after him.

“Flowing fire, Shadow!”

“Flowing fire, Light!”

“Flowing fire, Swirl!”

“Flowing fire, Wind!”

Li Qingyans four famous skills of “Shadow, Light, Swirl, and Wind” were played instantly.

Judging from his look, he wanted to kill Zhang Han first, and then deal with other things.

Zhang Han flew fast while fighting back.

Air-shattering Hand!

Overlapped Mountain!

Ghost Soldier!


The energies collided with each other, and there was a constant roar.

The most troublesome thing for Li Qingyan was the Ghost Soldier.

That thing could only be noticed when it got close to the body.

He would be hit when he was less alert, so he couldnt catch up with him.


The disciples of the Green Flame Sect rushed over in a swarm.

Of course, they were chasing after Zhang Mu and his men instead of Zhang Han.

With Elder Mas containment, Zhang Mu and the others were not fast.

They were caught up in three minutes and got into a fight with those disciples.

However, the disciples in the front fled frantically and ignored them.

More and more people were chasing from the back, and casualties began to appear.

Zhang Han was hundreds of meters away from them and frowned when he saw this scene.

All the Deep Valley disciples would die if it dragged on.

He could fight Li Qingyan for some time, but the Deep Valley disciples were not as strong as those of the Green Flame Sect.

With the fighting here, sooner or later, they would be discovered by the alliance of a dozen sects led by Nan Feng.

If they came over, they would be doomed.

Li Qingyan was not worried about being discovered, but the people in the Deep Valley were.

That was why they didnt stay.

“It cant go on like this.”

Someone said bitterly to Zhang Mu, “Bei Lan, Dong Shan, Wu Hua, Yu Fan, Lu Yun, you five lead a team to escape separately.

Meet at the Mount New Moon in the inferior world, and the other branches will follow the main force.

Hurry up and run separately!” “Elder Mu, what about you” another elder asked.

“I will contain Elder Ma and buy you some time.

Whether you can escape or not depends on your fortune.”

These disciples trembled physically and mentally.

Only a critical juncture could show who could stand up to trouble.

There were five elders present, but the four of them had always been idle.

At such a juncture, they were at a loss.

Of course, there was no problem with them escaping alone.

The fact that they had followed the main force showed that they were responsible.

Elder Mu was different, and he was a true leader.

After hearing the words, they led the teams to escape in all directions, but Zhang Mu suddenly turned around and said calmly, “Elder Ma, its time to show your skills.”


Zhang Mu used various supernatural powers one after another.

A ripple swept away, like a ripple raised by a rock hitting the water as well as a sound wave, and it instantly slowed down the speed of the enemys attack a lot.

On the battlefield, many things could be decided in one second, and he did buy some time for his teams.

But he couldnt extend his influence to places farther away.

Hundreds of the Green Flame Sect disciples chased and killed them very quickly.

This area instantly turned into a battlefield.

“Zhang Mu, I have always regarded you as an enemy.

We, cultivators, respect strength the most.

Many powerful people have already risen above the level of conspiracy and trickery.

But Zhang Mu, you are different.

Your thoughts are superb and sensitive.

I have to be more careful when facing you.” Elder Ma chuckled as if he was talking to an old friend.

“We cultivators indeed respect strength the most.

I have been at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage for seventy years.

I have been cautious, but I still saw no hope of reaching the Peak-Stage until one day, the Chief got the Dragon Fragrance Tree in the Northernmost Sea.

The tree bears fruit once in thirty years, so I came to the Deep Valley for the Dragon Fragrance Fruit.

Now with the frosty crystal stone mineral vein, the Deep Valley is not the only place for me to make full use of my value.

You are a very powerful man.

I admire you.

I know that you wont join the Green Flame Sect, so you can go to hell.”

With that, Elder Mas aura grew stronger and stronger, and when one was careful, they would find that he was very close to the Peak-Stage level, a bit stronger than Zhang Mu.


All kinds of moves came out in an endless stream, and Zhang Mu fell short in just ten breaths.

Although he was losing ground, he could still stall for time.

Zhang Han turned around and hit the Green Flame Sects Chief, Li Qingyan, with Ghost Soldier.

His speed increased again, and the Star Map Thunder Sea was released again.

It seemed formidable, which scared many people away.

“Lets go.”

After holding the enemy in check for a while, Zhang Mu followed Zhang Han and flew quickly to the left.

“Hunt and kill them with all your strength!” Li Qingyan issued an order, and many guardians and elders led the group to chase after a few groups of people who fled.

Li Qingyan, Elder Ma, and the other two men chased in Zhang Hans direction.

“Zhang Mu, Zhang Hanyang, you cant escape!” Elder Ma said sharply while attacking.

Several attacks followed, and Zhang Han kept defending against them to maintain balance.

Li Qingyans speed was very fast.

Zhang Han had not practiced the Treasure-searching Formulas, so he couldnt perform the Divine Walking Trick, and his speed was slightly slower than Li Qingyan.

