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Chapter 26: Chapter 26: Support Function

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Ling Yi had no idea what the “Support Function” does, but he did learn a little bit more about it from browsing through the forum in the last two days.

Maybe… He could obtain close-combat skills through this function‘

While Ling Yi was still thinking about this, his time of descent was slowly reaching zero.

[Your arrival time has been reset to zero.]

[You have spent a full three hours on the divine path today. You have received a daily roulette draw opportunity!]


It was three in the morning when Ling Yi returned to the main world. And as soon as he was back at Lin Shurous house, he drew the roulette.

A few seconds later…

[Congratulations! You have received a reward from the daily wheel: Experience X100!]

“Oh 100 experience points”

The things in the daily roulette were random every day.

Yesterdays best item was the [EXP Pearl]. Today, it was the 100 experience points.

Now that Ling Yi thought about it for a while, he noticed that these two “gift” items were not that different at all. Even though the [EXP Pearl] gave the user less points, it was at least an item that could be traded or kept for a long time. The 100 experience points, however…

He checked his exp bar—

[Level: 13 (112/2800)]

“Ill use the EXP Pearl as well.”

He had used up all the three hours for today in Gods Path, and using it now was the best way to maximize its benefit.

Ling Yi opened his rucksack and used it without any hesitation.

[You have gained 280 experience points!]

EXP Pearl would give the user 10% of the experience bar of the current level. His current experience bar was 2800, so 10% of it was 280 points.

Then, he looked at the level bar.

[Level: 13 (392/2800)]


Ling Yi closed his personal stats panel in satisfaction and climbed onto his bed, planning to take a nap.

But as he was about to pull his covers, the door creaked open from the outside.

Ling Yis hands didnt move on the checkered sheets as he waited with bated breath for the intruder. He lifted his neck and turned his head to look.

He saw Lin Shurou standing at the door, looking at him with a little hope in her eyes.

She was wearing a light pink summer silk nightgown, which exposed her lotus-like fair arms and slender calves. Her long brown hair was casually let down on her left shoulder, and her soft red lips were slightly parted.

Her exquisite and dignified face still had two delicate blushes, making her look quite fragile.

“Is there something you need”

“Um...” Lin Shurou leaned against the door frame and stammered, “If... If you dont mind, can you... Can you give me the talisman now Im scared that Ill fall asleep again later, and continue to sleep for an entire day or something.”

Those clear blue eyes looked at him weakly. Perhaps it was because she was nervous, because he could see how her body stiffened by the door, and her legs were close against one another. It looked as though she would curl up into a ball if she could.

But dignity and embarrassment prevented her from that.

“Oh, sure.” Ling Yi removed the sheets and got off the bed.

He quickly browsed through the shop and bought the [Cure Removal Talisman] for 1 gold coin. Then he walked over to her.

As soon as he got close, he could smell the soft fragrance coming from the girl. Her scent was sweet and light. It was pleasant, making him have the urge to hold her in his arms and take a few deep breaths.

Ling Yi used the talisman on the girl and it disappeared.

[Current progress: 2/3]

“Alright, two down and one to go. You should have more time to wake up now.” Ling Yi said with a smile as he looked at Lin Shurou, who seemed to have gained some energy.

“Thank you,” She said. Lin Shurou smiled happily and bowed to thank him.

“You dont have to,” Ling Yi subconsciously raised his hands to right her stance by her shoulders. But Lin Shurou just bowed again, and unexpectedly his hands were met with two warm, soft….

Ling Yis body trembled and his mind went blank.

Lin Shurou, yelped and quickly took a step back with a burning face. She lowered her head, clearly embarrassed.

She pursed her thin lips tightly and looked at Ling Yi carefully. Seeing that he was still in a daze, she quietly took a step back.

“That, that... If theres nothing else, Ill take my leave.” Despite the incident that just happened a few seconds ago, Lin Shurou managed to maintain a calm tone.

It was as if she had already expected something like this to happen.

Ling Yi came back to his senses and subconsciously tried to look away from her face and his eyes landed on her dress.

The light pink nightdress she was wearing had a round neckline with a small and cute bow decorating the seams, and he could see her flawless, fair, and soft-looking skin peaking teasingly from the slightly large opening...

“By the way,” Ling Yi suddenly said, sounding more curious. “Wont the wind blow your dress… Like, arent you feeling cold wearing this”

The upper part of her gown was lifted high, and her dress was not pressed against her skin.

“Oh, its fine, its fine.” Lin Shurou placed her fair hands on her stomach and smiled. “Nothing like that wouldve happened, besides its breezier.”

Ling Yi didnt ask further about this. Instead, he became serious when asked, “Are you free right now I have some questions about Support Function that I want to ask you.”

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Lin Shurou blinked her eyes, and her meek demeanor was instantly replaced by a serious and composed look.

“I have some time. Lets talk in the living room.”

It seemed that any topics related to players would return her confidence.

It was probably the pride as a Level 30 player in her that bring out her former self in the face of a newbie like Ling Yi.


Surprisingly, the Gods Path system does not have any explanation regarding what a “support” function does.

Even new features such as Treasurers and Weapons Mechanics did not prompt the God Paths system to appear with an explanation.

Most of the information about these new features was mainly from more experienced players on the forum.

Ling Yi could do his research on the forum but whats better than asking this “former” player herself Not only would he have a deeper impression, but he might also be able to gain some other important information that was considered “common sense” to be recorded on the forum.

The two of them sat down on the big sofa.

Lin Shurou turned to him and asked, “You must not have listened well in school, huh”


“Arent these things taught in school now”

“Oh, right.” Ling Yi admitted helplessly.

Lin Shurou only smiled and began to explain to him.

“The Support Function will only be available once you reach level 10. When that time comes, you will be able to ask for help and help other players above level 10.” Lin Shurou began, “Mutual assistance means that both parties will provide for each other by sharing assistance skill and attribute.”

Lin Shurou pointed at herself and then at Ling Yi. “For example, if you and I support each other, I will share my power and support skill with you. In return, you will give me your attribute and support skill as well.”

“I see.” Ling Yi nodded his head thoughtfully and asked, “Are there any restrictions I cant possibly get the help of a level 90 player when Im only level 10, can I”

“Of course not.” Lin Shurou shook her head. “You cant ask for help from someone who is more than 10 levels higher than you, and you can only support players of the opposite gender.”

“So, I wont be able to support another guy”


Ling Yi could accept the fact that they could get help from another player who was way stronger than him. However, he couldnt understand why he could only help people of the opposite gender.

When he asked Lin Shurou about it, she only rolled her eyes and said, “How would I know”


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