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Chapter 22: Chapter 22: Summoning The Ice Emperor

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When he returned from the “History Tablet” space, Ling Yis figure appeared at the same spot where he had disappeared.

[Remaining time before descent: 2 hours and 28 minutes]

Seeing that there were still two and a half hours left, he was not in a hurry to continue killing demons.

Instead, he jumped off the rock wall and sat down while leaning against it.

After breaking the record, he opened his rucksack and checked his obtained item.

[Superior Summoning voucher]: Can be used to draw from all summoning skills above five-star—slight chance of obtaining elite summoning skill.

“A summoning skill!”

The summoning skill allows the player to summon monsters to come to their aid, just like the “Fire Elemental Summoning” he had obtained more than ten minutes ago.

Ling Yi was surprised.

He had initially thought that the skill he would obtain next would give him a certain amount of close-range combat power.

Now, if he learned a summoning skill to occupy his Star Slot, his hopes of “having powerful close combat power” would have to be slightly delayed.

Ling Yi weighed whether to use it now or later in his head, but ultimately his curiosity won him over. He wanted to know what kind of monster he would get.

“Mm... Lets see how it goes.”

Out of habit, he checked the mutation potential of the voucher.

[Summoning Voucher – Mutation Potential: Medium]

Seeing how high it was, he began to mutate it.

A moment later, he checked it again.

[Superior Summoning Voucher]: after use, it can be drawn from all summoning skills above five-star. Slight chance of obtaining Elite summoning skill. Extremely small chance of obtaining the Boss summoning skill.]

Initially, the summoning skill was to summon ordinary demons.

The Elite Summoning Skill summoned elite monsters.

The Boss Summoning Skill was naturally to summon a leader monster.

But ...

“Can I really summon a Boss monster with this”

He logged into the forum with doubts and searched with the keyword “Boss summoning skill”.

What appeared were things like, “how good would it be if the summoning skill could summon a boss monster”, “there is no boss summoning skill in Gods Path, but we can DIY…”... And so on.

After searching for a little while, he finally confirmed that there were no skills to allow the user to summon a boss monster.

Or rather...

A boss summoning skill was never to exist to begin with.

“Then didnt I just mutate a skill that didnt even exist before” Ling Yi felt that something was off.

After opening the skill panel and looking at his [Starfall] and [Attribute Duplication], he finally realized.

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“All the skills I mutated before having effects that have never been seen in Gods Path. If I mutated a completely new skill, it shouldnt cause any problems… right” He wandered but quickly shook his head.

He shouldnt waste any time.

Ling Yi immediately used the mutated “high-level summoning ticket.”

This wasnt something that a player should worry about. All players should think about is when they need to strategize their plan or what item they should use. If it is possible to mutate it, then its possible, as simple as that.

When the summoning ticket turned into a colorful light and disappeared, the details of the voucher also changed. Then a notification appeared.

[You have used aSuperior Summoning Voucher]

[Random drawing in progress...]

After a while…

[Congratulations! You have obtained the skillIce Emperor Summoning (10 Star)!]

It was reasonable for him to get a 10 Star skill with the talent of probability reversal, right

Before he could even exclaim how lucky he was, Ling Yi had already opened the skills details.

[Ice Emperor Summoning (10 Stars)]: Summons an Ice Spirit. Lasts for 1 minute.

“Thats it”

Ling Yi compared this skill with the [Fire Elemental Summoning] skill he collected before and realized that everything else was the same, but the name of the skill and the summoned creatures.

Oh, the star ratings were different too.‘

As for the reason why there was such a difference between the two skills, it was definitely due to the summoned creature.

Summoning a fire elemental was only 3 Star Slots, but summoning an ice spirit was 10 Star Slots. It was evident that the latter was far more powerful than the fire.

He quickly searched the forum and discovered that the Ice Emperor was the Ultimate Maps first boss on the main road!

Coincidentally, all the players in the world who were playing the ultimate map were stuck there.

Which means… Nobody in the world had defeated the Ice Emperor!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” Ling Yi smacked his lips, his heart filled with mixed feelings.

“The summoned beasts level will be the same as the players. That means that when I reach level 80 or 90, Ill be able to defeat countless people by just summoning the Ice Emperor.”

The previously mutatedExperience Pearl was his rucksack for leveling up. Now that he had this powerful summoning skill, his future was guaranteed.

With the help of his Boss level summoned beast, he would still be able to reach level 100 within three years, even if he spent the rest of his life lying at home.

With just these two skills alone could give him the opportunity to be on the top.

And whats more, his home was safe.

Then this “lying at home” plan was theoretically and physically attainable...

After thinking for a while, Ling Yi patted his face and pushed the lazy thoughts out of his mind.

The historical table will be updated in six months. He couldnt afford to laze around and wait for three years. Despite the appealing thought, he couldnt just stand around and do nothing. Plus, he liked grinding for work.

It made the things he achieved feel more fulfilling.

Then, he looked into the skill in his bag. Since he only mutated the voucher, he should be able to mutate the recently received skill.

[Ice Emperor Summoning – Mutation Potential: Exorbitant]

This was the information given by the Super Mutation System. As soon as he saw how high the mutation grade was, he could feel his heart beating faster against his chest.

“Mutate, mutate, mutate!” He chants eagerly.

[Are you sure you want to mutate the [Ice Emperor Summoning (10 stars)] (Requires 66 mutation points)”

“Im sure, Im sure!”

After the system finished, he rechecked the skill.

[Ice Emperor Summoning (10 stars)]: Summons an Ice Queen.

The summoned monster had changed, and the duration had also increased.

But besides these two changes, he could not tell if there were any other changes.

“The Ice Queen, huh. She should be a better Boss monster than the Ice Emperor.” Ling Yi made a superficial judgment.

Unfortunately, he only had two Star Slots left, which was not enough for him to use this skill.

As such, he would only know how vital this skill was after he leveled up a few more times.

“Alright, Ill still have to rely on Starfall for now.”

He climbed up the rock wall again and stretched his head to look at the other side.

He had killed all the fire elementals nearby, and they had yet to respawn.

He had to continue forward.

Ling Yi, without any hesitation, poked out of hiding and nimbly jumped down…

Towards the hot desert.


The Cypress Forest and the Plains were the favorite leveling spots for new players.

In addition to the Combat Chickens, some common low-level monsters such as Little Grass monsters and Flower Elves.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A fireball, more enormous than it was on the fence, flew through the forest and hit an unsuspecting Little Grass.

With a whoosh, the large blade of grass was instantly set ablaze by the fireball and burned to ashes in a few seconds.

[Youve killed Little Grass monster (Lv4), experience 2]

[Congratulations! You have accumulated enough experience. You have been automatically upgraded to Level 4!]

[You have obtained ...]


The leaves on the ground rustled as someone stepped out of the bushes. Half a breath later, a young and beautiful girl who looked to be around 20 years old leisurely walked out from her hiding.

But what stood out about the girl was her height. She was about 1.7 meters tall.

She had wavy brown hair and a pair of delicate and beautiful light golden eyes.

Her exquisite facial features were very pleasing to the eye, and there was a faint smile on her smooth, almost baby-like, face.

She was dressed in a simple beige jacket with an inner white top, a pair of black super shorts, and a pair of long boots.

“Im finally Level 4. ”

With a bright smile on her face, Luo Yao opened the interface and started adding attribute points.

She planned to walk the path of agility but also wanted her magic to improve. So she added her magic points and divided her points into 3 Mana and 2 agility.

Players who added points like this were often called “Magic Thorns” by the non-players in the main world.

Luo Yao didnt mind other people calling her that because that was precisely the path she was planning to take.


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