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Chapter 19: Chapter 19: Re-entering Gods Path

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Not only that.

Even if they tried to use their skills or items to spy on his room, they would not be able to do so.

Without his approval, all magical factors would not work here.

“Since this matter has been resolved, next...”

Looking at the time on his phone, Ling Yis heart was filled with anticipation again.

He knew that once he got back into Gods Path, he would be able to reach Level 10.

According to his research, the fastest person to reach level 10 in the world was 6 days, 2 hours, and 15 minutes. So, if he could reach level 10 on the second day, he would be able to break the previous world record.

With how fast he leveled up, what kind of reward would he get


[Welcome Back. You have gained 3 hours before your descent.]

It was midnight when everybody returned to Gods Path, and all the players received the same notification.

Ling Yi didnt dawdle and immediately entered Gods Path.

When he opened his eyes again, he had arrived at the camp. The sun was shining brightly, and the air was slightly stuffy.

Around him, pillars of blue light were falling from the sky. It was the arrival of other players.

Ling Yi glanced at them, turned around, and quickly ran towards the West.

With an agility of 35, his speed was abnormally fast. In the blink of an eye, he had entered Cypress Forest.

“Wow! Who was that Theyre so fast!” Someone exclaimed when they saw Ling Yis agile figure.

The others subconsciously looked over, but they did not see anything.

A minute later, after crossing the tall grass slope, Ling Yi finally stepped into the red fruit garden.

Last time, his close combat power was no different from an ordinary persons, so he only dared to throw his skills from a distance.

But now, his high agility gave him the confidence to go deeper.

When his figure appeared in front of the Red Fruit monster, all the Red Fruit monsters nearby instantly entered battle mode and jumped toward him at high speed.

Ling Yi didnt intend to fight with them and continued to run.

Now the whole world knows that someone in District 66 can kill the Wolf King in one hit. When I use Starfall, other people will come looking for him after hearing the news.‘

After he returned yesterday, he saw the news about him killing the Wolf King in one hit plastered all over the forums and major platforms.

Only then did it hit him on the head how much of a shock his actions had caused to the players.

From what he read in the discussion section, he also learned that many organizations were very concerned about who the summoner of the flaming meteor was. Some financial groups even sent an order to investigate District 66s players.

Whoever could find the user with that skill would get a large number of cultivation resources!

Ling Yi didnt know what they were up to, but whether it was good or bad, it would be pretty troublesome for him.

He was a lazy person and didnt like trouble, so he didnt want to have any contact with them.

If I leave these Red Fruit monsters behind, they can stop them from following me.‘ With that thought in mind, Ling Yi ran even faster.

The strong wind blew against his face, and his ears were filled with the whistling of the wind. He could barely hear any other sound.

He watched the scenery on both sides fly past him, then took a moment to look back as he ran.

Although the Red Fruit monsters were monsters that were known for their agility, they couldnt keep up with his 35-point agility. He didnt know when he had left them far behind, but they had stopped chasing him.

The ones who continued to chase after him were the ones closest to him and those who joined in the chase along the way.

Seeing this, Ling Yi was overjoyed.

He thought to himself that his method had worked.

After running for two to three thousand meters, Ling Yi finally stopped in front of a huge rock pile a few hundred meters long.

And just further ahead was another region!

He turned around.

A bunch of Red Fruit monsters was jumping at him, two to three meters tall was jumping toward him. Each Red Fruit Monster jumped seven to eight meters and made a dull sound when they landed.

Thump, thump, thump, thump...!

As they got closer, he could hear them landing on the ground more frequently.

They were like the iron hooves of an armys horse. Heavy and solemn, with clear killing intent.

These were all level eight, nine, or even ten Red Fruit monsters, and their combat power was much stronger than the level three or four monsters on the grass slope.

However… When Ling Yi used [Starfall], these high-level red fruit monsters were no different from the low-level red fruit monsters.

It still collapsed with a single touch! Destroyed in one strike!

[Youve killed the Red Fruit monster (level 8), experience 1]

[Youve killed the Red Fruit monster (level 9), experience 2]

[Youve killed the Red Fruit monster (level 10), experience 3]


The materials and skills dropped by the red fruit monsters were automatically added to his backpack under the effect of the mutated [Hardworking Bee].

From an outsiders point of view, it looked as if he did not get anything.

He fired more than ten [Starfall] consecutively, killing all the high-level Red Fruit monsters within a few hundred meters away from him.

[Congratulations! You have accumulated enough experience. You have been automatically raised to level 9!]

[You have received 5 free attribute points!]

Ling Yi glanced at the level pane.


“Sh*t. Now I need 1 000 exp to reach level 10.”

He furrowed his brow, feeling slightly troubled, “I thought I would be able to reach level 10 after killing all these high-level Red Fruit monsters. But it seems like Ive underestimated the difficulty of leveling up.” He muttered to himself.

The respawning rate of these monsters will take quite a long time, and Ling Yi didnt want to wait around.

He turned back and looked at the four-meter-high pile of rocks in front of him. He raised his eyebrows and said helplessly, “In that case, we can only move on to the next area.”

He walked closer and began to climb the pile of rocks.

The pile of rocks was similar to the grassy slope in Red Orchard. It was used to obscure the players vision of the two areas.

This was to ensure that the monsters would not attack the players in area A in Area B.

After a short while, he, who reached the point where he could jump over to the other side, stopped and quietly stuck his head out.

What he saw was a dried-up land with red cracks.

Steam was constantly rising from the cracks on the ground, and spinning fire monsters with a narrow base and a wide top were wandering on the scorching ground.

From time to time, a few orange butterflies covered in bright yellow flames could be seen flying out of the crack.

[Current Area: Burning Scorched Earth]

[Monster Information: Fire Element (Level 10 – 20), Blazing Butterfly (Level 10 – 20)]

“A Level 10 to 20 monsters,” Ling Yi wasnt surprised by the level of these creatures.

However, when he saw the Blazing Butterfly dancing at two to three meters high, he couldnt help but be reminded of the woman people called the Fire Whip Queen he saw yesterday.

Their bodies were burning with flames so fierce that it was difficult to see their specific appearances.

“She most likely got that skill from these Blazing Butterflies.”

He glanced at the scorched land again. After making sure that there was nothing else he needed to pay attention to, he immediately began to move.


He didnt show himself but used it in his current position.

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It was the same method he used to deal with the Red Fruit monster on the grass slope.

Of course, this method could only be used in beginner-level maps. In intermediate-level maps and above, those players with celestial-type skills would not be able to gain any advantage, just like the others. This was what Ling Yi had found out yesterday.

He should be glad that he obtained the celestial skill while still on the beginner map.

Otherwise, farming monsters for experience points would not have been so smooth.

When the flaming meteors, which were ten times larger than before, hit the ground, all the fire elementals in the area were killed. Only a few Blazing Butterflies were left flapping their wings and flying out of the flames.

“What the– Theyre still alive!”


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