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Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Luo Yao

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The Grassland Wolf Camp was located on the north side of the plain, 3 000 meters from the players camp.

When the players of District 66 arrived, they saw two continuous vertical rock walls on each side.

None of them could see the top of the wall.

It was as if they were at the bottom of a cliff.

Between the two rock walls was a crack called the “One Skyline,” it was about 50 meters wide.

A five-meter-tall wooden fence that connected the eastern rock wall to the Western rock wall blocked the entrance to the One Skyline.

Behind the wooden fence was the campsite of the Grassland Wolves.

Aside from the few players who decided not to come here, the 9 000-plus players present did not approach the entrance. Instead, they spread out and formed a formation by the narrow entrance.

The Grassland Wolfs campsite was pretty small, and the two rocky walls did not leave any space for a massive number of people to enter simultaneously. If the players entered, they would be trapped and suffer heavy casualties.

The best way was to break the wooden fence and let the ones from the inside come out on their own.

The task of opening the gate was considered an honorable act by many people because it symbolized the official opening of their journey to the main road.

To gain “blessing” for smooth travel on the main road, each district would choose their strongest player and let them convince the rest of the public that he or she was the most suitable player to open the gate.

The 66th District was no exception.

And now, on a small patch of grass in front of the wooden fence, dozens of players who had been recommended by the crowd gathered together.

Some of them were foreign stars, some were well-known wealthy business people, and some were the children of influential people...

These people all had one thing in common.

They were not ordinary players.

Arhan, the wealthy merchant of the White Elephant Kingdom, glanced at the few people present, “Lets just get straight to the point.” He began with an authoritative voice. “Lets use our exps! Whoever has the most exp can open it! Agree”

Everyone looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

In the past, everyone had used this method to decide too.

Seeing everyone nod, Arhans face lit up, and he shouted, “Let me open the competition with this.”

He confidently showed his experience bar.

[Level: 2 (122/300)]

“Hes at level 2 with 122 exp!”

Different expressions were etched on the players faces when everyone saw this. Some people sighed and looked disappointed; some widened their eyes in surprise, while others relaxed.

The players with less exp than him shook their heads and withdrew from the competition.

More than 30 of them had left the “arena”.

There were still twenty to thirty people left standing there.

Seeing the number of people still standing with him, Arhans mouth was wide open in shock.

“Hehe, are you surprised” Next to him, an Australian star, Kexi, chuckled. With the wave of his hand, his experience bar appeared.

[Level: 2 (137/300)]

“Wow! Thats 15 points higher than Arhans!”

“Thats amazing!”

The few people who had just backed out exclaimed in low voices.

Seeing Kexis experience bar, a few people regretfully backed out.

Immediately after, other players began to show their exp, each higher than the last!

[Level: 2 (139/300)]

[Level: 2 (146/300)]

[Level: 2 (151/300)]


[Level: 2 (173/300)]

When the last experience bar appeared, everyone was shocked.

“Level 2 with 173 exp Thats terrifying.”

“I dont know how he did it, but thats too powerful!”

Everyone turned their eyes to the young man who stood in the middle of the crowd like a moon surrounded by stars.

His name was Wang Tianze, and he was a man with so much experience.

“If no one here has a higher point than mine, then I guess Ill have to take the win.” Wang Tianze spoke confidently as he scanned around the area.

No one had any objections to his claims. He showed what he believed to be his handsome smile to the crowd.

Just as he was about to walk toward the wooden fence, a voice suddenly came from behind him, “Wait,”

A clear and cold female voice said.

The crowd was surprised and turned around.

A young girl with wavy hair and light golden, delicate eyes slowly walked over.

The girl was wearing a gray coat with black trimmings. The zipper was not pulled up, revealing a slightly oversized white short sleeve shirt with a butterfly pattern, and was stuffed into her black shorts.

Her coat was as long as her whole outfit, revealing her snowy-white legs.

“Oh my god, its her! I couldnt believe that she was also in this area!”

“Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t! Im gonna have a meltdown... I better stay away from her...”

These wealthy businessmen and celebrities obviously knew this young girl, and everyone was shocked to see her.

When Wang Tianze saw her, he subconsciously took a step back. But he calmed himself down by taking a few deep breaths.

Judging by his wide-saucer eyes, he was as surprised as the other players.

“Luo... Luo Yao”

The person walking towards them was the daughter of the top 30 powerhouses in the world!

Everybody knows her.

Her family had the combat power that had long replaced the “nuclear” power of the old era and became major countries most important strategic deterrent force.

Any country that didnt have that kind of strength couldnt call themselves “top country”.

One could imagine that the family members of such power would definitely be under strict protection from various countries.

They might not even live to see the sun again if anyone else provoked them.

Wang Tianze and the others were surprised and intimidated to see her because they knew this.

None of the foreign players seemed too bothered, but none of the Shenxiang players dared to get too close to her.

After all, no one wanted to get into trouble.

As Luo Yao approached Wang Tianze, he unconsciously swallowed his saliva, saying, “Then... Then you should open the gate.”

He really didnt dare to show off in front of this girl. He could already imagine all the consequences and how viral the news would be if he had somehow managed to insult her.

In short… Things could get messy.

Luo Yao stopped and only glanced at him indifferently. Then, she looked at the other players and said, “Lets use our exp to compete. I wont break the rules.”

Then she showed her experience.

[Level: 2 (292/300)]

Everyones eyes almost popped out when they saw this.


Many people thought they were seeing things, so they quickly rubbed their eyes and looked at them a few more times.

However, no matter how many times they looked, the numbers remained the same.

“Heavens! Shes so close to Level 3. She must be the fastest player to level up in Gods Path history!”

“Yeah! I just need to kill a few more high-level Grassland Wolves, and Ill be able to reach Level 3 too!”

“This is crazy. This years competition is really terrifying!”

Many players brought this shocking news to the 9 000 plus players in the outer region.

Luo Yao was not bothered by the murmuring people and indifferently stepped out and broke the wooden fence with a fireball.

It was also at this moment that the Grassland Wolves beyond the wooden fence woke up.


“Excuse me, what are they doing”

A few minutes before the gate opened, Ling Yi watched as the dozens of players gathered in front of the wooden fence. They seemed to be discussing something.

Out of curiosity, he asked the beautiful young girl beside him.

“You dont know” Lin Qingyu looked at Ling Yi in surprise.

This young man… is quite handsome.‘ She thought.

Lin Qingyu can feel her cheeks grow slightly warmer at the thought. She quickly cleared her throat and explained, “Theyre choosing a player to open the wooden fence that leads to the main road.”

“Oh....” Ling Yi replied with a strange expression.

Thats what they were doing

What a waste of time.

But then again, he was not in a hurry.

He could no longer gain any more exp from the grassy slope because the strongest Red Fruit monsters nearby were Level 6. At Level 7, he would no longer gain any exp from killing them.

The high-level Red Fruit monsters were even further away, and with his current casting range of about 400 meters, he couldnt hit them.

He only had two options; either he leveled up his [Starfall] or attacked those monsters face to face.

However, if he just made his presence known to those apple-like creatures, all the level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5 monsters would rush towards him.

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It was fine to die before level 10, but running back here for a few exp was not worth it.

It just so happened that everyone had gathered, so he followed the crowd.

He had heard from most of the other players nearby that although most of the monsters in the Grassland Wolf Camp were below level 5, there were also many other high-level monsters.

And those monsters were his targets.


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