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Chapter 392: Farmer’s Kingdom

Employee Lee Minhwa was smiling proudly at the monitor.

The monitor was displaying Ali and Minhyuk’s puzzled faces.

Yes, that was right.

She knew about Black Dragon Vormon’s ‘Bonus Stage’.

The Bonus Stage was literally only for those that raided the dragon, the greatest existence in the world.

It was a reward for those that contributed greatly during the hunt of such a being.

This stage had a 20x EXP buff effect, but it was not something that could easily be triggered.

In the first place, the monsters lurking in the Bonus Stage all had very high levels.

As an example, the ‘Vormon’s Golem’ that they had easily knocked down had a total defense that exceeded 30,000.

As for Minhyuk He might only be able to kill one if he used his Sword of Frenzy.

However, as with any other situation, there would always be variables.

And these variables had perfectly coincided to create this situation right now.

The first variable was Ali being chosen by Vormon’s ‘Mana Heart’.

Originally, this Mana Heart should have been received by a completely different mage player through a completely different linked quest.

In the case of Vormon’s death, the Mana Heart would roam around until it met with the greatest mage, and would then proceed to transplant itself into the said mage.

But when Vormon died, the only mage that could be considered to be the greatest mage was Ali, who had regressed back to Level 1.

There was also a second variable.

The owner of the Mana Heart should originally be a mage of Level 700 or higher.

However, Ali was back to Level 1 when the Mana Heart chose him.

And it just so happened that this very same Mana Heart had a system where it would protect its master, until he had the capability to protect himself.

‘Team Leader Park Minggyu expected all of this to happen.’ Lee Minhwa thought.

The second variable then created a synergy with the third variable and created this situation.

The Mana Heart was something that belonged to Vormon, and the monsters on this stage were Vormon’s subordinates.

Who was Vormon He was the supreme ruler of the continent.

The being that could not be hunted so easily and the owner of this lair.

With the power of the ‘Mana Heart’ that belonged to their master, the owner of the purest and strongest source of power, they would never dare to attack.

Then, Lee Minhwa said, “I’m looking forward to how you use these variables unbeknown to the world from this point forward.”

There was no longer the aura of a new and naive employee.

Lee Minhwa, now a seasoned and veteran employee, grinned brightly at her monitor.


In the game, Athenae, there was a mage recognized by everyone to be the greatest mage of all time.

This mage was none other than ‘Black Mage Ali’.

But, there was also a player that had not shown his brilliance to the world.

That was Alex, the global number one official mage in the rankings.

Alex was chosen and taught by Corden, the man hailed as the Magic King.

Right now, he was in his hotel suite and talking on the phone.



Right, congratulations on the gold medal The World War has not started yet, what do you mean by congratulating me Haha!”

Calls that congratulated him flooded his phone.

This was all because they had judged Mage Alex would win a gold medal in the magic category.

As soon as he hung up, another call would come in.


We’re not even sure that Ali’s back to Level 1, what do you mean I don’t have the gold medal yet, Rochan.”

Then, he turned off his phone to take a rest.

When he turned around, he saw his reflection on the glass of the window.

He was holding a wine glass filled almost to the brim with wine.

However, his fists were clenched tightly.

“Hahahahaha! I can’t believe Black Mage Ali jumped into the abyss himself!”

Up until this point, everyone expected that no other country, whether it was America or another country, would win the gold medal as long as Black Mage Ali was present.

But, to think that Ali had dug his own grave and jumped in it himself.

Alex had always been called second! He might be the global official number one mage ranker, but he had always been behind Ali.

He was even comparable to America’s most favorite to win in power.

But right now, he would be able to make a huge contribution in making America the greatest winner.

He would be the nation’s hero!

As of now, Alex’s current level was at around Level 570.

‘Perhaps Ali is around Level 15 now Eeek! What do you mean by Great Mage He hasn’t even mastered the energy bolt yet! Keuhahahahaha!’


[You have completely mastered all of the Fifth Tier Magic in Black Dragon Vormon’s Magic Book.]

[Magic recorded in Black Dragon Vormon’s Magic Book will exert more power than ordinary magic.]

[Example: Immobilizing Magic.]

