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Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Star Slots

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[Youve successfully defeated Combat Chicken (Lv1)]

[Experience 1]

Ling Yi let out the breath he had been unconsciously holding when he saw the notification pop out. He felt relieved and walked away from his hiding spot behind the tree.

Ling Yi brushed the stray leaves off his shoulders, and when he looked up to the path before him, his eyes widened, and his jaws hung loose.

There was a five-meter-wide crater in the area where he had summoned Starfall. The soil in the pit was scorching red from the heat, and he could even see steam rising.

Dense cracks appeared on the ground beside the crater, and the grass around it seemed to have instantly burned away. There was still grass three to four meters away from the pit, but it was burnt black.

The destructive power was much more significant than Ling Yi had expected. This was obviously the result after the upgrade he made on the skill.

“... Im only at Level 1. I cant possibly have such destructive power.” He said, still in awe, “I guess its all thanks to the mutation.”

Because now, he could destroy a tree to crisp.

But what will happen when he leveled up in the future

Maybe he could destroy a village, a small town, or even a large city in an instant one day!

After calming himself down from all the excitement, he walked closer to the enormous crater.

At the bottom of the pit, he saw an orange-yellow, diamond-shaped crystal floating. And one small glittering ball of light spun counterclockwise around the crystal.

He instantly recognized the beautiful object as a skill dropped by the monster.

And that ball of light orbiting around it was probably the number of stars the skill had.

“Did the probability reversal talent work” Ling Yi muttered gleefully.

Typically, the rate of monsters dropping a skill was very low, especially for a first kill. So the fact that he could get a skill from his first battle was probably due to his Probability Reversal talent taking effect.

Or maybe he just got lucky

Well, he would have to defeat more monsters, to be sure.

He jumped into the pit and picked up the orange-yellow crystal.

Since he did not have any detection type skills, he could not see the crystals information or description until he put it in his players rucksack. So, he did just that and checked it.

[Iron Head Impact (1 Star)]: Strengthen your head and fly towards the enemy, causing a small amount of damage.

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“Its a very ordinary skill.” Ling Yi commented.

The Super Mutation System also gave him the mutation information on the hologram screen.

[Iron Head impact (1 Star skill) – Mutation Potential: Medium]

Although it had a “medium” mutation potential, Ling Yi did not intend to mutate it.

There were mainly two reasons. One, he was concerned about his safety while using this skill. It doesnt sound safe to hit the enemy with ones head. If he wasnt careful, it could end up a suicide mission.

And second, this action was also... Also...

It may sound too lame as a reason, but Ling Yi didnt know how else to say it nicely…

It doesnt sound cool. The skill doesnt scream “wow”.

He didnt want it anyway.

Besides, his star slot was full, and he had no place to use this skill.

Even though in Gods Path players were given the freedom to mix and combine their skills to ones content, there were still some restrictions.

Ling Yi could understand why. If there were no restrictions, everyone could learn all the skills they encountered, which obviously means the players can improve all their attributes with no problem. And in the end, everyones skills would be all the same… And wouldnt that be boring

The so-called restriction was the star slots!

As everyone knew, the skills in Gods Path all had star levels.

The higher the star level, the stronger the power.

The star slots required for each skill were matched with the strength.

A 1-star skill took up one Star Slot.

A 2-star skill that took up two Star Slots.

A 3-star skill that took up three Star Slots, and so on.

If players wanted to learn new skills, they would need to have enough stars.

So, how does one earn star positions

Through leveling up!

All players will always start with one Star Slot; after each level up, the player will receive one more star slot.

As a result, Ling Yi, who was currently at Level 1, only had one Star Slot and could only have one 1 star skill!

Even if there were empty slots, it was still the players choice whether to fill them up with skill.

Not all skills needed to be learned.

Ling Yi was sure he wouldnt regret his choice, so he used Gods Paths recycling system to throw it.

[1 Star skillIron Head Strike has been recycled.]

[You have received ten gold coins.]

Gold coins were the only currency used for trade and many more features in Gods Path.

“Alright, its time to find the next monster.”

After climbing out of the crater, Ling Yi randomly chose a direction and continued to move forward.


A few minutes ago, in another part of Gods Path, many players within a few thousand meters saw the giant ball of gas fall from the sky.

“What is that A meteorite”

The players who saw this scene widened their eyes in disbelief.

“Whats going on Is that someone elses skill But theres no way a newbie could do something like that!”

“If its not a players skill, could it be a monsters skill But I dont think a monster in a beginners map would be able to summon meteorites.”

“Either way, its too ridiculous. Even if the skill was obtained from a treasure chest, the person who used it should only be around Level 1. How could there be such an overpowered 1 Star skill!”

“Who knows Maybe it inflicts some serious side effects on the user Or maybe it can be a skill that requires you to spend your life on it”

“...Thats the only explanation.”

Players continued to discussand make up some theories on the event they just saw.

The meteorite summoning skill was most likely a skill with serious side effects, or it was a skill that was released at the cost of ones life.

And as for where this mysterious player found that skill…

Everyone assumed the lucky (or perhaps unlucky) player had found the skill through a hidden treasure chest. After all, It was the only reasonable and logical explanation for one to obtain a ridiculously powerful 1 Star skill.





The Chen brothers were fighting against two combat chickens somewhere in the Cypress Forest.

As they listened to the rumbling sound that was getting closer and closer, the two of them gradually became anxious.

“Hurry up, Xiaoyi! The player who summoned the meteorites is heading our way. It doesnt matter if we die, but dont let them steal the monsters!” Chen Dajia shouted at his younger brother, fighting not so far away from him.

Chen Dajia was a tall and muscular young man. With the combination of his [Fitness] skill and brute force, he could easily squash a fighting chicken under his body. And when he punched the monster, his fist was like a hammer striking the hot iron.

There was no punishment or consequences for dying before level 10. Most were not afraid of dying since the player would immediately be resurrected in front of the Camps crystal.

He would rather die to get experience.

Chen Xiaoyi nodded his head at his brothers orders. He immediately used his skill on another Combat Chicken charging at him.


He quickly shouted and raised his hands to the sky.

The next moment, a light blue, fist-sized Starlight appeared one meter above the battle chickens head. After a short delay, it fell toward its head!

Sensing the danger from above, the Combat Chicken immediately used its iron head to ram the younger boy.

In an instant, the chickens head suddenly turned bronze, as if it was wearing a bronze helmet.

His entire body shot toward Chen Xiaoyi like a sharp arrow!

When the Starfall hit its head, the Combat Chickens head trembled, and its pair of chicken eyes lost its focus for a moment.

But even so, it didnt slow down the monsters speed.

Chen Xiaoyi had watched countless Combat Chicken videos in school, learning its ticks and habits. He had also trained his reaction speed.

He quickly dashed towards a tree and used it to give him the upper hand in the fight. This was one of the best strategies he watched countless players use in the past.

The strategy played out just as Chen Xiaoyi had expected.

The monster flew past him and continued to fly forward for a few meters before it fell to the ground.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Chen Xiaoyi used Starfall again.

This was basically how every player who chose to learn Starfall as their skill would fight.


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