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“Honey, have you been under too much pressure recently” Zhang Han put his arm around Zi Yans shoulders and said softly, “Sometimes I can feel it, and its a little dull.

Anyway, we are a family.

One should be optimistic for the future.

Why dont you just shout to vent your pressure like the micro-video you participated in last year”

“Shout Shout what” Zi Yan was surprised for a moment.

She might have shouted before, but now, her daughter was almost twelve years old…

“The things you want to do.

You can just shout all you want.

I will run the Mount New Moons formation, and the guys inside wont hear it.” Zhang Han smiled.

When the relatively negative emotions reached a certain level, it was necessary to vent them.

As Zhang Han thought, a trace of fluctuation formed in the formation to isolate them from the outside world.

“I…” Zi Yan took a deep breath, put her hands around her mouth, and shouted, “I want to practice too!”


Screaming indeed made her feel better.

“I want to practice together too!”

“I want to practice!”

“I want to practice!”


In this way, in the night, Zi Yan shouted at the beach.

As she shouted, the cursed roc mark on her wrist began to emit a faint light.


Her wrist was facing Zhang Han, and the smile on his face instantly froze.

What was going on

“I want to practice!”

After shouting a few times, Zi Yan exhausted all her energy and shouted out these four words.


In an instant, the whole place where Zhang Han could perceive was covered by unknown energy.

The wind stopped!

The waves also stood still! Even the swimming fish in the sea seemed to be fixed.

Was time standing still Zhang Hans pupils shrank, beau it was beyond his imagination.

Did she break the rules of the world, or was she favored by those rules


Suddenly, there was an incomparable sparkle on the horizon in the distance.

What was that Zhang Han looked at that place instantly.

He saw a clear moon slowly rising above the horizon of the still sea, and the sky and the earth were changing as if the whole world could not enshroud the demeanor of the clear moon which seemed above the world.

A soft light shed.

Starlight turned into a firefly, drifting towards Zi Yan.


Zi Yans eyes suddenly lit up with a hint of fluorescence, and her skin was also filled with soft light.

The change was beginning.

What was this With Zhang Hans knowledge, he couldnt see through all of this.

He hurriedly stretched out his palm and pressed Zi Yans belly.


However, he was directly bounced off by a wave of energy, and couldnt get near.

Just as Zhang Han frowned, the transcendent clear moon slowly disappeared.


The sound of the waves resumed, and the breeze continued to roar.

The sound of the leaves behind seemed to form a melodious melody with the sound of the waves.

Everything was back to normal.

But Zi Yan…

Zhang Han stared at her.

Unexpectedly, she staggered, and Zhang Han hurriedly stretched out his hand to support her.

“Honey, I, I yelled too loudly.

I couldnt breathe and even had an illusion.” Zi Yan shook her head from side to side several times, and her confused expression looked cute.

But Zhang Hans eyes were a bit solemn.

“It was not an illusion.

Its real.”

Zi Yan suddenly became a little confused.

“Really Why Did you make it”

“No.” Zhang Han hesitated for two seconds, and then slowly said, “Its you.”

“Me” Zi Yan was a little confused.

She felt her body carefully and her face changed a lot, and even her voice trembled.

“Oh, honey, it… it seems Im pregnant.”

“What” Zhang Han was dumbfounded and hurriedly stretched out his hand to press on Zi Yans shoulder.

He then used his spiritual sense to explore Zi Yans body.

At her mysterious Dantian, he vaguely noticed something, and he looked shocked.

“Whats the matter, honey Am I pregnant” Zi Yan asked nervously.

“No.” Zhang Hans mouth couldnt stop shaking.

“Honey, you shouted that you wanted to practice, and now… you seem to be a cultivator at the Yuan Ying Stage.”

“Huh” Zi Yan looked blank.

“Am I a cultivator”

Yuan Ying Stage

Just because she had shouted those few words Her mood was quite complicated now, but then she was surprised and happy.

“Am I a cultivator too

“Can we be together in the future


“Haha! I am also a cultivator!” Zi Yan jumped up happily and put her arms around Zhang Hans neck.

Zhang Han came back to his sense.

Seeing that Zi Yan was so happy, he also smiled.