[Ordinary Immobilizing Magic: Stops two of the skills or magic that the players surrounding you have casted to attack you.]

[Black Dragon Vormon’s Immobilizing Magic: Stops all of the magic and skills casted to attack you.]

Ali felt a thrill surface from the bottom of his heart.

Black Dragon Vormon’s Magic Book, together with the Magic God’s special effects, had created a great synergy.

He was now already at Level 200.

This was all thanks to the effects of ‘His Companion’ class’ effect, which allowed him to get a 1.5x EXP buff as long as he was with Minhyuk.

Only a day has passed since they had entered the Bonus Stage.

All of the monsters that they had encountered all surrendered in front of Ali.

Sometimes, Minhyuk would be the one hunting, while other times, Ali would be the one hunting.

All of the monsters that they had encountered had lost their will to fight, so it was easy for them to hunt.

Minhyuk had already leveled up four times.

Of course, the shocking 37 consecutive level ups that Ali had experienced earlier was no longer replicable.

But even if that was the case, Ali’s EXP acquisition rate was still incredibly ridiculous.

If he killed one, he would level up at least two or three times in a row.

If things continued at this rate…

“Ali! You can go to the World War now!!! Wooooow!” Minhyuk shouted, jumping happily as he grabbed Ali’s hands.

Ali was all smiles too.

“Minhyuk, why do you look happier than me, huh”

“Of course it’s because I’m very happy to see my friend doing so well!”

Ali was now reaping the fruits of his ‘sacrifice’.

He awakened as a Magic God, received Vormon’s Mana Heart, and even entered the Bonus Stage.

After all, hunting Vormon was not possible if he did not make such huge sacrifices in the first place, so it was only natural that he received huge benefits too.

“Thanks, Minhyuk.”

Ali was of course the happiest.

He wanted to participate in the World War because he wanted to win a gold medal and show it to someone.

Then, the notifications rang.

[You have 24 hours left in the Bonus Stage.]

The two of them remained connected to the game and did not take any breaks all day long.

Of course, it was not just them that were getting benefits.

The members of the Let’s Eat Sect were also happily reaping EXP from the monsters that they had encountered.

They were also trying to find the path to the ‘Ingredient Heaven’ that Minhyuk had mentioned to them before.

“Let’s first take a bit of sleep before logging back in.”

Their remaining access time in the Bonus Stage would not be affected the moment they logged out, so Ali readily agreed with Minhyuk’s suggestion.

“You’ve worked hard today.”


Ali also worked really hard today.”

The two then logged out of the game.


Black Mage Ali, or Yoon Ji-Hoo, left his capsule.

His room was covered by dozens of One Diss posters.

Ali looked out of the living room and saw a young man watching One Diss on the TV while being surrounded by countless One Diss figurines.

The young man chuckled blankly while wearing the signature straw hat that the main character of the One Diss comic wore.

This young man was Yoon Ji-Seok, Yoon Ji-Hoo’s older brother.

Due to an accident a few years ago, Ali’s older brother’s mindset had regressed to that of a young child.

Ali had lost his parents at the young age of seven.

Back then, the only person that took care of Ali was his older brother.

Yoon Ji-Seok back then was smarter and more mature than his peers.

He was only a year older than Ali, but he became like his father and friend.

But now, his brother’s mindset had regressed to that of a young child.

He even lost his voice.

Ali suddenly felt frustrated.

He stood up and left his capsule.

When Yoon Ji-Seok saw Yoon Ji-Hoo come out of the capsule, he clapped happily.

Ali smiled as he wiped the drool dripping down his brother’s chin.

“Hyung, I can go to the World War now.”

“Uwooo! Uwooo!”

Seeing Ali’s smile, his brother, Yoon Ji-Seok also smiled happily.

It seemed like Ali’s hyung remembered him.

Ali, in fact, was suffering from a disorder.

He had social anxiety disorder[1].

Yes, he had a social anxiety disorder.

This was the reason why he had been alone for the longest time.

But, he was now doing a whole lot better.


Ali could tell what his hyung was trying to tell him just by how he opened his mouth.

