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Chapter 21: Chapter 21: Level 10 and Gods Paths Tablet

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But unlike these people, the rest knew the weight of this responsibility from the very beginning.

They couldnt just give up like that.

They looked left and right, and when they saw only about 200 people left, most of them secretly sighed in relief.

“Anyway, lets do our best. Theres no punishment for death while were still in the Beginners Map, and we dont have to fight them to get through here. Theres still hope for us to pass.” Someone said this in an attempt to encourage everyone.

However, everyone knew that these were just empty words of encouragement. None of them didnt even attempt to fake a smile.

Just as they began to shuffle forward, the Red Fruit monsters immediately spotted them and charged. They had no choice but to rush forward and fight them head to head.

A level 2 player who had learned the [Fitness] skill tried to pass through the Red Fruit monsters with his recently enhanced 15 agility.

However, he was quickly caught up by a high-level Red Fruit Monster that had higher agility than him, and he was killed by it.

“As expected, running away with just agility is impossible!” None of the other players seemed too surprised by the outcome. It was as if it was already expected.

Many people had solved the mystery of the monsters attributes as soon as Gods Path came to be. They were divided into three categories: Weak Attributes, Normal Attributes, and Special Attributes.

And these attributes correlate to the monsters level.

[Level: Weak Attribute = 1:1]

[Level: Normal Attributes =1:2]

[Level: Special Attribute =1:3]

So if there were a Level 10 monster with a special strength attribute, its strength would be 30 points.

Many people follow this logic. Although, in reality, the attributes of monsters may change interchangeably due to many other reasons, such as skills, the ratio still had some truth.

The Red Fruit monsters special attribute was agility. Therefore, the level 6 or 7 Red Fruit monsters agility was higher than the player it just killed.

If one ventured deeper and encountered Level 8, 9, or even 10 Red Fruit monsters, one would not be able to pass through this area with speed alone without having an agility of over 30 points.

“Good luck, everyone! Dont give up! Weve already advanced more than 50 meters into the orchard!”

“We cant let them beat us! We still have a lot of hope!”

The group of more than 200 people advanced with great difficulty under the scrutiny of nearly 1 000 monsters.

They fought as hard as they ran. Every time they advanced a certain distance, everyones hope would increase.

“At our current speed, well be there in two hours at most. At that time, well know who the person who summoned the meteorite is!”

“What if he leaves by the time we reach the other side”

“Where could he have gone Dont be stupid. Theres no way he would enter the next area. The monsters over there are all above Level 10...”


[Congratulations! You have accumulated enough experience. You have been automatically raised to Level 10!]

[You have received 5 free attribute points!]

“Yes! Im Level 10! Im finally Level 10!” Ling Yi clenched his fists tightly. The excitement in his heart made him smile brightly.

He had seen guides for novices on the forum, and they had mentioned the importance of being on “level 10” many times.

Most people claimed that only a “real” player could reach Level 10. This is because many of Gods Paths official features were unlocked to players who reached Level 10.

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[Congratulations on breaking the original record of “6 days 2:15:17” to Level 10 with “1 day 22:16”!]

[Special rewardSuperior Summoning voucher X1, gold coins x10 000!]

[Your heroic feat has been recorded in “Gods Paths Historical Tablet”!]

Just as he had expected! Seeing these messages, Ling Yi crossed his arms and laughed smugly.


What is thisGods Paths Historical Stone Tablet‘ Ling Yi thought confusedly.

[Prompt: You have reached Level 10, you can now provide Support!]

[Prompt: You have reached Level 10, you can now wear treasure!]

[Prompt: You have reached Level 10, you can now use weapons!]

[Prompt: You have lost the newbie benefit!]

The last few notifications flashed by like a tide.

Ill look into these new functions and rewards later.‘ Ling Yi furrowed his brows and touched his chin,But what is this Gods Paths History Tablet Some sort of record of major events on Gods Path‘

“Where can I see this”

Gods Path didnt have any so-called “function interface.”

Everything the players saw was no different from the real world.

If one wanted to use the rucksack functions, shop, and so on, they would need to be summoned.

So, Ling Yi tried to call out, “Gods Paths Historical Tablet”.

And sure enough, a bright, dazzling door of pure white light suddenly appeared in the space before him.

Ling Yi was slightly surprised and walked in.

After he entered, the door of light disappeared.


A soft and bright light shone down from the sky.

It shot directly at the circular grass field only about a thousand square meters away.

In the center of the circular grass, there was an ancient stone tablet about ten meters tall.

Around it, other players from other regions were also communicating and checking things out. Ling Yi observed his surroundings before walking into the crowd.

“This small separate space stores Gods Paths Historical Tablets.” He whispered in awe.

When Ling Yi got closer, he saw a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties talking to a dozen young men and women in front of him. He couldnt help but walk closer to listen.

The middle-aged man glanced at him and continued, “As you can see, its only about 1 000 square meters in size. It cant accommodate hundreds of millions of players. No one else can come in when its too crowded here.”

“For everyones convenience, the modern world has a conventional agreement ofdont enter unless necessary.”

The dozen or so men and women in front of him let out an “Oh” in understanding.

“So thats how it is.” Some people nodded thoughtfully.

Then the old man nodded slightly with his hands behind his back and continued, “None of you needed to come here.”

“Gods Paths Historical Tablet will only be updated in January. Every time its updated, someone will come in to record it and announce it on time.”

“This time, Ive made an exception and brought each and one of you in because youre all geniuses of Shenxia....”

Ling Yi, however, didnt listen to the rest of the sentence.

When he heard that the historical tablet was updated every January, he wandered from the crowd to look around instead.

He walked around the stone tablet and found that the latest record was in December from two years ago.

There was not a single new record this year.

“Hmmm,” Ling Yi subconsciously let out a sigh of relief.

This thing would only be updated in January next year, which meant that unless he took the initiative to say it, no one would know that he had broken the record before that.

Just now, he was worried that his “1 day, 22 minutes and 16 seconds” record would be too shocking and attract unnecessary trouble for him.

Now it seemed like he had been overthinking too much.

“If that is true, I would still have six months of anonymity. Then I dont have to worry at all,” Ling Yi didnt know how strong he would be in half a year from now or what Level he would be by then, but he was confident.

With his Super Mutation System, he would definitely be able to reach a higher level by then!

“Maybe Ill be at Level 50 or 60 by then....” He whispered and started to daydream.



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