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Chapter 23: Chapter 23: The Rescue Mission

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After she added the points to the selected attribute, her Personal Stats changed.

『Name: Luo Yao

[Level: 4 (0/500)]

[Talent: Fire Affinity]

[Strength: 3]

[MP: 14]

[Agility: 9]

[Vitality: 2]

[Endurance: 2]

[Skill: Fireball (1 star)]

[RemainingStars Slots: 3]

[Combat strength: Slightly stronger than an ordinary person] 』

Talent was something that could be chosen once they passed the player selection and officially became a player. These talents were all equal, without any difference in quality.

Some people felt they needed luck, so they chose the luck talent, which added their luck by one point. Some people felt they needed strength, so they chose the strength talent, which added the user strength by three points. Some people would choose the fire-type talent, which slightly increased their fire-type skills power by about 2%...

Since Luo Yao had the [Fire Affinity] talent, she would naturally prioritize learning fire-related type skills as she progressed in Gods Path.

“It didnt drop any skills.” Looking at the empty patch of grass, Luo Yao sighed.

She was not interested in the little shrub monsters skills, but she was also very interested in gold coins.

In addition to the system rewards and lucky treasure chests, every player knows the only other way to obtain gold coins in Gods Path is to recycle them.

Recycling was everyones primary source of gold.

“Do you need gold coins” Qin Mengya, who was residing in Luo Yaos soul, asked curiously when she felt Luo Yaos disappointment.

“I dont really need it, but...” As Luo Yao walked forward, she lowered her voice and whispered, “I know that I would need gold coins in other places later on. I dont want to ask anybody from home for help. So, its better if I can start saving up from now.”

Hearing Luo Yaos words, Qin Mengya nodded slightly. “Not bad. I like your self-reliant personality. Youre just like me. Youre just as optimistic and strong. I believe that with my help, your future achievements wont be any less than mine.”

“Hehe, thank you.” Luo Yao smiled shyly.

Qin Mengya was her idol. And hearing her idol say this to her, she couldnt help but feel a little pleased. However, her sweet smile didnt last long as a man suddenly appeared in her field of vision.

Her face immediately turned cold.

“Eh Isnt that Luo Yao What a coincidence!” A dozen meters away from her, a man in dark blue sportswear with purple lightning hair emerged from behind a tree.

The man swiftly and giddily greeted her as he came closer.

Luo Yao glanced at him coldly before turning around and walking away.

The man, who seems to know her personality, doesnt take her attitude as an offense. Instead, he shouted at her back, “Miss Luo, its useless! The first one to reach level 10 will definitely be my bro, Wang...”

Upon hearing this, Luo Yaos footsteps quickened.

In the blink of an eye, she had already walked a hundred meters and arrived at a quiet and secluded place surrounded by trees.

The sun shone through the gaps between the leaves, creating strange light spots on the grass.

The wildflowers on the grass gave off a faint fragrance, which calmed her down a little.

The birds chirping around them seemed to be the only sound in this quiet area.

Feeling her mind in a mess, Luo Yao sat down under the shade of a tree and decided to take a short rest.

Seeing this, Qin Mengya pondered for a while before she asked, “You were so angry yesterday too. Can I ask why Do you know the Xia familys eldest daughter”

Luo Yao nodded with a bitter expression.

“Yes, we are classmates and good friends. She entered Gods Path a year earlier than me.”

“A year earlier”

Themini Qin Mengya in her soul form was floating above her soul. She touched her chin and furrowed her brows in thought. “But isnt the Xia familys eldest daughter an ordinary person Wait a minute, a year Dont tell me...”

“Thats right.”

“Wanqing was one of the victims of theDistrict 87 assessment incident a year ago.”

“I see.” Qin Mengya nodded, taking in the information. So the eldest daughters name was Xia Wanqing. Then she asked curiously, “I only heard a little about the incident a year ago. What exactly happened”

Luo Yao arranged her words and summarized, “That district hasnt challenged any Beast King in half a year, which triggered Gods Paths Assessment.”

“The Beast King led an army of monsters to attack the camp. They failed to defend it. And then they all became ordinary people.”

Luo Yao sighed, “Thelittle fairies dragged down Wanqing in her district.” She complained with a slight hint of pity in her words. “There were just too many women in her district, and most were not interested in leveling up!”

Qin Mengya smiled and asked, “Are you two very close I remembered how angry you were when you learned about the bet yesterday.”

When the news of the bet between the Wang and Xia families reached Luo Yaos ears, she was so angry that she gulped down three bottles of wine and ended up sleeping on her table.

It was not until the evening that a maidservant found her.

“Were close, but not too close.” Qin Mengya said as though she remembered that scene as well.

Luo Yao clenched her fists, hearing her idols words, “Im mostly angry at the people in Gods Path and the main world. They used to be so good to her when she was a player, but now that she has become an ordinary person again, they abandoned her.” She said indignantly.

“So thats how it went...”

Qin Mengya finally understood the whole story.

“So thats why you were so meticulous with your plan last night. So it was to reach Level 10 before that Wang Shaoyu guy and snatch your friend over”

“At least she would be safe with me.”

“So you are planning to spend the rest of your life with her”

“I dont mean it like that!”


After resting for a while, Luo Yao dusted off her butt and got up, preparing to continue her plan.

At this moment, Qin Mengyas voice rang in her mind again.

“You dont want to challenge the Beast King from District 87 and restore her identity as a player”

Luo Yao suddenly paused for a moment before slowly continuing to walk away.

She pulled a long face and helplessly replied, “Of course, Ive thought about it, but thats not realistic.”

“Although other players can apply for arescue mission, only a five-person team can enter at a time. If a whole district couldnt face the Beast King, let alone a group of five players. Im afraid that even the monsters under the King cant defeat it.”

Only players below level 30 could enter the beginner map.

There was no way it could be possible. A group of five Level 30 players fighting against an army of monsters and Beast King of the same level. Nobody in their right mind would believe such a thing.

The thought was too idealistic!

The Beast King at the end of each map was difficult to overcome by thousands of players. Even if they do defeat it, it will take hours.

“Take a three-day break” was a silent agreement that every player in a district would do before fighting the Beast King. That way, everyone will save up to nine hours of arrival time to fight the Beast King.

And even though Luo Yao was very confident about her future, she had no intention of requesting arescue mission.

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After all, she knew nobody was kind enough to fight without a price.

“You know what, Ill stop talking. I still have to hurry and level up.” Luo Yao shook her head, throwing away the unrealistic fantasy in her mind.

And quickened her pace.



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