‘Are you happy with your friends’

Ali nodded as he answered his hyung’s question, “I’m happy.”

Yoon Ji-Seok laughed happily when he heard Yoon Ji-Hoo’s words.

Ali wanted to win the gold medal so he could show his brother that he was no longer the loner with social anxiety disorder that could not do anything anymore.

He wanted to show him that he did not need to worry about him anymore.

Ali wanted to show that he, Yoon Ji-Seok’s younger brother, had already become an adult and was now standing on top of the world.

He wanted to show him that he loved him.


The Let’s Eat Sect heard that both Minhyuk and Ali were acquiring a lot of EXP in the Bonus Stage.

But none of them were complaining.

They were also receiving rewards that were set by the system.

None of them would deny that Minhyuk and Ali were the highest contributors in Vormon’s hunt.

Besides, their EXP was also increasing rapidly.

They were now collecting the fragments of the map of Vormon’s Lair.

They were sure that this map would be the map that would guide them to the ‘Ingredient Heaven’.

They had also found a hint.

(Heaven’s Green Onion)

Ingredient Grade:

Special Abilities:

• STR 2

• Magical Defense 2

Description: Green onion grown by great and exceptional farmers.

High grade cooking ingredients usually had similar powers.

Still, that was not the most important point.

The main point was the potatoes lying around in the garden in front of them.

There were so many that each of the 20 members of the Let’s Eat Sect Guild could eat one by themselves.

Usually, ingredients with special abilities were very rare.

But these potatoes were just laid around like this.

This meant that there was an open path that led to the Ingredient Heaven out here.

After searching high and low, they finally found a way down.

The moment they went down, they were met with the undead.

[Skeleton Knight]

These mobs were very powerful, and there were hundreds of them blocking the path in front of them.

It was obvious that they were guarding something.

They were only able to hunt a few of the skeleton knights before they retreated.


What should we do I really think they’re guarding something over there”

“But we won’t be able to go there unless we pass through this place…”

Haze told them that they could probably gain a lot of income if they could find a way to grow those ingredients.

That was why the Let’s Eat Sect Guild had to do their best to clear that path.

Then, Ali and Minhyuk finally came out of the Bonus Stage.

“I wonder what Ali’s level is right now”

“He’s probably around 100 now, right They should also have a 4x EXP acquisition rate like us, right”

“Right But will Ali be able to go with us there”

They were at another dead end once again.

Ali’s level was very low.

Although they heard that Ali and Minhyuk entered the Bonus Stage, they were oblivious about the 20x EXP acquisition rate.

This was also the reason why they were very worried about Ali, to the point that they even wanted to tell him to go back.

Of course, they were very grateful for Ali’s sacrifice, but they had to put all of their attention into breaking through this place.

“Then, who’s going to tell him”

“I’ll do it,” Genie answered Khan’s question.

This was what she had to do as the vice guild leader.

Ali would be in danger so he had to go back now.

Just in time, Ali and Minhyuk arrived.

They quickly explained that there were a lot of undead inside there and that they would be able to go to the place that Minhyuk had mentioned before, only after passing through that path.

“So, why aren’t you going there” Minhyuk tilted his head in confusion.

“The Skeleton Knights are very strong.”


Is that so”

Genie glanced at Ali, who was rubbing his chin, and tried to be blunt with him.

But before she could do so, Ali made the first move.

“Then, shall I take care of it”

“Huh What! N…no! That… Ali!” Genie tried to speak, but Ali had already moved before she could stop him.

“Wait, Ali! I’m sorry but…”

Hundreds of skeleton knights rushed towards Ali the moment he stepped foot on the path.

Just when Khan and Locke hurriedly tried to block him so he could hear Genie’s explanation…

“Turn Undead.”

…Ali casted Turn Undead with Black Dragon Vormon’s power using his Staff of Despair.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang—

The hundreds of skeleton knights exploded and turned into ash before disappearing in the wind.




The guild members could not understand what just happened for a moment.

Their faces were the epitome of this expression: (ㅇ0ㅇ)


Social Phobia.

A type of anxiety disorder that causes extreme fear and anxiety in a social setting.

They fear being judged or scrutinized by others when doing things in public ☜


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