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Chapter 99 – That incident from the beginning

On the other hand, Mengmeng raised her little hand and said, “Mengmeng also really likes to eat hotpot.

Hmm, and theres even some noodles that I like to eat as well.”

“Mengmeng likes to eat noodles too” Zhang Hans reaction was much stronger than before.

He looked at Mengmeng and said without hesitation: “Alright, then well eat noodles at noon.”

Little did he know that these words made Zi Yan feel a sense of jealousy.

How could he be like this Why didnt he ask me Ignore the landlady

Zi Yans mood instantly fell to the bottom.

While feeling jealous, she was also a bit unhappy.

This bastard, cant he just ask her that Even a polite remark would be fine

Hmph, ignore him in the future! He wants to court me just like this Just you wait! Bastard!

Zi Yans killing intent towards Zhang Han had already surged, but Zhang Han did not know what was going on.

Instead, he muttered to himself and looked at Mengmeng: “Then what pasta does Mengmeng want to eat Steamed Bun Noodle or wonton or something ”

There were too many types of pasta; Zhang Han didnt know what to do either.

And the key issue was that there werent many ingredients here so that he would be greatly restricted.

For example, there were steamed buns, Soup Dumplings, beef buns, pork buns and other meat buns.

There were squash and egg buns, leek and egg buns, etc.

“I want to eat that; its that noodle, hmm… Very thin… Mama, what is that ” Mengmeng described it for a while, but she did not know what kind of noodles she had eaten before.

“They are fine dried noodles.” Zi Yan replied as her beautiful eyes rolled into a white line.

Zi Yan did not know how to cook.

When she was with her children, the nanny usually cook, or head out to the dining area.

Sometimes she would eat Western cuisine, sometimes she would eat some noodle soup, but relatively speaking, she ate hotpot for most time.

Zi Yan loved to eat noodles; even Mengmeng liked to eat it since she was young.

And that fine dried noodle, which was the only thing that Zi Yan knew how to make; she had been cooked a few times for Mengmeng since she was young.

Adults and children all liked to eat it a lot.

“Thats right; They are just fine dried noodles.” Mengmeng chuckled.

“Then well make thin noodles for Mengmeng at noon!” Zhang Han laughed as he rubbed Mengmengs head.

“Humph!” I went upstairs.

” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han again.

This made Zhang Han quite confused.

Why was this girl always so unfriendly with him

Of course, Zhang Han knew that it was a good thing to have this kind ofunfriendly attitude; it was just like saying that his girlfriend would have a bad temper.

Sometimes, her boyfriend would really hate himself for making trouble, but he didnt know that only his girlfriend would like to do that.

However, if she really started to have a short temper with others, he wouldnt be that far away from being broken up.

Of course, Zhang Han knew about this too.

Sometimes, Zi Yan treated him differently from others, and it was actually a good start.

If Zhang Han didnt even know about this, then his EQ wouldnt be too low

Returning to the main topic, when Mengmeng saw that Mama was about to go upstairs, she extended her arms for Mama.

Zi Yan carried Mengmeng in one go, and when she felt Mengmengs weight, she chuckled and patted Mengmengs little butt a few times.

She laughed: “Mengmeng seems to be heavier than usual, looks like I wont be able to carry you in a while.”

“Hmm hmph, thats not it, Mama has been able to carry Mengmeng.”

The little princess was dancing in Mamas arms.

Zhou Fei thought for a moment, then followed along.

Zhang Li and Zhao Feng stayed on the first floor.

“Bro, when did you settle it for Sister-in-law” How come Ive never heard of you have dealings with her ” Zhang Li was extremely curious about this matter.

When Zhang Li knew Mengmeng, she could estimate that Zi Yan was pregnant when her families were separated.

At that time, Zhang Han was also like the sun in the sky as well, and he always had the appearance of a scammer.

If he was together with Zi Yan at that time, with his personality, he would definitely take Zi Yan on tour around Shang Jing.


Zhang Li suddenly called out softly.

She remembered, at that time, Zhang Han and Qiao Luoluo were probably still male and female friends, so Zhang Li stared: “Brother, you were with Qiao Luoluo then, was it that you and Zi Yan secretly… Did you step on two boats ”

When she said these words, Zhao Feng was startled, and even his ears pricked up, as he looked carefully at the scene before him.

Although he felt that he might be gossiping a little, he was truly very curious about Zhang Hans situation.


Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry, and said “It is just an incident”.

“Humph!” Brother, you just lie to me.

What incident can bring you to bed What incident can produce a child ” Zhang Li said with a light snort.

Zhang Han shook his head while smiling, and said: “Its the same time that I was beat by Zheng Qiang up.”

“Huh” Zhang Li glared and said: “You beat him because of a sister-in-law”

“Yes, I drank too much that time …” Zhang Han gave a simple explanation.

At the same time, he thought back to that time.

Zi Yan had been extremely popular back then, and she had the opportunity to be the Queen of Shadows in the next year.

