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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Gods Path, The Place To Become Stronger By Killing Monsters

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Since the appearance of Gods Path 20 years ago, the number of players has risen to more than 200 million worldwide.

Although they only accounted for 1/40 of the worlds eight billion population, they still had the power to change the entire world.

The mainstream media mainly reported news about the players, and the whole world revolved around them. And since not everyone could become a player, it was no wonder everyone would want to know about them.

It was undoubtedly the trend of this era.

On the thirty-first of May, the one million players from all over the world who were chosen as players were all cheering and celebrating. While others who failed could only wait and hope they would be chosen next month.

“The number of participants for this months player selection is slightly higher than the last. There are a total of 4.706 billion participants!”

“*Sigh* The passing rate is too low. Why cant you open up more spots Let more people in! We want to fight monsters too!”

Gods Path forum was at its peak of discussion this month, like every other month as usual.

“This months competition will be so terrifying!”

“Yes, theGod of War from the Arctic States announced that his son became a player today. The White Eagle Guild also announced that their young master would officially enter Gods Path tomorrow. The worlds top ten financial groups also announced the good news of new players...”

“I fear that there will be newbies from this years June batch who will break the leveling record!”

Lin Qingyu stared at the comments section on the forum. She was known as thecampus flower1of Qianjiang University.

And she was also one of the new players to enter Gods Path tomorrow.

Looking at the various comments on the forum, she was both excited and nervous.

“What am I going to do” She asked her friends. “There are so many big shots entering this month. Im just an average newbie… How on earth will I pass this novice period”

Her best friends in the dormitory surrounded her and comforted her patiently, “Dont worry, Qingyu. And who knows, you might not even meet them.”

“Yeah! Every month, these one million newbie players will be divided into one hundred different districts, and each district will have about ten thousand people... So your chances of meeting them are really not that high.”

“Besides, even if you encounter any of them, wont it be an advantage for you”

Her best friend patted her shoulder again and said, “Everyone there will be not only your competitors, but also your teammates!”

Players from the same region had a common goal. So technically, despite the competitive nature, they wont be “fighting” against each other.

“Thats…” She began as if to argue but ultimately sighed, “Thats true.”

Lin Qingyu began to relax after hearing her best friends words.

Instead of mulling too much on the “what ifs”, it was better to plan for tomorrows plan.

Every player must know that you can only be on Gods Path for a limited time.

Once shes in tomorrow, she has to race against time. Not a single minute should be wasted!

At the same time, the other new players worldwide were also nervously “reviewing” their plans on how to spend the time efficiently. They research things like:

[How to level up quickly]

[Where would treasure chests appear more often]

And so on. Everyone already had a clear plan in their hearts.


It was midnight on the first of June...

Under the expectant gaze of millions of people worldwide, a gorgeous seven-colored pillar of light fell from the sky as the clock hit 00:00, enveloping everybody in the center with its light.

Soon after, a notification appeared in front of everyone.

[Congratulations on officially becoming a player!]

It was also at this time that the monthly recruitment announcement was made all over the world.

[Gods Path announcement: the recruitment of new members for this month has been completed, and the20.06.011–all 100 Districts are officially open!]

Upon hearing this emotionless neutral tone, countless people habitually looked up at the night sky.

Looking at the golden words floating in the air made some people happy, while others sighed in disappointment.

“Great, its finally open! My good-for-nothing son is finally in! Hahahaha...”

“Another month has passed. Thats fast.”

Another person sighed, “May had already passed, and I still havent become a player. Ill continue to work hard in June!”


[You absorbed 71 points of Li Mings excitement value]

[You absorbed 63 points of excitement from Zhang San.]

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[You absorbed 39 points of expectation from Zhang San.]

[You absorbed 65 curiosity points from Li Si.]

[You absorbed…]

After being sent into Gods Path by the seven-colored light pillar, Ling Yi opened his eyes.

He was expecting to see green hills, but instead, his vision was immediately bombarded by a rapid influx of mood points into his system!

The Super Mutation System could absorb the emotions of the people around him and turn them into mutation points.

It was only yesterday when Ling Yi was still worried about whether the absorption process would be complicated.

But it seemed like he had worried for nothing.

[Current Collected Distress Points: 7482, Mutation Points: 0]

He had only been standing here for a few seconds and had collected so many mood points!

What a wonderful surprise.

He took a deep breath.

After forcing himself to ignore the semi-transparent notifications that were still “flooding” in front of him, Ling Yi raised his head as he calmed his excited heart.

He sized up his surroundings.

This was an extremely open plain, and the soil under his feet was yellow-brown, with some flowers and weeds growing in the soil.

A few thousand meters long wooden fences surrounded the place, forming a small camp, similar to a “novice village.”

Besides the players milling about, he could also see a three-meter tall azure crystal in the camp.

An incomparably colossal forest surrounded the camp in a “C” shape, leaving only one exit at one end.

White clouds floated in the clear blue sky.

The sunlight shone on everyone, warm and comfortable.

“Hahaha! Ive finally entered Gods Path!”

“Hurry up! Charge, charge, charge!”

“Well be attacking the Grassland Wolf Camp in two hours. Everyone must be on time!”

“Of course, Ill give you a big surprise! Hahahaha...”

“F*ck! Theyre all running so fast...”

While Ling Yi was sizing up his surroundings, the other players on the campsite were frantically running in every direction like headless chickens.

Some ran towards the open fields, while others rushed into the forest.

When he retracted his gaze, only a few hundred people were left within his view.

“Is this really Gods Path As expected, its just a place for killing monsters. There arent any NPC quests.”

“What are you talking about The only way to obtain exp and skills is by killing monsters. If you dont fight monsters, you wont get anything.”

“Then what are we waiting for Lets hurry and join the others too.”

Ling Yi watched as the two men continued to argue and walked past him.

Just as he was about to take action, suddenly, he received anothernotification from Gods Path.

[Welcome to Gods Path]

[Do you wish to read the basic information]

“Mm... Read.”

Although he had read much information about this place yesterday, he was still confused.

But he wasnt sure how accurate that information was, so what better way to learn than from the source itself

It is still better to take a look just in case.‘ He thought.

[Basic information about Gods Path]

1. The player will receive three hours upon arrival every day, which can be accumulated infinitely. If the timer reaches zero, the player will not be able to enter Gods Path for that day.

2. There are a total of four maps on Gods Path. Players can only enter the following map after defeating the Demon King from the previous map.

3. All actions will be decided by the player.


[Prompt: you are on a beginner map. Current map level limit: 3]

Ling Yi could conclude several things from the basic and straightforward information he had just read. The main point was to let the players know they were completely free to move.

It is entirely up to them how they want to spend their time.

If a player wants to become stronger or move to a different location, he or she must go and kill monsters to level up.

Those who didnt want to become stronger could lie down, sleep, or immediately return home. But of course, no one would do that.

Ling Yi didnt want to waste any more time. He shifted his gaze back and forth between the plains in front of him and the surrounding forest, thinking about where he should go.

The plains are boundless. If there are monsters, we can immediately see them, but there are too many people.‘ Ling Yi thought.Its just a waste of time if you start a conflict with other players over the items dropped by the monsters.‘

His gaze fell to the forest surrounding him.

Although the frequency of encountering monsters is a little low, theres still a higher chance of not running into other players.‘

“To the forest it is.”

Ling Yi turned his head to look at the forest on his left and right. In the end, he walked towards the forest on the right.


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