He circled with Zi Yan in his arms, but he felt a little heavy inside.

Seriously She suddenly reached the Yuan Ying Stage It shouldnt be wrong.

The profile of that thing showed that she did reach that stage, but the situation was very special, so Zhang Han was not sure about it.

He had to check on it later, but anyway, Zi Yan was happy now.

Zhang Han gathered his thoughts and laughed with Zi Yan.

“Look, I told you that you would be awesome once you could practice.

Now it seems that youve reached the Yuan Ying Stage, much powerful than me.”

“Huh Yuan Ying Stage is above the Elixir Realm.

What else is there I forgot.

Honey, tell me about it.”


In the past, Zi Yan hadnt cared much about it.

She just knew the outline, but now she was full of curiosity.

Zhang Han began to talk about the specific subdivisions and differences of Qi Refining, Building Base, Innateness, Elixir Realm, and Yuan Ying Stage.

At the same time, in the huge Sea Dragon Star Area:

Floating on a huge continent in the starry sky, there was a blue storm that had been blowing for thousands of years, with a radius of thousands of miles where no one could approach.

But Yue Wuwei was standing in front of the storm, as if unaffected.

“Hey, I really dont want to come to this shabby place.”

Yue Wuwei curled his lips, and his tone was a little repulsive and helpless.

Suddenly, he seemed to feel something, and his face changed drastically, and his eyes were filled with amazement.

“Damn, whats happening Who poked a hole in the sky”

“Could it be… hiss!”

“If anything happens to her, the rules of Saint Warrior Star would be broken!”


Things have changed, and I have to hurry back!”

It could be seen that Yue Wuwei was nervous.

He breathed deeply for two minutes before suppressing the emotions in his heart.

He turned his head and glanced from here as if he were seeing through the void.

In the dark area on the eastern edge of the Sea Dragon Star Area, he saw… the earth hidden there!

“Then I am at the Yuan Ying Stage now Even more powerful than you” Zi Yans eyes lit up as if she was amused.

“Theoretically, this is the case, but… I dont know the specifics.

What is certain is that you have become a real cultivator now.

Its just that you have to try your strength.

Ill teach you a simple method and you can try it,” Zhang Han said.

“Great! Hurry up and teach me,” Zi Yan answered quickly.

It was late at night, and the couple was getting more and more energetic at the beach.

“Try this cultivation method first, and its called Mountain-and-River Controlling Skill.”

Before Zhang Han finished his sentence, Zi Yan muttered, “It doesnt sound good.” “Ah Then try another one, uh… how about Cloud Dream Skill” Zhang Han thought of a nice name, and said, “Anyway, were just trying.

If it works, Ill definitely give you one set of the best cultivation methods.”

“All right, then Ill try it.” Zi Yan looked eager.

“The Cloud Dream Skill…”

Zhang Han told her what she should pay attention to, and then the spiritual force in his body moved in the direction of the meridians in Zi Yans body, but he suddenly hesitated.

“Why are your meridians devouring my spiritual force

“You mobilize that energy.”

Following Zhang Hans words, Zi Yan closed her eyes and felt it carefully.

She knew exactly where Yuan Ying was, but she couldnt use it.

After a while, she shook her head and said, “I cant.”

“Try this meditation method again.”

“I still cant.”

“Uh, try this set…”

Zi Yan tried dozens of methods one after another, but the results were frustrating.

she pursed her lips.

“Whats the matter Im a fake cultivator Why is Yuan Ying not working at all”

It wasnt working.

So she had been happy for nothing! Zhang Han was also confused.

“What should we do”

“Lets stop worrying about it and start anew.

Mengmeng and I went to Kunlun Immortal World.

We were cultivators and our strengths were getting higher and higher.

We only left you at home, and then you felt a little unhappy and bored.

Didnt you feel uncomfortable a few days ago Yes, you were uncomfortable.

It meant that your mind was working.

A few days later, when a certain aura brewed to a certain extent, with your shouting and venting, abnormal changes emerged and you become a cultivator directly!”

Zhang Han suddenly had a hint of inspiration and said, “Mind! Yes, you can try your mind! I didnt feel your soul sense sea.

