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Chapter 11: Chapter 11: A Big Harvest

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Despite her comforting words, Qin Mengya was still as shocked as Luo Yao.

Especially because she was even more experienced than Luo Yao, she is more aware of how outrageous this scene was.

She was initially a level 72 player who chose to walk the path of magic. Adding other attributes, her MP was more than 500.

A full-power attack would only destroy a core area of about 50 meters.

The attack just now was no different from an attack with 70% of her strength! And this probably came from a newbie too!

“The Wolf King is dead, right” Luo Yao projected her question in her mind.

Qin Mengya shook her head and laughed, “That meteor is equivalent to 70% of my power. Do you think any monster can survive that”

“Then its dead.”

The higher the MP, the more powerful the skill was and the more extensive the range of destruction.

Of course, there were other exceptions, but they were extremely rare.

In most cases, the most direct way to judge the power of a persons skill was to look at its range of destruction.

It looks like its about 35 meters...‘ Although Qin Mengya was living in Luo Yaos body in the form of a soul, she still had basic vision and hearing.

She could also clearly see the scene outside through Luo Yaos eyes.

Seeing that the blazing golden flames in the distance were already burning the grassland, she worriedly said to Luo Yao, “I dont know if the golden flames have any special effects. Its better to leave this place as soon as possible.”

“Alright.” Luo Yao agreed.

She was afraid that the mysterious person would use their skill on other players too, so she did not want to stay here any longer.

She quickly turned around and left.


[You have absorbed 97 points of shock value from Li Fufeng.]

[You have absorbed 52 fear points from Li Fufeng.]

[You have absorbed 74 points of envy from Li Fufeng.]

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[You have absorbed 66 shock points from He Feng Assassin.]


There were many kinds of emotions flooding his notification.

Happiness, anger, sadness, disappointment, excitement, shock, envy, jealousy... And so on.

And Ling Yis Super Mutation System would take in all the emotions nearby.

From the moment he summoned [Starfall], he had absorbed nearly 150 000 emotional points in just half a minute!

[Emotion points collected: 149 768.20]

As Ling Yi weaved through the crowd, the number still continued to rise rapidly.

Although it was easy to absorb Distress Points, his absorption range was still limited. Ling Yi had to take the initiative to get closer to the crowd.

After absorbing the emotions of this group of people, it was time to move on to the next group.

He began to estimate the effective range of the systems absorption.

With him as the center, his system could absorb within a 30-meter radius.

He was pretty satisfied. It wasnt considered small.

As he walked around and absorbed these emotional points, Ling Yi looked at the notification from Gods Path on his hologram screen.

[You have killed Grassland Wolf (level 8), experience 2]

[You have killed Elite Grassland Wolf (level 8), experience 20]

[You have killed Grassland Wolf King (level 10), experience 400]


There were Elite and Boss monsters on the main road.

Killing an Elite monster would give 10x experience points, and defeating a Boss monster 100x experience points.

The level 7 Ling Yi could only obtain 2 experience points from killing a level 8 Grassland Wolf. However, killing a level 8 Elite Grassland Wolf would give him 20 experience points.

[You have obtained the 1 Star skillWolf Fang]

[You have obtained the 2 Star skillFierce Aura]

[You have obtained the 6 Star skillAttribute Copy]

[You have received the treasured medicineWolf Kings Soul]


Besides experience points, Ling Yi had also obtained all the skill materials and items that dropped after killing these creatures.

After the previous two hours of experience, he had confirmed that his “Probability Reversal” talent was effective on monsters drop rate.

After killing a monster, it would basically drop an item for him.

He was supposed to pick them up one by one, but he was lucky enough to find a wooden treasure chest along the way. He found an item that could automatically pick up the dropped items.

[Hardworking Bee (E)]: Takes effect automatically when stored in his rucksack. After killing a monster, an invincible bee will be sent to pick up the item.

Although the effect was good, Ling Yi was not satisfied with it. Hence, he spent 30 mutation points to mutate it.

[Hardworking Bee (E)]: Takes effect automatically when stored in his rucksack. After killing a monster, dropped items would automatically enter the bag. In addition, you can send out an invincible little bee to pick up items.

With the original skill, he still had to pick the items himself, but now, the bees could pick all the items for him. It could even snatch items dropped from monsters killed by other players.

Just the fact that it could ensure his spoils of war would not be snatched away by others was already something that he could not compare with.

[Your rucksack is full. The remaining items have been sent to your temporary mailbox. Please collect them as soon as possible!]

[Prompt: the temporary mailbox will remain in existence for 10 minutes.]


Seeing this message, Ling Yi couldnt be bothered to absorb more distress points.

He quickly opened his inventory and retrieved all the skills he didnt need.

[ 1 Star skill “Wolf Fang” has been recycled. You have received 10 gold coins.]

[ 2 Star skillFierce Aura has been recycled. You have received 30 gold coins.]


After clearing out all the “trash” in his bag, Ling Yi retrieved all the items in the temporary mailbox and started another recycling round.

After a while, his rucksack finally became simple.

Other than the “Wolf Fur x 122” and “Red Fruit juice x 632” materials, which he did not know what he could do with them, he only had the E-grade item [Hardworking Bee], the 6 Star skill [Attribute Duplication], and a [Wolf Kings Soul].

The last two items had dropped after killing the Wolf King.

Ling Yi wasnt in a hurry to look at it. Instead, he first added the 5 free attribute points he received from leveling up to level 8 to his Mana.

Feeling more powerful, he swept his gaze across the area once again.

Without the Wolf King, the Grassland Wolves were no match for the players, and they were now retreating.

He believed it wouldnt take long for 9 000 players to annihilate these wolves.

“I killed all the high-level monsters in one go. Killing these low-level monsters wont give me any experience. Theyve all calmed down. Theres nothing to gain from this.” Ling Yi muttered to himself.

With one last look, he turned away and left.

[Remaining Time from Descent: 17 minutes]

On a grassy slope in the campsite, Ling Yi was sitting there leisurely, like a tourist on vacation.

With only ten minutes left, he didnt want to run around anymore.

Now that he was level 8, he would have to kill monsters of level 8 or above to gain more experience.

But those monsters were in other areas.

Once the time was over, it would already be over. Even if he could have rushed over now, it would be useless.

He read somewhere that no matter how far players ran, they would always be back at the camp every time they entered Gods Path.

If he wanted to continue the progress from the previous day, he would have to make another trip.

As for why he didnt go back now and save the remaining 17 minutes for tomorrow

Of course, it was because there was a reward for staying on Gods Path for three hours!


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