That time when Zi Yan came to the Shang Jing, she was introduced by a high ranking official of the SARFT and had a collaboration with Zheng Qiangs broad sense of the group.

Zheng Qiang was the chairman of the Guang Ming Group.

He was only thirty years old, and was also a direct descendant of the Zheng Family of the Shang Jing.

He was in a high position, and according to his identity, he was slightly higher than Zhang Han at the time.

However, Zheng Qiang was also a decisive person.

He had thought of Zi Yan for more than a year, and during their cooperation, he finally found a chance to add a few extra things to Zi Yans wine, making Zi Yans mind a mess.

As for Zhang Han, who had just broken up with Qiao Luoluo, he was quite angry in his heart as well.

Breaking up in that kind of manner could also be considered a blow to Zhang Han.

That time at the higher end of Shang Jings Clear Sky Entertainment Club, Zhang Han drank a lot and blurrily walked into the wrong room.

He saw the struggling Zi Yan and Zheng Qiangs hideous face.

Furious, Zhang Han picked up the wine bottle and slapped Zheng Qiangs head hard, immediately making him unconscious.

He picked up Zi Yan and left the clubhouse, ordering a presidential suite in a nearby hotel.

Zi yan was unconscious during that period, she even wanted to take off the clothes.

Although Zhang Han liked beauty, he also had a sense of propriety, and held onto Zi Yans hand tightly along the way.

In his room at the hotel, Zhang Han felt even more confused after getting drunk, and Zi Yan was even more confused than him.

Just as Zhang Han wanted to leave, Zi Yans tender white palm grabbed Zhang Hans hand and pulled him back onto the bed, allowing Zhang Han to fall down.

An entire night had passed …

Although Zhang Han was initially drunk, he could still vaguely remember the charming scene from that night.

He still had some impression of Zi Yans graceful figure.

Recalling the scenes from the morning of the second day, Zhang Han could not help but chuckle twice.

But these words were all just thinking in his heart; Zhang Han did not explain it to Zhang Li; he only said that he saved Zi Yan from Zheng Qiang.

“So the boss was the hero who saved the beauty back then.” Zhao Feng said with a light smile.

This kind of hero saving a beauty sounded like a very beautiful story.

“A hero saving a beauty is also something worth being proud of.

If it wasnt for my brother being the marshal, how could they be together” Zhang Li curled her lips.

In her opinion, there was a condition for a hero to save a beauty, and that condition was that a man should be a bit more handsome.

“Youre right; the boss is indeed handsome.” Zhao Feng replied.

While talking, Liang Mengqi and the other two quickly walked in.

Seeing Zhao Feng sitting at the dining table and chatting with Zhang Han, Liang Mengqi smiled and said:

“Eh Zhao Feng, you came very early.

“I didnt leave this morning.” Zhao Feng replied.

“Oh.” Liang Mengqi nodded.

Zhao Dahu and Yu Qingqing also greeted Zhang Han and then sat at their usual table.

“Time to cook.”

Zhang Han looked at the time.

11: 40 AM.

He then got up and walked towards the kitchen to prepare todays lunch.

The first thing he did was to cook the rice.

Normally, the water used to cook the rice was also from Mount New Moons spirit water.

Of course, the Mount New Moons wheat and rice were equal in status, so it would be extraordinary to grow under the same environment as the Mount New Moon.

At the same time that they cooked the rice, Zhang Han beat up the eggs.

In the current Egg-Fried Rice, almost thirty of them had to be fried in a single meal, causing the number of eggs stored to decrease.

Originally, Zhang Han had planned to sell less food when his eggs were almost consumed, but he didnt need to worry too much about Mount New Moons current situation.

Pure yang water still had some reserves and was about 20 liters left.

It was enough for him to buy some adult hens, cattle, sheep, pigs, and so on to feed Pure YangWater.

After he was done, Zhang Han started to sort out a few large potatoes.

The potatoes were round and plump.

Under normal circumstances, some of the potatoes sold outside would have some concave spots, which were not very neat, but the Mount New Moon potatoes were round and like a shot ball.

Zhang Han took out his paring knife and quickly waved it.

Shua shua shua.

The potato skin quickly left its body.

In the dining hall, not only was the food extremely delicious, even Zhang Hans cooking process was extremely beautiful, and the rate of viewing the dishes was extremely high.

After he finished preparing the potatoes, he began preparing the chopped green onion and other supplementary ingredients.

By the time they finished their preparations, it was already midnight.

The customers came one after another, and the table beside the window had already been filled with six people.

However, this time, the six of them were all staff from the neighboring restaurant.

After tasting the dishes, they were unable to extricate themselves and would always come over for lunch.

“Boss, what food we have to eat today” Liang Mengqis eyes lit up when she saw that Zhang Han had prepared potatoes and cucumbers.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Whats that” Yu Qingqing quickly asked.

“Tofu and cucumber.” Zhang Han replied.


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