It should be the reason.

Are you a special cultivator Well, honey, calm down your emotions first, and then use your mind… Its just a psychological idea.

Try to communicate with Yuan Ying and experience that understanding.

It may be rewarding.

For example, you will strike out an attack and display a streak of spiritual force.”

Zhang Han patiently told Zi Yan about it.

“Yeah, let me experience it.” Zi Yan nodded obediently, closed her eyes.

One second, two seconds…

A minute later, Zi Yan suddenly opened her eyes.

“Honey, Im not dreaming, am I”

Zhang Han was speechless.

It turned out that she was just imagining over the last minute.

“Its not a dream.

Its all real,” Zhang Han said helplessly.

“Dont think about this.

You can feel your Dantian carefully, and then try to run the energy, or make an attack.”

No matter what it was, as long as Zi Yan could attack or run the spiritual force, Zhang Han thought that he should be able to see something.

Time passed slowly.

One minute, two minutes… five minutes.

Zi Yans vibe suddenly became mysterious, and she opened her eyes.

“I can feel it.”

“What is it”

“I can attack!” Zi Yan said again.

“Show me.”

Zi Yan lifted her slender right hand forward.


In an instant, a strong wind started blowing.

A burst of energy appeared out of thin air, like the brilliance of a bright moon, forming something… like a fan, but to Zhang Han, it resembled a fly swatter, which slammed on the surface of the sea.


With one move, a hundred-meter high wave appeared.

The fan-like energy-gathering body constantly crushed the bottom of the sea, as if it were about to break the ground.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Han hurriedly ran his moves and tried to resolve her move.

However, he discovered that as soon as his moves approached, they were crushed and shattered, as if space there were constantly shattering, which was terrifying.


The attack continued to move downward, and space kept shattering.

If it continued, a tsunami would probably break out.

“Honey, can you disperse the attack”

Zhang Hans eyelids trembled and he used the Star Map Thunder Sea to slow down the fans speed, but the energy of the Star Map Thunder Sea was consumed too quickly.

In a short time, Zhang Han had 20% of his energy consumed.

“Oh-oh, quickly dissipate,” Zi Yan said to the fan.

She was cute.

But her will was extremely useful, and the fan slowly dissipated.

“Oh…” Zhang Han took a long breath and said, “Honey, the energy you are playing seems to be detached from the world, and its too ferocious.

The attack definitely exceeded the rules of this world.”

“Have I become so great” Zi Yan was pleasantly surprised.


On Mount New Moon, a group of figures ran out very quickly.

More than forty people, such as Dong Chen, the Third Elder, the First Elder, Zhang Guangyou, Mu Xue, Jiang Yanlan, Zhao Feng, etc., suddenly emerged.

“Its the middle of the night, what are you two doing here” Dong Chen patted his chest.

“I just felt monstrous energy.

I wanted to detect it with my soul sense but found that it was blocked.

I was so scared that I thought the Heaven-earth Formation was automatically triggered, but the defense was shattered in two seconds.

If you guys want to play, please go somewhere distant.

Its not good for us to hear any noise.”


Everyone relaxed.

Zhang Guangyou coughed lightly and said, “Well… why dont we go back My son and daughter-in-law are talking privately here.

How embarrassing it is when we are here.”

“Yes, indeed.”


Seeing everyones meaningful smiles, Zi Yan blushed.

She was embarrassed.

“Oh, Dad, what are you talking about.

We, we were not doing anything.

I was just practicing.” Zi Yan was shy.

“What! Practice Were you practicing” Zhang Guangyou was surprised and looked suspiciously at Zhang Han.

What was the situation

“I was indeed teaching her to practice.

She is already a cultivator and a very powerful one.

Well… were still exploring,” Zhang Han answered with a grin.

“Zi Yan can practice”

“Oh, Maam is practicing too!” Mu Xue was shocked.

On Mount New Moon, basically, everyone knew that Zi Yan could not practice for the time being.

How could it be possible that she could all of a sudden “Thats really good news.” Dong Chen smiled and said, “Then whats the situation with Zi Yan now Do you have Qi strength”

“Qi strength” Zhang Hans mouth trembled.