But what surprised everyone was that after chasing for an hour, they were still locked in a standoff.

Li Qingyan even executed a few most powerful secret skills, but they were resisted one after another.

The more Li Qingyan fought, the angrier he became.

With his Peak-Stage strength, he still couldnt beat them!

“Why dont you just die!”

The angrier Li Qingyan was, the more violent his aura and the stronger his strength.

The attack became increasingly ferocious and exhausting.

Zhang Han was okay.

He had experienced many difficulties, and remained cool and collected, while Zhang Mu was shocked.

The last fire wave was three meters away from his skin, which was close to the extent of a burn.

Zhang Han kept the enemy at least more than 30 meters away.

And it was impossible to get close to him.

Why was the gap so huge

Zhang Mu became more and more shocked.

It turned out that it was true that Zhang Han could compete with someone at the Peak-Stage.

If he hadnt come, no one could have stopped Li Qingyan.

When Zhang Han was there, Li Qingyan was abruptly resisted.

Although he was on the run, Zhang Mu was greatly shocked.

Unfortunately, the good times didnt last! Two hours after escaping, more than thirty people flew in the air of a plain ahead.

They were slightly taken aback when they saw it.

Li Qingyan of the Green Flame Sect

“Zhang Mu

“It is…”

Li Qingyan frowned and ignored him.

Elder Ma said directly, “The young man from the other party is Zhang Hanyang.

He killed hundreds of people from all major sects in the East Domain of Kunlun Mountains, and now he is bold enough to come to the Kunlun Mountains.

Everyone, kill him!” Most of the outlets of Kunlun Mountains in the East Domain were in the Kunlun Mountains or several nearby countries, such as the South Domain, West Domain, and North Domain, corresponding to various places in the world.

Now the name of Zhang Han was known throughout the whole East Domain.

Apart from those people at the top of the pyramid who didnt care, everyone else often mentioned it.


“He is Zhang Hanyang”

“I am Elder Feng of the Scarlet Star Sect.

I learned that Zhang Hanyang entered the Kunlun Mountains, so I went to the Deep Valley especially.

I didnt expect to meet him here.

Well, well, Zhang Hanyang despises Kunlun Mountains cultivators so much.

He must die!”

“Kill him!”


The leader was an expert at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, and some of the others had just entered the Elixir Realm Last-Stage and the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.

They headed straight for Zhang Han to attack him.

“Dad, there are so many of them!” Mengmeng was taken aback.

The little girl was very nervous at first, but as time went on, she realized that the opponents couldnt hurt them.

With Zhang Hans comforting and confident words, she had felt relieved.

Now dozens of people came to them aggressively, and she could not help but feel a little worried.

“Theyre just a bunch of scums.

I will kill them.” A cold light flashed in Zhang Hans eyes.

Heavenly Demons Fifth Style, Dark Blood Seal!


In an instant, a blood-red complex mark appeared out of thin air, and the incomparably mysterious aura covered Elder Feng and his men who were coming forward.

They suddenly felt that their bodies and blood seemed to be out of control, and even the attacks they made had dissipated.

They felt like their blood were flowing backward.

It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling, and they were dizzy.

Elder Feng was at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage anyway, and he managed to keep moving.

He hurriedly took out three defensive spirit treasures, and the others were moving more slowly.

At this time, the Ghost Soldier appeared!


More than 20 people were killed instantly.

Then Zhang Han dissipated his supernatural powers and quickly flew over from the side before they could react.

Although Zhang Han could continue to use his supernatural powers to kill them all, these people were not worthy of him wasting his spiritual force.

With such frequent use of moves, Zhang Hans spiritual force had been reduced to 60%.

Even if there were medicinal pellets, his strength was still a little overstretched.


The leading Elder Feng was completely stunned.

Li Qingyans pupils shrank and he gasped.

He hadnt expected that after such a high-intensity battle, his opponent would still be so vigorous.

Was he also at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage

No, it was impossible.

If he were at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage, then he would not have escaped so decisively.

“Ah!” The roar of Elder Feng came from the back, and he was chasing Zhang Han with several men.

But their speed was not as fast as theirs, and the latter disappeared into the distance in a short while.

There were still a few people behind.

Mengmeng was relaxed.

“Dad, why are they chasing us so persistently”

“Maybe they are crazy,” Zhang Han replied.

Judging by his breath, he still seemed at ease.

“They are as stupid as asses.” Zhang Mu glanced behind him and then dealt another attack to them, panting a little.

“Great-Grandpa, you are wrong!”

Mengmeng snorted.

“You cant just judge a book by its cover.”

“Huh” Zhang Mu was stunned and then he smiled.

Li Qingyan and his men behind were furious.

“Now all people in the East Domain know that Zhang Hanyang has entered the Kunlun Mountains and come to the Deep Valley.

They will certainly send men there.

Do you want to divide up the frosty crystal stones Its too late! If you want to occupy the Deep Valley, it may not be possible,” Zhang Mu said as he turned his head.

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