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Chapter 18: Chapter 18: New Residence and House Protection Talisman

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Ling Yi waved his hand and prepared to leave, “Alright, I live in the building in front of this residential area. Ill be able to send you the talismans tomorrow or the day after.”

“Ill be going–” Before he could finish his sentence, Lin Shurous eyes widened, and she covered her mouth with her fair hand. She asked in surprise, “Youre a victim Living in that building alone!”

Ling Yi stopped his tracks and turned back curiously at the girl, “Uh... Yes, why”

Victims were everywhere. Why did this guy look so surprised‘

Lin Shurou shook her head and waved her hands at him. “Nothing, nothing. Im just a little surprised.”

“Its just that… Usually, the victims mental state is relatively poor, and their physical condition is not very good due to the limited food. And because of the limited conditions, its hard for them to maintain their hygiene, no offense...” She scanned Ling Yi from head to toe and even got closer to sniff him. “You dont smell at all, and you look better than most victims Ive seen. You stand straight and strong...” She trailed off.

Lin Shurou furrowed her brows and thought for a moment, looking for the right word.

“All in all, you are like a strong sun. You give me a completely different feeling from them!” Before Ling Yi could reply, she continued, “But since youre living in that building, why dont you...”

Her gaze quickly swept across Ling Yis face, and she immediately lowered her head in embarrassment. She continued softly, “Why dont you just move in here” Her voice was getting softer and softer.

“... Ah” Ling Yi heard it clearly, but this was something he had never thought about.

And he was a little confused.

“Why” he asked slowly.

“The curse on me hasnt been completely lifted, and I could fall into a deep sleep at any time. If someone accidentally barged in, wouldnt I be at their mercy”

“Are you not afraid of me” Ling Yi raised his eyebrows and asked.

Lin Shurou blinked and suddenly burst out laughing. “Is there any use in me being afraid of you Besides, it doesnt matter anymore. Anyway... I think I can trust you.”


Ling Yi wasnt someone who liked to be polite.

But this living space was better than his current home, and since the house owner was willing to let him stay there for free, he would not be an inconvenience.

With Lin Shurous help, everything was packed up by afternoon.

Clothes and other daily necessities were also brought over in the evening and placed in the room he will be staying in.

They even had dinner together.

When Lin Shurou fell asleep in her room, Ling Yi was also in the living room on the first floor, trying to process the events of what just happened today.

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To me, its just a change of living environment.‘ He started thinking,But to her, its no different from inviting a wolf into her house... Im not a wolf....‘

Ling Yi knew that he was a good person.

But Lin Shurou wouldnt have known that. Yet, she still dared to invite him to stay, which puzzled him.

He could stay for two or three days if it were only for the curse removal. There was no need for him to move in permanently...

Ling Yi couldnt think of a reason for her invitation, and thinking too much about this was giving him a headache, so he decided to stop thinking about it altogether.

He still had to enter Gods Path tomorrow, so he had to hurry up and plan his actions for his next trip.


It was already late into the night when he noticed the time.


There were only 10 minutes left before midnight on June 2nd.

Ling Yi sat on the edge of Lin Shurous bed. He was about to tell her he was leaving but couldnt wake her up. Seeing that she showed no signs of waking up, he couldnt help but frown.

Im going to enter Gods Path soon, but Im still worried about her sleeping like this.‘

That night, waiting for the time to pass by, he read the recent news.

He discovered many cases of players violating ordinary peoples rights. In one article he read, a player used their telekinesis skill to steal things openly on the street.

In another article, he read that some players had the skill to change their appearance. They had used their skill to become the boss of a company, earning millions of dollars.

And in this article he just read,certain players had an “underground” skill. Since he liked to travel, he would travel everywhere underground and often hide in other peoples homes. Within ten days, he had received more than 300 complaints...

This was only the tip of the iceberg.

But it was also enough to make people clear that no matter what, they had to be prepared to deal with unexpected situations.

He shuddered at the thought, and Ling Yi decided to check the shop to take a look.

Besides, he wanted to see if he could find anything useful for his current predicament.

The shop was divided into four tabs: Potions, Charms, Tools, and Misc.

There were no skill and weapon tabs, so these two categories were not for sale.

Ling Yi usedprotect an area as the keyword to search for the relevant information. In just a few seconds, a large number of items appeared on the screen.

Among them, there was something that made his eyes light up.

[House Protection Talisman (D)]: stick it on the wall, and the house will block the entry of outsiders, foreign objects, and external attacks for the next minute.

When Ling Yi found this item, he was happy. It has the intended effects he needed, but the time was too short for Ling Yi to consider.

And as usual, Ling Yi used his Mutation System.

[House Protection Talisman – Mutation Potential: Exorbitant]

The “Exorbitant” grade gave him hope that this talisman would be helpful.

Time waits for no one. He quickly bought it and used his Mutation System.

[Are you sure you want to mutate [House Protection Talisman] (Requires 80 mutation points)]

“Im sure!”

The talisman in his backpack quickly blurred, and it became clear again after a few breaths.

Ling Yi rubbed his hands together and opened them in anticipation.

Please. Let it be permanent.‘

He could only mutate the same item once.

If he couldnt mutate the [House Protection Talisman] to produce the result he wanted, then it wouldnt be so easy to obtain a perfect “home-protecting” effect in the future.

[House Protection Talisman (D)]: as long as it is stuck on the wall, the house will obtain the following effects:

1. Without the permission of the person who pasted the talisman, no unit can enter the house.

2. Without the users approval, no magical effect will be effective in this house.

3. Ignore all external attacks.

“Wow! This thing...” Ling Yi was so surprised that he didnt know what to say.

No one could enter, powers were ineffective and ignored all external attacks.

These three points were enough to ensure the safety of the people inside!

More importantly, after the mutation, this [House Protection Talisman] had changed from a disposable talisman to a permanent talisman.

Even if he moved to another place in the future, he could still use it for himself!

“This is great! With this, at least at home, I can be at ease!”

Ling Yi couldnt wait to return to the bedroom Lin Shurou had arranged for him. It was just next to her bedroom.

So he was quick to exit Lin Shurous bedroom and entered his to stick the talisman on the wall beside his new bed.

The truth was, in the eyes of the strong, he was as weak as an ordinary person.

He was still afraid he would be implicated in a battle between experts.

He was afraid that he would be beheaded in his sleep.

Which is why...

When the talisman released a jade-green light wave that made people feel at ease, Ling Yi felt more relaxed than ever.

He felt an unparalleled sense of security!

Now, even if a level 100 expert wanted to break in, it would be impossible without his permission.


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