“Why Could she be a Wu Dao Grand Master” Dong Chen chuckled.

“During the day, Zi Yan was still an ordinary person.

In the middle of the night just a few hours later, could she have become a Wu Dao Grand Master”

“Wu Dao Grand Master” Zhang Han looked weird.

“Oh Look at your expression, did I underestimate it again”

Dong Chen knew Zhang Han very well.

Well, how could he have gotten gifts from Zhang Han if he hadnt known Zhang Han well Seeing Zhang Hans weird look, Dong Chen stroked his beard and said with a smile, “Do you want to tell me that it only took a few hours for Zi Yan to reach the Divine Realm”

“Divine Realm” Zhang Hans mouth raised slightly.

“Oh! Could it be the Earth Realm” Dong Chens expression was exaggerated.

This made Zhang Guangyou smile.

The more relaxed Uncle Dong was, the funnier he was.

“Are you sure its the Earth Realm” Zhang Han smiled.

“Huh Are you going to tell me its the Heaven Realm” Dong Chen pointed at Zhang Han, smiling.

“Just the Heaven Realm” Zhang Han stretched out his hand and shook it.

“Then its a half-step to the Elixir Realm” Dong Chen laughed loudly.

“Boy, dont brag.

Im telling you, youd better be prepared to explain it when I name the Elixir Realm in a while.” Zhang Hans mouth moved, and he tried hard not to smile.

Zi Yan was a little embarrassed, and she couldnt help but stretch out her hand and pinch Zhang Han, complaining, “Okay, stop kidding.”

“Yeah, stop kidding.

You guys can play by yourself, and we will go back.” Dong Chen smiled and waved his hand.

But after he heard Zi Yans words, his face stiffened.

“Just say it.

It seems I am at the Yuan Ying Stage,” Zi Yan whispered.

Although her voice was low, all the people present were practitioners, so they could hear her clearly.


Dong Chen asked, “What did you say”

“Yuan Ying”

“Isnt it someone like a Grand Master in Kunlun Immortal World”

“Zi Yan, youve gone too far with the joke.”


In the end, Dong Chen didnt know what to say.

What a joke.

Yuan Ying Wasnt it terrifying

“Yan, are you kidding me” Zhang Guangyou breathed nervously.

He could tell whether Zi Yan was joking or not.

“But Yuan Ying Are you sure its not a joke” he thought.

“Oh my God.

Good for you, Maam! Youre more powerful than a Grand Master” Mu Xues eyes widened, and she was skeptical.

Everyone present knew how terrifying someone would be when they reached the Yuan Ying Stage, and they had only heard of the name of someone like this.

They had never seen one.

Even Lord Nan Shan was only at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage, and there was a gap between him and someone who was at the Yuan Ying Stage.

They had even heard Zhang Han say that the Grand Master of Kunlun Immortal World should be just a fake Yuan Ying because of the limitation of strength!

But now Zi Yan said that she seemed to be at the Yuan Ying Stage She had reached that stage within a few hours

Oh yes!

She said that it seemed so.

Maybe it just seemed so! It was not true.

“I was so scared that my heart almost jumped out.” Dong Chen took a long breath.

“Yan, dont exaggerate like Mengmeng when you speak.

Since you are a cultivator, you can show me your moves.

Just hit me.”

As he spoke, Dong Chen took a few steps forward and stood more than 30 meters ahead of Zi Yan.

“Wait a second.” Zhang Han grabbed Zi Yans hand and asked, “Can you lower your power when you attack”

“Well, Ill see.” Zi Yan nodded her head lightly.

“I seem to have understood the move just now, but nothing else.”


Zhang Han said, “Uncle Dong, you go up to the coast to float in the air.

Honey, just maintain the shape of your attack just now.

Dont hit Uncle Dong too hard.”

“Haha, you look serious.”

Dong Chen laughed suddenly.

He came to the coast, floated at a low altitude of five meters, and said with a smile, “Since you want to play, I will play it with you.

Alas, it was a bit exaggerated.

If youre a Grand Master, I might believe it, but a Yuan Ying It seems impossible.

Its time to see what youve got.

Yan, you can attack all you want, and I can hold it.”

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