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Chapter 24: Chapter 24: A Summary Of Gains

Ling Yi was surrounded.

On this scarlet red land that occasionally spewed high-temperature flames from the cracks in the ground, he was surrounded by dozens of Blazing Butterflies.

And it all because of the treasure chest in front of him.

As soon as his eyes laid upon the wooden box with no monsters in sight, all thought flew out of his mind, and he quickly rushed over to grab it.

But who would have thought that as soon as he came over, dozens of Blazing Butterflies would suddenly swarm him from the cracks in the ground around the treasure chest


Were they waiting to pounce on a poor, unsuspecting player like him

If so, they were excellent “fishermen”.

Ling Yi wasn’t afraid of being surrounded. His priority was still to check the items in the treasure chest.

With his agility, the Blazing Butterflies couldn’t catch up to him anyway. He grabbed the treasure chest and ran.

[Teleportation Talisman (D)]: When used, the user will be teleported to a random place within a one-kilometer radius. (3-second delay)

Again, he lamented over the fact that he did not have any Inspection Skills to check for more details. He had to go through the process of putting the newly acquired item into his rucksack before checking the stats.

So for now, he can only store them in his bag.

Other than this talisman, there were more than 1 000 gold coins.

“What trash.” Ling Yi expressed his disdain.

However, when he saw the talisman’s average mutation potential grade, he still decided to mutate it.

[Teleportation Talisman (D)]: When used, the user can immediately teleport to a designated direction for a maximum of 10 kilometers. Usage Interval: 1 minute.]


The effects of the mutation weren’t too exaggerated.

However, this reminded Ling Yi of his [House Protection Talisman] he mutated before he left.

The talismans on God’s Path were all one-time-use items, but after his mutation, they had become tools that could be used infinitely.

This allowed him to confirm once again that the mutation goes according to his expectations.

Seeing the Blazing Butterflies flying towards him, Ling Yi didn’t dawdle any longer and quickly used the teleportation talisman.

In the next second, his body was instantly enveloped in a blue light spots and disappeared!

In the blink of an eye, he was already on the high grass slope at the junction of the Cypress Forest and the Red Orchard.

“Good, good.” Ling Yi was delighted with his teleportation talisman. “I was teleported here all of a sudden. Next time, I won’t have to waste too much time traveling from one spot to another. I can save a lot of time!”

Although the talisman had nothing to do with increasing his combat strength, it was still a great tool for him to travel quickly.

With this thing, moving from place to place would be much more convenient and efficient in the future. Not only that but the teleportation talisman could also be used immediately, which meant that he could even use it to avoid some attacks from the enemy.

[Remaining time from descent: 22 minutes]

Ling Yi looked at the remaining time and saw that he still had less than half an hour left. He didn’t plan to continue with his leveling-up plan.

Instead, he sat down and summarized his gains from the second day.

He first opened his stats.

『Name: Ling Yi

[Level: 13 (12/2800)]

[Talent: Probability Reversal]

[Strength: 3]

[MP: 65]

[Agility: 3 ( 32)]

[Vitality: 3]

[Endurance: 3]

[Skills: Starfall (3 stars, able to grow), Attribute Duplication (6 stars)]

[Remaining Stars Slots: 4]

[Combat Strength: Expert among rookies] 』

Now that he was at level 13, his mana was even higher.

His [Starfall] skill had been upgraded to 3 Stars, the casting range had been increased, and the power had become stronger.

Not only that, but killing all those Fire Elementals also dropped many skills. Ling Yi originally wanted to wait and see.

However, since there were no spare Star Slots to learn the 10-star skill [Ice Emperor Summoning], there was no need to keep the other mediocre skill.

So he sent them to the recycle bin. Even the materials he collected daily were all recycled.

Now, in his rucksack, there were only five items: [Hardworking Bee], [Wolf King’s Soul], [EXP Pearl], [Ice Emperor Summoning], and [Teleportation Talisman].

He now had more than 30 000 gold coins.

So in total, he had 30 260 gold coins!

“Gold coins can be used to buy items in shops, and they can also be used to buy items and materials in the player’s market, so there’s no need to collect materials anymore,” Looking at the clean rucksack interface, Ling Yi once again made a judgment.

God’s Path first appeared 20 years ago.

The stock of common materials was huge, and the prices were very low. If Ling Yi needed them in the future, he could just buy them. There was no need to store them in his bag.

After closing his rucksack interface, Ling Yi looked around.

The bright sunlight shone on the orchard below, so dazzling that he could not help but squint his eyes.

The hot air wreaked havoc on the grassland as if it was putting people under the summer afternoon sun.

It felt much hotter than the first time he came here.

Ling Yi raised a hand to block the sunlight. He was surprised to see a few hundred meters away, a small group of people fighting the Red Fruit monsters.

“Geez… Isn’t that team being a little too reckless”

As soon as he said this, someone replied, “It’s not just reckless. It’s simply courting death.”

Ling Yi raised his eyebrows subconsciously. He turned around and realized that quite a few people were still standing behind him.

This group didn’t seem to care too much about his sudden appearance.

“That’s not a team, but a small gang that originally had two to three hundred players. Only a few were left because those Red Fruit monsters surrounded them.”

“Hehe, it’s amusing. They’re sacrificing their precious time to find a person.”

“That’s right. If it were any other time, it would have been fine. But now, we’re still newbies. Every minute and second is precious.”


Ling Yi quickly understood the situation.

‘So they’re here to find me.‘ He looked at the back of the group of people in the distance, and his mind quickly raced.

‘They’re willing to sacrifice their precious time in the early stages to find me. Could whoever behind this put a generous reward to capture me It seems like some people are really interested in this.‘

Ling Yi was a little worried at first.

He was worried that he would be found.

But after watching the group of people in the distance, the massive stone weighing his heart was lifted.

Many other players were busy leveling up today, but this group of people was only doing some useless work.

If this continued, the gap between them and him would only grow bigger and bigger.

‘If they couldn’t find him now, would they even find him in the future‘

Just as Ling Yi was thinking about this, the two young men beside him started chatting again.

“Speaking of which, I’m also very curious about the person who summoned the meteorite.”

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“Who isn’t With such a powerful skill, he or she should be at a very high level by now.”

“It’s at least Level 5!”

“It’s too low, too low. I feel like it’s probable that they have already reached Level 6 or 7!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. You’re giving them too much credit. Level 7 on the second day…”

Ling Yi turned his head. When he saw the two young men, he didn’t recognize them at first glance. But after a careful look, he felt like he had seen them somewhere before.

The two young men noticed someone staring at them and looked over.

“Oh It’s you, the one who didn’t steal our kill.” Chen Dajia recalled. This guy had left a deep impression on him.

Seeing the confusion on Ling Yi’s face, he and his brother didn’t go near him.

Instead, they turned around and started to whisper to each other.

“Xiaoyi, do you think this guy is the one who summoned the meteorites”

“I don’t think so.”

The younger brother, Chen Xiaoyi, shook his head and sighed. “I was still trying to figure out if it was him or not, but now that he’s here, I’ve ruled it out.”

“A few minutes ago, someone saw a meteorite appear near the Blazing Scorched Earth. If they were to return to the camp, those people down there would definitely find them.”

“What about a teleportation item” Chen Dajia asked again.

Hearing this, Chen Xiaoyi rolled his eyes and sarcastically said, “Where can I find a novice item that can teleport me kilometers away”

“Oh!” Chen Dajia smacked his own head and laughed awkwardly. “Oh, you’re right.”


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