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Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Return and Daily Roulette

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Every day, Gods Path would give players three hours to play on its ground.

After the player had stayed for the entire three hours, they would receive a chance to draw a prize on the daily roulette.

The daily roulette was a daily activity on Gods Path.

The level of the roulette would be divided according to the level of the map. There was beginner-level roulette on the beginner map, and on the intermediate map, there was intermediate-level roulette...

The higher the level of the roulette, the higher the quality of the items on it.

Ling Yi had the [Probability Reversal] talent, so he was looking forward to getting something good.

“Let me check on the two rewards I got from killing the Wolf King.” He opened the players rucksack and checked the skill that was dropped first.

[Attribute Duplication (6 Stars) (Special)]: Can be activated after 5 seconds of contact with the target. Randomly copies an attribute the target has and adds it to the user. Lasts for 1 minute. Only one can be copied at a time. (This skill can only be used on targets lower than the users level)

“This skill is... Sh*t...” Ling Yi frowned at the description.

The difficulty of triggering it was high, and it was very random.

To say that it was weak was not completely accurate. Copying the other partys attributes and stacking them on ones own body was a valuable skill to have.

Well, you could say that this skills advantages and disadvantages were just too significant!

Based on the current effects, Ling Yi wasnt sure if he wanted to learn this skill.

Fortunately, he had the Mutation System in his hands.

[Attribute Duplication (6 stars) – Mutation Potential: High]

“System, mutate it!”

[Are you sure you want to mutate the [Attribute Duplication] skill (Requires 40 mutation points)]

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“Im sure,” He subconsciously looked at the current mutation point.

[Current Collected Distress Points: 20, Mutation Points: 1628]

100 distress points could be converted into 1 mutation point. He had taken the time to convert more than 160 000 points.

After a few breaths, the blurry skill finally became clear again.

Ling Yi impatiently opened it.

[Attribute Duplication (6 Stars) (Special)]: Duplicate an attribute from the target and stack it on the user. Can only duplicate one at a time. (This skill can only be used on targets lower than the users level)

“The time limit is all gone” Ling Yi wondered out loud. “Doesnt that mean that once you copy it, I can have it forever If thats the case, the worst case scenario, Ill have to change my attribute again once I see who had the higher attributes.”

Ling Yis eyes lit up, quickly learning it without a second word.

He had just reached level 8 and still had 6 Star Slots, which was used up for this skill.

After learning it, he sat on the grass and looked around, trying to find someone to try the skill on.

However, the others were not as carefree as him. Only the Level 1 and Level 2 players were still killing monsters in the nearby forest, and only a few of them stayed in the camp.

He scanned the area. And when he saw that, the person closest to him was a few hundred meters away. Ling Yi gave up on the idea.

“No need to hurry. I can copy the enemys attributes during a battle.” Ling Yi then continued to look through his rucksack to check the last item.

[Wolf Kings Soul (Special)]: The soul of the Grasslands Wolf King.

“Huh Thats it! Thats all the description” Ling Yi exclaimed in surprise.

Such a simple description made it impossible for him to determine the value and use of this thing.

He thought for a while and decided to go to Gods Paths forum to take a look.

Gods Path has been around for 20 years, so there should be some information about it in the forums.

Sure enough, when he searched on the forum with the words “Wolf Kings Soul”, many posts with the title “soul of the wolf king” suddenly appeared.

[Can one become invincible after combining five hearts and souls!] (Post by: Iverson)

[The Ultimate Beast King is the only one left who has not been defeated. Will it drops its last soul] (Post by: Meng Lin)

[Guess post. Everyone, lets guess the effect of five hearts and souls as one.] Post by: Zhang Yuan)


Ling Yi clicked on the posts and read them for a while. He finally found some relevant information.

As it turned out, apart from the ultimate maps Beast King, which had yet to be defeated by anyone in the world, there was a tiny chance of a soul heart dropping after killing the Beast King of the other maps.

There were four well-known kings, including the Wolf King.

According to the rules, the ultimate Beast King should also have a soul in theory.

There was a rumor that if one gathered the five great soul hearts, they could combine them to form a tremendous secret treasure and become an invincible player.

However, regardless of whether this was true, it wasnt something that the current Ling Yi had to consider.

He only knew that this thing was equivalent to nothing to him, but it was a good idea to keep this and collect more as he progressed.


When the time finally reached zero, all the players still on Gods Path received two identical messages.

[Your arrival time has been reset to zero.]

[You have spent a full three hours on Gods Path today. You have received a daily roulette draw opportunity!]

Everyone was forcefully sent back to the main world when these two messages appeared.


It was slightly past three in the morning on the first of June.

All the way across Firefly Towns player Alliance branch, Ling Yis figure reappeared in one of the rooms in an ordinary-looking residential building.

“Im back,”

He looked at his hands, then turned his head and scanned his room. He felt the natural texture of the sofa and heaved a sigh of relief.

“That was amazing. Its like Im traveling between two different worlds.”

After resting for a while, Ling Yi called out the wheels interface and prepared to draw a lottery.

There was a colored wheel on the interface, and the wordsbeginner-level wheel was written on the top of it in a colorful, large font. The entire wheel was divided into 18 regions, each region of varying sizes.

The big ones were almost one-fifth of their size, and the small ones were barely visible if one didnt look carefully.

A redlottery button was in the middle of the wheel. Ling Yi clicked it with anticipation.

The pointer in the middle of the wheel began to spin at high speed.

“The smaller the probability, the greater the probability for me. Theres a very high probability of going to the smallest area...” Ling Yi muttered to himself.

Just as Ling Yi had expected, the needle had stopped at the area with the smallest proportion of the entire wheel.

[Congratulations! You have received a reward from the daily wheel: [EXP Pearl]]

After the notification appeared, the wheel in front of him disappeared.

Ling Yi immediately opened his bag to check.

[EXP Pearl (D)]: One-time use item. Grants 10 experience points upon usage.

It was an everyday and practical consumable item.

The problem was the experience points he received were too… little.

He looked at the mutation potential given by the mutation system.

[EXP Pearl – Mutation Potential: High]

High mutation potential...

It was something he could look forward to.

Ling Yi immediately mutated it.

[EXP Pearl (D)]: After using it, the player can obtain 10% of the experience bar corresponding to their current level. It can be used once a day. (Note: a permanent item that can be used once a day)

If I need 100 exp to level up, I would get 10 points a day. If I need 10000 exp to level up, I will get 1000 exp per day!‘ Ling Yis eyes widened, a big smile etched on his face,Increasing my level steadily within 10 days This is good stuff!‘

As he had discovered today, it was tough for players to level up.

The first batch of players who entered the divine path 20 years ago had an average of only level 90.

On the other hand, Ling Yi only needed to use it once a day.

And after 1 000 days, he would be guaranteed to reach level 100!


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