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Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Black Sky

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Wang Ao watched on as his grandsons furrowed eyebrows and unfocused eyes. His mind was clearly on a different plane.

The older man couldnt help but worry that the young boy would get sick from holding all his emotions in and finally comforted him. “You dont have to be too worried. Its only the end of the first day. As long as theres still time, theres still a chance.” Wang Ao said, trying to sound a little lighthearted.

“If that player can gain so much experience in one go, you can do it too.” Wang Ao stroked his beard and smiled, “Dont forget the information we have!”

Wang Shaoyu was confident that he would be the first to reach level 10 precisely because the Wang family had information that could deal with the Elite Monsters on the main road.

This was discovered by a member of the Wang family two months ago in April.

Through this method, he had successfully killed a few high-level Elite Monsters despite his low level. It almost broke the leveling record!

Now that the Wang family had perfected the method, Wang Ao believed that his grandson would be able to do better.

“Thats right!” Wang Shaoyus heart felt a little lighter and was once again filled with hope.

He jumped and said excitedly, “With this information, I can at least gain a few hundred experience points. That way, there wont be a problem for me to level up two or three times. This way, I might be able to catch up to him!”

Wang Ao shook his head.

“You must remember, this method is still not guaranteed success.” There was a hint of coldness in his eyes. He continued, “The best way is to suppress the development ofthat unpredictable variable.”

Recalling this dangerous method made Wang Ao, one of the first batch players to enter Gods Path, frown.

The summoning of the flaming meteorites was clearly an astronomical skill.

Activating this skill didnt require the user to do anything, and the attack came from the sky, making it extremely difficult to find the user.

Even if they hired people in District 66 to look for this player, finding anything would not be easy.

“Ah, in any case, I should still try...”


Ling Yi onlygot out of bed at noon, when the sun was high in the sky.

After washing up, he put on his clothes and was ready to head out.

It was inconvenient not to have a mobile phone in the modern world, so he decided to buy it.

If he only had the 1000 gold coins from the subsidy, he wouldnt even think to buy it.

But now, he has earned a lot of gold coins!

In the modern world, the exchange rate between gold coins and global coins was 1:50.

1 gold coin could be exchanged for 50 global dollars.

Global dollars was the abbreviation for the currency used by the people of the world. Before Gods Path descended, everyone all over the world used this currency.

The two currencies could be exchanged anytime on the Gods Path forum.

When he left, he exchanged 200 of his 1000 gold coins for global dollars.

And now, he had a “huge sum” of 11 000 global dollars!

Within half an hour later, Ling Yi walked out of a mobile phone store and sat on a chair outside. He wondered if he should have lunch in the Square.

Star Square was Firefly Towns most famous super building where people go for food, clothing, and entertainment. You could say its similar to a mall and a super grocery store.

The first floor sold fresh vegetables, fruits, and daily necessities. The second floor sold clothes, shoes, and hats. The third floor sold furniture, home appliances, mobile phones, and computers. The fourth floor sold food and restaurants, and the fifth floor sold cinemas and game halls ...

It just happened to be a Saturday, so many people came to Star Square.

He swept his gaze across the room and saw handsome men and beautiful women in bright and beautiful clothes.

Mm... I should eat something.‘

Ling Yi looked around as if he was taking a stroll. He slowly walked up to the fourth floor and found a relatively quiet restaurant to enter.

He wasnt too picky with food, and unlike most people, he didnt have the patience to wait in a long line. Whether the shop or restaurant was famous or not, as long as he got to eat there immediately, he wouldnt mind.

However, when he entered, he realized that the place was already packed with people.

Luckily, there was still one empty table in the corner.

He couldnt be bothered looking for another restaurant to eat at.

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When the waitress saw Ling Yi, she immediately greeted him with a smile, “Welcome. What do you want to order”

He quickly ordered his food, and it didnt take too long for his meal to arrive.

Just as Ling Yi was slowly enjoying his lunch, a delicate rabbit-like voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Um... Hello, can I... Can I sit here”

Although her voice was soft, her diction was clear, and her voice was sweet and pleasant to his ear.

Ling Yi turned around and saw a young lady in her 20s carrying a tray.

The girl was looking at him with her blue eyes, which were as clear as the sky, and her gaze was soft and pure. Her snow-white, flawless, and lovely face was blushing slightly from shyness.

Her fingers holding the plate were slender, and her nails were neatly painted with pink nail polish.

“Have a seat.” Ling Yi nodded in acknowledgment.

The young girl walked to the opposite end of the table, gently put down the plate, and slowly sat down.

Then, she ate her lunch elegantly and quietly.

A refreshing sweet milky fragrance wafted from the young ladys body. Ling Yi pretended not to smell it and continued to eat.

They fell into a peaceful silence. Ling Yi did not bother to initiate a conversation. He knew that most people would prefer to eat in peace. Not everybody likes to be bothered when they eat.

Sadly, this peaceful atmosphere did not last long.

Just as Ling Yi was about to finish his lunch...

The sky… it suddenly darkened.

The food court, which was initially brightly lit by natural light, became as dark as night in just a few seconds.

He couldnt even see his fingers!

Ling Yi was puzzled when suddenly a series of terrified cries erupted around him!

“Black Sky, Black Sky! The Black Sky has appeared!”

“What level What level is this Please dont let it be above level two!”

“Shhh! Everyone, keep your voices down. The monsters are about to appear!”

“Are there any players among us Even if its a few levels, itll make me feel at ease if...”

Then suddenly, everybody fell silent.

In the blink of an eye, the place was so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard.

Ling Yi was sitting by the window. He could see it was also dark outside through the window on his right.

Other than the streetlights, landscape lights, and neons, there wasnt any other light source.

“Black Sky Whats going on” He frowned and thought about it. He turned the phone to night mode and started to search.

A moment later, he received the following information.

[Opportunities are often accompanied by danger. The same logic applies to the appearance of Gods Path.]

[Ever since the appearance of Gods Path, a phenomenon ofan area suddenly turning black could happen at any time around the world. This phenomenon is accompanied by the appearance of various monsters that usually reside in Gods Path.]

[We call this phenomenon theBlack Sky!]

[According to the level of monsters seen during this phenomenon, we have divided the dark sky into four levels, from low to high.]

[Level 1 – 30 monsters — Level 3 Black Sky]

[Level 31~60 monsters — Level 2 Black Sky]

[Level 61~90 monsters – Level 1 Black Sky]

[Level 90 above – Doom.]

[After the dark sky appears, ordinary people are advised to take refuge on the spot. Do not move around, do not create any light sources, and do not cause any noise...]

Ling Yi finally had a basic understanding of the dark sky.

So its the darkening of the area and the appearance of monsters... As long as youre a capable player, you have nothing to worry about.‘

However, he was still weak, so he had to hide.

After all, even if it was a level three black sky, it was very likely that there would be more than ten or twenty monsters.

Unless he used [Starfall], he would not be a match for them.

However, in the main world, [Starfall] was a skill that could not be used casually.

If he were not careful, he would be mistaken as a dark person who was using the name of dealing with monsters to destroy the city. That would be a big problem.


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