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Chapter 7: Chapter 7: The Falling-Rising Stars And The Convergence

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He could admit and say that all the progress he had was all thanks to the Mutation System.

Whether it was the [Starfall] skill itself or the [Probability Reversal] that allowed him to summon ten times the number of flame stars every time, both were products of the Mutation System.

The combination of the two could unleash a terrifying power that far exceeded the players at this stage!

[Youve killed the Red Fruit monster (Lv2), experience 1]

[Youve killed the Red Fruit monster (Lv4), experience 3]

[Youve killed the Red Fruit monster (Lv3), experience 2]


A series of kill notifications keep flooding in.

He opened his Personal Stats and looked at his exp bar.


A skill cost more than ten experience points, and the speed of gaining experience was much faster than before!

“If I keep this up, I might be able to level up again in less than ten minutes!” He excitedly said to himself, “After reaching Level 3, my skills will become even more powerful, and Ill be able to kill monsters faster. And then, I will also be able to reach Level 4 much faster...”

What an effective cycle!

His advantage would become greater and more significant if he didnt slack off and continue to work hard!

Ling Yi couldnt hide his excitement. He was even more confident about his future path of cultivation.

“Lets go!” He cheered himself and sped up the release of his skills.

There was a cost to using his newly acquired skill.

But he was lucky.

One of the other newbie benefits from Gods Path was to increase the players stamina recovery by a hundred times, which means players under level 10 could use their skills as much as they wanted without worrying about their stamina.

[Youve killed the Red Fruit monster (Lv5), experience 4]

[Youve killed...]

In just eight minutes, his Level 2 experience bar was full.

[Congratulations! You have accumulated enough experience.]

[You have been automatically upgraded to Level 3!]

[You have received 5 free attribute points!]

When Ling Yi added all his attribute points to his Mana and used [Starfall] again, the diameter of the meteor had increased to 15 meters, just as Ling Yi had expected.

Now, it was even more powerful!

Just as Ling Yi was still immersed in the joy of killing monsters faster, a notification suddenly appeared.

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[Prompt: With sufficient proficiency, your growth skillStarfall has been upgraded to 2 stars!]

“My star rose Already” Ling Yis eyes widened in surprise.

But then again… he had used this skill more than 100 times. It made sense that his [Starfall] level would go up this fast.

He hurriedly opened the Skill Details to look at [Starfall]s detail.

[Starfall (2 stars) (Potential to Grow)]: Guides a flame star to hit the target, causing a lot of damage to everything in the area (5-second delay). The meteor had a tiny chance of being magnified by ten times.

“Huh” Ling Yis head was full of question marks. “The effect hasnt changed at all...”

He looked at the effect of the skill twice. After confirming that it was the same as before, he decided to try it out. After all, there were probably many details that would not appear in the skills description.

He would only know the changes once he used it.

Lying on the grass slope, he raised his head slightly and looked at the sky. He said softly, “Starfall.”

A reddish-gold light appeared in the sky, but this time, it was about three to four hundred meters above the ground!

“Oh The meteor is much higher in the sky!”

And everything suddenly made sense in Ling Yis mind.

[Starfall] had a 5-second delay, meaning there was a 5-second time gap between the meteors appearance and reaching the target area.

If time did not change, but the height increased, the speed of the fall would definitely increase!

The faster it fell, the stronger the impact on the ground!

Simply put, it would inflict even more significant damage on the target!

What happened next confirmed his hypothesis.

When the meteor landed on the ground, there was a loud boom like thunder, and the shock wave instantly spread in all directions with majestic golden flames flaming out to its surrounding area.

Within a radius of 30 meters, the grassland had been burnt to ashes in just a few seconds, leaving nothing but bare, dry land.

All the Red Fruit monsters in the area were instantly melted!

A 15-meter-wide crater was formed in the area hit by the meteor, and it had the depth of an average full-grown adult!

There were originally two trees in the area, one of which was in the core attack area, the one at the corner, but both were gone, with no traces left on the clearing.

There was also one tree at the edge of the destruction range, and even that tree was currently burning in golden flames.

[Youve killed...] The robotic voice began, and soon he was bombarded with an influx of notifications.


Time passed by quickly. Two hours had passed since Gods Path had opened that day without his notice.

On the plains outside the camp, the players who had been running around to level up had returned one by one.

Ling Yi was no exception.

He was now sitting on a patch of grass, looking at the other players rushing back from different directions. He was a little excited.

“Lets attack the Grassland Wolf Camp together later. I wonder what level the others are….”

Beside him, a few young people were chatting.

“The Grassland Wolf Camp is the pre-checkpoint to open the main road. Once we pass through it, we can finally use the main road and make our way to defeat the Beast King.”

The main road was the core area in Gods Path.

It was a dangerous path, filled with countless powerful monsters and bosses.

It required all the regional players to work together to conquer it.

And at the end of the road was where the Demon King lay await.

If they did not kill it, no one would be able to enter the intermediate map and break through their level 30 limit.

It can also be said that compared to the main road, the other areas were all “wilderness.”

“By the way, what level are you guys at”

“What is the highest level on this map anyway Now, who could reach Level 2 and not be an amazing person Hehe, you all are looking at that amazing guy. I just reached Level 2.”

“... Im almost there too. Im just short of a dozen or so experience points.”

Ling Yi couldnt help but frown when he heard what the people around him said.


Level 2 was already considered the most powerful level in this area

To make sure, he took a double take on those people, thinking that maybe they had been joking. When he looked at those smug faces, he realized they were serious.

They actually believed being on Level 2 is the most outstanding achievement a player could ever have on this beginners map…

Even the other level 1 player looked at that guy with envy.

They were all serious about this...

If thats the case… Then...

What the hell was with his Level 7

『Name: Ling Yi

[Level: 7 (17/800)]


[MP: 35]

... (Omitted)』

Dont they have a plan to level up quickly Am I the only one who had a plan‘ Ling Yi thought, feeling dumbfounded.

He knew that he could level up very quickly, and perhaps no one could catch up to him, but he did not dare to underestimate the people of the world.

Gods Path had already descended for 20 years. The people of this world must have already explored a way to level up quickly that he didnt know about.

It might be difficult to reach his current level through that guide, but he thought that most players would have already reached Level 5 or 6...

No! Its too early to make a conclusion based on these few people.‘ Ling Yi shook his head. He was probably listening to the wrong crowd,Surely, The descendants of those powerhouses and the new generation of the major forces have reached a higher level!‘ Ling Yi calmed himself down.

Then, he heard a commotion from afar.

He looked up and saw hundreds of people walking in his direction.

Walking in the front lines were a few high-spirited young men. They seemed to be famous since they attracted many players attention.

When they walked over, the other players who were watching from all over the place also stood up and walked over.

It was almost time.

Everyone had to gather.


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